SIN ON THE ALTAR Episode 26 to 32 [Enemies at the round table]

SIN ON THE ALTAR Episode 26 to 32 [Enemies at the round table]


Episode 26 [Enemies at the round table]

I felt like standing from where I was and strangling her, but I quickly rebuked the thought.

"Err my fellow elders and deacons, I summon all of you here today not because I am anything special but as I stand before you all, my body is terribly shaking and you can attest to that." 

"I am shocked to my bones over the recent developments in this ministry. My eyes, ears, spirit, body and soul have failed to believe that this could come from Apostle David...."

"Do you still call him by that title? We were supposed to have stripped him of any ministerial title as the number one disciplinary action for his undue deceit. Simply call him David." An elder angrily cut in, then sat down to allow Senator Moses to continue his speech.

"Thank you elder Samuel. As I was saying, David has awe all of us. I couldn't imagine that of all people, it could be him, hiding under the guise of holiness to deceive us.." 

"Senator Moses," another elder stood up. "What exactly do you summon a fraction of us here for? I am trying to understand the purpose of this meeting. To start with, we have never for once come for a meeting in the name of the Lord and fail to pray before starting. That alone is a stain on my heart. Please go straight to the point and tell us what you are driving at Senator Moses. 

"Ah, that's true elder Kayode. I absolutely forgot to lead a word of prayer, but we have started already. Prayer could come at the end as we believe God is already in our midst." 

"Errm, what I'm saying is that the work of God is a sensitive thing which we the elders must ensure it strives in the right part and direction. Apostle David has fallen away. Although he has appointed Pastor Donald to lead the ministry, I don't think this is right. Someone who has fallen away shouldn't be in the position to choose who takes over leadership. We don't even know if Donald has clean hands himself. We should choose someone else who will take up leadership until Apostle David is vindicated, if at all that's possible." 

"Rightly said Senator Moses, how can the blind be the one making appointment of who takes over from him when all of us can see accurately." Elder Samuel vehemently supported

"Hai! Jesus Christ of Nazareth." elder Peter Iorhen stood up. So this is why you call for this meeting. This is why you invite only the three of us to this meeting. Well, if you consider me as one who would be allowed to be used by Satan to destroy our beloved Apostle David, I am not a part of it and God won't allow you all to do the same. I plead with all of you to disease from this evil." He said and took some steps away then stood to finalize his words. "To warn, I won't be a part of any meeting again unless it involves the entire elder's forum of Eternal Revival Ministry." As he motioned to storm out of the compound, another elder checked left and right and joined him in doing so.

Senator Moses was now left with Elder Samuel.

"Senator Moses, I understand perfectly what you are talking about. Don't worry. Leave that to me, let's call for the whole house to gather and we will speak up our minds. If they won't yield, it is better we become the sand in an oyster to make it uncomfortable." Elder Samuel said.

"You have a very strong point. We shall do exactly as you have Said." Senator Moses admitted nodding his head.

"Please Senator Samuel, take this hundred thousand naira for your transportation," he said stretching out

"Oh, oh, ah, ah, Senator Moses. You mean this bunch of money for me? Thank you, thank you, senator. My wife will make a nice meal tonight." 

"Don't mention, elder Samuel, as long as we work together, you won't lack such a gesture." Senator Moses deceived 

Bishop Timothy was inside the building waiting for the outcome of the meeting. When Senator Moses joined in and expressed how the other two elders left angrily. At this point, the two of them expressed worry that things may go out of hand.

"But my senator, you should know this person. The way forward for a man is the way that leads to his pocket. You should have put oil on their hands first so they could stain their garments themselves without being forced. If you take a horse to the river and it refuses to drink water, put grass into the water and it won't escape drinking the water as it eats." Bishop Timothy quarried

"That totally escaped my mind." Senator Moses answered

"So what is the next plan?" Bishop Timothy asked 

"We will be having a larger meeting where every executive would be around. We have come out with two agendas; first, to win them over to our plans or secondly scatter and create confusion.

"That is good my senator. I have also come out with plans; to invite CEOs of top publishing houses and news organizations. Let's plot with them and give them hints on how to further escalate that Apostle David is having an affair with other ladies." 

"The other sister, err, err, Rebecca, the one we used to seduce Apostle David in his office. We will bring her to review and publish the archives of what went on in the office." Bishop Timothy said laying back in the chair with a feeling of satisfaction.

"But you know we need solid evidence on that case, is there anything we have on the ground connecting to that plot?" Senator Moses asked 

"Ah ah! Very well my senator. You are talking like you are a novice in what we planned together." Bishop Timothy scolded

"Please remind me my lord Bishop. You know you were the architect of that plot and I was just a side game player. Please tell me more so that I can review it to those I'm meeting." Senator Moses pleaded 

"What we planned was this; Rebecca went into Apostle David's office that day with a camera planted in her hair, sorry wig. Even though Apostle David didn't fall into the plot, we can collect pictures together and some videos and trap up something for the media. That is a simple gameplay, our boys behind the keyboard and monitor are good on that." 

"Kai, my lord Bishop! My lord Bishop! I can see that you are good. That is very well planned and said." Senator Moses applauded and Bishop Timothy adjusted in his chair as his heavy stomach danced to the movement.

"My lord Bishop," Senator Moses called in. "Apostle David has made a difficult political career for me and ministry-wise for you. It is time we decisively deal with him so he could learn that he is a small boy of yesterday. I left your church and joined his ministry for this same reason...." 

While still discussing, a bouncer walked in informing Senator Moses that DPO Usman had come and was waiting for him outside. 

"Please let him in Immediately." Senator Moses ordered. 

The two devils in sheep's clothing adjusted their posture as DPO Usman joined them in and they went into the discussion.

"DPO Usman, please meet his lord Bishop Timothy, my very good friend." 

DPO Usman and Bishop Timothy greeted briefly as Senator Moses continued.

DPO please inform us how the case is going.

"Err, It's going very well senator and I will ensure that it wins to your favour as you wish. I received a call from the commissioner of police and he has asked me to follow up with the case in your favour." 

"That is very good DPO. Very very impressive! I made a call to the commissioner yesterday" Senator Moses affirmed

The discussion went on for about thirty more minutes and soon a sachet of money was brought in black polythene and handed over to the DPO who collected it with a beaming face and left.

At his departure, Senator Moses made a phone call briefly and resumed speaking with Bishop Timothy.

"Who was that, my senator?" Bishop Timothy asked 

"That is Barrister Ayang Apkan, my personal lawyer." He will pursue the case without failure. 

"I will also be meeting with Betty and his elder brother tomorrow to discuss things with them. She mentioned to me that she needs money for her pregnancy and I forwarded it to her." Senator Moses explained

"This is awesome. Even Lucifer would be proud of you senator. You are truly playing this game well." 

"And you have forgotten that I am a politician? We, politicians, are capable of pulling down anybody if we want to." 

"I am highly impressed my senator. soon, all members of Apostle David's ministry would pull out to my church and you won't have a voice condemning and withdrawing elements of dirty gamers involved in politics." Bishop Timothy said.

The two applauded and wished themselves well in the undertaking.

"Please my lord Bishop, don't forget to meet with your designated television, publishing and news agencies. I would also make efforts myself." Senator Moses reminded and Bishop Timothy left his house.

In the police station, I was taken and locked and isolated. From the day I was brought in, with everything ceased from me, I had an opportunity to wait upon the Lord more. 

Abigail had come on three occasions to give me food but I refused to eat. I couldn't be in such a mess and still have an appetite to eat. I was going to call on God until he had gained glory for the situation I was in.

Hundreds of my followers were pouring, into the station until everyone coming to see me was cut off except for Abigail and my spiritual parents.

I have not mentioned anything about my family. Well, my family are those who belong to Christ. I lost my father since childhood and my mom died an age full life six years back. 

Seeing Abigail each time silently reminded me that I would one day have someone I could call a friend, a wife and a mother.

In the two days I had spent in the cell, Abigail had shown me the natural connection of love I had not felt. 

This made me hope that soon, I would be vindicated, but if it was not the will of God, I didn't know how sorrowful my life would become. I thought of it as I say facing Abigail and cried. 

"Papa, why are you crying. Please, we know the Lord will vindicate you." she pleaded.

"Abigail! There are things that have filled my heart beyond just this. I wish to communicate them to you but the time seems far." 

"Papa you can talk to me. I am here and will be here. please........" 

"hmm, Pastor! Abi na Apostle you be. So even for the cell you still want to nag this one to abi. Young lady! please your time is over. Pastor's wife is here to see him." A police officer disrespectfully acted 

"Pastor's wife? Betty! what is she doing here now?" I questioned in my heart.

Soon Betty appeared. Looking at her, her stomach has shot out and one could easily recognize that she is pregnant. 

I felt like standing from where I was and strangling her, but I quickly rebuked the thought.

"Just a night of pleasure, and I could write a book of my perils and agonies of life. Young man and woman, let my story teach you that, if you don't tame your appetite, it would soon devour you." I wrote down this words in my diary later on, when I told the story of my life in tears. 


Episode 27 [The Unexpected]

"You have locked me up here like one who has committed murder. What is my offence?" I asked staring into the face of Betty and her eldest brother who was accompanied by a police officer

"dup! Dup!! dup dup dup dup!!!" You open your mouth again, I will kill you here and right now, "dup!!"

"That's enough Officer Daniel! Do you want to kill him? please see me in my office immediately.

You could wonder what dup means, that was the sound of the baton the officer attending to me was using to hit me on the back as I fell flat to the ground totally exhausted and lacking strength. 

Officer Daniel opened into the office of the DPO and mate him spacing about.

He gave a salute and remained standing as the DPO adapted to the position of his chair. 

"Officer Daniel, I am ashamed of you Christians. There is no love among you. 

You condemn and destroy your own without pity. I have warned you to take it easy with the man of God. He is a popular figure. if anything should happen to him, you will run with your tail in between your legs seeking for where to hide but there will be no place." 

"I am sorry sir!" Officer Daniel apologized.

"Get out of my office. Your apology is not needed. Christians are the problems of themselves. So divided and mounting about with bitter hatred for one another." DPO Usman hissed and rolled his chair to observe an invent through the window

 Officer Daniel had returned back to attend to Apostle David. He pulled him close to the television stand and was showing him all the news making the rounds on air about him; the various interviews made with other women who were on the street accusing him of having one thing or the other to do with them.

"Now after watching this, I believe you will accept that your case is worse than that of those you called criminal."

He then dragged me to the waiting room where Betty and her eldest brother were sitting waiting for me.

"Oh, love I'm sorry, I have never meant to hurt you. Ah, look what they have done to you." She shades crocodile tears 

I turned to her and glared into her eyes as if to plug them out.

"Why have you come?" I asked faintly. 

"I am here to know your final decision whether to accept responsibility and marry our sister or not." Betty's elder brother responded

"Just to remind you, this case will be in court tomorrow and there is nothing you can do to win it, but that's up to you.

"Betty stand up!" he ordered his sister who stood up sluggishly

"Look at her Apostle! Please take a look at her. You can see that truly she is pregnant. For God's sake, are you not a man of God again? How can you impregnate a lady and refuse to marry her? Who then would marry her?" He questioned

As he was speaking,  a company of three men walked in smartly and stood by the way. They were my members in the ministry. I quickly knew why they had come; to sign themselves up as my legal representatives

I declined their offer and appreciated their concern for me

"I am guilty my people. I know the law. It will be pointless appearing in court for no other reason than this. My people, the Lord has spoken to me just that I am adamant. I accept to Marry Betty." I broke the news to the disbelief of everyone

Within the shortest time, I could see that there were jubilations in the station. One could only wonder what it was all about.

Betty ran and hugged me and I lightly hugged her back.

"I am sorry Betty,  but you are closer to the grave than you have ever imagined. I whispered in her ears and she refrained from me quickly in expression of shock.

Soon, I was uncuffed and after signing my statement in the book I was provided with, I was allowed to go home.

"Sometimes we feel defeated and broken. In such times, our strength is gone and we are vulnerable, waiting for anything to happen, but God would not let us go." 

As I was driven home that day, many things flocked into my head. 

I wondered if this was my end or on the verge of me drowning, the Lord would render me help. It felt like my head would break. 

"I know that at this moment you have questions on your heart but the journey is never close to ending." I interacted with my mind as we went off


 Episode 28 [TWIST]

After praying and going to bed that night a happy man, I had only one regret; for I was the reason for which the life of Betty would soon be brought to a shameful end, for this I was sure of.

"I blame you for all of this man of God. I give you all the blames there is to give." 

"Wait, I don't understand. Are you here to mock me or what? Why do you blame me? For sleeping with Betty? What exactly are you driving at Prophet Timothy?" I asked Prophet Timothy confused and embarrassed

"Okay, here is all I'm saying. All this was going on and you didn't take the necessary measures to conceal it. You didn't let me even know a hitch of it. I visited you a couple of times and you acted like all was well between you and Betty, not knowing that you were allowing such a minuscule of a girl's temper with your sanity. I am highly disappointed in all these. Of late, I begin to doubt our friendship man of God. This is not how we were before. We were that close and had common knowledge for whatever that was going on with any of us." He quarrelled

"And I expect you to know the reason which is clearly beforehand Prophet Timothy. Letting you know about my perils would have saved me from the hands of man but delivered me into the wrath of God."  I responded

"I don't understand man of God. What do you mean please?" he asked

"You went away from the standard I and you agreed to maintain in Christ Timothy. You fail off the track of purity. At this moment the whole world is against me, I can of better option rejoice that God is happy with me for the moves I took and still taken,"

"And then," Prophet Timothy asked suspiciously

"Your counsels would have rather pushed me out of God's will. I needed a friend to share my burdens with. But I couldn't let it be you because your operations of recent no longer agrees with the word of God." I concluded vehemently

Prophet Timothy smiled and adjusted his seat close to me.

"Man of God, I want you to understand that times are not the same. There were many things we didn't know why growing up. We were too young and thought it was that easy and cheap, but we later found out that we were totally wrong, personally, I did." 

"You have to act wise man of God. Well, you accuse me of falling off the track and yet here you are; the saint is the one whose image is captured with all manners of immoral acts. Just look around David. Every television channel, every newspaper page and every wall on social media is about you - you who is the saint. All these are happening to you because you have not been wise."

"By the grace of God, I have that wisdom, David. I change Women as much as I want and still maintain low-profile propaganda in and on the media. I may not have told you but my current fiancee just committed abortion and that is just one out of many. There are several options to this David. Come on, we are human and have blood running in our veins. We must craft means of survival and escape as we attend to the needs of our flesh and at the same time do the work of God." 

"If you hadn't pushed me aside as the sinner I have now become, you won't have been in this mess you've created not just for yourself but the entire body of Christ." 

"To start with, I can't even imagine you going into Betty without the use of protection. This overconfidence is what is killing those of your kind. Even if you are not into sexual immorality, you should have some protective tools rightly with you, should you encounter a temptation that is beyond you. That would have saved you the shame and embarrassment because without the pregnancy, none has a right to hold anything against you." 

"Having sex with a woman does not put you to condemnation nor makes you a sinner. You are not going to prostitute in brothels. To think, it is a relationship which is believed to lead to marriage. There is nothing wrong with it so far it is done in secret not to profane the church of God. We are living by grace and not by strength. All those claiming they are virgins are only deceiving others who wish to be deceived. Oh, were you expecting that you will court Betty without falling into her thighs, come on man of God! You didn't see it correctly. Betty is dam gorgeous...." 

"I can't believe this is you talking Prophet Timothy. With all this and you are still on the altar preaching? Oh, Jesus." I exclaimed cutting him short

"He will never stop! Here you come again man of God....." He continued

As Prophet Timothy spoke at length, my head was aching and almost breaking. Initially, I had thought this was just some lack of understanding he had but later on, while he spoke, I lifted up my head and who I saw before me was not Prophet Timothy. I saw Lucifer dressed in a black rope standing.

Without wasting time upon seeing that, I rose to my feet and faced Prophet Timothy.

"You fell angel, you defeated fallen spirit, I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!" This was simple but authoritative. Immediately, the spirit disappeared and was no more, yet as we spoke on, Prophet Timothy was still being negative and misleading. I expected him to charge against me for what I had just done but he sat speaking normally. Could this be a trance? I was left shocked.

At this point, I knew that he was not only spiritually manipulated but had also been mentally interrupted

"Prophet Timothy!" I called out

"Please leave my house!" 

"Are you sending me out of your house?" He asked shocked

"Of course and to be more direct, please don't appear before me until your ways are amended," I ordered.

"So it has gotten to this? I hope all that I'm seeing and hearing is false. I wish you all the best." He said and stormed out angrily 

It was all good I face my cross alone. "It is true I do not have anybody called friend - a misleading friend is more dangerous than an ENEMY," I muttered these words to comfort myself trying not to be shocked at the sermon Lucifer had just preached to me through Prophet Timothy, a formal friend. The devil had sent him to add salt to my injury.

About an hour later, I welcomed my spiritual father into my house and we had a brief time praying fervently

"Daddy," I initiated a conversation

"You well know that I was to be taken to court where the court would decide the case. There was every possibility that I was going to be ordered to marry Betty. To avoid the unnecessary court process which was too shameful for me to defend my sin by refusing to marry Betty, I was released on the condition which I agreed to marry Betty." I said and paused

Silence fell for a moment and my father spoke up.

"But son, this is very much crucial for us to run in haste. Has the Lord instructed you to marry Betty?" he asked

"I haven't but I am tired of all these. I just want to end it and see if there could be calm again. I signed before the police that I would marry Betty. I am sorry I did so without prior information to you." I apologise

"I understand son. It is not easy with all you have gone through but you would have still stand your ground. It is better to walk with the foolishness of God than the wisdom of man." 

"That's true Father but, this vision which I had where the Lord told me not to be afraid, he is with me keeps echoing back into my spirit." 

I have tried my possible best to put Betty away but it has resulted to the escalation of more issues. I just want the Lord to help me at this point of time.  I am becoming weary and tired." I broke down into tears.

"I regret all my actions. I was a threat to the devil and he took advantage when I went to bathe in the mud." 

"Yes, Yes Yes!" I exclaimed

"What is it, son?" He asked. 

"I can remember the instruction I received from the Lord in a trance while in prayer the night before I signed to marry Betty." 

"Okay, okay! what is it all about?" My father asked in haste 

"I wonder why it didn't occur until now," I said smiling.

"I can remember that night while in prayer, I fell into a trance and I saw my ministering spirit appeared to me and instructed me to sign for the book which would be presented before me to marry Betty. He told me that the Lord wanted me to be out of my cell to spend three days with Him so that he could show me things which I needed to know. Ah, Daddy, that is it." I exclaimed with great joy. 

"Mmm, the life of a prophet is Prophecy." My spiritual father said nodding his head in amazement. 

"My son," he said patting my shoulder. "Do not be afraid, for the Lord is with you. The Lord caused you not to remember the encounter so you won't struggle with it, but rather He made you act in His plans." My spiritual father interpreted it rightly

This meant one thing; that victory was on our side. 

We spent some time to pray more and appreciate God for what He was doing which we didn't know. 

My spiritual father then advised me to seek the Lord's face that night and fix the date for which I would isolate myself to the mountain, to wait on Him for three days as instructed.

With this, my joy knew no bounds.

Upon my return, I had received rumours of Senator Moses' advances for new church leadership, but I only took it as a rumour and had carved it out to be calm for the moment before addressing any issue that had to do with the ministry.

"Lord, it is your work, protect it and let you will be done," I concluded the day Pastor Donald came informing me of developments

First of all, I couldn't imagine Senator Moses had such a heading. 

After praying and going to bed that night a happy man, I had only one regret; for I was the reason for which the life of Betty would soon be brought to a shameful end, for this I was sure of

Beautiful still was the encounter I had with the Lord yet again. In it, I saw the presence of God saturating my room and I heard His voice saying, "Refine him! Refine him!"  

"Refine him?" I wondered what the Lord was saying. As I was meditating upon it, I saw a mighty, bright and sparkling fire burning ahead of me (by then I was out of my room and suspended on an empty land with no trees and stones) baffled by the sight, I carefully dragged myself close to it. I saw three angels surrounding the fire and drawing close, I saw a man burning in it. He was agonising and wailing, yet the angels were adding more wood to the fire. I almost begged the angels to show him mercy. When I came closer, I discovered that the burning man was no other person but me.

The world was crucifying me - God was refining me.


episode 29 [Ambushing the Enemy]

"Err, Bishop of the highest! I bring you a token just to appreciate your work in the vineyard of God." He said placing the three briefcases on the table. He then opened slightly revealing the clean currencies to entice Bishop John Tse.

After my night encounter, I woke up as early as 4am the following day and was moved by the spirit of God to the mountain to spend three days as instructed. I took nothing with me except for the Holy Bible.

I knew that my where-about would be worrisome but I couldn't ignore the leading as I believed my spiritual father would know where I had gone.

It was time to separate from a man in order to sort the face of the Lord for all the confusing darkness that wore over me. 

".....Yes, yes my lord Bishop! I have done exactly as we agreed. ... Don't worry, leave that to me and I trust exactly what to do in this situation." Senator Moses spoke over the phone with his lordship, Bishop Timothy.

He was on the highway speeding to a location unknown but soon cornered and was heading into the CAN state Secretariat.

The convoy went into the compound and pull off emitting the presence of the wolf in sheep's clothing; Senator Moses.

His protocols brought out three briefcases and accompanied him into the office of Bishop John Tse; the state CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) chairman.

"Greetings Bishop of the most him." Senator Moses greeted and Bishop John Tse responded gladly. 

The two sat down and soon began talking; 

"Mmm, Bishop of the highest, my name is Senator Moses, a high-profile elder under the ministry of Apostle David." 

"Oh, Apostle David, the young man whose news is everywhere on the internet?" He asked 

"Yes, Bishop of the highest. It shocked all of us his elders that he was only hiding in sheep's clothing to claim a life of purity which he was not.

"It is disheartening that young boys of yesterday would profane the name of the Lord so easily in the name of ministry. His matter has been before my table under due consideration for what action to take in the direction." Bishop John Tse said worrisomely

"Err, I can see that the Lord is making my visit easy my Bishop." 

"What do you mean?" He asked confused

"I have come because Apostle David has been using strange fire on the altar of God which is only now revealed. Despite this, many are still blindly following him. I am worried that if the CAN do not come to save the situation, the ministry of Apostle David may further mislead the entire body of Christ." Senator Moses said 

"Mm, you have a strong point there, but what measures have you and the rest of the elders of the ministry taken to point his ministry to correction?" He asked 

"I personally have done much the Lord's Bishop, but every of my attempt has been resisted by most of the elders who have been deceived by the fetish acts of Apostle David." Senator Moses answered.

"Senator, you are speaking on point but one thing keeps me doubting. You know of all these and you still choose to remain as an elder under the same ministry? That is uncalled for and totally out of point.

"Yes my Bishop, you are right but at the same time, I couldn't easily disown a falling sheep. Apostle David was doing well but only started misleading the Lord's people some time ago and persisted in it. I have sorted out ways to make corrections and rebukes but all have fallen on dead souls." Senator Moses vomited his deceit

"That is good senator, but what is the purpose of your coming if I may ask." Bishop John Tse asked confused 

"My Bishop! I know you are made the CAN chairman not just for fantasy but your work in the body of Christ has given you the due position. Please I want the Christian Association to look into this matter and dissolve the ministry of Apostle David in order for him not to continue misleading the church."

The state Christian Association chairman; Bishop John Tse kept silent for a brief moment and lifted his head to look into the eyes of Senator Moses.

"Senator," he said. "I have heard you. I will deliberate on this matter prayerfully and decide on what is best to be done. I appreciate your coming and deep concerns for the sanity of the body of Christ." 

He paused a little and spoke yet again; " You address yourself with a senatorial title. Are you a senator?" Bishop John Tse asked

Senator Moses smiled; "Yes Bishop of the most him. I was a one-time senator. But I have been on unfortunate for reelection." He explained briefly.

"The Lord will cause it to happen in his own time. I keep wondering, a politician with so much business for the kingdom of God. Please continue in this regard and the Lord will bless you to even become the governor of this state some days soon." 

"Amen Amen Amen!" Senator Moses responded to the prayer

"Err, Bishop of the highest, I bring you a token just to appreciate your work in the vineyard of God." He said placing the three briefcases on the table. He then opened slightly revealing the clean currencies to entice Bishop John Tse.

"You mean all this for me?" He asked

"Yes, Bishop! This is just a little for appreciation and for considering my heart cry for the body of Christ." Senator Moses fakes his remorse.

"You don't have to be worried about that. I will summon for a state meeting and we will decide on what to do. The scandals against Apostle David has gone far and wide, and its magnitude is heavy enough to draw the attention of the association to look into the matter." Bishop John Tse finalized

The two shook hands together and Senator Moses left with his entourage gladly.

"..... O yes my lord Bishop! The meeting went well and soon, Apostle David's ministry would be legally and officially called to an end." Senator Moses and Bishop Timothy spoke over the phone as soon as he left the CAN complex.

Two days after, Pastor Donald received a letter from the office of the state CAN chairman on behalf of the state body, requesting the ministry of Apostle David; Eternal Revival Ministry be put on suspension until further approval by the body.

Pastor Donald sort after me but I was nowhere to be found. With the counsel of his wife, he ran to my spiritual father for help. 

The two of them went through the letter and discovered that The CAN had the ability to dissolve the ministry's registration under it if the order was disobeyed. This could further trigger government action against the ministry; to close it down completely, especially as the media had a special interest in the matter. 

What triggered the escalation of the scandal was most especially as Apostle David was known nationwide as a revivalist and purity preacher with notable signs and wonders.

After much thought to the whole situation, my spiritual father concluded that it was wise the CAN's order was obeyed.

"Pastor Donald! We are children of God who must obey higher authorities for it to go well with us. The ministry does not belong to Apostle David but to God. He will defend his work. If this ministry was instituted by the Lord himself, I assure you that it would continue and nothing would stop it." My spiritual father concluded and this seemed right to pastor Donald.

On the Friday evening prayer service, pastor Donald disclosed to the congregation that meetings would be put under suspension till further notice. 

Unfortunately enough, Betty had stopped making appearances for meetings fearing that she would be attacked by the angry members of the Eternal Revival Ministry

"Children of God, we are honoured to have with us here today, our grandparents; Rev. Joshua Sefa and t wife. Please let's Welcome him to the altar." Pastor Donald welcomed my spiritual father;

"Brethren, I appreciate you all for having me in your presence today. I want to start by giving God all the glory for the mighty moves of revival He has ushered in this commission since its inception....thank you all for standing by my son; for the immense love and genuine concern. Pastor Donald has already informed you of the demand from the higher authority to suspend physical meetings for now which we obediently agreed to. You all must not be discouraged. Ministry and the church are beyond the building. Continue to visit one another, build up cells where you could meet together and study the word of God and pray, and also keep remembering your man of God, Apostle David in your prayers. By the grace of God, Eternal Revival Ministry will bounce back strong and the gate of hell will not prevail." He concluded and the people shouted a thunderous Amen.

My ministry despite the suspension of the mass gathering continued waxing stronger through home cells. Members opened up their homes, meeting regularly on their own willingness. This attracted neighbours and more people into the ministry as one could not pass three homes without the banner of Eternal Revival Ministry home cell banner.

Pastor Donald was now more engaged in supervising the cells and creating divisional leadership to take care of the zoning cells.

After my three days on the mountain with the Lord, he commanded me to return back home.

My return from the mountain had cleared and erased all the darkness in my head. I could now see beyond any form of obstacle. 

When my people got to know of my return, many kept pouring into my compound. Any who came close to me went down under the power of the Holy Spirit. 

That day, I could not open my mouth and say a word to anybody. The concentration of the power of God was so much on me that if I open my mouth, people would be screaming and running. The fire was too much on me. I was cooked, I was refined, and I was sent back to the Apostle David that existed before his encounter with Betty, but this version of me was a more better and refined one

My compound became a healing centre as many were bringing in their afflicted ones and returning with them healed.

What God was doing through me baffled me. 

The following day, I informed pastor Donald that I was ready to marry Betty and wanted everyone who could attend to do so. He wanted to protest but I told him I could not go against the instruction of the Lord. 

I sent a delegation to Betty's parents also that I was ready to marry their daughter and it would be done in seven days' time, on the condition that both the traditional and the white wedding take place in one day and one event

For the next few days, I would not be going out until the wedding day. Donald would be acting in my place for every necessity. 

This drew a lot of controversies but I remained calm. 

"When the Lord sits upon the throne and laughs, it only shows that the ENEMY is ambushed," I told Donald smiling


Episode 30 [Steams of Love from Zion]

["If it is that, all of us are, my Apostle. There is none who truly loves you that is happy with your development. But I have prayed secretly that if this is not the will of God, God should destroy it even if it gets to the edge of where you are called to exchange vows. If it is God's will, let it stand but if it is not, the wedding rings will not enter any of you two hands." ]


"Papa, I have been worried and have a few questions to ask sir." 

"Please feel free to ask Pastor Donald. What is it that you want to know?" I asked adjusting my office chair to face him.

"Err, Papa, it's about your wedding with Betty. I don't feel alright about it sir. Secondly, I feel this should have been quietly done if at all we were to go ahead with it." Pastor Donald spoke concerned 

I smiled and sat erect.

"Pastor Donald!" I called in. "I know there are more than you can ask which you are not clear about, but I assure you that this is the leading of the Lord. I believe the meeting with the elders is well-informed?" I changed the topic.

"Yes sir!" Pastor Donald answered

"Pastor Donald, I am more than blessed to have you in my life and I want you to know that you are a blessing first of all to the body of Christ, to Eternal Revival Ministry and to me personally. I assure you that we are at the break of the day and soon, everyone would see the light. Please I want you to ensure that no one misses it to the meeting." I demanded

My meeting with all the executives of Eternal Revival Ministry was to take place that day by 4pm. Everyone was mandated to be in attendance.

I had personally spent two days in the office waiting upon the Lord to finalize his work in my life. 

I was done with pastor Donald and he left for his home to bathe and return before the scheduled time of the meeting.

Just then, I noticed Deaconess Felicia drove in with Abigail. 

The two came to my office, greeted me and Deaconess Felicia asked that she excused us

"Deaconess, I hope everything is fine. Abigail doesn't seem happy looking at her countenance." 

"Yes Apostle, you see rightly. For the past few days, she has not been herself. Most often I passed her room in the house and overhears her praying and sobbing. I have asked her severally to tell me what is the problem but she has kept mute saying it is just a burden she has on her heart." 

Hearing this, I smiled broadly, running my fingers on my desk unconsciously.

"Apostle, this is a serious matter. You are only smiling. Is there something that I should know which may be disturbing her? Please look into the spirit and speak to me man of God." She beckoned

"Deaconess, by now you should know that when I smile, it means I have seen a solution..." 

"Amen!" She shouted not letting me finish.

"Please call Abigail in let me speak with her," I instructed gently

"Okay man of God." She said and hurried out

Soon my door rang and knowing it was Abigail, I asked her to come in. 

As she walked in to sit, I noticed that my heart became a bit tensed and warm. So much was going through it and I sort carefully on how to initiate the conversation. 

I knew what had been her problem. To be sincere, we had not really had time together since my release from the cell and return from the mountain.

"Abigail," I started. "I know you are not happy about my consent to marry Betty." 

I paused searching for a way I was going to make her understand without unleashing what I alone was supposed to know for the moment. I don't want the power of a woman to win me here 

She was quiet with her head bent as I struggled to balance my words 

"Err, I know you may find it difficult to understand but the truth of the matter is that God is working on something which is unknown to anyone for now. I myself await him to perfect His will." 

As I was speaking with Abigail, I noticed that she was glowing and my attachment to her was fast increasing

"mm, Abigail, Abigail." 

"Sir,," She answered sheepishly

"The truth is that I have been pretending about somethings really, mm, nk, nk, but I don't want to lose what God has prepared for me..." I struggled with words 

I couldn't find out the best time. I was not yet done with Betty and right before me, I was surrounded with scandals left and right. I wanted to send Abigail out of the office but I didn't want to hurt myself and her. I just wanted to tell her the truth and have a relief. Thank God help came through for me.

For the first time, Abigail was bold enough to lift her head and look into my eyes 

"Sir! I have been crying and praying because I felt I was failing in my ministry already. I know this is unusual sir. But I have been sent to you, and I won't let you fall. I know this is difficult. I know you have wondered how I will feel about it; what people will say. I know you have been careful not to raise another scandal. But I know what I saw and have been seeing sir. For months now I have not been myself, more so is now that you are about to make the fattest mistake of your life. I know who I am sir. Please tell me what the Lord has said to you about me." 

O,h, my God! I looked at Abigail and it was obvious she was not herself but the spirit of the Lord had taken over her.  This was not usual but it was visible it was God.

I searched through my table and walls to ensure there was no camera fixed anywhere as I was being more careful not to be further exposed. After being satisfied, I motioned to speak, trusting God to help me.

"Abigail! Thank you for helping me have the courage to disclose to you what I have battled with for months. I am sorry that I couldn't wait for you enough to have indulged in all these which have posed a seeming barrier between what the Lord has destined between me and you. There is nothing to hide anymore that you are the one chosen for me. I remember the encounters you told me of the man of God destined for you to marry. The Lord has shown and spoken to me the same, but I couldn't muster the courage to let you know and as well I was watching to ensure that it was not my flesh leading me astray." I paused

There was a minute silence between the two of us. 

"But I am not the right one for you sir. You know a little about me that I was a mess....." 

"Abigail stop!" I cut her short. "Your pass is gone. This is the new you. This is from the Lord. We have nothing to say for or against than to yield to his total will." She nodded her head calmly as I spoke

I was now more at ease to speak to her seeing that we were on the same page. 

"I have been asking the Lord if I'm going to be the second wife. I have been confused most as I am very sure of what the Lord has told me, sir." She said worriedly.

"Abigail, you won't be a second wife to anybody. Of course, I won't marry more than a wife. I want you to trust me but most especially trust God on what He is doing which I myself still question in my heart compared to what he has revealed to me. I don't want us to be here for too long. Please call your mom for me." I instructed and she broadened her smile and then left to call Deaconess Felicia.

The smile, the dimples, O Jesus. "Abigail!" I shouted in my heart and threw a fist as I stood and adjusted my trousers. 

This has taken me a long. This which I have been dying to bring to the notice of Abigail. All my worries were gone.

"But, man of God you must be careful. Don't allow your feelings to lead you otherwise the worse would happen." I cautioned myself and behaved in the manner of the Apostle I was." 

"There is so much about this life. Sometimes it is confusing, difficult and challenging. Other times it is soft, tender and easygoing even for those who are the apples of God's eyes. What matters in all is the deep and sincere love and commitment we have for the Lord. He would help us out in our inadequacies." I ministered these words to myself awaiting the arrival of Deaconess Felicia.

I was already playing the game with the gamers, only that I was invisible.

With Abigail, I felt absolutely blessed and favoured and secure.

I wish it was my wedding and hers that preparations were underway. 

I Welcomed Deaconess Felicia back into the office and she was baffling and smiling as she could not contain what I had done to Abigail yet again.

"Apostle, hah, I can't understand." She said laughing.

"The Abigail that has refused to smile all this while is now the one who came to call smiling like she has eaten yam with red oil. This your office, there is something about it Apostle. Please tell me." 

I joined her and we laughed briefly then I told her that Abigail was only concerned about me getting married to Betty. 

"If it is that, all of us are, my Apostle. There is none who truly loves you that is happy with your development. But I have prayed secretly that if this is not the will of God, God should destroy it even if it gets to the edge of where you are called to exchange vows. If it is God's will, let it stand but if it is not, the wedding rings will not enter any of you two hands." 

"Amen!" I shouted finding it difficult to believe such a magnitude of prayer that was accurately carved. Only a person who truly loves you would pray for you. I was so blessed to have the likes of Deaconess Felicia around my life

I spent some time discussing crucial ministry issues with her before we started hearing songs of opening prayer in the auditorium.

It was time for the meeting. Deaconess Felicia left and Pastor Donald walked in to remind me that it was time. 


Episode 31 [The wedding - Bombshell part 1]

"Brethren, Haven done the well-deserved appreciation which I was yearning to give, I want to most especially express gratitude to the God of heaven and earth for disappointing the enemies of this ministry. Despite multiple attempts to silence this ministry, it is notable how we are growing faster by the day. Pastor Donald has reported to me that we now have a progressive figure of 65, 000 home cells with a mini church capacity attendance for each. This is massive, please Celebrate Jesus." I spoke extensively at the elders' meeting

The forum clapped hands jubilantly rising to their feet. 

"Senator Moses," I continued. "I can see how happy you are with your countenance." 

"Ah, my Apostle you don't know how happy I am. it is obvious that the work of God is progressing." He said 

"That's a beautiful senator. Err, that reminds me of the move I was told you took for the appointment of a new pastor over the ministry in my absence. Please can you tell us more about it?" I demanded laying a trap

"Heh, Ann, my Apostle!" He began smiling. "You know I have a very deep attachment to this ministry and its success. I am sorry I didn't trust your leadership scheme so much that I was only trying to question if Pastor Donald was the best option or if God was saying something otherwise. I believed that you made the decision of having Pastor Donald lead the church because it came sudden and your mind was not settled enough to transcends the spiritual for the best option." He concluded

I stood up and smiled; 

"Senator Moses, the tortoise that wants to hide from it shell is only hiding under it," I spoke in parable making everyone a bit confused

"Brethren, this is far away from pride, but I want to plead with you all, is there anybody here who has a confession to make for some of the things I and the ministry are facing?" I asked

"I see a storm that is mounting up heavily and about to be dissolved. Do we have any among us that has something to tell us so we could pray for him or her in the love of Christ?" 

There was silence everywhere despite the time I gave for everyone to think deeply. 

As I was about to move on from there, Deaconess Felicia raised up her hand to my shock; "My Apostle, I want to be sorry for myself if there is anything I have done wrong that I don't know. I also ask heaven to forgive me for not praying more than I have done for you and the ministry sir." she said 

I smiled and prayed for her. 

We then deliberated on everything else that was happening in my personal life involving the scandals, my upcoming marriage with Betty and the ministry. 

Although I had planned that I won't be out until seven days, the council advised that I eased up to attend to some few things. I agreed to this but told them the larger part of my time would be spent behind close doors. 

"... please brethren and elders, I want the media to be present. Invite every television, radio and newspaper station to witness my marriage to Betty. I want the world to know that I have done what is right and learn from it." I instructed

The meeting closed late into the night at around 7pm and each person departed home. 

Without a doubt, this was one of the most fulfilling days in my life and ministry. My testimony remained that I was a new man.

My time with Abigail couldn't let off my heart. I imagined as well how she would from each second enumerate our conversation in the office that day. 

Just about the time I was to go to bed, Betty called and was ranting bitterly; "love, you don't even call me, no text, nothing, you are just quiet." 

"After all, we are getting married and I will be all yours so, what is the point of calling, texting or doing this and that?" I asked her.

"Hmm, our wedding is just a few days away. I want to come to see you tomorrow so that we can finalise preparations." 

"That's fine! I will be expecting you tomorrow, but your coming is in the morning by 9am and you are returning anything before noon." I answered.

"You don't need to mention. I'm not planning to stay either." She said

The following day, I welcomed her into my home. Her pregnancy had pushed out a little. When I saw it, my heart kicked before returning back to place. 

She began to tell me about all the things we needed to make the wedding the talk of the town.

"Look, Betty, we are not making anything special. I have a suit and you have gowns or anything to wear. We are making an appearance on the wedding day to be pronounced husband and wife. Your bride price would be paid the same day before the procession. I have my plans okay, and this is already discussed with your father." 

"And what are your plans?" She asked 

"But I just explained myself, Betty," I yelled

"It's fine, I'm okay so long we are married." 

"And that's all you wanted? Just to be married, to the man that doesn't love you?" 

"But the same man pushed sperm into my body and put me in the condition I am. I will rather marry such a man than let him go!" She exclaimed

"That's fine Betty. Please before you go, between heaven and earth, I want you to tell me if you have a hand in the scandals I'm facing, with the truth, I'm sure the Lord will show you mercy." I pleaded with much concern for her life

"I don't understand David. Is it the pregnancy you are calling scandal or are you denying that we did not have knowledge of each other's intimacy? Come on, it's still fresh in my mind how much you were into me." she trashed 

"Betty, I want to ask you a simple question and let you go until the day of our marriage. It is true we had canal knowledge of each other, a thing I consider of the past and I'm forgiven of, but I want to remind you that my name is Apostle David. You have known what the Lord has used me to do. you are not ignorant of the dimensions I have operated in. I don't want you to suffer what is coming and is very close. Betty, please tell me the truth, are you sure your hands are clean?"

"Please sir; Apostle David, the anointed man of fire, spare me the time to do some other things." She answered rudely pushing me off her way into the bedroom.

I sat still in the parlour with my head held up straight onto the wall.

"When the soul of a man is bent on destruction, there is no warning that tickles it back to salvation," I muttered these words to myself. 

"So what are you muttering to yourself now Apostle? I want to take my leave."  Betty mocked 

"Alright, I answered her. Please greet your family for me. I will be speaking with your dad on the phone later on today." I said and she stormed out of the house.

I wondered why she didn't even seduce me this time around.

I consulted with my spiritual parents and invited top-ranking clergymen. I also visited the state CAN chairman and made a public apology to him and his council. I pleaded that in the reconciliation process, he should under pardon pronounce me husband and wife. 

He declined my plead on the condition that doing so would mean endorsing premarital sex among youths. I humbly obliged to his condition and settled it on the head of my spiritual father, meanwhile, the CAN chairman promised to be present with his dignitaries.

On Thursday, February 28, 1991, two days before my wedding with Betty, Senator Moses gathered with all the people in the game. At this point, things were going out of their hands. There was more than the need for re-strategizing to come out with the best result.

Betty; "I am worried. The way he spoke to me in the house showed so clearly that the Lord had spoken to him. To an extent, I know Apostle David. I have only been shocked why it took long before he could have knowledge of what we are doing. Please I want to stop all of these and confess to him. I am no longer myself. Last night I had terrible dreams have been dragged by demons. Please is high time we confess..." 

Senator Moses: "Will you shout up your mouth Betty. After all the money I have wasted on you and your family? Do you now want to give up? Never! we are bent on destroying the life and ministry of Apostle David and nothing would stop that!"

Bishop Timothy: Exactly my senator. Now listen carefully; every one of you. There is no going back in this game. We have invested in it and it's too late to give up. 

Early before the break of the day, I rose from the bed and saw my ministering spirit standing with his sword drawn.

"David!" He said. "the time has come. I have only come to Inform you that it is time."

I fell on the bed immediately praying and asking him to show mercy but he held my hand and told me to allow the Lord to purify His church of evil. 

Finally, the day that everyone was expecting arrived. 

Due to the much agitation from the media, the venue of my marriage with Betty was shifted to the state stadium. 

It was speculated that more people would attend my wedding than has been any other nationwide. 

Attention was much on me; many waiting to have more reasons to backlash against the church of God and so forth.

Saturday, March 2, 1991, was one of the most remarkable days for me and the body of Christ. 

That early morning, the wedding procession began. I had informed my ministry band to ensure that Worship was intense.

A selected team of prayer warriors was praying for me with fervency in a section of the stadium. 

Since the devil overtook my falling seriously, I was seriously ready for the battle

I had requested for some special sessions to be infused into the agenda and the Master of Ceremony (MC) was well-informed.

Dignitaries both from the body of Christ, circular and others were gathered. The media was ruminating from corner to corner with absolute readiness to feed their cameras well for what was coming

When it was time for me to speak before any further procession would properly begin, I stood from my seat with a serious outlook and climbed the podium.

As I walked to the pulpit, I could feel the awesome presence of God surrounding me. His power surged into my body and was literally vibrating it. 

I rendered greetings to all dignitaries gathered and appreciated everyone for coming.

I told the media that they should ensure what they saw was exactly what they were going to deliver to the masses who couldn't afford to watch the live session. 

Once again, I apologised to the body of Christ and the general society for failing them and indulging in sexual perversion, an act I was truly sorry for. 

"But brethren," I spoke on

"I have been injured within my spirit and soul for the evil that is been perpetrated in the church of God." 

I paused and instructed the security to be on watch not to allow anybody to leave as the people should hold anyone planning on leaving, and then I continued.

"People of God and media, men of God are not ordinary people but those who stand in the gap between man and God. They are not perfect but anyone fighting them is fighting the God who sends them. There are those who have a hand in the scandals you all are seeing on the media, hearing of and speaking of yourself. It is true I had intercourse with Betty, but afterwards, I repented and sort for change. Every other thing came from those who had wished to bring me, my calling and ministry to an end..." 

At this point, the crowd was still, with every eye glaring at me patiently waiting for where I was going to put a full stop to what I was saying so they could judge.


Episode 32 [The wedding - Bombshell part 2]

"People of God," I started. "You can all see that Betty is pregnant isn't it?" I asked and they shouted yes to the top of their voices.

The media became more interested and rushed against the traffic to carefully narrow their focal views.

Noticing this, I deliberately waited to ensure those re-adjusting to get the better part of my speech do so. When I noticed that everywhere was calm and focused enough, I continued.

"Beyond your expectations, I know you would want me to unveil to you what you don't know about all the scandals on me and my ministry, but I want you to see for yourself and hear it all from the horse's mouth. If I should say a thing, none of you would believe me." 

"I want the ushers and the cameramen to be on the lookout for what is going to happen in the next five minutes as I pray. Today, I stand in my office as the anointed one of the Lord to make you all believe that I am not alone.   After what is going to happen next, we would proceed with the wedding, but that will be if required." 

I could see confusion everywhere among those who were guilty. Their eyes glared from corner to corner and their legs were quaking and trembling underneath.

In the next two seconds, I saw a garment of my ministering spirit hovering over the entire stadium sending waves of fear for the power of God which was a known characteristic of my ministry. 

"If the enemies could come after me this way despite the magnitude of God's presence I command, then they could come after any, more so if he or she has fallen," I spoke to myself

"Brethren, the power of God is already over the terrain. If after my simple prayer nothing happens, call me a fake minister of the Lord and impose upon me any form of scandal and I will accept. But if I be a man of God, after this short prayer, everyone involved in the scandals against me will become crippled and since my scandals centre largely on pregnancy, they all including man and woman shall have swollen stomachs like that of pregnant women." 

My facial outlook changed into that of a lion. I knelt down and as soon as I began to pray, I started hearing rattling sounds from the crowd, others shouting and exclaiming shock. I noticed someone ran from the crowd and held my leg pleading for mercy - it was elder Samuel. My protocols quickly pulled him off and trashed him on the basement of the podium.

"Bring every one of them out," I instructed rising on my feet. 

Opening my eyes, I saw as the game players were dragged out with swollen stomachs and feeble legs; 

Senator Moses, Bishop Timothy, Dr Mike, elder Samuel, Rebecca and the state CAN chairman who was left lying helpless in his chair were all afflicted with the anger of God. 

Betty's dad, his brothers and some of his uncles among a host of others were not left out.

Betty also fell on the ground crippled. Cameras were rolling left and right. The whole place turned into a commotion.

"Brethren," I begged for calm and continued.

"What you have seen is not all. There are those involved in this evil who are not here, but I assure you that the same thing is happening to them wherever they are." I enlightened

"Please bring my beloved bride to be close to me," I instructed and my protocols who by now were boiling with vexation went for her and carried her to where I was standing on the podium.

"People of God," I started. "You can all see that Betty is pregnant isn't it?" I asked and they shouted yes to the top of their voices.

"You all are aware that I, Apostle David is responsible for this pregnancy, isn't it? I asked and once again the people affirmed.

"Now, please listen to me people of God.  What you are seeing here (I pointed to her tummy), is not pregnancy! Please I need three female ushers to come forward." I instructed and they rushed out.

"That is Bishop Timothy and Senator Moses. For these past months, they have used money and influence to build up what you all are witnessing. In the quest for their greedy and selfish ambition, they murdered a pastor who refused to partake in their evil." I said pointing at them.

"Betty has a female doctor who is attending to her and guiding her to ensure that her false pregnancy is not revealed. What she has on her is specially designed pregnancy falsies such as belly belts, prenatal and maternity cradles and bands. Please, ushers, take her to an enclosure and bring back the falsies I'm referring to." I instructed and pulled one of my protocols to follow and keep watch on them.

Soon, Betty was carried back with the falsies (belly belts and cradles) and a flat tummy.


This felt too real for anyone to believe easily. There were surprises everywhere. 

As the crowd of people watched on, Betty's skin was covered in rashes and her eyes went blind. She could not see again. 

I broke down in tears watching this happen. In my heart, I was pleading with the Lord but he told me to do what he had sent me to do as I was only acting as a messenger. 

"People of God, I feel terrible right now, but this is the judgement of God and I do not have a hand in it. The Lord has asked me to inform all those involved that he is showing them mercy for nine months. He has commanded me to tell them that since what they used was pregnancy, pregnancy lasts for nine months. He would give them nine months of grace to repent and make their ways right with him before they are taken from this world, but for their life span, it would not progress from there."

I delivered these words in tears. 

"There is therefore no union between I and Betty. This is enough for all of you to believe that I was trapped by Betty and the rest of my enemies, including his family which has been receiving heavy entitlements from Senator Moses over my life and sanity. Today, I am making it public that I forgive all and have nothing against any.  I plead with all those involved both those who are here and those absent to genuinely repent and give their lives to Jesus as they enjoy God's grace for the remaining 9 months of their lives before they are taken." I concluded and dropped the microphone as I left the pulpit.

I went to my spiritual father's stand and knelt before him for a word of prayer then we both moved out committing everything in the hands of Pastor Donald.

"Brethren, we thank you all for attending this wedding. It is obvious the Lord has spoken to you in so many ways. As you return home, think about your life, amend your ways and turn to God. He will show you mercy and wipe away your sins. We are giving this time for the media to do their findings from those who have conspired against God's servant. From all of us at Eternal Revival Ministry, we love you and say bye for now." I heard Pastor Donald address the people as I entered my car and the driver drove off.

"People of God, there is so much that is going on in the church. Most of what is happening are between ministers of God against each other and politicians seeking to destroy ministers speaking the truth. It is time for those who are genuine to stand up and overcome the tactics of the enemy. The other part is obvious. The enemy has stirred up Sexual lust and perversion so much that even shepherds are not saved. Some are battling lust, masturbation, fornication, extramarital affairs, pornography and what have you. We must trust God for revival among his people..." 

This was the thirty-second day (32) I would be speaking to the people of Yunema about the story of my life. 

Each day, the people gathered as they listen to me share my life's story with them which I titled; "SIN ON THE ALTAR". After sharing, I would pray for them with notable manifestations of the Holy Spirit and they would return home waiting for the next day. Testimonies were coming from every angle and God was using my story to win souls and call his children back to order.

I lifted my eyes on this day and saw the massive crowd of people in the auditorium weeping with their hands on their heads. Others couldn't wait for me to finish and they were already on the floor praying in the Holy Ghost asking God to revive them. 

As I prayed with them, revival broke out that went wild into the whole terrains of Yunema.

"Brethren," I addressed them finally "as you go, invite others to join us tomorrow as I continue with my marital journey with Abigail. God will be using the next phase of my story to teach you much about marriage and your faith in Christ.

"Darling please join me on the altar," I called my wife Abigail

As she marched forward with every elegance in her, the people of God clapped joyfully in celebration. We were a bit advanced in age now but I thank God for the strength to stand each day sharing sin on the altar with God's people which was aired online with millions of people watching across the world. 

Soon she was standing beside me. We took photos and signed autographs then moved to our car and were driven home.

"But darling!" Abigail called out leaning on me "You have exhausted much strength. you should have given two days break before continuing with what happened after the judgement, our wedding and marital journey." Abigail counselled

"Woo, that would have been awesome. I just wished to continue because of how blessed the people are with the story of our lives. I believe there are more people to reach out to." I answered

"That's okay my love but you know I don't want you to undergo much stress considering your other mega ministry engagements. Abigail responded

"Don't worry sweetheart. I won't be stressed when God has given me you." I said placing my middle finger on her lips. 

I was about to give her a kiss in the car when she drew near to my ear and whispered; "lover boy! we are still in the car." 

"Have you forgotten that I'm now an old man?" I responded with a stern look f amusement 

"Oh sorry, old man," she responded and we laughed out our guts.

"Abigail, I'm blessed to have you in my life," I said with deep feelings

"You have said that like ten times today. I am too my love," she replied and fell onto my chest. I held her tight with my left arm and everywhere went silent except for the sound of the vehicle.