Episode 31 [Paul visits Elisa]

"Hello DPO Ebele, I will like to have you and the girls in my office tomorrow morning. Will you be chanced?" the prison Warden asked
"Good morning Warden Yakubu. I have a function tomorrow at the state CID office but I will ensure I and the girls are there first thing tomorrow Morning before I report back to office" the DPO responded then quickly asked after the well-being of Warden Yakubu and put off the call 
Paul had come to pay Elisa a surprise visit since the occasion held by Charles Douglas
This came as a surprise to Elisa but not totally as they had been communicating via calls
Paul had gathered much informations about Elisa and the two had become fund of themselves although Elisa was maintaining stiffness not to allow a second mistake of her life that would cause her another agony
"Good morning sister Elisa," the maid called out bending her knees slightly
At the time she was inducted into the house, her way of addressing Elisa was "small madam" but Elisa stopped her and told her to address her as sister Elisa 
This of course came evident as she acted as a sister to her, showing her love in whatever way she needed
"Sister Elisa, there is a man outside the house who wish to see you. He was in the occasion oga held the other time" she said
"A man, who could that be." Her mind searched but couldn't arrive at anybody and she decided to go check for herself
Behold, it was Paul
When she saw that it was Paul, she smiled and stretched her brows, went to him and collected the small case he was holding in his hand
"Paul! You didn't tell me you were coming and we spoke this morning over the phone." She frowned playful
"I was afraid not to be turned down. Just a little surprise for this firebrand sister." Paul said and jiggled his body slightly
"Hmm, stop it and come on in" she said leading the way
The home was tried; Charles Douglas and Mrs Charles Douglas had both gone to their separate  offices 
"Where is everybody?" Paul asked curious as he jently adjusted his belt and carefully place himself onto the cushion
"Everybody is gone to the office. I'm the only one left at home with the domestic workers" she said moving over to the dinning table
She mate her phone which she had formerly dropped ringing. It was Deborah
She answered the call and had a quick conversation with Deborah who informed her that they would be going to the correctional center the following day early morning
She felt happy about it
This was most especially as they and DPO Ebele had been holding vigils since their first day at the correctional center, as they engaged in marathon prayers asking God to save Isabella and all the girls as they contented with Lucifer and hell
None of them knew why the prison Warden had called for heir presence and they didn't ask as well
None the less, they were expecting that as they visit this time around, there would be a positive turn out to the glory of God
She said a quick prayer of thanksgivings and hurriedly dropped the phone on the table remembering that she was keeping Paul waiting
"Favor!" She called out the maid who responded and came running
"Please arrange the dinning for my visitor. Make it orderly, okay" she pleaded hopefully
The mate nodded her head and went into action
In a short moment, she came to the sitting room informing Elisa that the table was set
"Oh thank you favor. I believe you were busy before i called. You can have your time." 
"Thank you ma." The maid said and left their presence
Elisa led the way and Paul followed jently as they soon sat at the dinning and began to eat
"I hope I'm save in your parents absence?" Paul asked
"Absolutely Paul. You aren't a stranger to my parents. They will be happy to have you around" she said smiling
For a moment, silence danced at the table until Paul cleared his throat in a gentle manner and began speaking
"Elisa, I have come to see you because I didn't want to repeat what I have spoken to you about before in absence" 
"Before coming here, I had discussed with my parents and they are happy if you will give me a chance despite the pregnancy." He continued emotionally
"Elisa, I understand what you have gone through. I don't want you to go through this alone. I want to stand by you. I want to be a father to the unborn child and take care of you." He said as Elisa picked it up
"Paul, you speak with so much confidence. What manner of man would want to marry a pregnant lady. I have messed up myself Paul. I'm not the type of woman any Spirit filled brother like you would want. I don't deserve that Paul. I just want to live my life, give birth to my baby, be a mother and bring my generation to Christ.  I......" She wanted to continue but Paul interrupted her
"Elisa, Elisa, please listen to me. I speak with so much confidence because the Lord has spoken to me, not once and I'm convinced this is His will for us." Paul said with much hope in his eyes 
"Alright Paul. I understand you. After the occasion of my dad. I began seeing so many visions of us together but I waved them off trying not to allow my emotions lead me into error
"I shared this with my friends and they have all spoken positive of it. I'm just too scared how sudden this is becoming." 
"Come to think of it Paul. I'm not even totally whole yet. I'm still trying to stand solid so that I don't fall again."
"I will appreciate if you give me a little more time to think and pray about this one more time." She pleaded
"That's not a problem at all. I'm not in a hurry Elisa. Thank you for considering to put this into prayer again."  Saying that, he picked a piece of meat, threw it into his mouth and surrendered the fork
"I would like to be on my way Elisa. Thank you for entertaining me" Paul said rising up and adjusting his trousers waist
Elisa led him through the door and appreciated him for coming
When she sighted Paul through the window as he boarded a taxi, she smiled broadly and left for her room picking her phone along
As she entered, she all of a sudden developed a strong desire to sleep as her body became weak and stressed
She threw herself on the bed transversely and at the blink of an eye, she was in a deep sleep
"Elisa, Elisa, consider my son Paul. For I will use him to perfect what I am doing in your life. I will use the two of you to raise up for myself pillars." The voice said as she felt the spirit of God standing beside her although she could see nothing
She jerked out of bed, the sleep cleared 
Standing up, she stormed out of the house to the gate but Paul was gone
As if her confusion had been cleared off, she went in, kneeling down beside the bed, she gave thanks to God


Episode 32 [hell goes on vacation as Heaven works]

"Kpu pku pku!" knocks came through on Ruth's door
She rose to her feet, turning a gaze to her wrist watch 
"Ah," she yelled and went for the door. It must be Deborah, but she had arrived earlier than expected. She said she would be in her place in fifteen minutes time and this was just seven minutes into it 
"Is that you Deborah?" She asked and Deborah confirmed as the door opened and she threw herself in 
"Are you done? She asked searching round the house with her eyes
"Yes, just give me some minutes to put off my PC" Ruth said picking some papers from the ground
"What are all these papers for Ruth? Do you have a writing contract?" She asked staring into her eyes
"You must have forgotten then. I'm working on "I SAW JESUS", the biography of Mia and the Isabella girls"
"I had a goal yesterday to arrive at some lines so that when I'm back from the correctional center, I will continue from there. I have been working tirelessly on this and the Lord has been helping me." 
"Can you believe Deborah.... let's not be late. When we are back I will tell you how I have been having encounters of Mia in heaven every day" Ruth concluded opening the door for Deborah 
"Wow! God is really doing great things Ruth. More grace to you for this project. We will be praying for this book to be used by the Lord." Deborah said and Ruth answered "Amen"
The two girls boarded a vehicle to a junction where they stood waiting for Elisa who in no distant time arrived with her driver
They drove from there to the state CID where DPO Ebele was in a small facility praying and waiting for them
As they drove into the office, DPO Ebele sighted them and sent an officer to bring them to him
They joined him in the prayer and together they prayed for God to intervene most especially in the life of Isabella as they visited the facility
Immediately they rounded up the prayer, they boarded his car and drove off to the correctional facility, this time around without any police escort
Warden Yakubu was in his office waiting for them 
Sooner, DPO Ebele and the girls alighted in the facility ground and without waiting, Warden Yakubu came out to welcome them smartly
A small Bible was stocked in his left hand as he greeted DPO Ebele and the girls
He then led them inside the cell facilities and brought them to a small room which was new and well furnished with some pews in it and  a wooden pulpit at the podium
"You are welcome." He said spreading his hand to show them around
"I had some workers made this place yesterday for fellowship." He said, waiting for feedback
"This is good, very good. Indeed God is good"  DPO Ebele said clapping his hands
The girls also rendered their appraisals and felt very glad about it
"I, Warden Yakubu believe that in this place the Lord will be saving many inmates from darkness to light. Please make yourselves comfortable." He said signaling with his finger to be given a minute and he would be back
 Soon he was back into the chapel and informed the group that he had called them so that they could pray and dedicate the facility to the glory of God and to also witness to another miracle the Lord had done
"But before we continue, please I want everyone to meet a special friend of mine who would be our guest speaker" he said and everyone turned to one another as if to ask, "guest speaker? Who could that be?"
He clapped his hands and as everybody watched, two prison officers walked in and stood by the side of the pulpit with their arms
Everybody's curiosity went high expecting who the guest speaker was
Shortly, they heard footsteps approaching with the sounds of chains
It was Isabella. She held a small Bible in her hand and walked over to the podium
DPO Ebele and the girls couldn't believe it. It felt like a dream
"Is this Isabella? What has happened to her?" Was the question on everyone's heart
"Good morning everyone. As you all know, my name is Isabella. The former gang leader of the Isabella girls." 
"I say former because the old Isabella is gone away and this is the new Isabella. The Isabella of Satan has died and this is the Isabella of Jesus living
"DPO Ebele, and sisters, I know this is strange to you, but I believe you know there is nothing impossible with Jesus, so I don't think you will find it hard to believe that the Isabella you all laboured for is now born again." She paused and everyone clapped joyfully
"I told Warden Yakubu to grant me the wish of making this a surprise to all of you so that you could see it first of all for yourself. He led me to Christ and I'm born again." She said turning to Warden Yakubu
"I don't need to tell you my story again because you are all aware how Satan used us to destroy a lot of thousands of lives. It is hard to believe that Jesus could have mercy on me." 
 "Thank you DPO Ebele for not giving up on me." 
"Praise the Lord!" She concluded and they all shouted a great Hallelujah
This came as a great surprise to DPO Ebele and the girls 
He mounted the pulpit and together, they all praised God, giving thanks to him
"My dear daughter Isabella, we all love you but as you now know, Jesus loves you more. You founded the Isabella girls. Now you have a duty to save the other seven girls who awaits execution few days away and in doing so, you will also be partaking in the joy of bringing others out of darkness." DPO Ebele said and left to give her a hug
"My wonderful people of God," Warden Yakubu took over. "Isabella has expressed her wish to have a press release so that she can publicly renounce the Isabella group and ask the entire nation for pardon and forgiveness. Please let's hear from her" Warden Yakubu said giving space for Isabella
"Thank you my wonderful family. I now feel loved; the love I hunted for, for many years without having. Thank you everyone." She said battling with tears
"Last night, I had an encounter with the Lord again and He said that I must publicly renounce every evil work I have built over years and proclaim him"
"I would have asked for a press release but I want to evangelize to the girls in the facility first. Together with those who will agree to follow me, we would publicly renounce our work with the devil and ask for national forgiveness" 
"Death is what I am waiting for after that, and I will be happy to breathe my last knowing that there is a better place the Lord will be taking me....." 
She concluded and broke down in tears
Everybody gathered round her and after comforting her, she had few minutes with Deborah, Ruth and Elisa and thereafter was taken back into her cell
Now that she was born again, Ruth had more to add into the "I SAW JESUS" book considering that she was the gang leader
She obtained permission from the prison Warden and was to come consecutively to interview Isabella for the purpose of the book until she was satisfied or rather before the execution
The book would be a biography of The Isabella Group and their journey to salvation


Episode 33 [ night of blood ]

"Enough!! I have to end this myself. Mobilise every demon that was assigned to the Isabella girls the day they made a covenant with me." Lucifer burning with anger in hell rose from his throne as hell bowed to honor the fury that danced on his beast of faces
"My mission is to steal, kill and destroy. Now is the time to destroy the Isabella girls before my kingdom is overthrown by their salvation in the righteous one" he continued in ire burning and melting on his face as he flew down to the correctional center

"You trouble marker! I know you would be here waiting for me but this ones belong to me. The Isabella girls are mine." Lucifer said referring to angel Micheal who had stood watch over Isabella to ensure that no harm came to her

"You have been a liar from the beginning. Has it escaped your mind that she has now believed in the righteous one of the most high and has confessed him as her personal Lord and Savior?" Micheal asked Lucifer

"Nothing amongst the sons and daughters of men escapes my knowledge, but you have forgotten." 

"Her mother made a covenant with me and she offered her to me before she was born. When she grew into the knowledge of good and of bad, she came to me for power and I made a covenant with her that she would serve me forever." Lucifer accused, moving swiftly to attack Isabella

"You son of the dark, I rebuke you in the name of the Lord! It is written, "Whoever that is in CHRIST has become a new creation, the old has passed away and behold the new has come" Micheal swung his sword and it held Lucifer to the throat with his legs hanging on the air

"Lucifer you know the truth. Right now go!!! In the name of the Lord!" Micheal commanded and he disappeared back to hell trembling and afraid that what Micheal did to him in their first battle might repeat itself. He touched his throat with his fingers and felt a severe injury dug into it. A liquid substance flooded over it like dark blood

An ancient demon who had seven horns on it head approached him with counsels that appealed to his angry soul

"My lord Lucifer. The battle against Isabella can't be won until she deviates from the son of the highest"

"Strike the remaining Isabella girls that are yet to save themselves." Destroy them and bring their souls  into hell"

"Remember that Isabella would soon try to save and deliver them out of our hands." He concluded crawling away into the midst of darkness and burning flames of fire swallowed him up

This counsel pleased Lucifer so much  that he commanded all the demons in charge of the Isabella girls to ensure that the mission was accomplished

That night, the demon lord entered one of the Isabella girls and enticed her into convincing the other girls so they could break out of prison

The plan of hell was to use this means to kill them through gunfire  by the prison officers while they would try escaping

She lay on the floor in her own cell when all of a sudden she felt a stronger energy and power awakening within her

She jerked to her feet looking terrified and fierce. Against her wish, she went to the small window over her cell and pulled out all the rods in a silent but violent manner

A prison officer was lying at the entry with a bunch of keys in his hand (a demon had gone over to him and had inflicted him with a heavy dose of sleep)

Jacky, as she was called went over to him and collected the keys then went in search of the cell that was hosting Isabella

She got there and mate Isabella on her knees praying. Surprised but trying to beat against time, she spoke hastily

"Boss, the way is open. We need to get out of this place now!" She commanded with respect for Isabella her boss

"No Jacky! I'm remaining here. You have to stop this! Don't do this girl! We are guilty of our offences and deserve to be punished...." Isabella said wishing for more but Jacky caught in

"Isabella we have to go now!" She said and stormed out of the cell

Isabella couldn't imagine. She had no  understanding that this was the act of darkness; the work of the demon lord

All the officers on duty had fallen asleep

Warden Yakubu was having a terrible nightmare in his home. He could see it in his dream some inmates escaping from prison

He quickly woke up from sleep and placed a call to the facility but had to call multiple times before he picked

It was then confirmed that the facility was under heavy attack; the Isabella girls had escaped from prison as they did seven years before

The alarm went off, awakening sleeping officers who armed themselves to respond to the massacre the Isabella girls were already causing

Warden Yakubu called for additional security deployment and he himself dressed up for the correctional centre stocking his pistol into his uniform

Jacky went in search of the other girls and one after the other set them free

Seven girls in number. They carried some of the officers on duty and locked them up in cells and made their way to the gate of the prison

The outside was heavily guarded but as well, the security personnel were all asleep until the alarm went off

There was a long distance to the outer entrance into the facility

"Two of you take that way. Three of you take that way. I and Susa will take this direction. Shut at any beast that comes against you. Is that understood?" Jacky who had assumed the position of leadership ordered and the girls responded

The girls went in opposite directions killing anything that came their way 

The additional deployment arrived and engaged the girls in tough fire 

The operation lasted for thirty minutes. Five out of the seven Isabella girls were killed during the process. Jacky and Susa were again apprehended and taken back into the facility

The damage was severe. Twenty-seven security officers were killed during the process and facilities destroyed

As this was ongoing, Isabella was in her cell weeping, because she knew that without her, the girls could be easily killed and that could mean that they would miss heaven and go to hell

When the fire ceased, Warden Yakubu made an advance to her cell. He took a deep breath when he mate her weeping in the cell 


 Episode 34  [Lucifer murders Isabella's parents] 

On same night of blood, after Lucifer had dispatched his demons to ensure the killing of the Isabella girls, he himself disappeared from hell with some of his cohorts to Isabella's home
It was four years since the last time Isabella had stepped foot in her biological home
When she was arrested, the parents came visiting but she declined seeing any of them
It was the darkest night since the existence of Roseline; Isabella's mom and her husband
They had gone to bed that night and had fallen asleep firmly when all of a sudden the wind began to blow and the clouds became darker and darker, shielding every ray of light that permeated their home
Roseline began to have a terrible nightmare where she saw a beast with many heads and horns chasing after her with a spare in its hand
The trees and mountains were falling after her and trying their best to close up on her
She kept running and doing her best to secure her life, then her husband appeared in front of her and in a split second fell into a big pit that was emitting flames of dark fire 
The earth under her began to burn with anger and she could feel her soul begging for help but shortly, it began to quake and break under
She could see molten magma of colonies of fire wailing under her
The beast chasing after her closed in fast and was almost grapping her throat when she jerked out of bed gasping for air as sweat streamed down her jittering body
She switched on her phone because by then the light had completely gone off, handling over dominion to darkness to reign
The weird and strange feeling she just had in her dream returned and her head began to spine fast and fast
The light on her phone went off and the curtains on her windows rolled apart fast
The wind continued blowing and tossing darkness into the bedroom
She could literally see it transporting Lucifer into her bedroom
Fear gripped her soul and bones and darkness held her breath in suspense 
She turned to her husband who had lay face down with hands thrown abroad
She wondered why in the midst of all the darkness of hell he was still fast asleep
Burning with a mixture of anger for her husband and fear for the unseen Lucifer, she tapped him on the shoulder but there was no response
As she persisted, a voice spoke out of the thick darkness
"He is dead!!' The voice sent in shocks of great fear and the vibration caused the walls of the house to tremble in terror
Roseline knew that certainly this was her end 
"No!! Who are you and what do you want from me?" She frightened and stood up to run but a force held her to position
"Hahaa!!!! You cannot run away from Lucifer!!!" 
"You have forgotten me. I am Lucifer. The child you came to me asking for has turned rebellious against me. She has broken the covenant you and I made" Lucifer said
"What child?" She asked trembling in great fear
"I'm talking about Isabella. Before she was born, you came to ask of her from me and I gave her to you. You brought her back months after she was born and you made a covenant with me that she would serve me all her life. Now she has accepted that righteous one." Lucifer said burning with anger
Roseline could feel his breath on her chest and her throat could also feel his claws as Lucifer's palms closed in on her neck
A screen appeared on the wall with flames of hell burning round it
Roseline could clearly see the times she had visited the native doctor in the quest for child and when she dedicated the child to the shrine vowing that the child would serve it gods
"Please, take her life. I have not done you any wrong. Please spare me! Spare me. I did my best to command her steps after you" She struggled to talk
"Be silent you fool!!! In the arms of the righteous one I do not have the power to harm her. She is surrounded with His protection and i cannot reclaim her back. I have come to take you and your husband in her place" Lucifer said burning with ire 
"What about him?" Roseline managed to asked breathlessly pointing a finger on her lifeless husband
"I am done with him and by now my demons must have been torturing his body in hell fire. He is dead!!!" Lucifer answered
"No!!!!" She screamed
Lucifer advanced against her and strangled her to dead 
As soon as she died, a demon appeared and dragged her soul away 
Isabella's mom and dad died that same night
As Lucifer and his cohorts departed, a heavy thunder stroke the tree which stood at the back of the house and it fell and destroyed part of the building
All together, hell had swung its tail claiming 32 souls in that single night
It was indeed the night of  blood
When neighbours woke up the following day, they discovered the scene and checking in, Isabella's parents were confirmed dead
Their bodies were evacuated and handed over to the police 
Lucifer had a successful operation that night and hell rejoiced but he wasn't satisfied
He would have called it successful if Jacky and Susa were dead at least 
But he would re-strategize on how to bring them to hell before Isabella could have them saved
"Hell!! Hell!! Hell!!! Hell doesn't surrender. Lucifer has conquered!! All hell bow!!!!" The demons in hell sang in their agonies as they welcomed Isabella and Isabella's parents to hell where they would be tortured forever and ever


Episode 35 [the protest]

The entire nation was awakened the following morning with the news of the Isabella girls broadcasting on different television channels
Charles Douglas had called his daughter and wife in when he came across the shocking news from The Nation's News Channel which was his favourite
Elisa had actually planned to inform her father about Paul's proposal but given the rise to the situation at hand, she was too shocked and worried to speak about it for that day
Not being aware of the mayhems of that night would tell that a person wasn't current
By this time around, DPO Ebele was fully aware and actively engaging with the situation to ensure that calm had returned
He drove into his office at the state CID office when news got across to him that the youths, families and other angry citizens had stormed the streets and were causing damages as they advanced to the correctional facility demanding for the Isabella girls to be handed over to them so they could kill them handy
He quickly called for his station, mobilising and directing his men to report directly to the correctional centre, then, he phoned Warden Yakubu; 
"Hello warden, I have received information that an angry mob is heading to the facility to demand for the souls of the Isabella girls. I have directed my men to report on standby in order to rebel the attack if it comes as anticipated. Be alert and relocate the girls out of the facility now." He said and hung up the phone
Warden Yakubu was in his office speaking on the phone and at the same time glancing at the news which was televising a live report of another mob at the home of Isabella burning down properties
"Enough of the Isabella girls!!! If the law can't act, we will act now!!!! Hand over the girls!!" 
"They must die! They must die! They must die!!" The angry mob protested, burning down properties at the residence to ashes 
They had thought that Isabella's parents were in at the early hour, meanwhile, they were dead and their bodies were evacuated to the mortuary
Facilities at the correctional centre had been weakened with walls broken into ruins 
The mob could easily gain access into it and by chance could release other inmates and hunt for the remaining Isabella girls
"Hurry, arrange for the girls to be transferred to the secret unit" Warden Yakubu issued an order as he ran for Isabella
He mate her sitting with her head bowed
"Do you have a hand in this Isabella?" Warden Yakubu asked 
"No sir! I can hardly imagine that this was coming." Isabella answered
"How do the girls got such momentum to cause this mayhem. Please tell me the truth!!" He yelled
"I know nothing of this Warden!!" Isabella yelled back and Warden Yakubu became very calm
"Hurry! We are getting you out of this place." He said breaking out of his calmness
"Where are you taking me to?"
"I'm saving your life. There is an angry mob making an advance to kill you and the remaining girls. We have to get you out of here to a place safer. Your parents are both dead and they're burned down." Warden Yakubu finalized. Just then, a vehicle moved a bit in demanding that it was time 
Chains were added on her to those she had been locked in and she was taken out of the facility
As she moved, she saw the other Isabella girls being dragged out too heavily locked up in chains
She looked at them and had pity on them
They were taken in and the vehicle moved away 
With the prison facility been barricaded, Warden Yakubu issued an order for news channels to be told to inform the public that the Isabella girls had been moved out of the facility
This way, tension could reduce as the focus of the mob would be diverted
It could be visible that the people were tired of the Isabella girls and the law was too slow in responding to their dead
With the news which was later decimated that the parents of the Isabella girls had died, a calm fell and peace dropped in a molecule 
Isabella was itching to speak with the remaining girls as their execution was just two days away but wisdom would demand that she stays pacified until calm had returned and she would ask for permission to speak with the girls 
She knew things were out of hand and she would be standing alone other than she had thought to address the nation, then wait for her time of execution
Her hunger and desperation at this juncture was one; to meet with Jesus face to face and to also see Mia
She would be grateful if at least one of the girls follows her home
She thought about it but had to act out of the box
As the prison, Warden made his way out
Isabella called for his attention and pleaded to have a word with Susa and Jacky
"You want me to do that Isabella?" Warden Yakubu became provoked and charged at her but Isabella stayed calm
"Come on Isabella talk to me. My job is at risk here. Now you are asking me to have you speak with the girls?"  He quarried
"Warden Yakubu, you have every right to be angry at me in as much as I will appreciate you believe that I have no hand in this. I only want to speak to the girls on account of their salvation. They would be executed two days from now." Isabella pleaded further
After taking a deep sigh and brief thought, he accepted on the ground of their salvation but that was if he would be with them to avoid any form of conspiracy
He promised to be back and left in a hurry
That night, after Warden Yakubu had gone and returned as promised, he brought the girls before Isabella and in a collaborated effort, Susa was saved in tears but Jacky vowed to rather go to hell than listen to some mystical tales of Jesus
With a little joy of saving one, Warden Yakubu stormed out of the secret mini correctional centre to return to his home where he would be spending a few hours having a nice sleep he lacked for two days
Deborah and Ruth were also responding to all the happenings in constant prayers believing that God's will was going to prevail


 Episode 36 [the marital journey]

Dop!" Elisa's phone came landing on the bed
She turned to it and patted it gently
"I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do. Sorry ko" she spoke to her phone insanely
This came immediately after she was through speaking with the DPO, Elisa, Ruth and Warden Yakubu
She had been on a long call trying her best to ensure that she had updates on Isabella and the Isabella girls
The last person she had spoken to was Ruth and by then she was already aware that one of the Isabella girls had been saved
They both prayed on the phone thanking God before she ended the call
It had been two days since she had made the move to inform Paul that she had accepted his proposal but she was afraid, reason why, she could not tell
She lay on the bed face up thinking of how best she was going to break the news to him
What if Paul was only after her to use her and dump her
She was also afraid of marriage and how to even start the journey was where the problem lay for her
She turned to her stomach which was properly standing out accommodating the baby
Just as thoughts crowded her heart, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen and screamed out
Her mom came running in, asking if she was okay
She sat beside her and tutored her a little about pregnancy while Elisa stared into her face weak
As her mom stood up to leave, she held her by the hand gently and kissed it
"Mommy, there is something I want to discuss with you about." She said
Mrs Charles Douglas was loving, caring and very attentive whenever Elisa had something to speak to her about
She tensed her body and sat by the bed beckoning on Elisa to speak up
Elisa saw how tensed she was and jokingly asked her to not be afraid as it was nothing to worry about
"Mom," she began. "Do you remember Paul, Evangelist Daniel's son that came for the occasion daddy held?" 
"Mmm, yes, yes. The dark handsome young man that you introduced to me as Evangelist Daniel's son." She answered
"Yes, Mom. Mom, he has proposed marriage to me." She said and waited for her mom's reaction
"Marriage?" She asked calmly
"Is he aware of your condition?" She asked again, and this time Elisa responded
"Yes Mommy, and he said that he is following God's leading and that I'm his wife. He was here some days ago on a surprise visit" 
"Okay," the mother nodded her head showing interest for more
"He said that he wants to marry me and father the baby. I'm really confused Mom." Elisa said throwing her face away
"Come here, my baby. This is good news if the young man is serious. Ewoo, so I will soon be a grandmother and a mother-in-law, ah this God has blessed me." Mrs Charles Douglas said shaking her body and taking some wealthy dance moves
Elisa became embarrassed by her action and called her; "mom?" 
"Yes my baby girl. From the first day I saw that young man with you, I saw a future for you both, just that I was calm." 
" But my child, have you prayed about this?" She paused and asked her
Elisa agreed and even shared with her the vision she had the day Paul came and the moment she went to sleep
"Have you given him your consent?" Mrs Charles Douglas asked 
"No mummy, I haven't. I'm just scared. That's why I decided to let you know about it first" Elisa said
"Come here, my daughter. I have a conviction in my spirit that this is the will of God but first, give me your hands let's pray about this." Mrs Charles Douglas said pulling her to herself
The two of them prayed fervently and the mother left telling her that she was going to have a little sleep before leaving for the office
As she went back to sleep, she saw a vision almost the same as the one her daughter saw about her and Paul
Waking up from sleep, she was convinced that this was the will of God for her daughter
She went to the restroom and brushed, then dressed up for the office and called Elisa in
"Elisa my child. I have received a message from the Lord. Paul is your husband. Call the young man and speak to him about it before he dies waiting" the mother teased and headed out
Elisa hugged her and collected her bag for the car and the driver drove Mrs Charles Douglas for the office
That morning, Elisa summoned the courage and called Paul, breaking the long-awaited news to him
Paul was extremely happy and Elisa herself found her peace back
She felt like a heavy rock had been lifted off her chest and she knew that certainly God was involved
After a brief talk, Paul offered to visit again but she declined saying that she would visit them and use the opportunity to see Evangelist Daniel and his wife
That way, she would find out for herself if the parents were okay with their son marrying a pregnant sister 
After her return, she would then let her dad know about it and await what would follow

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