THE HUNT FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF ZION Episode 51 to 56 END [in search of salvation]

THE HUNT FOR THE DAUGHTERS OF ZION Episode 51 to 56 END [in search of salvation]

 Episode 51 [in search of Salvation]

It was 8am, Prof Shedrach Olarotimi was still fast asleep and snoring on bed when his wife came running in with a distress call 
"Darling! Darling!" She called out jittering heavily 
He tried turning properly to wake up but she shook him heavily forcing him to sit erect on the bed 
He wiped the confusion off his face and just them was he reminded of the situation before him
He watched blurred as his wife stared into his eyes with fear and panic shivering all-over her
"What is it? What happen?"  He asked repeatedly adjusting to the edge of the bed 
"Tobi is dead! Ah, aye!!!" She cried out 
"Will you stop jocking and tell me what is it!" He shouted at her pretending not to hear what she had said 
"I said Tobi, your friend Tobi that was here with us yesterday is dead!" She shouted again 
"His wife just called me. She had been calling all through the night but our both phones were switched off until this morning. See it, see it." She cried on not just because of Tobi's dead but because it would soon be her husband's turn 
Prof Shedrach Olarotimi could not believe what he was hearing
"Could this be real? Tobi, dead, no no no!" His thoughts disagree
He stood up, wore on trousers and hung on his bones a sleeveless shirt and stormed out immediately
The wife new where he was heading to and she followed quickly 
He drove himself and the wife and soon they were in Tobi's house. They also mate Williams there alongside his wife 
As soon as Tobi's wife set eyes on him, she ran and held his shirt, slapping onto it and causing painfully
"You people have killed him. You have killed my husband............" She cried 
He sat down on the edge of the cushion and buried his head in his palms and then stood up
Without saying a word to the wife nor Williams, he stormed out back into his car. The wife followed and they drove back home 
He arrived at the gate and asked the wife to come down
She stepped down and he was about turning to drive away when the she called out;
"Darling where are you going?" 
"I will be back." He simply said and zoomed off 
"My life is in danger. This is not time to sit down at a spot. I must reach out to Charles Douglas to ask for his help." His mind spoke within him
He picked his phone and dialed Charles Douglas's number but it didn't go through. It was then he realized he had blocked all his contacts
"I must find a way to reach out to him." His mind pushed again
He was on the high way driving when  the car went off
The fuel had ran off but he was not aware 
Blessed enough, there was a nearby filling station ahead of him
He rushed there, pleaded for a keg and brought back some fuel filling the tank
He payed and continued on his journey
Just two kilometers ahead, an image appeared in front of him like a dark crowd and the car loss control. He almost missed his way into the ditch but somehow he managed to be back on track 
This continued like three more times before he found himself at the gate of chief Charles Douglas' home
"Where is your oga?" He asked the gate man
"Oga is not around. He has gone to office." The gate man responded
"Is the security in?"
"Call him for me!" 
Shortly, the gate man fetched the security officer and Prof Shedrach Olarotimi told him he was chief Charles Douglas's friend 
"Please I need to see him urgently. It's been a while." He pleaded
"Mmm, but oga I think I know you. You use to come here before. Why don't you call him?" The security man asked 
"I have been calling but my number is not connecting to his. Please it is urgent. Help me call him and let me speak with him"
The security man could see the desperation in his face and decided to call his boss 
"Tell him I don't want to see him near my house. And listen to me carefully. If I should see that man near my house, you will not be happy what I will do to you. Have I made myself clear?" Charles Douglas cautioned over the phone
"Yes sir!" The security man answered
"I'm sorry oga. You have to start going. My oga said he don't want you near his house" he said and ordered the gate man to shut the gate
Prof Shedrach Olarotimi stood there wondering what he was going to do
He knew that his time was up and hell was finding means to terminate him although it surprised him how that had not yet happened
Just then, light came into his head and he remembered where chief Charles Douglas's office was but not so well. He was going to ask as he drove
He turned away from the house and hit the road then zoomed off driving on high speed
He could see his hands holding his chest as he ran as one running with the legs 
Insults were thrown at him from everyside he past until he was on the highway
He breathe with a little sigh of relief but not too long, the fuel wind down to zero and the car stopped
"How possible?" He wondered and became confused
There had been fuel in the car. None the less, instead of standing packed by the road side and watching, he better look for a way out
He stopped a motorcycle rider and pleaded with him to help him get fuel while he stood waiting
For the fear that the man may run away with his money, he told him that he would receive a reward upon his return
The rider zoomed off and returned with a keg of fuel and fill his tank
He deepened his hand into his pocket and brought out a bunch of money, fetched from it and handed it over to the rider
He wanted asking but Prof Shedrach Olarotimi waved him and rush into his car driving away
Fear gripped him again as he thought about the fuel
He knew that powers were fighting him spiritually and only God could save him at the moment
Just as he was thinking, a cloud of darkness hovered over his car and it went off the road 
"Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!!" He shouted and managed to return back to the way
"Wait, did he just shout Jesus?" He couldn't believe it. But at least he wasn't so ignorant of the Christian faith. He had attended church for some inaugural events severally
"I must reach Charles Douglas's office as soon as possible" he vowed in his heart as the car descended the high on the high wa

 Episode 52 [the battle in Search of Salvation]

"Shedrach Olarotimi!" He heard his name called out in the car as he drove on 
Turning to the back seat, he saw the occult grand master sitting with his staff stretched at him
This act could only mean death. His body shivered and his hands were no longer steady on the steering
The car swung from left to right and right to left
He was supposed to be a dead man because the occult grandmaster had killed many with that same act
His mother and two children were killed the same way and so were every other member of the cult 
Some had given their children like him himself, others parents, friends and any other person dear to their hearts 
The one that pained him most was when he watched his murder killed 
This was the blood that was used to initiate him into the cult
That night, as they gathered for the ritual, he watched his mother in the mirror as she struggled with death on the bed when the grandmaster stretched his staff at her
He was no longer thinking about the occult grandmaster nor himself but was now bittered by the fact that he had lived a terrible life 
He thought about his wife and his anger burned like the coal of fire 
Eunice (his wife) had been the one who lured him into all of that
She used her power and influence as a woman to have him commit himself to the gravest mistake of his life 
She wanted the expensive and luxurious life her friend, the wife of Williams was living and all that was required was for him; Prof Shedrach Olarotimi to join the Billionaires Club
When the occult grandmaster realized that his powers were ineffective, he summoned demons and they began to torment Prof Shedrach Olarotimi
As he drove, he began to see many dead people appearing and disappearing, insane, weird creatures, monsters and beasts crowded the road and filled his head
He began to hear sounds and terrible noises going on in his head 
He felt like the demons were pulling out his brain and draining it with their claws 
His blood began to boil fast and fast
His heartbeat increased and he felt the shoe on his feet going off 
His hands on the steering weakened and the car came to a stopped
He pulled off his shirt and screamed loudly 
Prof Shedrach Olarotimi, the professor of chemical engineering who graduated from the University of Lagos turned mad 
At that same instance, Chief Charles Douglas was in his office and all of a sudden his peace ceased 
He felt very uncomfortable and had a feeling to return back home immediately
He called his driver and asked him to take him home 
"Sonia!" He called his portfolio manager 
"Take care of the office and ensure everyone remains on deck coordinated. Rebook my today's appointments for tomorrow. Is that understood?" 
"Yes sir!" She answered and Charles Douglas stormed out 
As the driver drove him, his heart began to wonder about as he prayed to God silently in the car
"Lord please help me. Take control o God........" He prayed also binding any evil gang-up of the devil
"Could this be the work of Prof Shedrach Olarotimi and his cult group? Has he come to harm him or to plant evil in his home?" His heart searched for an answer
"Wait, wait, wait!" He called the driver's attention and he parked by the roadside 
"Oga I hope is well sir. This place is not safe sir. I don't know if we can park in the front." The driver counselled
"No, just hold on. Look across the road. Is that not Prof Shedrach Olarotimi?" He asked trying not to believe what he was seeing
"Oga maybe the person just resemble him, because what will he be doing here without a shirt on his body and with that insane attitude.?" 
"I'm startled myself. Just cross over and check. That's Prof Shedrach Olarotimi. I can also recognize his car. Please go close and chec…

Episode 53 [the final battle of the hunt]

Lucifer: " Demons!!!" 
Demons: "Yes lord luciferrrrrrrrrrrrr!!" 
Lucifer: "Today is the day to battle hard until a soul drops to hell on the account of Prof Shedrach Olarotimi. All that we have invested in stealing, killing and destroying his soul must not go in vain. That son of the man of light; Charles Douglas has contacted his fellow siblings and they are prepared to rescue that soul out of our grip" he pointed at Prof Shedrach Olarotimi on the screen that appeared amidst the flames of hell. 
"Go!!!!!, Kill and bring in chains any mortal that stands in your way. My servant Nohrog will lead the way and we shall prevail in this battle" 
"Lord Lucifer! Lord Lucifer!! Lord Lucifer!!!" The demons sang and departed to earth on the compound of Prof Shedrach Olarotimi
Chief Charles Douglas was on his way to his house with Dr Henry, Deborah and Ruth with him in the car 
He had sent a message across to his church, DPO Ebele, Warden Yakubu and Evangelist Daniel who were praying fervently and also 
When they arrived the house, they mate Prof Shedrach Olarotimi tied in heavy chains with three hefty young men standing by him
The demons of Insanity had deeply tormented him that his skin had deep bruises all over and blood was gushing out 
Despite the chains, he was jerking up and down in an attempt to run
When Charles Douglas saw him in this condition, he saw the wickedness of the devil and tears dropped from his eyes 
DEBORAH and Ruth stepped into the parlour blasting in tongues
The legions of demons deployed from hell were already gathered outside the house attempting to go in but the fire that was emitting from within by virtue of Deborah's prayer could not warrant them 
After a few minutes of intense prayers, Deborah commanded for Prof Shedrach Olarotimi to be loosed from the chains 
The three men turned and looked at themselves not sure of trusting that statement 
"Come on, go ahead. Don't be afraid. Lose the chains." Charles Douglas said and they loosed the chains 
The demons screamed within him, jumped out and landed upon the wife 
She flipped to the ground and began to convulse heavily. Her eyes turned. The veins in her body stretched out and her legs kicked violently and she lay motionless
"Charles!" Dr Henry called out after conducting a quick check
"Charles, she is dead!" He said coldly
"Hahaha! Sir!" DEBORAH roared forth with the voice of a lion
"This is not the battle of medicine. This is the battle of spirits and it is the Lord's battle." She said 
She went and knelt beside her placing a hand on her forehead with her eyes closed 
She was still and saw her spirit travelling in the spirit where she saw mighty chains descending from heaven down to earth 
An angel stood behind her and told her; "daughter of ZION, these are the chains with which you have been binding principalities and powers. Now take this one and go, the battle is won
Deborah opened her eyes and stood to her feet as Ruth and others were praying in tongue 
She gave a sign for them to stop and hold their hands surrounding prof Shedrach Olarotimi who was in a deep sleep and had no knowledge of what was going on 
"Brethren, we are not alone here. I can sense demons everywhere but the victory is ours" she said 
Just then, she heard in her Spiritual ear a voice telling her; "bind Nohrog and command his and the host of hell to return back to hell; their place of torment." 
"Brethren, the spirit in this woman is called Nohrog........." 
"You Nohrog, I bind and command you to leave this body in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST!" She issued a decree
Instantly, the demon shook her violently and departed from her
She turned to check what was going on and sat on her feet
Nohrog joined the host of demons gathered outside and were trying to gain access into the house but a mighty strike of lightning fell upon them and they flew back to hell chained 
Prof Shedrach Olarotimi and their wife were set free 
They gave their lives to Jesus with the entire household staff that witnessed what had happened that day
"Dr Henry ordered an ambulance and both he and his wife were taken to the hospital for medical check-up and treatment
"Charles, I have seen it yet again for myself. I would like to be born again again" he pleaded
"You know, you cannot be born again twice. Just commit your ways to God and live your life to please him." Charles Douglas concluded smiling as they moved for their car 

 Episode 54 [The greatest campus Revival ] 

Sitting in the exotic hall of Skylight Hotel was Prof Shedrach Olarotimi, his wife, Chief Charles Douglas and his family (Elisa and her mother had already returned back to Nigeria with her bouncing baby boy), Evangelist Daniel and his family (Mrs Daniel Faith and Paul), DPO Ebele and his family, Deborah, Ruth and Beauty who had become the adopted sister of Ruth 
"Nk nk," Prof Shedrach Olarotimi cleared his throat "My beloved brothers, sisters and children in Christ, I want to appreciate God for this day and for making it possible for each and every one of us to be gathered here today" 
"I also want to thank each and every one of you for finding out time to honour this invitation" 
"I bring all of us here today because I want to see this special day to celebrate my belonging into the family of faith and to again apologise to you all; my friend Charles Douglas and the daughters of Zion; Deborah, Ruth and Elisa. I am sorry once again for all that I and my wife and allowed the devil to achieve through us" 
"Most importantly, the Lord impressed it heavily upon my heart last week when I had a revelation where I saw a mighty crowd of students gathered on campus and were praising the Lord." 
"When I woke up, I heard in my spirit that we should organize a revival program which will be attended by all the tertiary institutions of the state and across states"
"I have already begun meeting with some of my colleagues and they are very much eager to see to the progress of the vision." 
I want to also thank God that three of my friends have been converted into the faith." 
Applauses were rendered into the air jubilantly as everybody rose up praising the Lord for his marvellous work
"Children of God, I have offered myself as a living sacrifice and I'm ready to let God do with me whatever he will" he concluded and sat down 
Chief Charles Douglas then stood up and began to talk. He appreciated God and narrated how it seemed impossible for Prof Shedrach Olarotimi to ever get transformed but here was he been given an opportunity to do what had not been registered in the heart of any 
"Brethren, truly, what God cannot do does not exist. Let's be vigilant and mindful; the first can be the last and the last can be the first. The Bible says let he that thinkest he stand firm less he falls. My brother and friend Prof Shedrach Olarotimi, this is indeed not from you but God. We must put all efforts to ensure that this is a success to the glory of God. The occasion will also witness the launching of the biography of the Isabella girls written by Ruth with the title; "I SAW JESUS" This was another good news and everyone clapped as Charles Douglas took his seat
After everyone on the long rectangular table had said one or two things, it was now time to fix the date for the program and Evangelist Daniel stood up to speak
"Brethren, this is wonderful I must say. There is no point in Keeping this at a distance time. I would suggest that the meeting be put forward in two weeks' time and it should be a three days revival beginning from Thursday to Saturday of the upper week." 
His suggestion pleased every one of and it was adopted
The DAUGHTERS of Zion would also use the occasion to bid farewell to Prinscribe University
For surety, it was going to attract many to its venue because the conversation of Prof Shedrach Olarotimi to Christianity was a shock to everybody as he had been known for extreme opposition of the faith
The following week was spent preparing for the big day heaven would be smiling and hell mourning
Deborah and Evangelist Daniel was going to be the key Revivalists ministering the word of God to the people
The rest would be leading at different intervals in prayers, worship session, scriptural readings and exhortations
Fasting was ongoing for the remaining days in preparation to what heaven was prepared to do
The first day of the meeting recorded eighty thousand (80,000) thousand students in attendance beside none students and it increased for the remaining two days 
Heaven hosted the biggest students revival yet at Prinscribe University
Souls were won in thousands each day, demons cast out by the raw demonstration of the power of God, the sick healed, blind eyes opened, the lame walked and a lot of things happened
On the last day, it was no longer a student revival but a nationwide revival because people of all classes were trooping in to witness the power of God on display
This led to one additional day added to have more souls won to the kingdom of God 
The printed copies of "I SAW JESUS" were launched and shared until they got finished
Four more publishing houses were contacted with immediate effects and were printed in thousands to distribute on the Sunday of the last meeting
Diverse ministers of the gospel were pouring in on every side and offering themselves voluntarily to work in one way or the other in the revival
Schemes were divinely developed on how souls were going to be split into units for discipleship
This act led to the commissioning of the discipleship program nationwide to Carter for the revival that was birthed
It became common for people to walk into cells to offer themselves voluntarily for discipleship programs and after that, they were released into a Bible-believing church where they would sign up for and be adopted as a family unit in the larger family of Christ
What no one, even hell saw coming, the Lord did it and hell mourned heavily

Episode 55 [The naming ceremony] 

The aftermath of the greatest campus revival at Prinscribe University gave birth to one of the finest moments in the body of Christ
The various discipleship cells which were fast spreading across the nation and shores of Africa within a short period of time was what beat everybody's imagination
It awakened believers to the truth that God can do anything, anyhow he wants it done and using any(body)thing He wants to use
The naming ceremony of Elisa's son was carried out in the compound of Charles Douglas's home which attracted the presence of only a few invited believers; 
the likes of Evangelist Daniel and Family, Deborah, Ruth and Beauty, Paul, DPO Ebele and family, and Warden Yakubu whose family at this point had already converted and were jubilantly serving the Lord, Prof. Shedrach Olarotimi and family and pastor Iorwuese and family with some of the believers who had left the former Church
This was to avoid questions and criticism from people who were not aware of the story of Elisa from the onset and God's agenda in it 
Elisa's church had already ostracized them on the account of her delivery of a child out of wedlock
Charles Douglas was accused by the church of bringing up her daughter in immorality and taking her away to another country to hide her until delivery 
Since the period of Elisa's departure abroad, Charles Douglas had ceased going to church as he was facing opposition from the church and waiting on God in prayer for where He was directing him next 
"Douglas! These are flamed-up stories to hide your daughter's atrocities. Stop speaking to us like babies........." 
"Can you listen to what you are saying? Are you now saying that God endorses iniquity? You and your entire family are unfit to be a member of this local assembly..........."
These were a few of the things the church elders had to say anytime Charles Douglas was called for a meeting concerning the matter
Although the pastor had tried to understand him the church elders also threatened to remove him from his pastorate if he had anything to do with Charles Douglas
"Well brethren, I know that I, my daughter and my family is innocent before the Lord who is fully aware of all that has been ongoing in my family. What you condemn my daughter of is what has led to my and my wife's salvation among others. I want to let you know that God can use a mistake done by his child for the advancement of his kingdom if only that child repents genuinely. I will leave the church and seek the face of the Lord to know what He would say to me" 
Charles Douglas said in the last meeting he had with the church elders and stood to leave before an elder stood to speak
"Elders, we all are aware of how much God has used Douglas in this church since he joined us. Let's pardon him and watch carefully to see any changes" he sat down and another elder stood up
"Let him go, he is an occultic and an agent of darkness who wants to pollute the altar of God......." 
"Elder Timothy!" Pastor Iorwuese stood up angrily  "This is too harsh and uncalled for. How can you say such against him?" 
"Pastor Iorwuese will you sit down and stop talking? We are aware of all the seeds he has been giving you but be quiet..........." Another elder stood up assaulting
The place became raucous and boisterous with quarrels and disagreements
Charles Douglas left and pastor Iorwuese hurried after him
After consoling him briefly, he entered his car and drove off 
Although Charles Douglas was supposed to feel bad about what had happened, the Lord had given him so much joy that he came home dancing for being persecuted
He called his family that day explaining what had happened and they prayed together asking God for direction
On the second night of Princescribe University revival, Pastor Iorwuese was among the disciplers on the crusade ground leading people to CHRIST
Evangelist Daniel who was the first to encounter Elisa on the mountain the day he was praying was the one who named the baby
"Children of God, today is a wonderful day of joy we are witnessing by the power of God to name this child of Prophecy" he looked at the baby in his arms  "please can I have Elisa and her parents over here."
He requested and they walked out gorgeously and stood side by side with him
"................... Brethren," he said after giving a brief sermon "this child of promise would be called "Zion" in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" 
And all said; "Amen!!!" 
"Demons!" Lucifer said burning with anger and fury 
"Our mission has now been extended to THE HUNT FOR THE DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF ZION. We must fight to destroy her and the baby and all of them. All! All! All of them!" 
"Match out demons!" Lucifer said "The battle is not finished! Our mission remains the same; to steal, kill and destroy. Take away peace from them. Lure them into sin! Trap them into iniquity and destroy all of them!!!" Lucifer said with rage and disappeared
"Isabella!" The Lord smiled upon the clouds of glory as He turned by his right-hand side calling Isabelle
"I love it when I see the threat of Lucifer and darkness because I am aware that victory belongs to my children," the Lord said calmly as the clouds closed over them

 Episode 56 [Elisa is wedded]

The waves of Prinscribe University were still blowing to the farthest terrains of the earth among nations
More people were pouring in and making themselves available for the kingdom service
The various cells were been sponsored by well-to-do people in the society to the glory of God and successfully disciple by believers who were well vast in the word of God
Preparation was already on the ground during the occasion of the naming ceremony of Zion, Elisa's son
The date had been fixed and the wedding was going to take place in Evangelist Daniel's church 
This attracted many people of different calibre; believers and none believers alike
Elisa was happily joined together with her husband Paul and they thereafter moved into the new apartment Elisa's father built for her
He also handed over to Paul one of his companies to manage and begin his career there 
For this reason, there was no need for him to move out for the job he had formerly applied 
This was the most fulfilling day in the lives of all the people gathered most especially those who had been part of her story from the onset 
Elisa's parents were the most fulfilled seen their daughter get married and the blessing of their grandson 'Zion' 
Paul formally adopted Zion and became his father 
Deborah and Ruth couldn't catch up with their excitement. Somehow they also felt a bit lonely because God had moved Elisa a step ahead as she was married; no longer single and much accessible as they were 
The expensive and boisterous reception came to a close and everybody departed home 
Elisa and her husband with Zion departed to their new apartment where they would spent the rest of their lives together until death do them apart 
Deborah, Ruth and Beauty were going to dedicate their lives to saving the lost through the discipleship cells
The book "I SAW JESUS" was already a best seller and copies were getting exhausted upon massive print 
The host of heaven stood surrounding the wedding venue and all that had come
Lucifer and his cohorts could not do anything to harm or destroy the joy of the day
For this reason, he departed with them back to hell vowing that those they had succeeded in taking to hell would be tormented more as replacements for those they could not succeed upon
"I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I have given my words to the sons and the DAUGHTERS of Zion. Those who have ears should hear and those who choose be perish should continue in the dark." 
"I leave you now with what my servant was inspired to tell you, my children. For the main time, use it to war against the kingdom of darkness. When I shall come again, I shall speak onto thee more" I saw the Lord standing upon the clouds speaking with the host of heaven behind him
My greatest joy was that I could identify Mia, Susa, Jacky and Isabella. They all stood there clothed in white apparel smiling at me 
"Heaven is beautiful," I said to myself as I jerked out of bed