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THE HUNT FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF ZION Episode 41 to 46 [A hero and revivalist at death - when heaven chooses you to shame hell]


 Episode 41 [A hero and revivalist at death - when heaven chooses you to shame hell]

"Isabella!" Her Lord called out with the voice of mighty rushing waters 
There was a way Isabella usually felt hearing him call her. His voice brought into her soul divine security, comfort, peace and a calm presence that she could not understand 
"Yes my Lord" she answered as her attention was withdrawn from the demons who were busy making dresses 
"I want to show you that all power belongs to me and I can show mercy to whom I can." The Lord continued
"Do you remember I asked you to address the nation?" The Lord asked her
"Yes my Lord and by your power I did so." She answered
"That is good my child. I will use your speech to stir up revival in the nations and I will do it so much that you will be honoured in my name even in your dead. I empowered every word that came out of your mouth and made it living" 
"Many of your brethren on Earth are abusing and taking with laxity the gift I have given to them. They are using it to promote themselves instead of me...." 
As the Lord spoke, she all of a sudden saw them standing in space and the earth was revolving around beneath them
Isabella could see how busy many men and women of God were commanding attention on Earth after themselves and she wept as her Lord spoke on
"But for you my child, I will use what you have left behind to bring many into my arms." 
What is it, my Lord?" She asked 
"I will use the press release you made in my name and win many to me." The Lord answered
It was the seventh day since the execution of Isabella and a lot were already happening on Earth because of her 
Back in eternity where she was with her Lord, there was no day nor night so time couldn't be told
The Christian body that had pledged responsibility for her corpse and burial was a Christian organization founded to cater for Christains in danger (Rescue Organization of Christians in Danger - ROCD)
The organization was structured by mostly retired Christian military personnel and some who were still serving. It had helped safeguard a lot of Christians around the world as it had branches all-over regions of the world with headquarters in Nigeria
DPO Ebele and Warden Yakubu had been aware of this organization but had come in to join and become members when they came up for Isabella's corpse
Due to her painful death which made Christian faithful mourn terribly, they had agreed not to keep her body for more than seven days as preparations were already on the ground. Her burial would be masterminded by the burial and parade department of the ROCD 
Retired general Terhemba Shima who was the nations director was doing everything possible to ensure that Isabella's burial was given much-needed attention and to use the occasion to bring many to Christ
Her burial witnessed the presence of  governors, highly placed clergymen, military chiefs and people of different professions
The inspector general was also present in person
No burial of any inmate in world history had been given such an attention
Within the first two days of her press release, before she was executed, her speech had moved hundreds of terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, assassins and so forth to come out publicly and lay down their arms
This brought about a massive breakthrough among the military forces which led to their presence at her burial
There was a daily report of criminals reporting to police stations and laying down their arms 
The inspector general of police had designed a program called "The Isabella Rehabilitation Program" to help rehabilitate criminals who had willfully surrendered their arms to the government
Her press release was taken to all correctional centres and police stations and was broadcasted to the inmates on a daily occasion
As this was happening, the revival was breaking out in different Worship centres
Criminals, drug addicts, prostitutes, terrorists, and all manner of people whose souls the devil had stolen were all turning up to churches and revival meetings to be led to Christ
The Isabella girls had been a household name for criminal activities
Her conversation, repentance and execution brought about national consciousness as it went viral on news stations, social media and what have you
In those days it became a common thing to hear people say, "hear Isabella and repent" 
Within a few days of her death, Isabella was almost forgotten as a hardened criminal and was now referred to as a saint and a hero
On the day of her burial, there was massive traffic as military forces could be seen all over to put people in control
Evangelist Daniel and Family, Charles Douglas and family, Deborah, Ruth, Elisa, DPO Ebele, and Warden Yakubu were given a special stand as people who played a great part in the salvation and transformation of Isabella
".........ladies and gentlemen," the inspector general of police made his speech. "After this much, I have said, I want all the special agents who played an important role in the life of this hero at death to come out 
They came out and were given a national salute and decoration award which he said was coming from the president of the Federation
DPO Ebele and Warden Yakubu were promoted that same day and given national honours
Deborah, Ruth and Elisa were also presented with medals of national honour for their passion towards converting criminals in different cells and the correctional centre to live a positive life 
It was the best day of their lives 
"And most importantly," the inspector general continued. "the president of the federation has sent me to recognize Isabella with the honour of the most transformed inmate of all times." The inspector said and walked over to where her coffin was opened halfway. He placed a medal on her lifeless body and decorated it with flowers
When it was time for a sermon to be delivered by the CAN chairman, he  preached a simple message from John 3:16 and led thousands of people to present repentance and salvation 
That day, heaven rejoiced over the souls that were won
He also applauded ROCD for their display of service as soldiers of the Lord and advised the national director, retired General Terhemba Shima to continue leading those under him to do more in order to safeguard the lives of Christians in the nation
Isabella was buried that day towards evening with the inscription boldly written on it, "Isabella; she ended well." 
"Come with me, I would have to show you more." The Lord said as he turned from the scene of the burial which they had stood watching
It was too fast and speedy how things happened. No one could explain how it happened but certainly, they believed this was beyond the work of man


Episode 42 [Taken to heaven in the arms of her Lord]

"Yes, Isabella my child." The Lord answered
"Of all your saints on earth dear Lord, why do you choose to honour your name through me. There are those praying for you to use them and you have not answered them. Why me Lord?" Isabella asked with a burning curiosity
The Lord stopped and turned back with a mighty smile wearing on his face 
"My daughter Isabella, I love all my children, both those in heaven and on earth and I'm using all of them." 
"There are those who despise their calling and the gifts I have given to them just like the last man with one talent......." 
"Yes Lord, I remember the story of the talent where the last one went away and buried it. Deborah taught me about it."Isabella hurriedly came in while her Lord spoke on
"Yes, my child Isabella. I prompted Deborah to do so because this occasion would come for me to teach you something that my children on earth must be aware of." The Lord answered and continued speaking
"I have chosen you because your repentance was genuine. Many of the people on earth teaching about me need to repent but they have refused to, because of their pride 
"As for those praying on mountains and hills, I have turned away from many because although they pray, they pray with their lips and their hearts are far from me."
"Many of them want to use my name, power and glory to build fame and popularity for themselves. They do not have me in their hearts. Such would pray but I will not answer." 
"Many of my children are in competition and queueing to be ahead of themselves. They forget to understand that what I have given to each, that is where their reward would come on the day of judgement." 
"My child, when I shall send you back to earth, you must tell my people these things and remind them that every gift from me is important and should be taken seriously."  
"Yes my Lord," Isabella answered deeply because her return back to earth had become a mystery to her
On second thought she was not ready to let go of the fellowship she was enjoying with her Lord 
Just as she moved closer to catch up with her Lord on the clouds, they started descending down and down and down and soon they were back into the synagogue of Lucifer
All the wailings and agonizing gnashings of teeth returned
She could not feel it but could tell what was happening and exactly the way it was happening to the lost souls 
"Follow me." The Lord commanded in his mighty voice of rushing waters and Isabella followed behind him
A gate opened up and she could behold an ugly sight of naked demons who had human forms 
"This is where Lucifer sends demons of immorality and sexual perversion on earth. This is the hood all immoral demons of sexual perversion; fornication, adultery, pornography and others are. They are released to torment the world and cause it to sin." 
"It is time to go Isabella." The Lord said and they started descending again until they were out of the bottomless pit which stood as a mighty suspense above them 
They appeared before a mighty endless fire which was burning like molten magma
The fire had nothing in it but couldn't be seen where it ended 
"Where is this, my lord?" Isabella asked
"This is the lake of fire. The final place of judgement for all that are in hell and those whose names will not be found in the Book of Life. This also is called the Lake of the second death. This is where all disobedience shall have their everlasting torment forever and ever." the Lord answered as Isabella watched speechlessly
They disappeared from there and  appeared before a magnificent golden gate with two books placed before it and two angels standing by each
There was an endless queue and each person who had died was screened
If the person's name wasn't found in the Book of Life, the person is cast into the bottomless pit. Those whose names were found in the Book of Life were asked to enter the golden gate 
As Christ and Isabella appeared, all the souls in the queue and the angels bowed 
He walked over to the stand with Isabella and her name was confirmed in the Book of Life
"Francis Isabella! Welcome to paradise." The angel said and she proceeded with her Lord smiling broadly
As she looked up ahead, three souls had stood waiting to receive her 
They were wearing golden crowns on their heads and had beautiful dresses over them with names inscribed on each
They were Mia, Susa and Jacky. Together with them, Isabella would spend eternity in heaven forever and ever 
Then the angel which was sent to show these things to Prophet Timothy, closed the book he was holding in his hand and the vision came to an end
Angel: "Timothy, I have been sent to declare what you have seen to you. You must speak to the sons and daughters of men and warn them concerning what has been shown to you. The Lord has also asked me to tell you to inform Elisa that she will conceive a second child and shall name her Isabella. For the spirit of Isabella would dwell in her to accomplish the will of the Lord." 
The angel spoke and disappeared as the book in his hand entered his chest
Prophet Timothy opened his eyes and realized it was a trance 


 Episode 43 [Prophet Timothy]

"Ah, thank you, Jesus, thank you, Lord. I'm not worthy but you have chosen me by your mercy to show me these things..........." Prophet Timothy prayed thanking God after the revelation which was shown to him 
His body was jittering and fidgeting by reason of what he had seen
The thought of the book which had entered his chest came flashing back
He placed his hand on his chest and held it imaginably to prevent it from falling out 
"......tell Elisa that she shall......." This part also came echoing and he began to wonder who was Elisa
He had no knowledge of who she was - not among the people he had once ministered to; at least not anybody he could remember
He bent his head to pray about it and after a few minutes fell on the floor face up
He could feel the hollow that had been dug into his stomach by hunger 
He tried to press but his strength failed because by then the grace which had been released upon him to wait on God for those nine days had been withdrawn
He thought about relating the revelation to his wife Keturah and they would pray about it when he got back home
He managed to his feet and stormed out of the prayer mountain heading home 
Prophet Timothy was a prophet of God in the South West of the nation with the mighty hand of God upon his life
The spirit of the Lord had instructed him to do nine days of prayer and fasting on the particular mountain he had visited
He had stayed there for three days praying without ceasing and from the fourth day upward he was taken into a deep revelation about the encounter concerning Isabella and the Lord 
After getting back and his wife attended to him, he revealed to her the revelation that was shown to him 
"Mmmmm, Daddy," the wife calls forth as she usually calls him after much thought
"We know about the Isabella girls. The issue now is how to get to Elisa. But I think we can easily have that achieved by tracing back to her burial venue since it was shown to you in the revelation, I believe Elisa was in the burial." The wife said
"Mmm, that's beautiful. But I'm thinking about how we could be able to do that. Do you have any idea mummy?"  Prophet Timothy asked 
"I'm thinking about it too." Mrs Timothy Keturah said 
"Okay, in the revelation, I got to know that her burial was chaired by ROCD. I think we can contact the organization to get to the address." Prophet Timothy said cheerfully
"I think that will be good but daddy, why are we here bothering much. Since the Lord sent his angel to show you this revelation, let's turn to the Lord at once so that we can be directed on what to do." Mrs Timothy Keturah responded promptly
"That's beautiful mummy. I actually returned from the mountain so that we could pray about this together. This matter is so serious on the mind of the Lord. Let's hold hands and pray about this 
Mrs Timothy Keturah jumped to her feet and Prophet Timothy holding her hands, they prayed fervently about it; "madorabababa, kabarishoto, rekosh ebericoshia kakakatitere...........father give us direction on this you have shown to your servant............."  The two of them continued in prayer 
That night when they had gone to bed, as soon as Prophet Timothy closed his eyes, he began to dream and an angel stood beside him and handed him a note. He collected it and went and placed it on the table 
He continued sleeping until 4am which was their daily time of prayer. 
After they were done praying, he remembered he had a dream and he quickly turned to the table where he had dropped the paper in the dream. Behold, the paper was there with an address written on it 
The address had a detailed description of the house of Elisa
He picked up the note smiling and handed it over to his wife
"Ah, this God is amazing." He said cheerfully
She collected it wondering what it was and checking through, it was the address to Elisa's home 
"Daddy, how do you get the address? Who writes it for you?" 
Prophet Timothy smiled and explained to her the dream he had and how he had received the address
This marvelled them to the core because, in his years of ministry, he had not seen such a dimension
The two of them praised God and shortly, the wife had his things arranged for the short journey
After eating a meal, Prophet Timothy went to the park and boarded a vehicle for his journey
The journey took him three hours and sooner, he was standing in front of Elisa's home
It was one of his rare occasions of being to a city and knocking on such a magnificent edifice
The gateman came asking him questions and soon returned back into the house to inform the security officer that there was an unknown man at the gate
"What is he looking for?" The security man asked him
"He said he is looking for Elisa." The gateman answered
The security officer went to the gate and after inspecting Prophet Timothy carefully and asking a few questions, he went in and informed Elisa who was in the garden reading a book
She struggled to stand and followed him to the gate. By then her stomach was out so it could be easily told that she was pregnant
"Good afternoon sir." She greeted humbly and Prophet Timothy greeted back
"My name is Prophet Timothy, are you Elisa?" He asked and she affirmed
"Yes I am Elisa sir." She answered a bit anxious
"The Lord has sent me with a message to you." He said
"O that's gracious sir. Please come on in." Elisa said commanding that the gate be opened up
As it was the custom of the house, Prophet Timothy went through a surveillance device fixed by the gate and after a thorough security screening and satisfactory result, he was ushered in


Episode 44 [troubles about to be awakened]

The burial of Isabella had ushered in the opportunity for Elisa to meet and disclose to Paul her acceptance of his proposal
A day after it, she had already informed her dad about it
Although Mrs Charles Douglas had informed Chief Charles Douglas about it, he behaved as though he wasn't aware as it was his daughter's responsibility to disclose the matter to him first 
The news brought joy to him in no small measure 
With this, he believed that the future of her daughter would be more secured
He had asked her to inform Paul to find time to come see him so they would discuss it, and Paul had booked a day for which he would come and see him 
Elisa also had time to speak with Paul's family on the issue and she realized that they were fully in support on the decision for Paul to marry her
Neither Paul's family nor of Elisa were ignorant of the numerous issues that would arise from society giving her daughter out in marriage pregnant, but since they had accepted the will of God, they termed it the best news after all
Mrs Daniel Faith had also expressed worries over what would become of their ministry and what society would say about allowing their son; the son of a founder of a Ministry for the matter of fact to marry a pregnant lady
What awaited both families most especially Paul's family was unfathomable and all this while, Lucifer and his cohorts were cooking and warming up so hard on how to use the situation to their advantage
He was going to cause a storm to arise from many angles upon Elisa, her family, Paul and her family, their ministry and the body of Christ in general
He would also use the situation to invoke attacks on Deborah and Ruth 
All this while, as the demons of hell were agitating for why Lucifer had kept them from operating but only monitoring and observing every movement, he was busy feasting on the souls of those who were lost and waiting for the right time to strike 
The school was soon to resume. Elisa was also thinking of how things would turn up for her once she was back in school
She thought about her appearances in school, school fellowship and other things 
All this while, she had restricted her movements just to avoid questions from the society
Already, questions were arising from her local church when her pregnancy started shutting out 
The pressure was so much that she and her mom had to inform the pastor about it and at the time Prophet Timothy arrived at her house, they had an appointment with the pastor on the day to which to disclose the matter to him wisely
Elisa was seen busy in the house trying to arrange something on the table for her visitor who had said he had a message for her from the Lord 
Her thoughts went abroad as she wondered deeply what could be the message 
She tried figuring out if she had fallen in some ways but couldn't arrive at anything
Well, she gave up thinking until the man of God disclosed the matter to her himself
Prophet Timothy was asked to sit in the sitting room and he sat there glancing round the interiors of the mansion
Suddenly his spirit prompted him and he beckoned on Elisa
"Sorry daughter of Zion. I have bothered you much with my coming but I won't be staying much longer
The Lord has sent me to tell you that you are to give birth to a second child and when that happens, you are to name the child Isabella, for the spirit of Isabella shall rest upon her and the Lord shall use her to accomplish great things
This message came to me while on nine-day fasting the spirit of the Lord led me into
He showed me things about the death of Isabella and how she was taken to hell and shown things by our Lord Jesus Christ before she finally was received in heaven 
Elisa, daughter of Zion, the spirit of the Lord is upon you and He shall use you mightily if you remain focused and unwavering to his instructions." Prophet Timothy said 
While he spoke, Elisa stared into his face with shocks wearing over it 
"How do you know about all these men of God. Please do you know me anywhere?" She asked bothered
"There is nothing hidden before the Lord and he is willing to let his children become aware of His plans for their lives 
"How about the one I'm carrying presently servant of the Lord?" She asked 
"The Lord did not reveal anything to me before now but as I'm speaking to you, He is speaking to me and asking me to tell you that he has spoken to you about the unborn child." 
"But sir, I'm not married yet. How is it that I shall give birth to another child." She asked again
"The Lord whose words I have delivered knows how to do it. He has chosen you to make his light shine over the nations. Accept his will and trust in him." Prophet Timothy concluded and picked up his bag to leave
"But sir..... please I have arranged the dining for you. Please you have to stay back and eat something before leaving." She pleaded
"No, my daughter. I have delivered the word of the Lord to you. I shall take my leave." He answered and moved for the door
Elisa ran back inside and brought out an envelope
"Please sir," she said "if you consider me to be a daughter of the Lord, accept this for your transportation. I'm not paying you, sir. It's for your transportation." She pleaded almost kneeling
Prophet Timothy collected and waved her goodbye as the gate was opened for him and he was seen no more 
Elisa walked back into the house with many deep and worrisome thoughts dancing in her mind 
She was not done with the first and many problems she was faced with. Now the Lord had sent a prophet to disclose the news of a second child
"Will Paul force himself on me and impregnate me? No, no, before I deliver, I'm already married to him. So how possible will it be." She spoke within her mind confused
She vowed that she was going to create more distance from Paul to avoid premarital sex that could result in another pregnancy if there is anything like awaiting pregnancy
"Isabella! Name my child Isabella? O Lord I need your help......" She dropped on the cushion and fell asleep amidst thoughts
While she fell into a deep sleep, she saw a narrow path that went upward into the sky and saw a figure descending from it with glory in its eyes 
"Elisa my child, do not be afraid, for I am with you." The voice came forth and she jerked out of her sleep 


Episode 45 [demons among Men]

"Hahahaaa!!!! The time we have been waiting for has finally come." Lucifer laughed mocking as he addressed the demons that had gathered before him 
"I am Lucifer, the man of darkness. In my kingdom, I do not give up easily. Sons of doom! It is time to go after that daughter of Zion and inflict her with the agony of her iniquity" he said again
"But Lucifer my lord" the demon lord called out "her Lord has already shown her mercy. Her sins have been forgiven. How then shall we succeed?" He asked
"You fool. You have been with me for long and you still ask stupid questions. You said her Lord has forgiven but I Lucifer doesn't forgive. In my kingdom, there is no pardon. Our duty is to accuse the daughters and the sons of Zion until they are caught up in our net" Lucifer spoke with rage burning in his eyes ready to devour
"If only the sons and daughters of Zion would know that their Lord can forgive but I Lucifer Will always ride on their sins, their mistakes and misbehaviours" he said and ordered; "Go!!! Go!!!!" 
The demons of hell came pouring upon the earth for the mission they were sent 
The Charles Douglas family had just rounded up with a prayer that night and about retiring to bed when Elisa reminded her dad that Paul would be coming the following day to see him as promised 
"Oh oh, mmm, is it tomorrow?" He asked trying to remember and Elisa affirmed
She said goodnight to her parents and retired back to her room
She lay on her bed and soon, she was fast asleep
A few minutes later, a call came in. She struggled on the bed rolling to lay her hand on the phone
She tutted and muttered to herself in disapproval
She had promised herself not to be sleeping with her phone on loudspeaker but she wasn't just getting adapted to it
She opened it and the caller was Deborah. She quickly sat up and dialled back her number
"Hello sister Deborah," she came through
"Hello, Elisa. Sorry for calling again" This was because they spoke before Elisa had her devotion "but I have a strong burden to pray with you before I go to bed tonight." Deborah said in a serious tune
Elisa obliged and soon the two were praying on the phone out loud 
After the prayer, Deborah promised she was going to pray for Ruth too before she herself sleep for the night 
They happily ended the call and Elisa retired back to bed 
As soon as she closed her eyes, she saw Limish standing in the room with an angry gale staring into her face with a murderous countenance 
She sat up on the bed looking fierce
"You demon of fornication and adultery, why are you here? What do you want from me?" She asked ready for battle
"I have come to accomplish my mission, you daughter of Zion. I have come to kill you and take the seed that is in your womb." Limish replied moving close to her 
The closer she came, the closer the demonic atmosphere surrounding her engulfed Elisa in fear 
As she was about to grab her, a mighty ray of light emitting through her heart threw Limish to the ground penetrating through her accursed soul  
The spirit of the Lord charged Elisa and she started growing into a gigantic figure until she was tall and huge enough not to see her feet
Her muscles pulled out and she could see steam emitting through her body
The steam was mixed up with flames of fire and colons of smoke
She could see words in them which she recognized as some of the scriptural verses she had been reading 
She roared and her voice caused the wall of the house to break exposing her and Limish to the blackness of the night 
The ray of light turned into a great sword and pinned Limish to the ground
She struggled to rise to her feet but she had become too weak to do so
"Elisa!!!!! You belong to me. My assignment is given to me by Lucifer to make sure you are mine and his forever. Your soul shall surely be mine and I will torture you!!!!!! Hahaa!!!!
The sword turned back into a ray of light and withdrew into Elisa's heart and she woke up
When she woke up, she became so exhausted, tired and weak to the point she could barely work
She felt wetness within her thighs and checking, she saw blood flowing steadily
Fear gripped her as she called her mother who came in running
When she mate her in that state, she became afraid herself almost concluding that it must be a miscarriage
"What happens, Elisa?" She asked hurriedly "Did you fall?" 
"No mummy" she answered "I had a dream fighting with a demon. The one that has been following me since I mate Dabo" 
She briefly explained the dream to her mother who listened while cleaning her up
She then held her hand and prayed for her fervently cancelling miscarriage and possible attacks by the devil
Early in the morning the following day, she quickly drove her to a nearby clinic herself and after a thorough check, the doctor certified that she was okay just that she was having some irregular openings in her cervix which came earlier than expected
She was given medication to help stabilize her and afterwards brought back home 
At 10am, Paul arrived her house to Meet with her father 
Chief Charles Douglas took off from work that day to meet with his potential son-in-law 
Paul was warmly welcomed, entertained and cared for
Elisa's parents went into a close door meeting with him which later on included Elisa who had regained herself 
After much interrogations, Chief Charles Douglas and their wife both came to the conclusion that Paul was wholeheartedly willing to marry their daughter 
He also asked Elisa if it was the best of her decision to marry Paul and she affirmed stylishly 
"But Paul" Charles Douglas said clearing his throat "our daughter is pregnant which you are fully aware of. The both of you would have to wait until she has put birth and nurses the child. But anyways I will leave the two of you to arrive at a decision then let me be aware of it." He concluded
Paul thanked him and was ushered to the dining table
After being fed with all kinds of foods on the table, he had time to speak with Elisa and from there returned home
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