THE HUNT FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF ZION Episode 36 to 41 [the marital journey]

THE HUNT FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF ZION Episode 36 to 41 [the marital journey]


 Episode 36 [the marital journey]

"Dop!" Elisa's phone came landing on the bed

She turned to it and patted it gently

"I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do. Sorry ko" she spoke to her phone insanely

This came immediately after she was through speaking with the DPO, Elisa, Ruth and Warden Yakubu

She had been on a long call trying her best to ensure that she had updates on Isabella and the Isabella girls

The last person she had spoken to was Ruth and by then she was already aware that one of the Isabella girls had been saved

They both prayed on the phone thanking God before she ended the call

It had been two days since she had made the move to inform Paul that she had accepted his proposal but she was afraid, reason why, she could not tell

She lay on the bed face up thinking of how best she was going to break the news to him

What if Paul was only after her to use her and dump her

She was also afraid of marriage and how to even start the journey was where the problem lay for her

She turned to her stomach which was properly standing out accommodating the baby

Just as thoughts crowded her heart, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen and screamed out

Her mom came running in, asking if she was okay

She sat beside her and tutored her a little about pregnancy while Elisa stared into her face weak

As her mom stood up to leave, she held her by the hand gently and kissed it

"Mommy, there is something I want to discuss with you about." She said

Mrs Charles Douglas was loving, caring and very attentive whenever Elisa had something to speak to her about

She tensed her body and sat by the bed beckoning on Elisa to speak up

Elisa saw how tensed she was and jokingly asked her to not be afraid as it was nothing to worry about

"Mom," she began. "Do you remember Paul, Evangelist Daniel's son that came for the occasion daddy held?" 

"Mmm, yes, yes. The dark handsome young man that you introduced to me as Evangelist Daniel's son." She answered

"Yes Mom. Mom, he has proposed marriage to me." She said and waited for her mom's reaction

"Marriage?" She asked calmly

"Is he aware of your condition?" She asked again, and this time Elisa responded

"Yes Mommy, and he said that he is following God's leading and that I'm his wife. He was here some days ago on a surprise visit" 

"Okay," the mother nodded her head showing interest in more

"He said that he wants to marry me and father the baby. I'm really confused Mom." Elisa said throwing her face away

"Come here my baby. This is good news if the young man is serious. Ewoo, so I will soon be a grandmother and a mother-in-law, ah this God has blessed me." Mrs Charles Douglas said shaking her body and taking some wealthy dance moves

Elisa became embarrassed by her action and called her; "Mom?" 

"Yes my baby girl. From the first day I saw that young man with you, I saw a future for you both, just that I was calm." 

" But my child, have you prayed about this?" She paused and asked her

Elisa agreed and even shared with her the vision she had the day Paul came and the moment she went to sleep

"Have you given him your consent?" Mrs Charles Douglas asked 

"No mummy, I haven't. I'm just scared. That's why I decided to let you know about it first" Elisa said

"Come here, my daughter. I have a conviction in my spirit that this is the will of God but first, give me your hands let's pray about this." Mrs Charles Douglas said pulling her to herself

The two of them prayed fervently and the mother left telling her that she was going to have a little sleep before leaving for the office

As she went back to sleep, she saw a vision almost the same as the one her daughter saw about her and Paul

Waking up from sleep, she was convinced that this was the will of God for her daughter

She went to the restroom and brushed, then dressed up for the office and called Elisa in

"Elisa my child. I have received a message from the Lord. Paul is your husband. Call the young man and speak to him about it before he dies waiting" the mother teased and headed out

Elisa hugged her and collected her bag for the car and the driver drove Mrs Charles Douglas to the office

That morning, Elisa summoned the courage and called Paul, breaking the long-awaited news to him

Paul was extremely happy and Elisa herself found her peace back

She felt like a heavy rock had been lifted off her chest and she knew that certainly God was involved

After a brief talk, Paul offered to visit again but she declined saying that she would visit them and use the opportunity to see Evangelist Daniel and his wife

That way, she would find out for herself if the parents were okay with their son marrying a pregnant sister 

After her return, she would then let her dad know about it and await what would follow


 Episode 37 [too fast, too late, but saved ]

It was 11:39pm. Mrs Ebele had been fast asleep

She flipped her hand to check if her husband was in place, but felt nothing

She battled to chase out the sleep that had held her ransom as she wondered where her husband would be

She called to him in a sleepy tone but he wasn't there

She stood up gently, wrapping the wool of a nightgown around her body properly, held the rope on it to a knot and went in search of DPO Ebele

She checked the bathroom but found no one and decided to head for the living room where she also mate nobody

She opened the door to check on the children and mate them sleeping soundly

There could be no other place than the visitor's room. If he is not there, then there is an issue at hand

As she sped up for the visitor's room, she heard muttering sounds of her husband and her heart calmed 

She opened slightly and mate him praying fervently

What could it be? She needed not to be told. They had discussed the Isabella girls before going to bed. Jacky was the subject of consideration

Her husband had been troubled about her. Her and Susan's execution was just a few hours away

She calmly knelt beside him and together, they prayed for the salvation of Jacky. DPO Ebele could be heard praying, pleading and asking God for mercy on her behalf

DPO Ebele and the daughters of Zion had spoken together with Warden Yakubu. They had all agreed that they were going to be praying for the salvation of Jacky that night as they believed although humanly late, it wasn't for God

Initially, Warden Yakubu had developed a hate for Jacky due to the gruesome murder of the officers who had engaged them in a gun battle

It was after he spoke with DPO Ebele that he forgave and decided to join them in praying for her as he made him believe that there was a force behind her actions

Deborah, Ruth, Elisa and parents as well as Warden Yakubu were all praying for the salvation of Jacky that night

Prayer rained and the fire wasn't left out

Lucifer foresaw what was coming but he was too late for it

He quickly sent a deployment of demons to distract the prayers of the daughters and the sons of Zion

The demons came but were late as the Zionites had been charged in spirit beyond resistance

The more they prayed, the more they had the urge to pray

Isabella who saw it too challenging to allow Jacky to go to hell wasn't left out that night

DPO Ebele had also taught her the importance of intercession

Knowing that this was the only requirement to save Jacky, she prayed fervently

The demon lord was aware of what was coming for him

As he stocked in Jacky, he wanted to return back to hell before the imminent happened but doing so would mean facing the burning rage and wrath of Lucifer. To Lucifer, it was better to fight to defeat than not to resist

As he was burning in fear and anguished, there was a violent shaking in the reams of the spirit 

Mighty pills of smoke rose and cleared revealing the fierce face of Micheal; the ark angel

With his sword in his hand, he commanded the demon lord out of Jacky and slew him on his monstrous head as he disappeared back to hell

Jacky was set free although she had sat with her hands shielding her folded knees not knowing what was going on

As angel Micheal disappeared, he appeared to Deborah where she had prayed and fallen asleep. The time at this moment was 5:34am

"Deborah, daughter of Zion!" Micheal called out. "May God be Gracious is delivered. Go and save her" he said 

"Who is my God be Gracious?" Deborah asked 

A handwriting appeared on the wall and it read; "Jackie: may God be gracious."

"That is what she shall be called in paradise "May God be gracious. Go and save her now! The demon which had withstood her salvation has been cast out." Micheal said

"But why did it take long Micheal?" Deborah asked 

"It took long because nothing happens on Earth without the permission of the lords of the Earth. The most high has been waiting for your intercession to ascend and He would deliver her" Micheal said 

"Mmm I see" Deborah said opening her eyes and wondering who was Jackie when all of a sudden her mind went to Jacky as she was misspelled

She had even forgotten that the answer to what they were praying for had come as the vision came echoing afresh into her heart

She quickly picked up her phone and began calling but none was going through

She checked her time and realized it was almost daybreak

She had to act fast

Jacky's execution was that morning. Although she knew it was early morning, she had no idea the particular time

She picked up her Bible placed a lock on her door ran to the road

Blessed enough, there was an oncoming vehicle

She stopped the driver and pleaded for a drop as she gave the address of DPO Ebele's home

It took exactly 37 minutes for her to get there

She had no money to pay. She told the driver to hold on while she went knocking on the gate to the house

Shortly, DPO Ebele was out wondering who it was until she mate with her

He paid for the fare and Deborah quickly disclosed to him what was at stake 

He rushed into his car and switch it on to keep it warm while he rushed in to put on a dress

He came out shortly rocking in a short. The two went in and he sped off until Deborah pleaded he takes it easy

Soon, they were at the correctional facility where they mate the executive officers and Warden Yakubu

Jacky and Susa were been dragged out. DPO Ebele wanted to interrupt the process but the officers were resistant

He ran to Warden Yakubu and briefed him on why they were there

"Alright DPO Ebele, you are right on time. The girls will be given time for their final words before they are executed. If it is God's will for her to be saved, she will" Warden Yakubu finalized as the process continued 

Before the execution order was read, the girls were asked if they had something to say before they were executed

Susa was the first to raise her hand

She demanded a Bible to be given to her and a pen

These were quickly provided for her and she wrote in it and closed it then handed them over

"How about you Jacky?" The execution officer asked

"She remained quiet for a few seconds as if the spirit of God fell on Deborah, she pushed out against the officer's resistance and yelled

"Jacky! This is your last chance to be saved. Please open your heart and accept Jesus now! Please believe. In a few minutes, you will be with Him." Her words fell on deaf ears

Then she shouted; "Jacky!" Almost crying

Then Jacky looked up with repentant eyes and said

"I can see Jesus. He is over there waiting. Susa! Jesus is waiting." She said with a tear dropping from her eye as she  turned to Susa and Susa gave her a smile

Deborah smiled amidst tears and led her to Jesus and finalized with a word of prayer for the two

A few seconds following after the execution order was read, they were fired and executed

DPO Ebele requested a copy of the Bible Susa had written and it read

"I died in the arms of my Lord Jesus. Let all nations come to Him."


 Episode 38 [lived a criminal - died a saint] 

It was a bright morning. Isabella being fully aware that she was going to address the nation waited patiently in her cell for the time she would be called on

DPO Ebele and the daughters of Zion were all on the ground to cheer her up 

Just as Warden Yakubu stood up to come out of his office, an officer walked in to inform him that it was time

He turned to his wristwatch and it read 7:56am

"Alright. Is the media all on the ground and set?" He asked and the officer affirmed

"That's good. Please have Isabella out and begin the session." Warden Yakubu said and moved to position himself beside the podium where Isabella was to stand

The security was tied that very day. This act gave the media group enough confidence to approach Isabella and have her deliver her speech

Shortly, she was ushered out handcuffed with chains dragging behind her on the legs 

The different broadcasting representatives had already staged their cameras ready to capture the thrilling moment

At 8: 07am, she was asked to speak. She cleared her throat and began

"Greetings wonderful people of our dear country"

"I am Isabella. You all know me and the numerous atrocities I have committed. I'm not worth standing in your faces today" 

"Maybe God has kept me alive so that I can on behalf of the Isabella girls apologize for all the pains we have caused you before my execution tomorrow" 

"I am the only one left of the Isabella girls. On behalf of all of us. We are sorry and ask that in our dead as deserving of us, you forgive us and find peace in your hearts. I wish I can bring back the countless lives we have destroyed and cut short but I can't. All I'm asking for is healing in your hearts and this great Nation" 

"To all those terrorising communities, lives and properties as we once did, I plead to you all to surrender your arms and turn to Jesus who is now my Lord. There is no good end to all of that but only regret." 

"The notorious Isabella girls that have terrorized this nation for twelve years will finally be exterminated tomorrow." 

"Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. In my dead, I hope that many will surrender their arms and follow Him. Thank you all" she rounded up

Warden Yakubu stepped up and asked if any journalist had questions to ask and hands raised up as he picked randomly

Journalist 1: "Isabella, are you aware that your parents are no more alive? And how do you feel about it?"

Isabella: "Yes I'm aware and my only regret is that they died without knowing Jesus"

Journalist 2: "Isabella, what has been your greatest onslaught?"

Isabella: "I have one but won't want to talk about it because doing so would stir up more pain in the hearts of the people. The past must remain behind"

Journalist 3: "You seem to speak much of Jesus. Are you now a Christian?"

Isabella: "I do not know much of what being a Christian is but I can boldly tell you that I'm now born again and a child of Jesus"

Journalist 4: "What message are you living behind as you will be dying tomorrow?"

Isabella: "There is no beauty in crime. The only beauty is Christ Jesus"

Journalist 5: "Isabella are you afraid that you are dying tomorrow?"

Isabella: "No! Not at all. My only fear is that I'm still alive. I'm not worthy of living except for eternity. My Lord Jesus is waiting for me. I can see Him and don't want to keep him waiting"

Journalist 6: "With all the mayhem and atrocious acts you've committed, do you think the nation would forgive you?"

Isabella: "I'm not the nation. I am Isabella. My duty is what I have done; to ask the nation for forgiveness and I ask with belief in my heart that they will forgive otherwise I won't have asked"

Journalist 7: "What inspired you into crime?"

Isabella: "I grew up in a family of violence, hate and poor home training. I needed to build a community of mine where I could feel belonged. I started with a girl's cult group and later on, formed the Isabella Girls. We couldn't differentiate the difference between hate and love, violence and peace"

Journalist 8: "You made mention of a girl's cult. Can you educate the people on the girl's cult"

Isabella: "The girl's cult was formed to have girls rule over boys and to resist male lordship over females. We were into lesbianism and was a crime for a member of the cult to go into a relationship with the opposite sex

Everyone was thrilled with their massive display of intelligence, courage and beautiful responses of Isabella to questions thrown at her

The entire nation had been briefed that she was going to be speaking to the nation and everybody lived to his or her TV awaiting what a hardened female criminal; first of that kind had to say

But her speech moved the nation that morning to tears

Towards the evening of the same day, the news captured a group having a peaceful display with placards as a show of love to her. Some read; 

"Isabella we forgive you", "Isabella we love you", "Show mercy to Isabella, etc 

A Christian organization which had watched the news had tabled a petition the same day to the office of Warden Yakubu for the body of Isabella to be handed over to them for burial

Blessed enough, nobody from Isabella's relatives had come to request her body so her body would be handed over to them

This way; for her confession of Christ, Isabella was going to be given a befitting burial as a hero who had ended well

That night, she requested that Deborah, Ruth and Elisa alongside DPO Ebele and Warden Yakubu spend time with her in prayers 

This took place deep into the night. They had a beautiful fellowship with her and could watch her face glow 

She was full of joy and life and couldn't wait to meet her Lord who was waiting to take her home

Early the following morning, Isabella, the former gang leader of the notorious Isabella girls was brought to the table with a rope hanging above it

Her beloved in Christ; DPO Ebele and the daughters of Zion stood there with her wishing her goodbye until they meet again on the resurrection morning

When it was time for her final words, Isabella encouraged them to continue steadfastly in Christ and told them that she would be waiting to welcome them home

Deborah stepped forward, prayed with her and kissed her forehead 

A black hood was put on her face with her hands tied behind

She was lifted and placed on the table

At this moment, DPO Ebele and the daughters of Zion left wishing they could escort her beyond

The rope was brought to her neck and after the execution officer had read the execution order, the table was withdrawn

And all turned their back as Isabella struggled with her breath as she crossed into eternity and said goodbye to this dark world


 Episode 39 [in the arms of her Lord]

As she kicked for the last time and gave up the ghost, Isabella saw her spirit coming out of her body and the body gradually became cold

Her Lord had stood by waiting for her as she ran into His arms

Everything around her was now different

The air felt fresher and warmth. The space absent of noise and with calm wearing over all the terrains, she hugged her Lord and He kissed her on the forehead

"Well done my daughter Isabella." He said and the tone of his voice sent into her body waves of peace, comfort, beauty and joy

As she tightened her soul onto that of her Lord, she wept but no tear dropped

The Lord lifted her face and with a look into it, she could feel His warmth hand filled with love and tenderness 

She could feel the smooth touch of the sore of his palms. Becoming curious, she lowered her head to fix her gale on the sores on his feet. The nails on the cross came flashing into her head 

The Lord held her by the hand to go home but she turned watching as the prison officers checked properly ensuring that she was completely dead

Shortly, she watched them unhanging her body. These officers had demons possessing them with chains all around their necks

Isabella could see beyond their bodies. Their souls had been starved and stained with blood 

Some had legions of demons inhabiting and feeding on their blood

The sight was horrible to behold and she turned her face away in disgust

The Lord allowed her to watch everything that was going on 

She looked at a building in the correctional facility and her eyes went through, into an entrance where DPO Ebele was comforting Deborah, Ruth and Elisa

They all had mighty angels standing and guardian them

She turned to her Lord and asked a question without her mouth opening and the Lord answered; "they are weeping because of you. Not because they are ignorant of where you are now, but because they would miss having fellowship with you until the resurrection morning when they shall be joined with you and the saints" 

As she watched on, an officer walked into the entrance to beckon on DPO Ebele

Warden Yakubu had stood outside waiting for him

DPO Ebele walked to where he was standing and was taken to where an ambulance stood to convey the body of Isabella

As she watched her own body being wrapped in a body bag and placed in the ambulance, DPO Ebele had a short conversation with Warden Yakubu and he left to meet with the daughters of Zion

They boarded his car and drove off 

"Why do those men have chains all around their necks my Lord?" Isabella asked 

"These are men under the bondage of the unlawful one. Although they could hang your body, they are blind not to see that their spirit and souls are in great agony by the son of darkness." The Lord said 

"Who is this unlawful one and the son of darkness my Lord," Isabella asked again

"He is Lucifer, the one that held your soul, body and spirit to Ramson for many years until you gave your life to me," the Lord said

"But my Lord, why didn't you come for me before now? I would have long fallen into your arms" she asked again

"It is written of me; "for I stand on the door knocking. If any shall hear my voice and open up the door, I would come in and dine with the person. I have been knocking all this while Isabella, but your door was shut  against me until your sisters cried out onto me and the father showed you mercy." The Lord said 

"I died for you long ago and with my blood, I freed you from the son of doom but you were also blind like them to come to me " the Lord said again pointing at the officers

" Who are these my sisters dear Lord? " She asked 

"They are all who believe and have given their lives to me and have accepted me as their personal Lord and Saviour. Deborah, Ruth and Elisa are the few out of many" The Lord answered

"Come quickly I want to show you something," He said taking hold of her hand 

In the twinkling of an eye, they were in hell and hell stood still to honour the presence of the Lord as nothing moved

Isabella could see an ocean of fire with hundreds of souls dropping in it each second

She could understand the intensity of the heat by the agonizing display of those in it 

"Turn to your right and look ahead of you." The Lord demanded faintly

Turning in that direction, she saw a man at a far distance burning, melting into flames and coming together again

"Do you remember him?" The Lord asked Isabella

"No, my Lord. I do not remember." She said 

"Do you remember the television evangelist?" The Lord asked her and looking closely, she could clearly see the televangelist  

"That is bishop Tunamo!" She screamed. "What is he doing here dear Lord? I killed him that night four years ago." Isabella said broken

"He was one of my servants. I sent him on television each time to preach to you and the Isabella girls which is why he was pronounced on speaking about the Isabella girls and calling them to repentance. One of his responsibility was to raise an altar of prayer for you and the girls but his laxity in praying and interceding for you delayed your salvation." The Lord said 

"Could it be why he is in hell my dear Lord," Isabella asked confused

"No, my child. He is here because of the sin of fornication. He had slept with a young lady in the hotel that night before you shut him to death"

"He had no time to ask for mercy as at the time of his death. Despite serving me all his life, he couldn't stand to the end" the Lord said sadly 

Bishop Tunamo was a renowned man of God popular with his on-air preaching and salvation messages to the Isabella girls and other hardened criminals. Many had turned from their evil acts to salvation through his ministrations most especially his on-air programs

Isabella and her girls were offended by his messages and planned to kill him

It came as an opportunity when a fellow envious minister contacted them to kill him as they were heavily paid 

Initially, they had considered how possible it was to kill him with a bullet due to how powerfully anointed he was 

That night in Asaba after a mighty crusade he held, the girls traced him to his hotel room and shut him to dead

At the time Isabella went into the hotel room disguising herself as an attendant, he was found lying naked in bed but Isabella had no idea he had a girl in with him

As she spoke with the Lord, a screen appeared and she could see the girl enter the bathroom before she entered and shot him at once

The news of his controversial dead went viral which led to the complete desertion of his ministry and all that he had built

Although the lady was arrested, the hotel and investigation by the police confirmed that she was only among the sisters who were attending to his personal needs during his crusade 

Isabella wept for his soul but it was too late for anything to be done

"Follow me, daughter, I have much I want to show you." The Lord said and walked away as Isabella followed Him


 Episode 40 [in the Arms of Her Lord part 2 (the Mystery of hell)]

"There is much I must show you Isabella, my dear child." The Lord said leading her away

As she walked on, she could see thousands of souls dropping into hell each second with loud screams; "No!!!!" "Mercy!!!!" "Help!!!!!" Etc 

Despite their pleads, no one paid attention as the raging flames of hell swallowed them up, giving birth to them and taking them in again

"Look at all of them Isabella my child. I died for them! All of them!" The Lord said

Isabella could see him weeping but no tear dropped. She could feel the agonizing pains of her Lord seeing all those people consume by hell

She could not hold herself so she wept even more 

They came to a place which seemed like a pool of liquid but ancient fire with worms devouring the souls that were in it 

Isabella could see the people in it mostly men with fewer women weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth

"Who are these, my lord?" She asked

"These are the miracle workers who used my name to make fame for themselves. It is written of me concerning them in Mathew 7:21-23. Despite all that they did, they were workers of iniquity. This is their place my child" the Lord said pitifully

As she drew closer, she could see that this pool travelled far and wide without ends on each side and it was full of such people

Just as she was speaking with her Lord, a being dropped in it screaming in pain

It spoke up when it sighted the Lord

"Ah, my Lord! I served you all my life. I did many miraculous works in your name and made your name known to all the nations."

"Please tell the angels to send me back. This is not where I belong. Please Lord deliver me. Save me, Lord!!!!!!" He screamed as the flames of hell awaited him

"Thou worker of iniquity. Though you worked for me and had delivered many from hell, some of whom are now in the kingdom, you never walked with me. I waited for you and kept knocking on the door of your heart calling you to repentance but you never answered. You loved the world and used my name to gain it for yourself. Now this is your place; your eternal condemnation. Depart!!!"

At the sound of depart! Hell swallowed him up and he was no more

Isabella screamed and fell at the feet of her Lord 

"Ah Lord, have mercy on me. I know him. That is Bishop Rochas Tokura. He was a mighty man of God known All-over the world. I am guilty my Lord. I'm not worthy. This is also my place." Isabella cried as she felt unworthy of the life she had lived 

The Lord turned to her smiling and lifted her from where she knelt

"My daughter, salvation is not in this place. Salvation is on earth. This would have been your eternal home of doom but you accepted me while on earth. You have been shown mercy, Isabella. Come with me, there is something I must show you

She followed the Lord and soon they were approaching a place of great torment

As they drew nearer, she could hear terrible sounds of agonizing pains and swords crashing against each other. She became curious to know what was going on

There was a large shield demarcating the compartment of hell they were about to enter

A metal gate that was so huge opened up for them on its own accord and Isabella could see what was beyond her knowledge

She could hear screams of billions of souls wailing in great agony. There was no end to what she could see 

"This is where you would have been Isabella. This is where you and all the Isabella girls would have been." 

"Six of them are here." As soon as the Lord said so, flames of hell vomited them upward and she could see all their faces as the fire was ravaging their souls 

Isabella was terribly weeping, not for them but for the pain of what and how she had lived her life which led to what she was seeing 

"Isabella!" The Lord called out. "I am sending you back to earth. There is much I am showing you, but you must disclose all to every soul on Earth. You must tell them that hell is real" the Lord said 

"But my Lord, my body is dead and my soul is here now with you. How shall it be." She asked curious

"I am the Lord, nothing is hard for me to do. I am sending you to earth but I shall give you another body. Like the second coming of Elijah, I am sending you back to earth but I shall give you another body and your spirit shall dwell in it." The Lord said and Isabella fell on his feet to honour him

She praised her Lord for finding her worthy to correct the errors she had committed in her first life 

"You shall be with me for a time and I shall give you another body to speak my word to the nations of the earth," the Lord told her

Although she could not understand fully what the Lord meant by another body, she believed in him 

The Lord then brought her  to another compartment in hell

This place had no human or anything earthly. It had a name boldly written on it; "the synagogue of Lucifer." 

It was full of demons doing one thing or the other. Initially, the presence of the Lord would have caused a create commotion but because of what he wanted to reveal to Isabella, the Lord made himself and Isabella not visible to the demons

In the first compartment, she saw demons sitting on screens and were extremely busy operating systems like normal computer operators 

"Who are these and what are they doing Lord?" She asked 

"These are demons which rule over the social media, television institutions and broadcasting stations.""

"Their work is to lure the children of men to propagate their agenda on media such as pornography, sexual perversion and immorality." The Lord answered her 

"Through this medium, they have hunted down the daughters and sons of Zion. Isabella," the Lord called out. " The daughters and sons of Zion must know that whatever that doesn't glorify me is been sponsored by the devil." 

They came into another compartment where they saw demons on machines sewing cloths

"My child Isabella," Christ called out. "This part of Lucifer's synagogue is where different immoral wears are conceived and manufactured. Those manufacturing them physically are only been manipulated by these demons into creating such wears." He said pointing at the demons 

As Christ explained, Isabella was weeping greatly because she then realized that there is more to life than it is known in the physical world.................

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 Episode 41

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