Episode 16
[Heaven replies hell] 

"In Jesus' name, we pray! In Jesus' mighty name, we pray!!" Ruth screamed out her voice but there was no reply
The station was scattered; officers were still on their knees begging God to show them mercy
Some were confessing their sins and being ashamed of the life they had lived before
The D.P.O prayed quietly and stood up wiping his eyes with a handkerchief
"Sergeant!" He called one of the officers as he walked pass and the officer responded with a salute
"See me in my office!" He order and the officer went in and shut the door behind him
A few minutes later, he was out again and headed straight to where Deborah and Ruth stood
As he came close, Deborah stretched her hands to be handcuffed and taken back into the cell but the officer declined
"No Deborah, oga say make I call you inside - two of you" the officer spoke in broken English
Deborah and Ruth followed him to the D.P.O's office and were offered a seat to sit down
The D.P.O went for his phone and called from home ordering that a banquet should be made for two guests
Deborah turned and looked at Ruth while they watched stylishly as the D.P.O spoke on the phone
"Deborah" he called out with his large tune. "I am not a prophet but I don't know why I am having so much on my heart which I believe God wants me to do." 
"We have a lot to talk about but first of all, I would want to welcome the two of you to my home because you two have nothing to prove that you have a hand in the disappearance of Elisa. For that, I am releasing the two of you today" 
"I have already phoned your school informing the management of your release." 
"Your parents have been informed too and they are happy about the news." He looked at Ruth in particular
"Before you return back to the campus, I realize that salvation is sudden and my family; entire family needs to be saved." 
"Please come with me Deborah and pray for every member of my family. From there we can discuss the way forward" 
Ruth turned and look at Deborah whose face was glittering with gratitude to God
Is this how God works? They both imagined
"You can wait for me at the canter" the D.P.O spoke softly" 
Deborah came out with Ruth and everybody had returned back to their duties
The D.P.O came out and headed for his car Calling the female revivalists; Deborah and Ruth to follow after him with two other policemen
They both boarded the car and drove off 
Within fifteen minutes drive, they arrived at the D.P.O's house and went in
The two were shocked that the D.P.O had already demanded an assemblage of his entire family members
"Deborah! Ruth! Here is my entire family." He spoke pointing, "This is my lovely wife, children, cook and gate man. Please pray for us
The space at which things were happening marvelled Deborah and Ruth
She went closer and demanded a Bible but there was no one so she began to preach to them quoting scriptures offhand
After a few minutes of sharing the word of God with them, she asked if they were ready to receive Jesus into their lives and they all oblige
That day, Deborah and Ruth led a total of 9 people to CHRIST aside the multitudes at the station; The D.P.O, his wife, five children; two boys and three girls, the gatekeeper and the house cook
There was great celebration in the house and they all encountered the peace of God
"Ah, em, Deborah" the D.P.O's wife struggled to remember Deborah's name. " Please you people should come over this way and take a shower and have something to eat. There are new clothes for you to put on afterwards. Please come, you must be hungry
She held them by the hand and took them to different bathrooms
After a few minutes, they came out looking sparkling and sat with the entire family in the dining for a meal
"De'b-orah!" The D.P.O called out trying to swallow a spoon of rice
"I have decided to open the station to you people for fellowship. Find a convenient day out of the week for general fellowship with both the inmates and officers on duty" 
"I have also made arrangements to talk to my colleagues to see how their stations too could be reached. Meanwhile, I will do every possible best to see that Jesus is preached. I have been waiting for this moment to give my life to Jesus and thank God I have done so." 
"I'm placing the two of you on scholarship until you are done with your studies with the university and working." 
" If there is anything the Lord is placing on your heart to do for his kingdom, please let me know about it." He concluded by putting another awaiting spoon into his mouth
"Oh, that's wonderful sir!" Deborah and Ruth replied going on their knees but the wife stood up hurriedly and held them from doing so
"Deborah! Ruth! My I and my husband will do anything to support the two of you" the wife said giving them a hug
"Three beings stood watching what was happening; one an angel and the other two demons; the demon lord with Limish who were breathing outrage
The angel looked at the two of them and said smiling; "Heaven has replied to hell" and he flew away


Episode 17 [Revival visit Evangelist Daniel's church as Elisa returns home]

"Oh Elisa, you are already done and waiting." Said Faith (Evangelist Daniel's wife] hurriedly as she picked her Bible on the shelf and checked her time on the wristwatch
It was 6:47am, November 2. The family of Evangelist Daniel were preparing for Sunday service in his church
Seconds after Faith came out of the room, Evangelist Daniel came in after inspecting if the house was properly in place before they could leave
"Paul!" He called out his son who was earlier done and waiting. "Please come in let's say a word of prayer before we leave for church." 
Daniel rushed in and mate them sit in the parlour. As soon as he entered, the others stood up for prayer and after saying a short word of prayer, evangelist Daniel addressed them
"Beloved, I believe it would be awesome in the church today because I have been having diverse encounters since the Friday extraordinary vigil" 
"Elisa, the fire and presence of God on your life was felt and many people have been calling and registering to be in the meeting today," he said facing Elisa with a smile, then turned to face the wife and Daniel
"Canopies were hired because the hall is believed not to contain us as more souls would be pouring in." 
"Elisa! You will be leading in the intercessory prayer as you have known. Daniel! You know your responsibility and I will be ministering with my wife by me. Are we ready for service?" 
"Yes sir!" All voices responded
Coming out and shutting the house, they boarded the car and drove off with Paul handling the wheels
The demon lord and a colony of demons stood on the highway leading to the church 
As Paul approached a spot, Elisa  screamed "Jesus !"
"Elisa, is there anything?" Evangelist Daniel asked
"No sir." Just that I feel a very strange sensation and I do...." 
Elisa could not finish before the car went off the road and returned back. 
They all screamed Jesus
Everything went calm again and they drove to church praising God for the deliverance
The sight of the church was marvelling as everywhere was filled up with souls already pouring in
The workers were doing pre-service prayer and Evangelist Daniel and the family went in
It was powerful that day, most especially as Elisa mounted the altar of God. Many who had doubts about a woman's ministration came clear of their doubts
Souls were on the floor and taking into the spirit
Testimony flocked the church and many souls were saved that day
At the time Evangelist Daniel came to minister, there was nothing much to do again
Service closed and they all returned home
The stress of the service took each person into his room as they slept off but Paul was restless in his room
"Elisa would be leaving tomorrow. No! No! I have to disclose this to her" his thoughts quarreled
Paul stormed out of his room stylishly and mate Elisa reading a novel at the parlour 
"Elisa." He called softly "Can we take a walk in the garden? There is something I want to share with you." 
"Okay, that's fine. Another revelation that must be." Elisa said patting Paul on the shoulder and they both smiled 
They took a walk to the garden and sat apart to talk
" Nk nk" Paul cleared his throat. "Elisa, you know, for the past few days you have been here, we have learned much about ourselves." 
"After coming home from my NYSC, I have been waiting on God for a life partner." 
"Okay," Elisa responded becoming curious as suspecting Paul of a plot as she looked him in the face, Paul felt uncomfortable
Nevertheless, he managed to continue
"Elisa, I planned to leave for Oyo where I am expected to resume work with a company." 
"But right now God spoke to me about you that you are my wife. I have prayed about this for confirmation but keep receiving the same. Please Elisa I don't know how you take this but I'm sorry how you feel about it." 
Evangelist Daniel was out of the house strolling and then sighted Paul and Elisa having a close talk. He smiled and went back in with his hands crossed behind him
"Paul!" Elisa said harshly. "If I had known this is why you called me, I wouldn't have answered, talk more of coming here." 
"Please let's not talk about this again." She concluded and stood to leave but Paul called out
"Elisa. I'm sorry but don't be angry I promise to be calm about this. I only felt I should let you know." 
"It's okay Paul. I don't want to hear about this again. Please let's talk about something else." The topic of discussion changed 
8:34am - November 3rd
"Elisa, we have already discussed yesterday." Faith spoke. "This is now your family. You are only travelling and you will be back again." 
Elisa nodded her head and affirmed hugging faith and then stood up and headed for the car 
Paul was stuffing her things into the car. After Elisa entered, he shut the door and handed her a note on a large sheet 
He stood back with faith and waved as Evangelist Daniel put on his seat belt and drove off asking Elisa to do the same


Episode 18 [hell goes back to the drawing board]

"lord Lucifer! The daughters of Zion have rained down the presence of that man on earth and they are taking back our captives. We have done everything but they are proving  stubborn."
"We seek your counsel. Prisons are emptied of their souls because the captives are set free" The demon lord spoke to Lucifer with great trembling as they had sort for every means to destroy Deborah but there was nothing
"Now look up you weak demon!" Lucifer ordered burning with anger
"They have set D P. O and his entire family free. More doors have been opened onto them into cells to preach to our captives" 
"Look at this!" Lucifer ordered and the demons turned their faces and saw the  D.P.O having a meeting with the school vice Chancellor in his office
"D.P.O, I have heard you. I will order for their suspension to be withdrawn immediately for them to continue their academic pursuit" 
"If not for you and our close relationship, I would have trashed them out completely, but you must warn them to take their religious activities lightly. This school is a non-religious institution and such won't be tolerated" 
"But how is that possible, seeing that I have joined the faith myself? Nevertheless, I will tell them to take things easy as they are received back into the school." 
The two men shook hands and the D.P.O left
"Now look at that!" Lucifer screamed with pains
"My lord, the vice Chancellor is not a believer of the faith. Let me go and occupy his body and use him to make things difficult for the daughters of Zion" a demon cried out
"You fool," the demon lord responded. "Do you want Lucifer to chain you in hell as he did others" 
"There are legions of demons inhabiting him. Who told you that you will be successful. Once you are not successful, you are doomed to hell by the hand of Lucifer"
"Yes he will," Lucifer said rising up from his throne
"Nohrog, go and inhabit him and make the work of that man difficult for the daughters of Zion" 
"Raise the spirit of religious opposition among them and make a stumbling block for them to fall upon. Now go!!!!!!" Lucifer ordered and Nohrog disappeared to earth
The day had passed and the night had fallen
The vice Chancellor was on his bed when Nohrog landed in his room; a monstrous and gigantic beast with many horns landed in the room and all the legions that were formally inhabiting him bowed and flew back to hell 
The vice Chancellor was sleeping on the bed and was having a terrible nightmare about a python
When he woken up, he felt heavy and confused. 
His heart went to Deborah and the sister's fellowship
Without reason, he developed a deeper hatred for the sisters and vowed that they won't be holding any prayer or sisters' fellowship meetings on campus any more
Why the hatred, it was something he could not explain
Deborah and Ruth had been reintegrated into the institution and the fellowship had grown to a magnificent size
Sisters were coming out of addiction on a daily account. They had records of students, and female prostitutes repenting and committing their ways to God
The fellowship had grown mightily with notable signs of revival in all meetings
Vivian was gone but the Lord had consoled them with more souls
It was on a Saturday morning after Deborah and Ruth had returned that Vivian's body was discovered on a refuse dump
The school management contacted her family and she was taken home to her family and buried
Lucifer had vowed on doing everything possible to hunt down the daughters of Zion
Nohrog had inhabited the VC and was ready to use him to influence the entire management against the practice of Christianity
The demons had a  meeting in hell the following night and Nohrog, Limish, the demon lord and Asprah were all among the attendees
After Lucifer was done giving them a general address, he turned to Nohrog and said; "you must not be in a hurry this time around."
We will allow the daughters of Zion to have comfort and grow for a while, then when pride had entered them as they would feel everything is normal and they have been under no attack, you would attack. Then you will get them hunted."
This mission is limited to three weeks. Hahaha!!!!"
"When the daughters of Zion think they have grown and have become strong, we will strike" Lucifer concluded
Meanwhile, Deborah lay on her bed that night praying silently for Elisa. 
Despite no evidence of her, she felt she wasn't lost like Vivian
Then her mind went back to Vivian. Her voice came echoing the day she said Satan had already taken advantage of her
"Deborah broke into tears and cried pleading with God on behalf of souls


Episode 19 [Evangelist Daniel is arrested]

"This way?" Evangelist Daniel asked turning the steering to enter a street with the name, Charles Douglas.
"Over there, sir!" Elisa pointed to him 
The car came to a large, black metal gate with Charles Douglas inscribed on it. Inside stood a magnificent building
"This is my house, sir!" Elisa said, her heart skipping a little out of her chest
"Okay" evangelist Douglas sighed and went for the gate 
A gateman opened slightly to inspect the car
"Elisa! Elisa! Mad'am Elisa" He began to scream and jump, shouting in his mother tongue
Mrs Charles Douglas was at the parlour making a call when she heard the gate man shouting and immediately she dropped the phone and ran out
Coming out, there was no Elisa
"Where is she?" She screamed and the gate man pointed at the gate
"Go and open the gate you fool." She ranted 
The gate man rushed to the gate,  pulled it to a corner and evangelist Daniel drove in with Elisa
Mrs Charles Douglas was panting for joy as Elisa stepped out of the car
She began to hug, kiss and search her body to see if any harm was done to her
Then she dragged Elisa in and phoned her husband
"Hello darling, our daughter is back. Elisa is back home!" 
"Are you serious?" Charles Douglas asked
"Yes, dear. A man brought her home" she replied
"A man, who is he?" Charles Douglas asked to hasten
"Darling I don't know. Please leave whatever you are doing and start coming home." 
"Alright, I'm on my way" he replied and dropped the phone
Chief Charles Douglas was in his office. He searched around for his glasses and called the driver to get ready the car to drive him home
The demon lord was standing behind him in the office
As he took a step out of the door, a voice spoke through him but he had no knowledge it was a spirit speaking through him
"A man brought her home? What if this is the person that had harboured  my daughter?" 
"He must have tortured her psychological sense of reasoning to keep his crimes hidden" 
"No, no, no. I have to call the D.P.O" he concluded and flinched 
He turned back to the table and picked up his phone which he had forgotten earlier and phoned the D.P.O 
"D.P.O, the person who harboured my daughter for over a month has brought her home and must be arrested with immediate effect "
"Are you sure about this chief?" The D.P.O asked and he affirmed
"Alright, I will send some men to your house Immediately" the D.P.O concluded 
Charles Douglas left the house and drove off with the driver
On his way, he felt really happy and at the same time thoughtful
"Elisa is my only child. I must have to do everything possible to protect her. That idiot should better be innocent otherwise he will smell his dead bones in jail" 
"He is not! The man is guilty. Arrest him and teach him a lesson." A voice spoke in the car
"How do you know kunle?" Charles Douglas asked the driver assuming he was the one who spoke
Kunle was quiet for a moment then asked, "sir are you speaking with me?" 
"And who will it be if not you? We are only two in this car." He affirmed
But Kunle denied saying a thing
"Well, maybe it was my thoughts I heard" he gave up
The demon lord who was sitting next to Kunle smiled - the demonic way and they zoomed off 
They arrived home and mate Mrs Douglas and the house help attending to evangelist Douglas and Elisa as joy was masked all over her face
"Oh darling you are welcome. Your daughter is back" Mrs Charles Douglas said
"Elisa hearing from where she was ran off and fell into his daddy's arms and they both hugged each other tenderly" 
"My daughter, tell me who is responsible for this," he asked hastening for an answer
"Daddy calm down, rest first and we will talk. But be assured I'm fine now, very fine" Elisa finalized
"Alright, my daughter. The good news is that you are now home"
Charles Douglas went to where Evangelist Daniel was and shook his hand marking his face. "You have done well," he said and went in
About fifteen minutes later, three able police officers stormed the house and went into the inner chamber
"Officers, this is the man that kidnapped and harboured my daughter. Please take him away"  Charles Douglas ordered coming out of his apartment
Evangelist Daniel could not be allowed to say a word before he was handcuffed
Elisa and Mrs Charles Douglas rushed to stop him from allowing the officers to arrest evangelist Daniel but knowing how tough a man he was, they pleaded in vain
His phone rang; it was the D. P. O calling
"Yes! Yes! The bastard has been taken away." He responded
"We will keep him in custody and try to find out somethings about him but we won't do much until Elisa comes tomorrow so that we can verify the truth of the circumstance" the D.P.O concluded
Evangelist Daniel has led away with his car packed in the compound


Episode 20 [the banquet of Reunion] 

"Hi darling! Baby love," Elisa's mom came into the bedroom calling softly and glancing through Elisa as she slept soundly
Her heart filled with satisfaction and great pleasure, she sat by the side of the bed and dressed Elisa's beautiful hair with her finger
Elisa turned on the bed and sat up searching around, then her eyes mate those of her smiling mother
"Good morning Mom," she greeted and they both exchanged a brief moment of admiration and then Elisa called for a brief family prayer 
"Mummy at least this once. After what the Lord has done in my life, there is a need to thank Him. "
The mother oblige and they left for the sitting room where Charles Douglas was sited watching the news
Elisa ran to him, fell in his arms and they both exchanged a brief moment of greeting
"Daddy, I know you don't like prayer but at least after all this the Lord has done to your daughter, I think we should thank Him" Elisa said teasing and smiling
"Mmm, o, ok, alright. Why not, let's Pray" Charles Douglas said straining his eyeballs like a guilty dog and they both laughed, with the mother mimicking
Elisa led the prayer and the family appreciated God although Charles Douglas and their wife were getting their prayers mixed up as it wasn't their thing
"Elisa, please come along" the mother called as she led her into her room
"My baby, here are your things from school which I brought home. I thought I would never see my daughter again." The mother said almost breaking down in tears but Elisa rushed to comfort her
"Thank you, mummy," Elisa said and continued
"Mummy, how about my school?" 
"Yes, I called the management yesterday informing them that you have returned" the mother notified
"Wow, Mommy that's splendid of you." Elisa awarded and the mother smiled in acceptance
"Mummy please I need your phone to reach out to my friends in the fellowship. They must have been death worried" Elisa pleaded
"Oh, that's alright. You can have it. I will send the driver now to get you a new phone" she said and handed the phone over to her
"But do you know any of their number off hand?" She asked and Elisa affirmed
"I have Deborah's number in my diary,,,,, over their mummy," Elisa said smiling as she sighted the diary on top a box
The mother remembered Deborah and Ruth and felt guilty. She turned her face stylishly. Elisa noticed her countenance but her anxiety to call didn't allow her to ask what was wrong
"Hello!" Elisa came in
"Hello, who is this?" Deborah asked sensing the tune of Elisa
"Ah' ah', Deborah, it's your baby girl Elisa."
"No no, it's not true! Elisa!!!!!!!" Deborah screamed in unfathomable excitement
Fortunately enough Ruth was with her in the house
There was great excitement from Elisa, Deborah and Ruth. 
"Elisa," Deborah came in " I and Ruth will be on our way immediately to your house this morning. We can't wait to see you" Deborah said excited and handed the phone over to Ruth
"Elisa! The girl that knows how to pray. The girl that can scatter the ground. Hahaha......" Ruth came in and they both laughed out of their hearts
The mother stood waiting and smiling
"Elisa, your father wants to have a talk with you" she called out
The two went out of the room to the sitting room and Charles Douglas spoke; "Elisa, hurry up and eat. The DPO wants to see you and ask you some questions" 
"Daddy,,, I have already told you everything. Evangelist Douglas is innocent" Elisa pleaded
"Daughter! Leave that to the police to do their job. We will soon find out. Just do as I say" Charles Douglas cautioned
"Okay Dad, but my friends from school are on their way to see me. Please can we wait for them before we go there? Elisa pleaded further
"That's okay," he said simply
About an hour later, Ruth and Deborah arrived at the house and the joy they felt for each other was numerous
Elisa took them to the room and told them briefly about Evangelist Douglas and his innocency in the situation
When she mentioned DPO, Deborah knew it must be DPO Ebele
She immediately called the DPO and informed him of the issue on the ground and the DPO invited her to come along with the family of Elisa and Ruth
The idea didn't go well with Charles Douglas but he oblige after the DPO demanded
The family drove to the station and after close observation, it was found that Evangelist Daniel was rather a rescuer than the person Charles Douglas accused him of
At that moment, the demon lord knew there was nothing for him to do again. Burning with anger, he flew back to hell to re-strategize
"I'm not done yet!!!" He wail as he flew off
At that moment, Charles Douglas came clear of his confusion and apologized to evangelist Daniel
"DPO, this calls for a great celebration. Please come for dinner tonight. We all will celebrate the return of my beloved daughter" 
He said patting Elisa on the shoulder and DPO Ebele oblige 
6:48pm, the family of Elisa sat at a round table with evangelist Daniel, DPO Ebele and Elisa's friends for a reunion dinner
Elisa and her friends had a lot to talk about as they threw gazes at each other
"Chief Charles Douglas, I have given my life to Jesus. I'm now born again. I think it's time you too do the same with your wife and every other member of your household" DPO Ebele said smiling
"Ahaa, Deborah has succeeded in hunting you. Well, I will think about it" he strained his eyes again
"As for me, please evangelist Daniel will pray for me after the meal" Mrs Charles Douglas said 
"Mine will come later, it's not yet time. Elisa and her friends still have some works to do. Ah hahaha" Charles Douglas laughed
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Episode 21 [The Battle of spirits] 

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