SIN ON THE ALTAR Episode 21 and 25 [Meeting the advisers of war]


Episode 21[Meeting the advisers of war]

My heart was boiling with anger and rage. I had been hunted enough. it was time to put an end to whatever that joined me and Betty.

At exactly 8am that morning, I dressed up and drove to my spiritual father's house.

While with my hands on the wheels, I felt so blessed going to see him. It was truly an opportunity to know that I was not alone in the fight. 

It was my nature that I had no many friends, an aspect of my life I was very careful, in order not to surround myself with people who would mislead me.

Prophet Timothy was one out of the few I had but he had changed over time and had become one I could not dare to consult, otherwise, he would dilute the little right thing in my head with senseless and ungodly tactics.

I drove to the gate and pulled into the compound.

My father was already standing in the doorway to welcome me and show me, love.

We greeted and they happily took me in, as we sat for a round table discussion.

"Daddy, first of all I want to begin by appreciating wholeheartedly the name of Jesus for your life and that of mummy. You have been great parents to me, ministry and life in general. 

"Secondly I apologise for all my negligence which has led me to fall into all the mayhems I'm encountering in the hands of Betty." 

"nk! Nk!!" My father cleared his throat

"Son, please tell us. Are you sure you hear from God that Betty is his right choice for you?" He began with a question 

This question I found difficult to answer because I had prayed about Betty and at the same time was emotionally attached to her. 

"Daddy I did pray and waited upon the Lord and I had couple of dreams where she appeared to be my wife. There is this revelation I saw about her. I was about to wed her but the wedding gown rends and exposed her nakedness. All this now confuse me Daddy!" 

"Hmmm, David, what we have been searching for is here. Betty is not exactly what you and I know.  I and my wife have been praying about this situation, trusting God for a revelation.  From what you say, there is another Betty that the Lord is going to reveal to us. This relationship has rather pulled you away from God. In such a case, I don't think God would bring you what would distance you from him. He is a jealous God. This relationship has to be put to an end but for the sake of the pregnancy, we would have to be careful, wise and dependent on God for direction. Right now pregnancy is already an implication, so we must be wise otherwise anything wrongly done now would jeopardize your life, destiny and ministry." He said 

"En, David," His wife came in. 

"What daddy is saying is that you would have to stay distant from Betty while this gets to the notice of your ministry and Betty's family, then divisions would be arrived at." 

My heart began to kick as I heard mummy make mention of my ministry and Betty's family - my ministry most especially.

"David, I know this won't be easy with you but it is the right step to freedom from the grip the devil has held on you. Many in today's modern Christianity would do otherwise but as men who bear the way of ancient and biblical truth, you would have to bend low and do the right thing." 

"Find time to summon your elders in the ministry and inform them of what has happened. If you don't do this now and it gets to them first, it would be disastrous. You have to stand before the people of the Lord and make your hidden sins public. I know you won't even think of aborting the pregnancy, so this is the right way to go. If you hide this sin from the people, it will take you closer to the enemy as it will generate multiple sins as means of covering up." 

Ah, my eyes became red and tears dropped from them

"I, Apostle David, a high ranking minister of God known for righteousness and purity. Ah! Just for the pleasure of minutes. How would I stand and how would I start. I am finished!" 

"Stop it son!" Mummy cried out against me as she depict my thoughts in her spirit.

"That is the devil speaking through you. You are not finished and can never be finished. This will be over and so long you do the right thing, the Lord will continue to be with you and it will end well." She concluded and pulled me to my feet where I had fallen.

Just then, my phone started ringing from where I dropped it on the table. It was Betty calling and mummy urged me to pick when she noticed it was Betty.

"Hello! David! my daddy wants to see you first thing tomorrow morning." She said as I answered the call. Before I could say a word, she hung the call.

I told my parents what she said and they urged that I go and if asked, I should speak as the Lord would help me do without denying that I had impregnated their daughter.

These words sang into my heart and spread heat onto it.

"But wait my son, how are you sure that this pregnancy is true?" He asked 

"She showed me the pregnancy papers and I confirmed it." 

"Is that all the verification you needed?" My father asked and I answered him "Yes"

"No David! How then are you sure if she is lying about the pregnancy or not, just to keep you entangled?"

You are supposed to make personal verification and in doing that, you need to take her to a lab where you can trust the result.

This made a lot of sense to me and I wonder why I had not for once thought of it ever since. My mood lightened a little hoping the pregnancy would be false.

"Darling, in that case, we should give David Dr Mike's number so that they can conduct the check-up from his lab.

This sounded good to my spiritual father and he became greatly amused.

I collected Dr Mike's number and saved it on my phone. 

"Prophecy comes from God, in accordance with his will. It is true that, that one is a man of God who doesn't know all things including those that pertain to himself. We also have our limitations. Only God can not be limited and for everything he is yet to reveal to us, he has a reason for it. " I heard these words in my spirit as I began to think why I was not seeing things as clearly as I wished to when it had to do with my person.

I gladly appreciated my spiritual parents and informed them that I would let them know about developments on the issue.

I drove home quietly not being sure of what awaited me. I became both scared and worried. It felt like my purity and righteous stand before the people would soon be washed down.

My head was crowding so much that I needed to have a break.

"I know, though I sinned, the Lord will not forsake nor abandon me."  

I drove on until I was out of view.


Episode 22 [Slapped by sin] 

"Em, pastor!" Betty's dad called out in his local dialect.

"I know you are a pastor, but a pastor also has blood in his veins, abi my children, no bi so?" 

"Na so!!" The multitudes of Betty's brethren combined of siblings and relations answered with their eyes fastened on me. 

After my meeting with my spiritual parents, I returned home and called Betty asking if my coming to her father's house would be postponed but she strictly demanded that my coming was mandatory as her father was already waiting for me.

"Betty, I want us to visit the lab together," I said in the middle of our conversation

"Lab! For what exactly, if I may ask. Oh, so you are doubting my pregnancy or someone has lied to you that Betty is deceiving you!" She ranted over the phone.

"It is not like that Betty, except your conscience is judging you...." 

"Judging me of what David? Only a person without a clear conscience would feel judged."  She cut in 

"Betty, can you listen to me, I only want to confirm the pregnancy myself. This shouldn't be something you should be worried about." 

"Fine, since you want to make a confirmation, no issue. But which lab and which MLS (medical laboratory Scientist) do you want that done under?" 

"I have a MLS, his name is Dr Mike," I answered trying to play low like a cat in order to win her. 

"Well, that's fine, when you come over to the house, we will talk things over." She said and ended the call

I decided to humble myself and go in order not to turn the old man down since I and he were well known as the betrothed of Betty.

You see, if I have any opportunity to advise any youth, my advice would be that they shouldn't rush into making marital arrangements with anybody until it has been assured of them by God.

I dived into the bathroom and soon was out hanging a shirt and trousers on my body.

I had overcome my fears considering the fact that with fear or not, it was mandatory that I appear before the Father, also considering the fact that I was known before them as a man of God.

after dressing, I knelt beside the bed and prayed silently asking God for his help as I visited.

I rounded the prayer and left the house into my car, then zoomed off.

On my way, many thoughts paid me a visit; "What if Betty informs her father that I have impregnated her? What will I say and do? Ah, Lord, I need your help." 

It took me 45 minutes to arrive at Betty's house.

Approaching the compound, Betty came outside and welcomed me. 

As she ushered me into the sitting room, I began to hear things like, "him, he can't impregnate our daughter and abandon her on the road, who will marry her?" "He must marry her!" Another shouted

"Betty, what is going on in there?" I asked, my heart jumping out of my chest.

"Nothing love, please come in, they have been waiting for you for a long. 

"Who are they?" I asked confused and angered at the same time.

"But you didn't tell me this was a community meeting I was coming to attend."

"Please can you go in, my people are waiting for you?" 

"Jesus Christ!" I stood out exclaiming in amazement.

"Man of God, if you ever make the mistake of marrying wrongly, you will start your hellfire experience here on earth." I held the tip of my finger with my teeth and muttered.

"I know this will be over, but I thank God I did not marry the beast of a woman such as Betty. It will be over, no matter the shame." I ministered to myself as I bent my head to commit my body to the chamber.

As I fell in, glares and angry faces were fashioned upon me until I was seated

I greeted them feeling ashamed but none of them answered.

"What Betty must have informed these people must have been a strong deceit.

"Em, Pasitor!" Betty's dad called in his local dialect.

"I know you are a pastor, but a pastor also has blood in his veins, abi my children no bi so?" 

"Na so!!" The multitudes of Betty's brethren combined of siblings and relations answered with their eyes glaring at me.

"My daughter Betty has informed me of something none of us should be hearing. Our daughter brought you to us with joy, informing us that you are the man who has come to plug her. We gladly took you in and accepted to offer our daughter to you. To us, it is good news that you have proven to us that you are a son and we are happy for that.  We would have been celebrating knowing fully well that the child coming on the way would arrive as soon as the marriage is conducted..." 

"Nk, nk, no!!" An elder stood up

"David! your soon-to-be father-in-law likes prolonging things. Betty ran back to us grieving that you have denied taking responsibility for marrying her after you have put her in a mother's way." 

"We summon you here to tell you that Betty's family is ready to hand her over to you as your wife. We are not asking you to talk or say anything. The only thing we are demanding from you is the date for the marriage to take place, and the earlier the best for you. You are a man of God, so people won't start accusing you of getting our daughter pregnant before marriage." The elder spoke at length.

My head was bent to the ground in shame, anger and rage, this time around not for Betty but for myself. For why I had brought myself so low just for the pleasure of Sexual satisfaction.

"Young man, no matter how sexy, physically attractive and endowed that young woman is, she is a death trap, and a reducer of glory if you have intimate knowledge with her outside marriage." I ministered these words in my heart like I was ministering to people as I bent my head. 

"My elders, as you all said, it is true I have impregnated your daughter Betty and I owe to my responsibility to marry her," I said slowly but in a summary just to be out of place.

I was sitting but the seat couldn't hold my butts anymore. 

"Good, good, that's all that we want to hear our son-in-law say....." 

They rejoiced clapping their hands and celebrating.

"Betty!" an elder called out

"We hope you have heard. You don't have a problem. Pastor Donald..," 

"David," others corrected

".....oh, David! Don't mind my old age. As I was saying, Pastor David is your husband and he will marry you. Our children are fruitful and Betty has just made us proud taken in."  he said and all laughed amusingly.

"I have become like the Samson that the  Philistines mocked and scorned." My heart was bleeding fast 

I quickly rose to my feet and offered that I would get back to them. 


I gripped my car keys from Betty and went in. I was about to reverse to move out of the compound when all of a sudden I realized that my phone was not with me.

"Where is my phone, Betty?" I asked in anger 

"Here love!" 

"You dare not call me that name Betty? get this straight into your head that David is not your love!" I yelled

"Come down please, I'm sorry lo...em. It's not my fault. it's because I love you and can't imagine my life without you." She said urging her demon to seduce me again.

"Where is my phone?" I thundered and she handed it over. 

"When are we visiting the MLS?" She asked 

"Tomorrow noon by 2." I answered.

"Please let's make it Wednesday same time." 

"And why?" I asked

"I have important things to attend to tomorrow." 

"But I have already booked an appointment with him," I responded

"Please get back to him and rearrange it." She beckoned

"I will do that," I answered trying to get away from her irritating sight

"Please come out of my car. I have things to do back home." I demanded and she reached out her lips to kiss me 

I couldn't tell when I reached out my palm like a sword and landed Betty a very hot slap on the cheek, pushed her out and zoomed off.

It took until my wedding day before I would realize what Betty had done with my phone while in discussion with her family

"Hello, you are speaking with Betty, the fiancee to Apostle David." 

"Oh, Apostle called me that you two will be coming for a pregnancy test." 

"That's correct. Now, listen sir! This is very important and I won't want to waste my time or your life if you deny complying to what I'm about to ask you to do. I have two options for you to choose from; 1. To have you killed or 2. forward 500 hundred thousand nairas into your account on the demand that you forge a pregnancy test when we shall come visiting. The ball is in your court and you should know how to play accordingly. Mind you, this isn't a joke" 

The medical laboratory Scientist doubled as a Dr. tried to object but Betty threatened and with the money and his life involved, he agreed to forge a medical pregnancy test result upon our visit.

The money was handed over to him the following day upon which the agreement was sealed. Dr Mike became a player in the game until it ended 

It would take until my wedding day before this would burst open to my notice, a day I will never forget in my entire life.

"If God does not help the righteous, one mistake from them is enough to destroy their eternity." 


 Episode 23 [The result]

I drove home Monday noon from Betty's place feeling shattered, shamed and afflicted beyond the marrow of my bones.

I pulled into my house and cupped the stirring of my wheels with my arms and chest. 

"Ah, Lord! I do not worry for myself but Daddy please, forgive me and have mercy on me for the shame I have caused your name" I prayed silently filling aches in my spirit and soul. 

My phone began to ring and I ignored it. It rang for the second time and checking through, it was Pastor Donald calling. I stared at it and dropped the phone, returning back to my formal posture but the call persisted until I could no longer turn off from it.

I answered the call faintly trying my best not to sound afflicted.

"Hello, Papa! good afternoon sir?" Pastor Donald said panting in his voice.

"Good after Pastor Donald, how are you doing?" I asked 

"Daddy I am fine but my Spirit is bothered."

"What is it pastor Donald. Please speak to me. Is everything alright with you, your family and the ministry?" I asked becoming tensed 

"Ah, Daddy, my wife slept this afternoon and had a terrible vision of you falling into a ditch. She narrated it to me and we started praying for you when sister Ogechi called that she dreamed of you being fed by mud beside a river by unknown hands. We intensified prayer and it became a serious burden as we prayed for you. We just rounded up praying and I decided to call to know if you are in sound health." 

"This is serious!" I remarked in response knowing fully, the details of what the visions were all about.

It was so intriguing that none close to me except my spiritual parents had come to the knowledge of what I was going through. 

I couldn't fathom it myself. 

"This is what happens to us the frontiers. There are many bullets we are receiving without those following us knowing. This is because they only see our backs and not our front. Behind the back, we are well polished and gallantly appeared, but our chests have been hit by swords, bullets, knives and missiles. May God help every of his minister out there." This words flashed through my heart and I heard them well within the twinkling of a second 

"Pastor Donald!" I called to him almost breaking down in tears over the phone. I wanted to break the news to him but I held myself back from doing so. 

"Thank you for praying for me. I am so blessed to have you and your wife as well as the entire ministry in my life. It is an opportunity I won't take for granted. Please continue to pray for me. This hour is crucial." I told him

From my voice, he could depict that all was not okay with me. He wanted to push further but I believe he thought it wise to make some findings in person, the time for which I didn't know.

"Papa, will you be in church for the workforce prayer meeting?" He asked me

I paused for a while, swiftly searching for the best answer. If I should be in church, certainly my countenance would weigh down that of others no matter how I would try to adjust it. This would then raise questions in the heart of many, creating a lukewarm spirit among the brethren. The best is for me at the hour to be absent from the meeting and try sorting out myself.

"I won't be around today pastor Donald for some important reasons, I answered him." 

"Papa, you have never missed the workforce prayer meeting before. The issue must be important." He said worriedly.

"I assure you it is well Pastor Donald, meanwhile I will be booking a meeting with you later. Take care and bye for now." 

I said this so that it could mandate me to at least begin the journey of opening up for myself in order to pave a nice path when I shall appear before the elders of the church. 

I ended the call regrettably. why? The effects of my sins were now taking me away from my calling and ministry.

Since the coming of Betty into my life, there has been a broadened distance between me and my calling on a daily basis.

My prayer altar was no longer having the usual fire. My absence in the church had become worrisome to my members 

I was now spending the largest part of my time supposed to invest into the calling of God upon my life to thinking of how I was going to come out of the mess I had encountered with Betty.

Once again, I regretted the day I mate Betty. 

I stepped out of my car weak and dejected.

Entering the house, I felt terrible. I went into the bedroom and dropped on the bed.

Just then, the thought of Abigail floated into my mind so strongly.

I thought of calling her but I decamped the thought on the consideration that I didn't want to appear emotional before her.

I tried resisting the move but finally, I couldn't tell when I dialled her number. 

Hearing her voice would for sure make me calm and hopeful.

I called her and blessed enough, she responded on time.

"Hello, Abigail." 

"Hello Papa, good evening sir" She responded 

We spoke for a few minutes though only on elementary things. I cleaned my throat and ensured that I sounded well on the phone. Finally, we ended the call. 

I couldn't really fathom if Abigail had noticed my attachment towards her but I didn't think it so as she felt so free with me wishing that such sexual attachment would never be between us considering our portfolios.

After my call with her, I felt so blessed and better. It was obvious I couldn't deny it that Abigail had gained the throne of my heart. 

The Lord had told me to plug out the eye, Betty. But how I was going to do it was the big question. I was trying my best and asking for his help. If not for the pregnancy, my relationship with Betty would have been long dissolved but the pregnancy had held me as a trap. There was nothing I would do than to accept marrying her unless God intervened. 

That intervention was what I yearned and panted for with all of my heart.

"Ok, this pregnancy is what is trapping me. Oh no, what if truly Betty knowing fully well that this is the only means to trap me is using this to hold me to herself?" This question stroke my heart and for the first time, I could see into what my spiritual father had suggested.

Like water gushing from its falls, I reached for my phone and dialled Betty's number.

"First thing Wednesday, meet me at Okadric junction. I will pick you up from there." 

"Why not the house?" 

"I don't want you to be near my house. I will pick you at Okadric junction." I thundered and silent the call. 

I turned to Dr Mike's number and dialled it. 

"Hello doctor, please our appointment on Wednesday as I informed you two hours earlier is very important. Please ensure you are around." I pleaded

"No problem Apostle sir. Everything is set for the pregnancy test to be carried out sophisticatedly to avoid errors. Whatever we are given you is genuine." 

"Fake! Did you just say fake?" I questioned him.

"No sir!" I said genuine test result. 

"Well, maybe it was a slip of the tongue because I heard fake. God bless you Dr," I said and ended the call. 

My mind was now convinced that Betty was faking her pregnancy. I became more optimistic that the result would come up negative trusting on the reliability of where we were going for the lab test. 

"But what if she is truly pregnant?" Another thought registered on my mind and I began to do a plan B, should this be the case.

As I was thinking, I fell asleep. I'm my sleep, I saw my angel sitting beside my bed with his face turned to the wall. He began to tell me the story of the Israelites; 

"When the Lord brought His people out of the land of captivity, he would have led them through the easy path, but he took them through the wilderness so as to train them for war. David! The battle ahead is fierce and the Lord is training your hands to war." He rounded and was out of sight.

I woke up and sat on the bed enumerating on the dream; "David! The Lord is training your hands to war." I repeated these words to myself and tried to gain understanding.

Nonetheless, this visitation meant a lot to me as I became fully aware that I was not alone. 

As slow as a snail, the long-awaited Wednesday arrived and I droved some minutes earlier to wait on Betty where I was to pick her up. 

She joined me and we drove to Dr. Mike's medical laboratory and diagnostic centre.

We arrived and he was happy to have us around, we greeted and he took me to his personal office to avoid me raising questions from those who may have known me.

I sat in his office waiting while a lady took Betty into a separate room. 

I waited for a few minutes and Betty returned with the lady. 

"Please hold on a bit sir for the printout of the result. " 

"Oh, that's fine," I said with eagerness

I was glaring my eyes left and right while waiting for the result.

"Sir, the result is ready and here it is." A voice said behind me and turning, it was the same lady. She handed me a brown file and I said goodbye to Dr. Mike, then moved out with Betty. 

We drove some distance away and I pulled by the roadside, brought out the test result and it was verified that Betty was two months and three weeks pregnant. 

"I think now you are satisfied. I don't know why you believed that I could lie to you." Betty said 

"You are pregnant that's fine. we will talk on the phone."

I handed her some cash and asked her to come out of the car. She unwillingly came out of the car and I drove off promising that we would speak on the phone. 

"Sometimes we wonder why we go through some things - it is confusing and bothering, but no matter how we try, we may never get it right until the end of the matter before we are able to see what God was working out which we never knew." I heard these words spoken in my heart as I drove on.


 Episode 24 [The bold step]

"Ah, church, Apostle David remains the shepherd over all of us. He has laboured and his work is not over but the ENEMY is angry and wants to cut him short. Please for the love of CHRIST, let's open our mouths and call on God for him. Somebody pray! Please pray! The Lord's servant must not fall! We have not been praying enough for him. Please open your mouth and call upon the name of the Lord." Pastor Donald cried out

It was time ...

Time to come out of my hiding and let the world know that I was no longer the Apostle of holiness they knew. In as much as before the Lord I had purged myself, this is what the people would consider of me; the deceiver who was all the while deceiving others to live right while he was busy enjoying the offer of the world. 

The truth remained that I was tired and the way out of the mess I had created for myself was to let the cat out of the bag.

"Beloveth in Christ," I said as I rounded the Sunday evening Revival meeting.

"The storm is coming. To me, it has come and gone but for you, I do not know how you would handle the storm that is coming. This storm would hit you and cause many of you to be shaken but I'm depending upon the Lord that a few would still remain faithful to the cause of the master. I am just an ordinary servant who is ready to give way at any point in time and allow the master to choose whom he would for his work to prosper."

This day we had a wonderful meeting in church; the unpredictable power and manifold dimensions of God at work as usual. 

Diverse healings, prophetic release and testimonies all around were visible manifestations. The people of God were blessed and their joy reached to the brim, but now they found it strange what I was saying. 

All eyes fastened on me. Senator Moses was there, Betty was there, Abigail was there, Pastor Donald and Deaconess Felicia were there among other dignitaries of my ministry.

Abigail was sitting some distance in the choir stand. Knowing she was there comforted my heart. 

Pastor Donald and Deaconess Felicia must have felt bad that all these that I was about to unveil were ongoing and eating me up without letting them know.

I had initially thought of first informing them before the board of elders and then the entire church, but I thought over it that sometimes a long process diverts focus when there is a summary of a journey. 

I decided to summarize the journey. This would be the day I would know that the Everlasting Revival Ministry loved me to the core as their Pastor. 

As I spoke, I felt the light and power of God fell on me. With this, I knew I was doing the will of my Father in heaven even if man was to be against me. I was strengthened and I continued speaking

"Brethren, I am suspending myself from active ministration. Apostle David, your humble man of God whom you love won't be standing here again for a while until the Lord has vindicated him from the trap of the enemy." 

"I didn't for once answered the call into ministry because of fame, popularity or materialism. I came in because the Lord called me to do his work and all these years I have faithfully served. Now I'm wounded too severe to continue. I would have to retrieve to lay upon the Lord's feet so that my wounds can be treated and broken bones restored." I said

I looked up and saw everyone glaring from corner to corner with questions in their hearts. Others were muttering and wondering what it was that I was saying. 

"Brethren," I continued. "you have followed me all these years as your man of God and I want you to do the same for the one the Lord is ushering into service today as I step aside. Pastor Donald Aondohemba, please can you come to the altar?" I requested throwing in more confusion.

Pastor Donald grudgingly stood up humbled and confused and mesmerized to approach the altar as he could not understand and felt unworthy of the task I was uninformedly committing into his hands. I believe his coming out was for the respect he had for me as the true servant of the Lord he had known me. 

As I watched him match to the altar, I could see concern all over the people. Betty was no longer comfortable in her seat as she was not expecting that I would take the step I was taking. Even Lucifer and hell were taken unaware otherwise he would have made a move to stop me. 

Pastor Donald came standing by me and I handed the microphone over to him requesting another one.

"My people, this will be your Apostle now until the Lord reunites me with you again. Follow him as he follows the Lord." I said, then turned to Pastor Donald Aondohemba. "My son, you have faithfully served with me in this vineyard and I'm happy to temporarily commit into your hands this work of the Lord until He has refined and brought me back again," I said and he humbly fell on his knees holding onto my legs 

"Please stand up and stand beside me," I ordered.

I raised a song of worship and together with the congregation, we worshipped the Lord before  I continued.

"Please, I would love sister Betty to stand!" I instructed Betty

I could feel waves of fear, anguish and guilt drumming in their heart of Betty as she grudgingly stood on her feet shaking. 

I sighted Senator Moses, glared from left to right, gathered his baban riga (loosely sown native attire worn in Nigeria) and stood to take an exit.

"Please Senator Moses, this is highly important and I would love you to take your seat until I'm done." I stern an order and he fell back into his seat 

"Brethren, you all know that Betty is my BETROTHED. You all have been waiting for us to release the date of our marriage which accounts for a thing of great joy. I am totally ashamed and broken to announce to you today that I and sister Betty had intimate knowledge of ourselves and as a result, she is currently pregnant." I broke the news out of the shell.

"Chai, ah, Jesus!" different expressions of shock came from the congregation with eyes fastened on me.

I couldn't take a break otherwise the place would be disoriented, for this course, I continued.

"I personally made the confirmation to Betty's pregnancy yesterday and it is to this view that I'm stepping down for the Lord to continue with you through Pastor Donald until I am healed and RESTORED back to faith. 

Betty could no longer hold on as I sighted her run out of the church in total shame while the congregation looked on.

"I am sorry people of God for disappointing you and the entire body of Christ. For the love of Christ, do not give me over to the devil but in your secret prayers, pray for me so that the Lord can totally heal and RESTORE me back to you. 

I held Pastor Donald, pulled him close and dropped my microphone. 

As I walked down the altar, I could see tears coming down from the people's eyes. The entire church broke down in tears and wept bitterly.

"Apostle we love you, Daddy the Lord has not left you. We are proud of you. the devil is a liar." I heard them pray for me; some holding their hands together and others reaching out to touch me as they prayed 

I too broke down in tears on my way out into my car.

"Ah, church, Apostle David remains the shepherd over all of us. He has laboured and his work is not over but the ENEMY is angry and wants to cut him short. Please for the love of CHRIST, let's open our mouths and call on God for him. Somebody pray! Please pray! The Lord's servant must not fall! We have not been praying enough for him. Please open your mouth and call upon the name of the Lord." Pastor Donald cried out

I lay over my steering with a heavy heart as tears streamed down my eyes. 

My personal assistants stood by, offering to drive and do this and that but I declined in all. I started the engine and drove off.

Arriving in the house, I rushed into my bedroom and fell on the bed praying out my heart until the following day in the evening.


Episode 25 [The arrest]

"Rape? Oh, my Jesus!" I expressed shock as I was driven away. 

"The righteous and heavenly-minded man becomes troubled and fights his way back to restoration into God's arms after his fall but a sinner finds it worrisome for why he should care when he has sinned."

"My son, I am well pleased with you and I bless my name for sending you to earth. You are representing me well and  I am proud of you." 

"I am The Lord and that is my name, sometimes I allow my children after a period of glory go through the furnace of agony in order to reshape, remould and refurbish them into the absolute expectation of me for their lives." 

"You have made heaven proud! You have made heaven proud!! heaven, proud!!! proud!!! you have made heaven proud!!!" I heard the voice of the Lord who appeared to me the evening of that following day echo. In his appearance, the entirety of my house vanished and gave way. I was left standing in the climate of his presence, surrounded by the empowering and tender vibrations of his voice.

It was beautiful and beyond what I could describe. I felt his love surge into my spirit and soul. In my years of ministering, that was the first time I could have such a unique encounter of a kind.

Prior, I had countless angelic visitations, but now I felt His presence in a stronger sense. 

As he spoke and was taken by the rays of light that flashes from His ambience, his voice echoed causing me to stand in awe. 

As the Lord disappeared, I fell on my bed rejoicing and weeping in appreciation for showing me mercy. 

Never had I imagined that falling into the labs of Betty would cost me so much that I would pay for in pains such that I was already rendering.

Lying on my bed and enumerating, I began to ponder; "today we talk of Samson in the labs of Delilah and forget John in the labs of Deborah, David in the labs of sister Jennifer, as me in the labs of Betty." 

"Certainly, here comes the penalty for me." I cried out

"Hahaha! And I will ensure that you pay with everything you!" I heard a mystical being speak as it moved from corner to corner.

Soon I saw the shadow of  Lucifer surrounded by darkness standing by the wall of my room.

"You son of the doom, what are you doing here and what do you want from me?" I asked without fear

"I have come to inform you to be ready, the cup of your sins is being prepared, be ready to drink from it. I Lucifer will ensure your life and calling are destroyed. Do not be deceived, your sin still stands before you and its consequence shall hunt you until you wish you were not born."

"Lucifer you cannot contradict the word of God. I know your tactics. You do not have anything against me. I had sin, but not anymore. I am now and forever the righteousness of CHRIST. Now I command you to get lost in the mighty name of Jesus Christ." I prayed and the devil disappeared.

Immediately, I reinforced myself with what the Lord had told me and took time meditating on it and his word.

I woke up the next day completely restored, re-energized and fulfilled.

I remembered my phone and reached out for it. I had switched it off upon my arrival from church the previous day.

The moment I booted it, and switch on my data, diverse spam messages began to stream, into my private number; WhatsApp and all other social media platforms I was onto.

People were sending in insults, others praying for me and standing by me, and others condemning, accusing and threatening to deal with me. 

I logged into my social handles and almost ran out. One could not scroll past two posts without one referring to me with different headlines; "Popular Pastor impregnates bride to be.", "Apostle David caught red-handed sleeping with church member" among. a host of others.

My news and confession in the church were streaming on almost all local news channels and social platforms. I needed not to pay attention to such so I logged out immediately, but messages kept coming through to my phone. 

As I was about to turn the phone down to return back to prayer, I saw a message from my spiritual father pop in and it read; "On our way to your house son."

I felt blessed and glad about their coming and quickly put myself in order to welcome them.

Fifteen minutes later, they were at the gate. I went to open up for them as they drove into the compound.

I led them to the sitting room and served a juice drink. 

"How are you doing my son?" Daddy asked with one of his arms resting on my shoulder. Mummy stood up too and gave me a comforting side hug

I could see love and concern in their eyes for me.

"Son, you took a bold step and it was all you needed to do. We your parents are proud of you but above all heaven is. God is using this situation! your mistake to build you into a mighty pillar. Be strong my son." 

I appreciated their spiritual parenting over my life and for standing by me in such a time instead of castigating and throwing me out. 

in response to this, he said; "my son, many of us were in error before, but the Lord has helped us to embrace wounded soldiers and not stab them to death. If a righteous preacher falls into a sin today, I wouldn't join those casting stones at him. I will stand by him to strengthen him so that he could continue with the fight of faith." 

His words prompted me to wisdom and I nodded my head in agreement. 

Before they could pray for me, I heard people chanting at the gate in their hundreds. They had come with placards with inscriptions of affection and love for me. 

When I opened the gate and they poured in, I could really see how blessed I was. 

Pastor Donald and Deaconess Felicia led our members as they began to express their love and prayers for me.

I felt so blessed and favoured to be loved in this immeasurable way despite the mistake I had committed.

I was stylishly searching in the crowd for Abigail, the woman that has taken the place in my heart. 

I was not seeing her until some seconds later. I saw her enter through the gate and was marching forth to the front.

Seeing her made me joyous and blessed. She approached me and like others gave me a side hug as a sign of affection. 

Each time I set my eyes on her, I had this feeling that this is my wife, not minding what was becoming of I and Betty.

My spiritual father came out of the sitting room and together with the brethren held hands with me, worshipping and praising the name of the Lord. 

My Spiritual mother was leading the closing prayer when all of a sudden men of the police force stormed my house and broke in heavily armed with Betty's eldest brother leading the way.

Worse still was the presence of different news broadcasters who were covering me as I was interrupted and taken.

"Officer that's him, please arrest him." Betty's eldest brother cried out

"Good morning Mr Are you one Apostle David?" he asked showing me his warrant.

"Yes I am, how may I help you?" I asked fearlessly looking into his eyes 

"Information reached us that you Impregnate one Betty Benjamin and publicly tarnish her image as a public act of disgrace and have refused to act responsibly as per marrying her. In view of this, you are under arrest. " He concluded and was turning behind to handcuff me.

"Hey officer, hold on," one of my protocols said. "This man is a high-profile man of God and not a criminal. You can't arrest him like an assassin when he is yet to be convicted of your charges against him." 

The officer angrily stared into his face and let go of my hands.

"Oya, follow us to the station," he said pushing me slightly.

My father came to me with a hand on my shoulder, "Son, God is involved and in charge. everything will go well." 

"Thank you, Daddy. Your son is blessed to have you in his life." I said smiling and turned to my ministry members.

"People of God, do not let this discourage you but be encouraged the more as the name of the Lord will be glorified." I admonished and was led away. 

"I am no longer ashamed even though the world mocks me. Dear Lord, please allow this for my punishment, but do not allow, that on my account and should be pulled out of faith. I am the one who sinned. Use my mistake to grant revival to the world." I said this prayer in my heart as cameras were all-over on me. 

"Officer, Apostle David has been successfully arrested. How do you feel about this and what is the next step?" A journalist asked 

"Well, the arrest is successful. We are taking him to the station for questioning where the said Betty would also be invited to give us hints on how it all happened. We are optimistic that this is a case of rape. If we have a need, we will forward the case to court and it will be carefully judged there." The officer answered

"Rape? Oh, my Jesus!" I expressed shock as I was driven away. 

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