Episode 6 [the battle )

The demon lord stood in the air withholding the wind which made the network unstable for Elisa's number to be reached
Back in the club hall, Elisa looked for a place to sit but her eyes turned blurred again
She saw the souls of all the girls going up in smoke and demons descending into their bodies
The same thing went on for the boys at the party. She saw a demon standing afar beckoning for her to come. It was Limish
But Elisa had no idea this was the demon sent to make her commit an abortion
Her head spinning so fast, Elisa tumbled and fell on the ground
Dabo had gone in and mixed one of the drinks in a glass with sleeping pills 
He picked the other, then his eyes mate Elisa as she tumbled to the ground
He rushed to her trashing the glasses and every other person in the party gathered around her
But Elisa was in the world beneath where the party was held in hell
She saw the souls of people in the hall chained. Her head spun fast, and she slumped. 
"Quick!!!" Limish (the demon) cried out and a dozen demons rushed to chain Elisa's soul
Her neck, hands and legs were chained, and the demons dragged her away hurriedly
"She is death," Dabo said
"What are we going to do now?" Voices said (Dabo's friends)
"Quick Ben! Let's find a way to carry her out! Hurry up and get a bedsheet!" Dabo cried out
The party scattered and everyone ran for his life, Dabo was left with him and three other friends as they tried to wrap Elisa's Body
One went for the only car they had come with and started the engine
Elisa's body became cold as she was wrapped and neatly placed in the booth of the car and they zoomed off with Dabo's friend handling the wheels
"Oh shit! Mess!! This is it with church girls" Dabo rendered a punch into the air
"In Jesus name, we pray!!!" Deborah cried out
"Brethren," she continued, "my spirit wails deeply and I know our sister Elisa is in danger. Do not be tired, she has been a general in this battalion"
"Cry for mercy, pray for her!!" The prayer went on, some on their knees and others moving about
"In Jesus name, we pray?" Deborah continued
"Now open your mouth and pray, that every power against her be consumed! Prayer in the name of Jesus!" 
The place became charged and the demons sent from hell to monitor the vigil struggled away as flashes of lightning, thunder and fire went on every side
Fire visited hell and hell fire burned...

 Episode 7

Dabo and his friends zoomed off with Elisa's body behind the car
"Oh my God, Dabo! We have a problem at hand," said Vesto who was driving 
As though trying to clear the air for a better view, Dabo looked ahead and saw a military check point
"Okay, guys!" Dabo called out, "you all should be calm, relax and don't make it seems we have an issue. Remember that we are not doing this for the first time. I will talk to the soldiers. The rest of you just agree to whatever I say!" 
"Alright!" They responded
Limish (the demon) was standing at the check point, she wanted inflicting the soldiers with deep sleep but what was the need?
"There is a party in hell with Elisa's blood she must not miss" she concluded and flew off to hell leaving Dabo at their intelligence
After all, they have demons inhabiting their bodies
"Tonight, Lucifer's cup would be filled with Elisa's blood and she would have  her soul to torture" she whispered, but needless had she known that hell fire was on fire
"Hey, stop there! Where are you coming from?" A soldier at the check point thundered
"Greetings officers," Dabo replied. " We are coming from a party" 
"Party!" Another soldier jumped from where he was taking cover and went round their car flashing his torch and searching through their faces
Their hearts beat fast but they were forced not to let it out otherwise they would be in a mess
"Go!" The soldier ordered a flashing light as an indication for them to move on
Vesto zoomed off slowly. After about 500 meters, he accelerated and was out of sight
"I suspect those guys. We would have checked their car." Soldier one
"Well it's too late, none the less, they are just party boys going about drinks and girls or probably cultism" soldier two concluded
Dabo and his friends drove for another five kilometres and stopped
Every where was silent ruled with darkness and the sounds of crickets, they proceeded on a path into the thick bush with huge trees and there, Elisa's body was trashed
"Good night Elisa!" Dabo stood over her body and said, then they all did the sign of the cross and left for their car and were out of view
Elisa's body lay their wrapped in a sheet and a huge black demon with a robe over its body stood guard over her body
But Deborah and others in the fellowship weren't done yet
They had been praying for hours now and with heaven awoken, hell was suffering the consequences of their prayer

 Episode 8 [the encounter]

It was 2:43am, Saturday morning, September 29
Deborah continued praying as she was lost in the spirit fighting for the soul of Elisa
The other sisters had fallen asleep
"That daughter of Zion - Deborah!! I would have killed her mother whom I lured into fornication before she would've born her!!!" Lucifer cried out as the fire of heaven crashed against that of hell
As hell trembled, Elisa was dragged Into its gate and taken into the inner Chambers of hell, her soul was chained and Limish with other demons flocked around her waiting to feast on her  soul
Then from the end where Elisa lay, she saw demons dragging the souls of Dabo and his friends to another compartment of hell
"Dabo, what is he doing here, are they death?"  She inquired
"Yes they are dead! Hahaha!!" a demon answered laughing mystically
Just as Elisa pushed forth against the chains as if trying to go and rescue them, everywhere began to tremble
Screams of demons went on every side as hell vibrated
Lucifer appeared looking fierce and breathing heavily and a mighty being landed in hell
Elisa could not imagine what she was seeing; a magnificent, gigantic, muscular, huge and extremely tall creature with wings
"What do you want you trouble maker?" Lucifer inquired looking at the creature
"I have come for her" the being responded and his voice thundered
Lucifer: "I knew you would come for her." 
"Then why do you steal her soul" the being asked
"Hahaha, steal? Do you say steal? Elisa gave me her soul by fornicating with my son Dabo who belong to hell. Now her soul is mine!!!!!" Lucifer responded
"No! The Lord has sent me to deliver her" the being finalized
Then he disappeared to where Elisa was chained and Lucifer screamed in pains 
As the being landed where Elisa was, immediately the chains melted and she was set free
"My name is Micheal, prince of the host of heaven. The Lord has heard the prayers of Deborah and has sent me to deliver you
Immediately Angel Micheal said follow me, they both disappeared and landed on a mountain peak
"Elisa," Micheal called out
Elisa fell on her knees and started pleading for mercy as she cried and felt guilty for her sins
"The Lord has shown you mercy. Now follow me. There are things the Lord has sent me to show you before you return back to earth" Micheal spoke
"Now look over there." He pointed
And Elisa saw Deborah praying for her
Then they disappeared

 Episode 9 [the encounter 2]

"Elisa!!!" A magnificent voice thundered behind her as she stood watching her body wrapped in a sheet
"Who ar....." She tried to inquire but the being shut her up
"My name is Gabriel! The messenger in the Lord's army. I have now come to show you things you must know before you return to earth" Gabriel spoke with echoes of his mighty voice
"Gabriel!" Elisa exclaimed softly pointing at Gabriel "it was Micheal now you?" She asked
"Yes Micheal has accomplished his mission" Gabriel said and flew to where her body lay and the demon that was standing guard cried out to a hill nearby
It was 6:59pm, September 29
"I'm dead, how will I return to earth?" Elisa inquired
"Your body shall remain here for many days until you are equipped before you shall return back to earth. Mercy has found you and nothing shall be impossible." Gabriel answered
"I saw Dabo and his friends being dragged to hell. Are they dead?" She asked
"Yes! Watch this Elisa" 
Gabriel pointed out and Elisa saw Dabo and his friends driving, ahead of them five demons stood breathing mischievously
As they approached, the demons ran into the car and it summersault
They died and their souls came out in chains and the demons dragged them to hell, then another set of demons entered their bodies and drove off in a different car
Elisa was shocked when she heard them cry out mystically; "hahaha, we will hunt down the daughters of Zion one by one until will inflict the soul of earth with immorality and perversion" then they were out of sight
"Elisa!," Gabriel called out
"You must warn the daughters of Zion. Tell them that Satan is after them and not all beings on Earth are physical. As you can see," he pointed "those have taken the forms of Dabo and his friends but Dabo and his friends are now dead and in hell!" 
Elisa could not imagine. As she covered her face as if regretting
Then a force pulled her and she found herself in a room with a demon dressed in a doctor's cloth and a lady walked in 
It was her 
"What I'm I doing here?" She inquired looking at Gabriel as if accusing him
Gabriel remained quiet
Then Elisa saw more demons appeared in the room with cups of iron stained with dried and ancient blood
Then she was placed on the table and immediately the knife of the demon doctor went into her body, blood gushed out and the demons went for it
And she died
Limish appeared and took her soul.....

 episode 10 [the encounter 3]

"Gabriel!!!" Elisa cried out "are you going to watch that demon take away my soul" and the room became empty and larger
"Elisa!" Gabriel called out. "You must warn the daughters of ZION about what you are seeing. This is what would have happened to you if you had aborted the pregnancy." 
"Follow me!" Gabriel ordered and as soon as Elisa took a step, they both started descending deep and deep and deep in an anceant pit. The deeper they went, the deeper she heard the wails and screams of millions of lost souls
Gabriel brought her into a city of hills and mountains in hell. Each mountain was a wall of fire
In the middle was a woman burning and melting into flames with chains all-over her
"Who is that woman?" Elisa asked 
"That is Deborah's mother!" Gabriel responded looking away from the sight of torture 
"Deborah's mother? Do you mean that is Dorathy? But she is not dead! What is she doing in this horrible place?" Elisa wished to ask Gabriel a million questions
"That is not Dorathy!" Gabriel responded. "Dorothy is the daughter of ZION and she cannot be lost to hell" 
"The woman you see over there is Naphasha the biological mother of Deborah!" 
"Do you mean Dorathy is not the biological mother of Deborah? Elisa inquired
"Yes!" Said Gabriel. "Deborah was aborted" he turned to a corner and a screen appeared as Elisa watched while Gabriel looked away
She saw a woman (Naphasha) dumping an infant on the outskirts of a community refuse dump but while she went away, an angel appeared, took the baby and dropped her in front of a shop
Then the screen went blank
Gabriel: "Naphasha was a Christian sister who lost out of faith and the demons of hell came to claim her life
She became pregnant with Deborah and tried aborting it seven times but it was unsuccessful until she delivered and decided to trash her
The baby was picked by one of us and dropped at Dorothy's shop that early morning; 6:53am - January 15th 
Come with me." Gabriel paused and order, then they both appeared in heaven
Elisa's mouth was thrown open with the sight of beauty, magnificence and the smell she perceived
They went to a compartment and saw a woman dressed in white apparel worshipping
"That's Dorathy!" Elisa exclaimed in excitement. "Is she in heaven already? 
"Yes!" Gabriel responded
"Today is October 8th. You can count the number of days you have been here. Dorothy, Deborah's mom has been called to glory
Elisa looked down and saw Deborah entertaining people who were still around comforting her
"Dorathy was a devoted intercessor." Gabriel continued. " She was married for 16 years without a child until God gave her Deborah - the promised one
Your path and that of Deborah, Elisa," he turned facing Elisa, "has being predestined and both of you must rise to deliver the daughters of Zion together" 
Then light fell. Elisa opened her eyes and saw the sun rising brightly
It was morning, a dew dropped on her eye and she wiped it off

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 episode 11 [Deborah is arrested]

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