episode 11 [Deborah is arrested]

It was 5:30pm, on 0ctober 19th. Deborah was seen addressing the sisters in their sisters fellowship

"Beloveths, you all are aware that a lot has happened within the space of last Month and this

Elisa went missing and this is the 22nd day of searching and praying for her Where to no avail. Her family is against us despite efforts we've made on the situation

My mom has been called to glory and as if that's not enough we are losing our sisters; the daughters of Zion to the kingdom of darkness. But in all these the Lord is good"

"The Lord is good you say, Deborah! Ha!" Vivian stood up with a vehement response as she chew gum. An act which was the first to be seen

Deborah!" she continued "Thank God you are aware of all that's happening

We have been serving God for years now, praying, evangelizing and living pure. What has been our gain? 

Most of us are still suffering and .." 

"Shut up Vivian" Ruth stood up not allowing her to conclude.

"Shut up Vivian! Before you allow the devil to take advantage of you. Don't wait for me to count what God has done for us but if you want I will." 

"Ha! The devil is already using me if that's what you care to know Ruth! I'm sick and tired of all this religious fanatism! I want to go and live my life the way it fits me!" Vivian ranted and stormed out

"Hahahaaa" the demon lord who had stood there gave out a mystical laugh and ordered, "You! Rathim! A demon sent by Lucifer in place of Asprah to seduce the daughters of Zion

What are you standing there doing, enter her and help her accomplish her desires. Goooooo!!!

Before the demon lord could finish, Rathim disappeared and entered Vivian who was about 300 meters away

"Deborah! Can you see that?" Esther cried out

"What is it, Esther?" Deborah asked looking bothered

"I just saw a demon of immorality enter Vivian, ah" Esther replied

"That is it! She has offered herself to the devil and the devil will make good use of her." A tear dropped from Deborah's eyes

Then Ruth stood up with courage pushing out of her eyes

"Deborah! Sisters! We must not give up the fight! This is a testing moment and we would be made stronger! Do not be discouraged" Then she went back to her sit looking tired

"Yes, sisters! I believe that Elisa is alive and we must continue interceding for the other sisters in the ranks of Satan, Vivian inclusive" rise up let's pray

"Hahahaaaa!!!" Lucifer who was sitting in the air with darkness surrounding him laughed. "Welcome my daughter Vivian! Welcome! You will be well-fed! Hahahaaaa!!!"

Just as the sisters stood up to pray, they sited a police vehicle approaching with four policemen and two women

The vehicle came to a hold where they were and the officers jumped out 

Elisa's mom also came out with Elisa's neighbour

"Madam, those are the girls." The neighbour spoke.  "Elisa usually went for a vigil every Friday and when she left that day, we asked her and she told us she was going to vigil but she never returned

Their G.O must have used her for rituals to obtain power

Before she could conclude, Elisa's mom loosen her wrapper, tighten it roughly and charged against Deborah and Ruth

"You this girl! I told you to leave my daughter alone. I told you that she was in the university to study and not to serve your God. Now she is gone. Tell me where you have taken her! What have you done to her? " She shook Deborah and Ruth violently

Just then, her phone rang. It was her husband; Elisa's dad

"Have the police found the girls?" The dad inquired

"Yes, they have!" She answered

"Good! Give the phone to one of the officers! The dad commanded and she handed the phone

"Officer! Arrest those two girls and make sure they perish in jail. I'm ready to pay any amount required until they produce my daughter. Have I made myself clear?

"Yes sir!" The officer responded

"Two of you! You are following us to the station now and you have the right to remain silent otherwise whatever you do or say here would be used against you in the court of law." The police officer who was well paid for on  the job charged forth 

Deborah and Ruth were handcuffed and taken away into the vehicle

The vehicle drove off

 Episode 12 [party in hell turns bloody] 

"Hey, you! You! Stand up! People are here to see you." The fierce Police officer ordered Deborah and Ruth

They rose from the ground where they lay and struggled towards the door - their stomachs empty and worries encompassing them

"Follow me!" The officer ordered and they followed him

Arriving in a room with heavy lines of irons separating from the middle, they sat down and two men addressed them

"Deborah, we are not new to the two of you. We are here on behalf of the university management

We are asked to deliver this letter to the two of you. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your stay" one of the men concluded and then rose up and the two were out of sight

Deborah sluggishly opened the letter as Ruth looked at her in haste

"What is it again Deborah? Please talk to me." Ruth hastened

"We have been suspended from pursuing our degree program with the university," Deborah said calmly as if burying her voice

"What!" Ruth exclaimed. "Suspended,  just about rounding up on our program and suspension! Why?" She grasped the letter from Ruth and read a few lines

"Your unwelcoming and non-constitutional activities in this prestigious university such as religious fanatism,  abduction of students into your undue Christian faith and the recent development have left the management with no choice but to call for your suspension. Your parents......" Ruth could not read the line and out of anger smashed the paper on the ground and stood up to face Deborah

"Deborah! Ha ha! That's it. Shababarata kakaribotaria!" she spoke in tongues as her spirit charged with rage against darkness and she continued

"We have lost it all! Elisa is gone, many of the sisters in fellowship are gone! Our academy is gone! Now here we are. What more do we have than God?" she pointed at heaven 

"It is now time to be mad for Him! It is time for we the remnant to prove that the tougher it becomes, the tougher we will be for God" 

"Deborah rise up! This station won't contain us anymore" she concluded

"Deborah who was sitting down calmly listening to Ruth as her own rage Kindled felt a burning sensation run through her skin standing up, she held Ruth's hands and they both began to pray violently

From the time of their arrest, the demon lord had gathered the host of heaven and was having great merriment in hell with the blood and flesh of lost souls

"Eiahahaa! Eiahahah!!! Now that Deborah and Ruth have been arrested, the rest of the daughters of Zion are scattered" 

"Now we will deal with them! Hahaha!!" The demon lord laughed

As the party went on in hell, everywhere began to shake violently

"Kpo!" A demon landed in hell and was chained. "Kpo!" Another demon landed in hell and was chained then more and more demons started falling into hell, each chained and gnashing their teeth as the fire of heaven contented with that of hell

The party in hell became a bloody party

The police station was filled with screams as twelve girls started manifesting in their wards as Deborah and Ruth prayed violently

The demons landing in hell were those coming out of the girls as Deborah prayed 

Then there was a rushing wind accompanied by darkness and Lucifer landed in hell

"You fools!" He thundered. "You drink to your fill thinking the fight is over. No!!! Daughters of Zion don't easily give up! Now go!!!!!! War!!!!! Until they are frustrated"

Then the demons struggled away as they flew to the earth 

That night, Deborah and Ruth, got twelve girls saved. Some were delivered from pornography, lesbianism and other unclean spirits

But the last demon that left one of the girls crawled out to where Vivian was sleeping that night

Then with anger and rage, the demon screamed and entered Vivian

By the time she had woken up, she had a severe sexual desire that filled her head and it made her burn with lust


Episode 13 [Revival behind bars]

"Deborah!" Elisa called out and Deborah jumped up unfolding her hands which she used as a blanket for her knees as she sat beside the jail wall next to Ruth and the other girls in the cell

"Elisa!" Deborah called back out of shock. 

Elisa was dressed in white apparel and the glory of God's presence stood above her head as she spoke

"Do not be dispelled, Deborah. Prepare yourself, the curtains of heaven are opened" 

Immediately she said, "The curtains of heaven are opened, Elisa disappeared and Deborah found herself floating on the air

Then a mighty rushing wind blew through the earth as it travelled across regions

Then she saw that as the wind blew, dead plants came back to life and blossomed

Then everything went still

As Deborah stood there, she began hearing sounds of a force pushing through space and as she lifted her eyes, she saw mighty flames and Rays of light and fire descending down upon the earth

And she heard the voice of Elisa again; "Revival Deborah!

Another voice came forth; "no!!!! Destroy them, destroy the daughters of Zion" This must be Lucifer, Deborah felt it

"Revival Deborah! Revival!!" The voice of Elisa came forth again

"Deborah!   Deborah!   Ruth!" 

Waking up from her dream, Deborah cleared her eyes and saw a multitude of all the other girls in the jail crowding her

"Hello good morning" she patted one on the shoulder

"Good morning Deborah" the girls responded feeling the love in her

"You promised to teach us more about God today. Please help us, Deborah. We are tired of our old lives. We want to know God more" they continued

"Some of us here were into a cult, have killed men in hotels for money, just mention it. Please help us." The girls pleaded

By then Ruth was also fully awake and the two of them sat the girls down and began teaching them about Jesus with joy and smiles on their faces

The hunger in their stomachs disappeared and they appreciated God they were there. It was 6:34am, October 22

"Klen, klen. Klen, klen" the D.P.O's phone rang

"Good morning chief!... Yes sir!... I will be on my way immediately" he answered the car and rushed out for his car, drove and was welcomed to a mansion in the heart of the town

He entered the house and sat waiting for a man who came out hurriedly and they both greeted. It was Elisa's dad

"Good morning D.P.O., how has it been? I and my wife have been in serious trauma. Please is there progress on the whereabouts of our daughter?" Elisa's dad inquired

"Not at all chief! Actually, we are doing our best on the case. Our men are everywhere gathering intelligent information. We have thoroughly punished the girls arrested to see if anything comes out of them but nothing, rather they are turning our station into a church" he responded

"Church? What do you mean D.P.O?"

"Well, I don't think that may interest you chief but we are doing our best." He said and stood up to leave

"Here D.P.O, that is five hundred thousand naira additional. Do everything possible to bring back my daughter" Elisa's dad added

"I will chief. We are working closely with information centres such as radio and television stations for information gathering and hopefully, there would be good results soon." 

They both shook hands and the D.P.O left

That evening, Deborah and Ruth held a fellowship with the sisters in jail and fire rained upon the station

The other units of the jail where there were men came under flames too. The officers on duty caught the flames too and everybody was praying, some in tongues, some in repentance, etc

The D.P.O who visited the station that evening arrived and was confused about what was going on as he mates Deborah and Ruth rounding up with prayers for all the inmates and officers who were giving their lives to Jesus

"I think this is an opportunity for me to amend my ways. I am tired of how I have been living my life" the D.P.O's heart spoke as his teeth held one of his fingers in ransom 

He drew near and went on his knees following up with the prayer of repentance been read by Deborah


 Episode 14 [Elisa meets a new family]

"Elisa!" A voice called out

Elisa turned slowly from where she knelt and looked at a man who was standing next to her as shocks covered his face

"Are you Elisa?" The man inquired

"Yes, I am Elisa. How do you know my name?" Elisa inquired as other questions pumped up in her heart

"My name is evangelist Daniel." The man replied and continued. " I came to this mountain three days ago and mate you praying but since then you have not ceased for once." 

"You mean that?" Elisa inquired surprised

"Yes. I have been asking God who you are and the only thing revealed to me was your name. The Lord asked me to come close and have a talk with you. Actually, I didn't know I could spend three days on this mountain but seeing you pray gave me the strength to continue. Please who are you?" Evangelist Daniel asked sitting down by a rock to listen to Elisa

"Hmm, my name is Elisa as you know sir. I can't remember I have been praying here for this long"

"The only thing I remember is that I was saved by the Lord and brought back to life from where my body was dumped" 

"When I was restored, I heard people praying from a very long distance on this Mountain and I tressed my way here and joined them in the prayer" 

"Then I started seeing visions of myself moving from place to place preaching to people and delivering them" 

"When you called, I was at a junction praying with a sister who had been used and dumped by her boyfriend. Whom I mate crying." Elisa concluded

"Hmmm, I can see that there is a lot about you Elisa. As you are speaking, I begin to see clearly. But I'm shocked because nobody has ever prayed on this mountain. I was praying for where to do my prayers and the Lord ask me to come here

"I was afraid because it is a place invested by kidnapers and evil activities but the urge was so strong that I had to obey. Now I see the reason why the Lord ordered my step here." 

"I am married to a very beautiful and virtues wife with a grown-up son, please Elisa my family will be glad to meet with you, do follow me home." 

Elisa could not believe all the strange happenings and how all of a sudden her life had turned from that of an ordinary person into a supernatural believer 

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Evangelist Daniel and Elisa boarded a vehicle and drove for a few kilometers then took a bike each and arrived at Evangelist Daniel's home

The wife came out happily to welcome them as she collected Daniel's briefcase and dusted the dirt off his body

"Darling, please meet Elisa. I mate her on the mountain and the Lord placed it on my heart for us to welcome her home" Evangelist Daniel said smiling

"Oh welcome beautiful daughter of Zion." She hurriedly left for Elisa with much concern. 

"Oh, you must be tired and worn out. Please come in and take a shower and eat something" Faith; Daniel's wife guided the two in with a briefcase in one hand and the husband's jacket in the other arm

Elisa went in first and had a nice bath and came out rocking in some of Faith's personal wears

"Oh look at you damsel," Faith said and both she and her husband broke into laughter while Elisa smiled broadly

Evangelist Daniel went in, had a shower and came out, the dining table was set and the family sat down with Elisa for a meal

"Darling, where is Paul? I have not seen him since I came." Daniel asked confused

"Ah, that one, like father like son. He is in his room praying." Faith replied throwing a smiling face

Elisa had fallen in love with the family already and in her heart wished she had such a God-believing family then her heart kicked and she for the first time began to worry for her family as she had gone missing close to a month

"Elisa, is everything okay?" Faith noticed and asked her

"No ma. …


 Episode 15 [the rage of Lucifer]

"Ah!!!!!!!!!" Lucifer gave out a great cry and hellfire shook and stood still. The quietness of the place travelled endless miles in hell and all the demons quivered for the rage of Lucifer

From across the terrains of man, a beautiful being with mighty wings fly over the hollow of hell and as he descended, his appearance changed into that of a monster with rage anger and defeat

"Summon me the demons" Lucifer ordered and as if carried by the heat of hell, all the demons assembled with shilvers running through their deformities

Lucifer looked at them for a moment and raised his hand to the air and the demons went through torture which made them wail greatly, then Lucifer spoke

"You have allowed defeat to overwhelm you. You have allowed the daughters of Zion to overcome my cup of affliction

Look at them!" A screen appeared and Deborah and Ruth were seen ministering to people

"Look at our captive," Lucifer ordered and another screen appeared showing Elisa and the family of evangelist Daniel as they were praying

"My lord Lucifer." The demon lord spoke trembling with great fear. "We have not lost all. We have captured one of the daughters of Zion and right now she is under our bondage

"Now this one! Hahahaha!!!!!!!" Lucifer laughed appeasing his soul

"She is finished." He spoke referring to Vivian. A screen opened showing Vivian making up in front of a mirror

"Hahaha!!!!!!!!! Make sure you torture her soul. Steal, kill and bring her soul for me to destroy. Now go!!!!!" 

Lucifer ordered and the demons flew down to earth 

It was Thursday 29 October, exactly a month Elisa had gone missing

And as if the sons of hell had made that day a special one to hunt down the daughters of Zion

Vivian was in front of the mirror making up when her phone rang and she picked

"Hello babe" the voice came through

"Hello Victor" Vivian responded

"Babe I'm waiting for you please hurry up and meet me at the party," Victor ordered

"Alright, I will be on my way." 

An angel standing in Vivian's room shook his head; "if only she is aware of what awaits her" the angel said flew away

Vivian arrived at the party and after partying, they both went home where they had fun and made love to each other

"Oh baby, it has been a long I enjoy myself this much," Vivian spoke to Victor on the bed

Then all of a sudden she started vomiting blood. As soon as Victor noticed her vomiting, he went inside, brought a red Calabash and began collecting her blood

As she was vomiting and strength was going out of her, she saw a demon standing a few meters ahead of her with the name Limish

Her body began to fail her more and more while she watch blurred Victor collect her blood in a red Calabash

Then she passed out and was death

"Baba, I have done as you instructed me," Victor spoke on the phone

"Yes my son, now put her lifeless body in the coffin for three days and dump it. After that, you will be rich." The response came forth

Vivian watched her soul come out of her body and she saw herself being dragged by Limish into great darkness

Her soul filled with pains of regret, she cried as she was being dragged by the demons but her voice echoed back to her

"aahaha!!!" Vivian! Your soul is now mine." 

Limish dragged Vivian to a place where two books were kept and stood guard waiting for her soul to be handed over to her

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Episode 16

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