I pulled close like a robot and held myself. Her lips were almost closing in on me when I shouted; "Betty stop it!" 

I recounted briefly the encounters I had with the Lord and a smile beamed on my face.

I stood up, dusted my body and went for my Bible which lay a few meters ahead of me soaked in the rain. 

"This is for my altar," I muttered words to myself and waited until the sun had waved the earth and gone to sleep, then I started descending the mountain.

My body was shaking and trembling with the combination of stress and the spiritual energy which I had received from the mountain.

I dreamt of home and wished I had someone who could cater for my needs upon arriving.

I remembered I had my phone on me, which I had totally laid off and forgotten.

"What must have become of it now?" I questioned myself summoning strength as I reached out my hand into my jacket and pulled it out.

The machine was soaked with water and dripping.

I looked away and plugged it back into my pocket.

What I had received was worth giving up anything for. 

I wished the phone was on, so I could call pastor Donald if he could come pick me up. I shook my head and matched on as the soldier of the Lord I was. 

"Ah, papa! papa!!" I heard pastor Donald's voice called out through the window of his car. 

"Pastor Donald! How on earth does he know that I'm here?" I questioned my heart.

He pulled out and beckoned on me to come in hurriedly seeing the condition I was in.

"Pastor Donald, how do you know I'm here or you were heading somewhere?" my curiosity began searching for an answer.

"My papa! This God is indeed MIGHTY. I was at home when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked me to come pick you up. I wanted to be sure and he spoke again.  For the third time, I could not resist. Thank God I am here papa. We have been searching for you for the past four days now" 

"Four days? " I asked shocked

"Yes papa!" he responded

"Ah ah, Pastor Donald. I barely went to the mountain yesterday? How come I was searched for, for four days?" I asked again confused.

"Papa it has been four days now plus the Eternal Revival meeting's day marking five," he answered.

"You mean it has been four days since after the meeting?" 

"Yes papa!" he affirmed 

"oh Jesus Christ of Nazareth! so I had been praying on the mountain for the past five days and it seems like just a night! Jesus Christ!!" 

I was totally amazed. never had I experienced such in my walk with the Lord before.

Pastor Donald was shocked as well. Nonetheless, he became excited knowing that I had contacted a new dimension of grace by such a time spent in God's presence under divine enablement.

We spoke about the revival meeting and I was extremely happy when he told me of all the Mighty things God did at the meeting.

Soon we arrived home and he parked at the entrance of my house. 

"Papa I would love to come in and help you take care of one or two things before I leave for my house" Pastor Donald pleaded.

if it were before I would have ordered him around to do much for me before leaving but this time around the order had changed.

"No, no, no! Donald, you have a family. This is already 8:49pm. please go back home to your family. We shall see in the office tomorrow. We both have a lot to discuss and to do tomorrow" I said calmly.

"Yes, papa! Kai Papa, a lot has changed o. You are totally renewed, I can see it all over you." He said teasing and left
back to his house jubilantly.

When he left and I turned at the entrance door, I saw that it was locked within. 

"Oh, my God!!" I shouted loudly twisting my face.

"Pull out of the woods!!!" This that I heard on the mountain from Lucifer and his demons on the mountain flashed quickly into my head and I stepped down immediately to run out of the gate. 

You could guess who was in my house.  None had the key to my house other than Betty.

Before we became closely attached in the relationship, she would come to my house at her leisure and tidy up the place. This was how she gained possession of my house key. 

Hearing my shout from within, she rushed out and caught me running towards the gate about sneaking into' to spend a night at my friend's place. 

It wasn't as if I had only one room in my house. There were two rooms and a parlour but I couldn't be anywhere close to Betty without something happening in between us. 

"My love!" She called out running out with bom shorts and a bra on her body.

"My love, what happened? I heard you shout and where are you going?" she came close, about holding my hand.

"I am not attending to you until you go in there and put on something on your body!" I demanded with sternness.

"Okay love, bu, bu,.." 

"No but but! do what I ask you to do!" I yelled at her for the first time in our relationship.

She felt hurt and went inside. I became emotional and sorry for my actions and concluded I was going to appeal and make things up for being too harsh on her. I didn't know that it was the devil cooking tea for me.

I entered the house and saw her wrapped in her wrapper sitting on the cushion with a moody face. 

"Betty I am sorry." I went over to her and apologized.

The memories of my awesome experience on the mountain began to fade and be replaced with those of Betty.

She shrugged and turned to the other corner. The affiliation I had for her already pulled me close to her and we were magnetic. I wrapped my arms around her again to apologise and she smiled.

"You did not even call me baby. Why did you call me by my name?" 

"Okay baby, I'm sorry. She smiled and lifted her hand over to my head and began to care for my hair.

We started looking into our eyes as the attachment grew deeply.

Betty couldn't hold it any longer. She trashed the wrapper on her body and brought her lips closer about to kiss me. This kiss would be deep and passionate because it could be seen in her eyes that she was hungry

I pulled close like a robot and held myself. Her lips were almost closing in on me when I shouted; "Betty stop it." 

"Why baby? what happens? I miss you my love." she said romantically to weaken me.

"No, no, no, no!" I said and flung her hand, then stood up from the cushion and went into the shower room.

Episode 13 [Revelation]

"Servant of the highest! the seed of sin and its desire has been pulled out of thy soul but it fragrance dances around you and desires to have you. Soon, you shall be turned into a ruin of dust if you do not act to evacuate it." 

Carried away into the depths of rest, I saw my soul begin to travel back against what I could not fathom.

A mighty force of wind began to intrude into my room and cause the curtains to dangle in all corners.

My spirit reunited with my body as I sat holding my hands on my knees jittering and being afraid to behold the sight.

The western side of the wall of my room began to tremble and soon lay flat as fine dust rose to fill the room.

I watched in awe as the dust changed into bright rays of light that descended into my chamber from a confine above the firmaments.

As I beheld to see what it was that was paying me a visit, I saw a mighty being that descended from it and walked into my room. This happened fast yet steadily. 

"Thou servant of the highest in whom He is well delighted, I have come to see you." The angel of the Lord spoke to me.

"Welcome ministering spirit." I greeted and he drew near and sat by my bed.

"Servant of the highest! the seed of sin and its desire has been pulled out of thy soul but it fragrance dances around you and desires to have you. Soon, you shall be turned into a ruin of dust if you do not act to evacuate it." 

"Ah! Mercy Lord!" I cried out 

"You owe a duty. It is written in the Book of the righteous one, "If one of thy eye causes you to sin, pull it out. For it is better to come into the kingdom with one eye than to have all members of thy body lost to hell! One of thy eyes causes thee to sin and it is time to pull it out?"

"These words are heavy for me ministering spirit. Please help me gain understanding." I pleaded with him as I was ready to save myself from destruction.

"Do not be afraid! go back to sleep and at the breaking of the day, understanding shall be given thee." He said and was out of sight.

My eyes which were shut opened and I realized it was a dream, yet my body quaked and trembled.

I graped my Bible by my bed side and began to search the SCRIPTURE.

"Betty!" I heard Betty's name in my spirit and understanding float my enlightenment.

"Ah, so Betty is the eye that causes me to sin which I must plug out." I muttered these words to myself.

I gained understanding that morning just as the angel of God had promised and light entered my heart. It was now clear to me on what God wanted me to do.

I prayed and meditated briefly then went to the parlor waiting for Betty to wake up.

Moments later, she joined me in and we greeted. She was not happy and it could be seen on her face.

"Nk, nk," I cleared my throat.

"Betty, what is it that you wanted us to discuss yesterday?" I asked with all seriousness.

"Baby, enn, sorry! David, let me make breakfast first and after eating we can talk." she stammered.

"Breakfast? Aren't you leaving this morning?" 

"I didn't tell you that, and to answer you, I have not decided when I'm leaving." She yelled back at me.

Shocks travelled into my body and the hair on my skin stood still. 

"Betty replies to me this way?" my heart didn't believe it.

"Well, by the way, Betty, I want you to leave this morning and right now! But that's not the most important thing. Before I voice it out, I apologise for every inconvenience this is going to cause you. When we first met, I came to you because I believed I heard God but we have made too many mistakes which you are not willing to make adjustments to, for us to continue. Betty,   I won't be going ahead with this relationship. God is my priority which I won't trade for anything." 

I concluded and to my shocking surprise, Betty burst out laughing and throwing hands to the point I became ashamed of myself.

"David, I can't believe this is coming from you. Do you want to quit our relationship? For what reason? You must be joking." 

I rose up from my seat with anger boiling in my stomach and rushed after her raising my palm to give her a dirty slap when her voice held me still.

"You won't dare it! David, you won't! You want everyone to know that you spent the night with a woman who is not yet your wife and beat her in the wake of the day!" She vomited

I was thrown to the ground. Never on earth did it at any point in time occur to me that Betty had such a demon hiding her inside.

I couldn't figure out what to do. 

"Love stop all these you are doing. Let me make you something to eat then we can have a proper talk." She said calmly and left for the kitchen.

I dropped on the cushion failing to believe what my ears heard and eyes had seen.

A few minutes later, Betty was back with breakfast and invited me to the dining. I couldn't turn it down as I was now trying to look for an amicable means of evacuating her out of my house.

After the meal, I held her hands and explained things to her, then told her that we should take a break which she considered the same as a breakup.

"David! I and you cannot be apart. Not anymore!" she said with all seriousness.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Come to think of it, my people are already aware that you are the one paying the bride price for their daughter and I can't tell them otherwise." 

"Betty, that's not reason enough for us to continue with this relationship. it is over for me. Let's go our separate ways. We are not meant for each other!" 

"And who will father the child I'm carrying for you, David! For your information, Betty is pregnant for you!" 

"Pregnant! What are you talking about? Are you blackmailing me or what?" 

"I have all the pregnancy papers with me in the bag and can show you right here. David, I am pregnant for you!" Betty said and stormed out of the dining to bring the pregnancy test results for me.

I fell to my knees, flabbergasted and broken into the bones. 

"yea! I am finished!" I cried out

Episode 12 [Battle of sex] (matured minds only)

"Baby you should have known that I can't sleep with you in this house without having you by me. I am dying in there, wishing you could touch my body and make me feel like a woman." 

Entering the shower room, knelt and prayed silently then pulled out and had a warm shower.

My body was crying out to me that I needed to eat otherwise I was going to faint.

I came out wrapping a towel on my waist and went into the bedroom to change where I was hoping to see Betty either lying down or on the phone but she wasn't there.

"Where on earth has she gone to?" I questioned myself minding my business a bit, as I creamed my body and put on a nice nightwear.

I went over to the small fridge by the corner of the parlour and brought out biscuits with fresh orange juice.

I took it calmly and was grateful to God for it. I regained little energy and went into the kitchen to prepare some noodles for myself, eat, and then go to bed.

When I opened the kitchen, I mate Betty bending as she searched for the plate to serve my food (I had no idea that she had made food for me and was already serving). 

"This is coming to an end!" I said silently and took a heavy gulp of saliva

The behind of Betty caught my attention. This was the first time I was seeing something as beautiful as what Betty carried behind her especially as she bent.

"Women are beautiful!" I appreciated silently and took another gulp as I was already heavily salivating.

"Previously, I had shunned Betty's demand because I was stressed, hungry and completely out of mood, but now I had taken a bath, eaten something and was more relaxed and refreshed.

My body tensed up and I was already feeling the heavy motion of current running through my blood. My appetite to be intimate with Betty heightened fast. 

My body shivered and I was quickly restored back to my senses when she stood up and our eyes mate.

I didn't want her to notice my reaction and get to know that I was also in the mood to be with her intimately.

I ponder over what I saw. She was now out on a short gown that stopped on her thighs and had no inner-wear. 

"This is not ordinary!" I muttered in my heart

"Betty why are you tempting me?" I asked worriedly expecting her to pity me 

"But my love we are deeply in love with each other and have been making love. Is there anything new to hide again? I am wholly yours sweet. Please my body needs you. I won't be myself if you don't answer me." she said approaching where I was standing at the door.

"Can you stop this Betty!" I shouted at her and pushed her slightly out of the way as I picked up the plate to serve myself.

She stood for a moment and shrugged, then came over to me and pulled the plate out of my hand and served the food.

I went back into the parlour and soon she arrived with the food. The two of us ate, she had been romantic and trying to feed me one way or the other but I just focused on the food and ate it with my own hands.

"Okay my love, I will be in the bedroom waiting when you are done you can join me," she said and left for the bedroom

When I was done eating, I entered the bedroom and she thought I was going to sleep so she adjusted herself waiting for me to fall on the bed.

"Please help me with the pillow over there," I said pointing in the direction

"Are you not sleeping here?" Betty questioned

"No! I will be sleeping in the other room. We are not yet married for this." I said and started heading out when all of a sudden she started vibrating.

"Love I don't like the way you are treating me. What have I done to deserve this?" She questioned and started sobbing.

I ignored her and started walking out of the room but then paused; "This is important! don't ever call me any bet name again! That is for married people. The two of us aren't yet married?" I said and stormed out.

I came into the bedroom and after dusting the bed, I knelt beside it and prayed, asking God yet again for mercy and to deliver me from the hands of Betty who now appeared to me more of a devil sent to destroy me rather than the lovely Christian sister I had fell in love with.

"When I was done with the prayer, I felt the warm hands of God placed on my shoulders and my erection subsided.

I felt calm, transformed and strengthen. My appetite for intimacy with Betty or any woman went from what it was to zero degrees.

With that peace in my spirit, body and soul, I fell asleep and slept soundly until...

Deep into the night when I began to feel warm hands carrying my body.

"Who are you? Devil I rebuke..."

"Love! Is it me you are rebuking?" I heard the voice of Betty

"So I have now become a devil to be rebuked right?" she said and I pitied that I did that. 

"No, no, no Betty! I thought it was a dream!" I pleaded

"It's okay!" she said and held my hand.

"But Betty what are you doing here instead of sleeping? How did you even come in?" I asked

"Baby you should have known that I can't sleep with you in this house without having you by me. I was dying in there, wishing you could touch my body and make me feel like a woman." 

"God forbid Betty! Not again! Listen, whatever we must have done was a mistake. It is time to move on!" I said feeling hurt myself.

I was softhearted and hate offending Betty in the slightest way possible, but this time around it was possible if I was going to be useful again.

"Okay love..." 

"I thought I said you shouldn't call me that again?" 

"Okay, David! I want us to discuss about something," she said 

"Whatever you have for us to discuss can wait till tomorrow. After all, by the grace of God, none of us will die this night." I answered her and shut my eyes to return back to sleep.

"She waited in disappointment and dragged her feet out of the room.

"When God created woman, he furnished her in the most perfect way. This is why she is the most beautiful thing created by God. Sex also was created for man from a woman and it is a strong tool, it is powerful and full of strength. You cannot toil with it and not feel it stings" My heart ministered these words to me and sleep took me away.

Episode 14 [The battle line is drawn]

I rushed into the guest room and fell on my knees crying profusely like a little baby who has been orphaned

An idea dropped into my head and I rushed out into the bedroom where I quickly hung on my skin some shabby wear and left for my car.

Betty rushed after me to inquire where I was heading in a hurry but I muted her off. My action made her a bit scared as she could not figure out what I was up to.

I started the engine of my car and drove off.

Where was I going to? 

I was heading to my spiritual father's house to explain to him what had befallen me because I was too perplexed to handle it myself.

As I drove on, many thoughts flashed through my mind. 

Never had I at any point imagined that I would impregnate a lady - such as Betty who all of a sudden turned into a beast I could not imagine. 

I thought if my ministry and became scared for what would become my fate. Despite the angelic encounter, my flesh and mind hunted me, even much as things had turned bitter all but in the twinkling of an eye.

"Hey, hey hey! pee! pee!! pee!!" My car went off the road and was speeding fast into an uncompleted building, as cars and other vehicles manoeuvre to avoid a terrible collision with mine. 

I strengthened my hands on the steering as I regained consciousness. After much effort, the car stood just some centimetres away from coming against one of the pillars of the structure.

People rushed to the sight and helped me out of the car as my chest panted fast. 

Some police officers joined in and quickly inspected me and the car, ensuring that I was well and stable.

"Oga, we will have to drive you home. it is obvious you are not okay." One of the officers said.

"No please, officer. I need to be somewhere urgently and I can't cancel the appointment. My life is in danger!" I pleaded 

Many who knew me and some who were members of my ministry had already gathered on the scene and were very much concerned about my well-being.

"Man of God, your life is more at risk if we allow you to drive now. please one of us will drive you home where you should rest and regain yourself before you may think of going out again.

Seeing the much concern, I gave in and was driven back home where I mate people already gather at the gate.

I quickly came out and addressed everyone ensuring them that I was healthy and strong. This I did in order not to have anybody meet Betty in the house acting like she was already married to me.

The officer drove in and she was shocked to see me being escorted back home by a police officer.

"Please he needs proper relaxation and rest before he does anything." The officer issued an instruction to Betty and left. 

Betty came to give me a hand but I disallowed her and went in myself.

"Why are you doing this to me? you are not the woman I mate and trusted God to marry. Betty, you have changed! Why are you doing this to me? Do you want to destroy my life and ministry?" I questioned sadly.

"God forbid love, I want the best for ..." 

"Will you shut up my friend! I almost lost my life just now because of what you have become." I said not allowing her to pause.

"By the way, you saw the officer that escorted me home. I have his contact and he is aware of what transpired on the road. If you don't leave my house right now, I'm going to call him for your arrest and inform him that you are the reason behind the incident that almost claimed my life. I'm sure he would be glad to drag you behind the cell." 

For the first time, I saw Betty tremble. Fear gripped her, most especially as she was not aware of what had happened.

She calmly and pitifully walked away into the room and quickly had her things arranged.

When she was done. She came to the sitting room where I lay enumerating and spoke to me; 

"Babe, I don't care anymore. I'm in love with you now and ever and you are the man that would pay my bride price. My pregnancy test result is on the bed. You can have a look at it anytime suitable for you, but I would advise you to take things easy because Betty would make life unbearable for you if you don't play according to terms. There are many things behind the curtain you are not aware of. I am giving you space to think of how soon, we are making our wedding arrangements." She concluded and reached out her lips and kissed me, then went into the room and picked her bag off.

It was now clear to me that I was dealing with Lucifer himself beyond the Betty I had known.

I quickly picked up my phone and dialed my spiritual father's number but he didn't pick up. I decided to hit the road again to go see him.

The Lord had used him in my life on several accounts and I had confidence that he would guide me out of the mess I was bathing in. 

When I drove to the house that morning,  I mate him and his wife rocking in fancy uniform. The countenance of their faces was so bright that it brightened my own mood. 

Seeing them, I could not resist smiling. I had never for once seen them in love that much. 

I greeted them happily and told him that I was coming to see him.

"Oh my son, I and my wife reconciled yesterday and we planned to go out today to spend time together to enable us to bond better," he said and the two of them smiled broadly as I had to force mine.

"Can we make the meeting later in the evening today?" he asked and I was about to oblige when the wife cut in; 

"Darling can't you see? David is not happy. I can see worry in his eyes and it tells me that he needs our attention." The wife said as if speaking my mind. 

"That is true!" My father said. I tried persuading them to go on with their date but they objected and the three of us went back into the sitting room for a talk. 

I narrated everything that had happened to them and told them that I had also obtained an instruction from the Lord to put her away.

"Then what are you waiting for, when the Lord has already instructed you?" she asked.

"Mummy, Daddy, she is already pregnant," I answered and the two of them shouted in disbelief. 

"This is indeed complicated, none the less we must put our trust in the Lord and look onto him for his guidance." my father said

"David, you have made a lot of mistakes already but you must not concede your sins otherwise they would grow and multiply.

It is obvious the time has come for you to confess and be ready for all the consequences that would follow the pleasure you had with the enemy to entice your flesh. 

"My husband committed adultery with his church worker a few days ago which he told me you are aware. He kept secret from me until the lady started threatening him and using the means to make money out of him. My husband was wise to let me know as a means of confessing his sins. I felt bitter and it hurt me to the marrow. It was as if I would never forgive him but I did and eventually, we are better off fighting together than he stands alone. David, every secret sin has it penalty even when forgiven." She paused allowing my father to speak.

"My son, you have fought the good fight of faith all these years and it is obvious hell has come after you to waste you and your calling but victory is already yours." 

I shouted a loud Amen 

"Do not be afraid. You must be wise and more careful. I and my wife will go to the Lord in prayer for direction and invite you tomorrow to let you know the best steps to take on the issue. You must not learn to cover your sins as doing so would rather multiply them. Meanwhile, I hope you have learned your mistakes just as I did mine?"

"Yes, Daddy!" I answered

Episode 15 [Toying with the serpent's tail]

[I looked at her and pitied her greatly. It won't be more than three weeks before Victor would have a new catch].

I left my spiritual parents much revived and headed for my house expecting the day to while away speedily.

While in the car, I enumerated so many things that would be the turn of events. During the pregnancy, I was forced to marry Betty, my ministry, the shame and what would become of my destiny. 

I couldn't fathom how quickly things were turning against me just for the pleasure of embracing the warmth of Betty's body.

"Truly, having intimacy with a person who is not your legally married spouse is TOYING with the SERPENT'S tail. its sting will be deadly, such that regret would be its agony." My spirit lectured me pitifully.

I drove home quietly like a man who had been exiled from his homeland.

My ministry had not seen me so often in recent times as pastor Donald was the one running most of the weekly activities and programs.

When asked, I had directed him to Inform the people that I was in a period of spiritual incubation and that my coming back to full service would be powerful to the glory of God.

Reaching home that evening, I stormed into the bedroom and mate a huge sum of money left on my wardrobe.

I was startled, as I had not received money from anybody in recent times. 

I couldn't think further as I concluded it might be Betty who had found the money somewhere and left it over for me. 

I decided to use it and shop for some items in the house.

I entered the car and drove to a supermarket downtown where I usually make my purchase.

I went in and picked all that I needed into the trolley and pulled down to the till where I was to make payment. 

Immediately I removed the money and was about to pay for the items, I heard clearly in my spirit, "Don't!" I listened again and heard the same thing.

I quickly knew that it was God warning me. I apologised to the cashier and left the items for my car thoughtfully.

Immediately I reached home, I called Betty and asked if she dropped money behind and she affirmed.

"Oh, love, I have been looking for the money all over. It is obvious I forgot it while stuffing my things," she  said 

"You have such a huge amount of money?" I asked shockingly

"Yes!" she answered

"You don't have a job. How come and where did you get such a huge sum from for you to be reckless with?" I pressed becoming unsettled about her replies.

"Love, are you saying since I don't have a job, I can't have another means of earning?" She defended

I couldn't push further but concluded by informing her that the money would be kept until the next time we meet.

Before she tried engaging me, I ended the call and prayed to have more light about the money but I received nothing.

As I stood up to pick a book from the shelf, a knock came on my door and I went to answer it.

"Who is there?" I asked gently

"It's me, Prophet Victor!" The response came through.

"Ah, man of God, you didn't tell me you were coming to my house?" I protested

"It is a surprise Apostle." He responded and all of us laughed amidst my agony.

Prophet Victor had come with a lady and I greeted her lightly then ushered them in. 

"Man of God, who is this my beautiful daughter sitting by you?" I asked trying to cause uneasiness in Victor because I knew what he was capable of.

"Ah, that's my betrothed. I bring her to introduce her to my special friend so that you can get to know her." He answered all smiling.

I greeted the young lady warmly and asked that she feel comfortable and quickly gave Victor a sign to Join me outside

"I can't believe my eyes, man of God! Who is this one again." I asked

"Ah, but I have explained who she is to you." He answered begging for me not to push further on him. 

"Man of God, How about sister Esther you proposed to?" 

"Ah, that one, please forget about her. It is over between the two of us." He said angrily.

"Prophet Victor, with this you bring, it will make it seven ladies you have been in a relationship within the last three months. And you have known them intimately; each one of them. You are toying with the SERPENT'S tail and the earlier you disease from this, the better it becomes for you." 

"Listen, man of God, I'm not here for long sermons. I only came to visit you and introduce my wife-to-be to you. but in case you feel illitated by it, I will be taken my leave." Prophet Victor became angry 

I shook my head and both of us returned back into the living room.

I served some fresh juice on the table and all of us spent the rest of the time together talking.

While escorting them out of the gate, he pulled me by the corner and showed me the picture of a lady online.

"Man of God, this one would suit you?" he said smiling.

"Stop it, Victor, you know too well that I'm in a relationship," I said meaning seriously.

Relationship! For how many months now? You mean to say you have seen something better and preferable?" He questioned and I waved the topic away. 

"Is everything okay?" The lady questioned and we nodded our heads in affirmation.

I looked at her and pitied her greatly. It won't be more than three weeks before Victor would have a new catch.

Victor had been into such a life without any visible consequence either from the women he had dumped or the devil. He was still doing well in ministry. 

"My son, it may take a while with the SERPENT'S tail but it won't be forever before the serpent's head would turn." I heard the Lord minister these words to me.

Blown away by the same words, I entered my house and shut the door behind me to wait upon the Lord for his help.

Truly, There were mysteries yet untold to me but little had I known that I would learn them, the hard way.

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