Episode 26 [Charles Douglas shames hell]

"Good evening all," Charles Douglas greeted

A few weeks passed from the time he was admitted to the hospital until when he was discharged in a wheelchair. It would take him a minimum of six months if at all he would walk again without the wheelchair

He stopped and searched for his daughter and friends who were yet to join in the hall

The mother noticing, sent for them to be called for by a maid 

"Deborah I'm afraid! Paul is here and I don't want any of them to know I'm pregnant" she whispered

"Until when Elisa? Come on. It's time the whole world gets to know that you are pregnant" she battled and Ruth blinked her face in affirmatio

The door rang and opened, and the maid informed them that the assemblage was waiting for them

They hurried out looking gorgeous

Everyone was now sitting family by family, class by class and group by group

The hall was a special one for family occasions like birthdays, Anniversaries and meetings. It was heavily decorated and sparkling with lights

The kitchen attendance and chefs were up and putting things in order and a Christian song was playing in the background

Few minutes earlier, the MC had already handed the microphone to Chief Charles Douglas after a brief opening prayer by an invited guess

"Yes! As I started, I'm honoured to have each and every one of you here today. I want to acknowledge the presence of DPO Ebele and his family, Evangelist Daniel and his family" applauses rendered joyfully

"I'm not here alone." He turned to his wife. " Please everyone, put your hands together for my beautiful wife and daughter, Mrs Charles Douglas and Miss Elisa Douglas, not forgetting her two beautiful friends; Deborah and Ruth." applauses went cheerfully into the air with smiling faces

"Please welcome my friends, the vice Chancellor of Princescribe University, professor Shedrach Olarotimi and from the field of medicine; Dr Henry Kenneth Ikechukwu." Again applauses sang beautifully into the air and he continued with his acknowledgement of men and women from the government, business sector and different professions 

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today because of what the almighty has done for me." Charles Douglas continued amidst tears.

"I would have been dead if not that the Lord showing me mercy ......" 

The light went off

As the technician tried to put things in order, Deborah stood up immediately

"Sir! I have to pray and rebuke this presence. We are not here alone. The devil is not happy with what is happening here today. While you were speaking sir, I saw demonic beings hovering all over and trying to distort the meeting. Please everyone open your mouth and say a word of prayer now!" Deborah commanded. She was no longer herself. The spirit of God had taken over her

Everybody began praying. D.P.O Ebele who had now become a firebrand was seeing praying and tossing his head left and right

The technician was trying to put on the light but to no avail

"In Jesus mighty mighty name we pray!" Everybody shouted "Amen!!"

"You powers from the kingdom of darkness, right now by the authority in the name of Jesus. Return back to hell in the name of Jesus Christ!!!" Deborah concluded, her eyes looking red and sweat streaming down her body

Immediately, the light was restored and everything began to function again

Charles Douglas looked around to ensure everyone was safe. He Confirmed so, only that VC. Prof. Shedrach Olarotimi was not in his seat.

He called his personal assistant to check after him but by then he had zoomed off in his car

Calm fell and the occasion went on

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, you have seen for yourself that God is real. We have not even started"

"Today I'm a born-again child of God."   He stopped and everyone clapped their hands. "With what you have seen already, I believe by the time I share my experience of heaven and hell when I was in a coma, all of you will see reasons enough to appreciate God," he said and handed over the microphone to the MC

Deborah and Evangelist Daniel were going to share the word of God, DPO Ebele, and Mrs Charles Douglas were all going to speak on their salvation experiences, Elisa would then share her own message of transition in hell, then Charles Douglas would share his own experience of heaven and hell

This is how the occasion went and by the time Charles Douglas had dropped the microphone, the sixty-seven people who had gathered for the occasion were already on the floor in repentance

Some were crying and begging God to show them, Mercy. Others were asking God to open their heart to accommodate them, and some were seen on their knees muttering

After the occasion, many people spoke of seeing angels moving about at the time of prayer 

Although hell anticipated a revival to break out, they had not imagined that magnitude

All the people present including Dr Henry who was a witness of their plan repented and believed in Jesus

They were led to Christ and went around congratulating each other

A thirty minutes session of prayer followed, by the choir of the church Elisa attended back home

After that, everyone joyfully ate and had time to talk

Elisa introduced Deborah and Ruth to the family of Evangelist Daniel and they both spent time knowing each other

Charles Douglas had already told the story of her daughter's pregnancy which he was grateful for

"If not for this pregnancy which I saw as a misfortune, I wouldn't have encountered Christ." He said looking at her daughter tearfully

He declared that her daughter would keep the pregnancy and give birth to the child which he and his wife would be glad to take care of

"Scan has shown that the baby is a boy." The mother said. "I and my husband have for long anticipated a second child since the birth of Elisa but all efforts proved abortive. We didn't know that God has His way in answering us by giving us a child through Elisa." 

"Elisa our daughter," she looked at her and her husband "we love you and we will take care of you and the unborn child" 

Tears flooded down Elisa's face as her mother spoke on

So it wasn't a new thing anymore

Paul was already aware of her story and she felt great relief, better still that she wasn't the one telling it

As she and Paul greeted, with a smile in Paul's face, Elisa felt like she was standing before her husband even though she had not given much thought to it

Everywhere boisterous, the curtains rolled and that day became to some, one of the best days of their lives but to the Douglas, it was certainly the best


 Episode 27  [ Isabella ] 

"Good morning Isabella" the DPO greeted pulling a chair /simply/ from the corner of the prison and sitting down
"Mr DPO! What do you want from me?" Isabella flared. "I have told you time without number that I'm not ready for your bullsh*t. I'm not even worthy, I Isabella aren't worthy for your Jesus!"
She yelled at him rising from the corner she had hung and throwing her hands into the air in anger
"I want us to talk Isabella." DPO Ebele gave out a professional smile and replied her simply

"If you want us to talk, then you know what to do to get Isabella talking" she said turning her gaze to the officer that had accompanied DPO Ebele into the prison

DPO Ebele turned to the officer in response and the officer handed Isabella a stick of cigarettes and trashed another for her on the floor

She shrugged her shoulder and the officer in anger hit her

"Take it easy on her officer!" The DPO warmed

"Come on, hit me, officer. Hit a dead girl, come on!" She cried out moving to engage the officer in a fight and DPO Ebele rose up grabbing her by the shoulder, then she calmed and sat by a corner again

She lit the stick of cigarette and began to smoke

"Isabella, I love you as I would love my daughter. I want you to be saved. Jesus loves you" DPO Ebele said as calm fell

"Nobody has loved me since I was born!" She responded angrily interchanging frantically with emotions

"Nobody loves me! Not even you! Not even your Jesus! Not nobody!" She tossed the smoke into the air throwing a finger at the DPO

"Come to think of it," she continued. " You and your fellow thieves and corrupt officers in the force have manhunt me for eight years"

"You finally had luck and arrested me and my gang threw us into jail and sentenced us to death by hanging. Now you are preaching love to me. You never loved me. Stop torturing me DPO!" 

"I am dead! I'm a dead baby girl. Hell is already waiting to receive my soul." 

"Before I forget. When you guys are done hanging me, I don't want those bastards called my parents to come near my dead body." She said and pulled into her mouth some smoke from the cigarette

DPO Ebele buried his head as if defeated then raised it again 

His eyes had turned red and worries penetrated his skin when he heard Isabella speak about her death sentence

"Isabella, I and my men brought you here because it's my job to do that so that we can have a better society"

"Think about the hundreds of people; men, women and innocent children you and your gang killed. They did nothing. Now imagine how many more would have been killed if not for your arrest. Our duty is to protect the right of every human in this country" 

"But there is one who terrorizes the world beyond, where you will go after your death. I'm trying to deliver you from falling into his hands just that I and my men have delivered citizens from falling into your hands and others of your gang and colleagues."

"Please Isabella Jesus loves you. Give your life to Him so that you will have eternal life." The DPO said pleading

"It seems you have not heard me!" She yelled again pulling the fourth stick from the pack. "I have told you that nobody loves me. Where was Jesus when I needed him to show me the love and care that my parents never showed me? Please if you don't want me to kill myself before you hang me, leave my presence." She ordered

DPO Ebele stood up calmly and left the prison 

He came out and hurried to the office of the prison Warden. After a brief talk with him, he entered his car and drove off to the SCIID office. From there he left for his district command and finally drove home

He arrived home and his wife could see worry staring from his face and exhaustion Clift on his body

"Love, what is it? What is the problem? Is this about Isabella?"

"Yes! She has stubbornly refused to be offered salvation and in no distant time, she would be hanged. I'm helpless to watch her slip out of my hands into hell. It's too painful when I think of that" he replied sorrowfully

"I understand love, wait, why haven't you told Deborah and Ruth about this? Their intervention could save the situation" the wife responded hastening

"Oh, that's very good of you. Ah, Dooshima. You are such an intelligent woman. Every other man would have left Delta for Benue state just to fall in love with you and marry you." He responded brightening up jokingly

"Oh no, come on baby. Let me call Deborah immediately so that you can speak with her" the wife said not smiling

"Please do." DPO Ebele responded pulling off buttons on his sleeves

Mrs Dooshima Ebele dialled the phone and Deborah picking, he handed it over to DPO Ebele and the two spoke for some distant time while she stayed by his side

"Oh, baby I feel blessed speaking with Deborah. I can't explain why this never came to my mind." He said

"My mind is at peace too. Please we will continue to pray for her. Meanwhile, the shower room is set. Let me arrange the dining table for your dinner" she said and rose up to leave but DPO Ebele took hold of her hand

"I'm glad I married you. Thank you for beautifying my life" DPO Ebele said romantically in a captivating tune

"Abegi, allow me to serve your stomach some food Mr lover Boy" The both of them laughed as Mrs Dooshima Ebele left for the kitchen while pulling her husband up to go and have his shower


 Episode 28 [the execution]

"Haha!!! At the rising of the sun in the land of mortals, I will have the souls of those daughters of mine in hell. Prepare their fire and make it burn with sulphur." Lucifer ordered frantically
The Isabella girls had demons already attending to them on Earth and waiting for their souls at the execution hour to drag them to hell
Charles Douglas sat in the wheelchair dressed for office when he decided to listen to the news briefly
He switched the channel to The Nation's News Channel and the broadcaster served him timely; ...........
"Two out of the notorious Isabella girls will face execution tomorrow Tuesday 16 November by 7am..." 
"Elisa! Elisa! Please come and watch this." Charles Douglas hurriedly called Elisa to come for the news as he adjusted his wheelchair to listen more carefully 
"The Isabella girls have terrorized communities and states in the country for more than eight years of manhunt from the security forces. Their leader; the notorious Isabella whose judgement is death by hanging will face execution in nine days' time while the remaining seven will be executed seven days from now... " The Nation's News Channel reported
"Ah, Daddy!" Elisa screamed
"Is it not the same Isabella girls stuff you told me that you will be visiting the prison with the DPO and your friends to minister God's word?" Charles Douglas asked curiously
"Yes, Daddy. We really have to act fast otherwise they will be lost to hell. Deborah and Ruth are on their way to meet me and from here we will meet DPO Ebele at the state CID office as he instructed" Elisa said hurriedly tying her head
"Hmm, my daughter you people should be extra careful. These girls are hardened criminals and can do anything. Please I don't want to lose my child" Mrs Charles Douglas said coming from the bedroom as she overheard the discussion
"If not that this has to do with salvation, I won't have allowed her. But I'm sure DPO Ebele will ensure they are safe." Charles Douglas said worriedly
"Dad, Mom, don't worry yourselves. We will be fine. Please pray for me." She said kneeling down and her both parents prayed for her immensely
Just before the prayer ended, the maid was seen welcoming in Deborah and Ruth
After a brief greeting, the three left with the driver in one of Charles Douglas' car
They arrived at the state CID office and left the driver with the car and boarded DPO Ebele's car to the correctional centre alongside a police van with two police officers in it heavily armed 
Soon they arrived and the DPO led them in smartly
"Alright Deborah, the Isabella girls are put separately" DPO Ebele said as the prison Warden accompanied them in with the officers
"This is to prevent them from forceful collaboration and breakout from prison. The girls don't want to see me. We will wait behind meanwhile you attend to them successively. Please do your best as the Lord helps you" DPO Ebele said and step aside with the others
Deborah sigh, took her Bible from Ruth and was led by the prison Warden and officer, she was brought to a visitor's room where one of the Isabella girls was brought before her
The girl sat with her head buried as Deborah kept preaching and trying to get her attention
Then she raised her face and with rage and anger, she spat into Deborah's face
Deborah wiped it off and sigh. She looked the girl into her eyes and saw a demon staring at her with great rage 
"Satan I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ?" She declared standing up from her sit
One could easily tell when Deborah was in the spirit. Her countenance would change and her face would brighten with holy anger, at the same time emitting compassion for the lost and rage at the devil
Immediately she rebuked Satan, the girl fell on the ground and roared like a beast 
The sound traveled every corner of the prison
 At this, the DPO with others rushed in to witness what was happening
Deborah pronounced the name of Jesus again and different spirits began to come out of her, python, tiger, death, etc
She was delivered and when she stood up from the floor, she watch with shock
Giving much attention as Deborah ministered the word of God to her, she accepted Jesus
The crew had much joy 
As this turned out the crew thought that it would be the same to every other of the Isabella girls
But when it came to the second on the death roll, things proved difficult as all efforts to get her saved proved abortive until the prison Warden demanded that it was enough
Joyful yet not completely, they left the correctional centre to the state CID and the girls were drove back to Elisa's home in her car
On the eve of their execution, the girl that got saved spent that night on her knees in silent prayers and then fell asleep
As she slept, she saw a very tall man whose height reaches the sky, with a radiating face standing in a beautiful garden smiling at her with his arms open to welcome her
She ran to him and fell into his arms
"Welcome home my daughter." The man said 
She then gave the man her hand and the two of them walked into a bright light that emitted ahead of them
When she woke up, she had great peace of mind and wished she could see Deborah and her crew again to share with them her experience
At her request, she was handed a paper and pen which she wrote to her gang leader Isabella and to Deborah. In the letter she simply said; "I saw JESUS. Do not cry for me. I'm home." 
Then she handed the paper to her attendee and made her promise that she would deliver the notes appropriately
The following day, the two of them were brought out for execution
They were seeing each other again for the first time in weeks
They were trapped into a chair and asked if they had anything to say
The girl that got saved raised her hand and she was allowed to speak
"I wish I can see Deborah again. My only regret of dying this day is that I don't have an opportunity to tell the world that I saw Jesus. Help me tell Deborah that I saw Jesus. To all of you standing, I saw Jesus. He loves you. You may not believe me because you know me as a notorious criminal but I'm changed now. I saw Jesus and he loves you all. Please make it quick, my Lord is waiting to receive me" Her words moved a lot of people witnessing the execution most especially the prison Warden
The other was asked if she had something to say but remained mute
Hoods were placed over their heads. An execution officer went over to them and placed a small aim point over their hearts region
The Warden read the execution order and an officer issued a command and the firing squad shot severally
Within seconds, the girls were dead 
"Good morning Mia!" An angel who was standing waiting for her greeted them with a broadened smile. "I have been sent by the Lord to welcome you home." 
She smiled, turned back and watched how her dead body hung on the chair
"How about her?" She asked about the other girl whose soul was being dragged by a demon 
"She will be summoned before the judgement throne." The angel replied simply
She gave the angel her right hand and the two of them ascended in the blink of an eye


Episode 29 [The Prison Warden] 

It was early morning, and Ruth was seen rushing to their house of Deborah as one could easily tell that there was an urgent matter to attend to
She arrived and heard Deborah praying. Knocking calmly on the door, Deborah asked who it was
"It is me, Ruth!" She responded and Deborah permitted her to come in 
Entering the room, Deborah asked her to sit down but she hesitated.
Flipping her fingers, she was eager to share with Ruth what brought her to her house at the early hour of the day
"Deborah," she started. "I saw a revelation this early morning shortly before my devotion"
"Okay,  please what is the revelation about Ruth?" Deborah asked 
"In that revelation, I saw myself sitting under a shade and I was given paper and pen by an invisible hand and was told to write what I see and send it to the sons and the daughters of men. As I was about to write, I woke up." Ruth explained
"Mmm, as you were speaking Ruth, I heard the spirit of God minister the phrase "wait to see it unfold" 
"Come on Ruth, rise up. I was praying for Isabella and her gang before you came in. Please join me" Ruth pleaded
Ruth in turn rose from where she was sitting and the two prayed fervently for the salvation of the Isabella girls
Two hours into the prayer, DPO Ebele phoned Deborah Picking, he told her to Inform Ruth and Elisa, and that the three of them should meet him at the correctional centre where the prison Warden had demanded their attention.

"Welcome DPO Ebele" the prison Warden who sat in his office holding two papers in his hand greeted the DPO who had just entered
"Thank you, Warden Yakubu. I was thrilled when you asked me to see you in the office with the girls. I was bothered and my thoughts wandered on the issues of Isabella and the remaining seven girls. I hope they have not escaped" DPO Ebele spoke frantically
"Not at all DPO."  the Warden said, becoming emotional at the same time. " How about the girls?" He asked
"They are outside." DPO Ebele replied
"Please let them in" he responded referring to nobody. Picking the telephone, he called and commanded that the girls be brought in
Deborah, Ruth and Elisa were ushered in, into the prison Warden's office and were greeted warmly by him as he addressed DPO Ebele
"DPO Ebele, I call you here not because anybody has escaped the prison but on two counts" 
"First, you are all aware that Mia and her fellow were executed yesterday"
"On the eve of Mia's execution, she wrote and pleaded under the certainty that one of these notes be given to Deborah. Here!" He said stretching his chest over the large table to hand the note to Deborah
Deborah collected, and read calmly and her face beamed with great smiles 
"I SAW JESUS" Deborah read aloud and handed it over to the DPO who ensured that it went through Ruth and Elisa as well
Tears rolled down their eyes and they both lifted their voices praising God
"Nk nk," the prison Warden adjusted himself in the chair trying to sort for attention
"DPO Ebele, the second count is that in my twenty-five years of witnessing criminals executed, I have never seen such a beautiful soul as Mia" the prison Warden continued
"The dying Mia yesterday had more joy and peace on her final day of existence than I myself. I saw that peace in her and I knew that she was going to be in a better place"
"DPO Ebele, I have witnessed right from the inception of the girls into this correctional centre that you have followed up, preaching your Jesus to them until Mia received that peace, joy and confidence"
"I went home yesterday and my mind kept telling me that there is something you people gave to Mia that brought peace into her life."
"Please give that same thing to me so that I can have peace and fulfilment in my life." The prison Warden pleaded
"DPO Ebele turned to Ruth who was in possession of the note and Ruth understanding, handed over the paper to him
"Warden Yakubu, please read this" DPO Ebele said and handed over the paper to him unfolded
"These were some of the words Mia said before they were fired" The prison Warden expressed his shock
"Please give me this Jesus too" he pleaded
Filled with joy, DPO Ebele led the prayer with the girls and the prison Warden was born again
After a brief Bible study with the prison Warden and proper documentation made to keep up with followership, the crew left his office joyfully
As they were stepping out of the Prison Warden's office, Ruth heard a voice say something to her and immediately her understanding opened
She turned to her hand and saw the paper Mia had addressed to Deborah and opened it quickly then screamed; 
"Oh thank you, Jesus. Deborah!" She hastened her step to catch up with Deborah and the rest. 
"Deborah, look at this. The spirit of the Lord has just ministered to me concerning the revelation I told you this early morning. I believe that Mia's greatest wish would have been to remain alive and preach, The Jesus she saw to people. The Lord has just dropped it on my heart to write a biography of Mia's salvation experience and title it, " I  SAW JESUS" 
"Wow, this is God, Ruth. Remember the Lord ministered to us to wait and the revelation would be unfolded." Deborah said patting her shoulder
"Yes! Yes! I remember. As a writer, I will begin work on the book immediately." Ruth concluded as others watched them sorting out the summary of their discussion
The crew entered the car, and at DPO Ebele's request, Ruth explained all about what she and Ruth were discussing
This pleased DPO Ebele so much that he pledged to sponsor the publication of the book
"I'm very sure my dad and mum would support this publication too. Indeed Mia is alive." Elisa said


Episode 30 [Isabella is saved 

"Kon, Kon, Kon," Isabella heard footsteps approaching her cell

Soon, she could see the shoe of the person approaching and without being told knew it was the prison Warden

The prison Warden had a like for that particular shoe and almost all the inmates could easily identify him by it

Isabella shrugged and held the rods of the cell burying her head in her arms 

"Good morning Isabella" the prison Warden greeted with so many emotions unequal to his person

But Isabella answered no word

She was not ready for any trouble that morning but for a second thought wondered about the change in the prison Warden's expression

She lifted her head and saw a changed man - she could easily testify of it but kept mute

This could be another means of him torturing her before she was hanged 

The prison Warden with much compassion in his eyes lifted a note to her, and she looked at him closely  as if to turn away and collected it roughly

"Isabella, I will give you time to go through that and I will be back in a moment." The prison Warden said turning away

"Wait!" Isabella said and the prison Warden who was already a meter away stopped and turned back to her

"I need a stick of cigarette," she said 

The prison Warden threw a gaze on the floor of her cell and turned away

A packet of cigarettes lay by her with a lighter by the side

She thrashed the paper to the ground and went for the packet which had one stick left in it

She lighted it and began to smoke but her heart troubled her 

Minutes later, she picked up the note, opened it and it read


A shock went through her nerves and the stick of cigarettes on her lips fell

"Is this not the same thing Mia appeared to me and told me in my dream today?" Her thought travelled very far

"But who wrote this? Well, maybe this is another nonsense." Her thoughts wandered. But how come the words are the same. Could there be something about life entirely that I don't know? She questioned herself

"Come on girl, you are too old for this bullshit." A thought deceived

Just then the prison Warden walked in 

"That is a note from Mia before she was executed. She said the note must be delivered to you against all odds, that could be the only way to honour her death." He told her

"So you have joined the religious fanatics claiming that Jesus loves me! I believe they must have paid you for this so that you could torture me" She quizzed the paper and threw it on the prison Warden who picked it up and dropped it back inside the cell.

"You may need this, Isabella," he said and motioned to walk away

Then Isabella breaking down with tears in her eyes suddenly, demanded that he should wait and the warden turned to listen to her

"I won't have believed that she wrote this before her death if not that I saw her in my dream. When I woke up, I never felt it could be real but right now seeing the same on this paper has made me believe" she said with tears dropping down her eyes

"But Isabella, you are tough, you have never cried once, despite severe torture right from when you were arrested. Why do you speak with so much depth and in tears?" the prison Warden asked

"Mia's note to me has made me believe."

"I saw Mia and when I saw her she was not alone. She was with a man who told me that he is Jesus. He told me that he is the one sending the DPO to me to bring me home." 

"He showed me home where Mia is right now, but I was in pain in the dream when I saw Vanilla burning in hell." 

"Please I want to be there where Mia is too. My days here on Earth are numbered. I have nothing to gain if I die without this Jesus I have been told of but at least maybe it is true that if I receive him I will be in a better place after my death" she said, tears streaming down her eyes

"Isabella," the prison Warden called out. "This man Jesus is real. Mia truly saw Him and she is home with him now just as you saw in your dream. Accept him into your life and be saved." The prison Warden said 

"I have made up my mind, but I don't know you to be a Christian. How come you are now talking about Jesus?" She asked confused

"Hmm, Isabella! Jesus is real. I was in the other religion but when Mia was dying and spoke of this man at her execution ground, I encountered Him myself and the DPO has led me to Him. I am now born again." He concluded smiling

"Then lead me to Him too. I now believe in this man Jesus. My other girls also need to hear about Him." Isabella said dropping on her knees. "He has appeared to me many days now but I have been stubborn to allow him to save me

"Mmm, I don't really know how DPO Ebele and the girls prayed for me yesterday but I can try" 

Although without absolute correctness as would an experienced preacher, the prison Warden led Isabella into a short prayer and pronounced her born again

The man called Jesus had stood there with them smiling and as the prison Warden rounded up with the prayer, His light penetrated Isabella's heart and instantly she felt like a heavy load had been lifted off her heart

"Ah!!!! No!!! Isabella!!! You made a covenant to serve me forever!! Noo!!!!!" 

Lucifer yelled and the whole of hell trembled

Isabella was a mighty fish who had fallen into the river of darkness but now, the hook of heaven had fished her out

Hell went into a great panic 

This was beyond what the prison Warden himself could believe but Jesus had done it and Isabella was saved

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 Episode 31 [Paul visits Elisa]

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