LOST TO THE DEVIL Episode 1 to 10 [My enumeration]

LOST TO THE DEVIL Episode 1 to 10 [My enumeration]

 Episode 1 [My enumeration]

"urr error!!" Flora yawned on the bed, twisting her body and exhaling the air she had gulped into her mouth.
Backing me and facing the wall as she lay, she threw her hand on an errand searching through the bed with multiple taps to see if I was somewhere close to be found, but her hand left her disappointed. 
"I turned and looked at her pitifully; "Poor woman, I know she must be having pains all over her body," I spoke in my mind shaking my head in great sorrow and uttering no words. 
"I don't know why she agreed to marry me." I said crying in my heart "But at the time I married her things weren't like this. At Least it was better then. With my present condition, no woman would have agreed to marry me. Just look at me, how rachet I have become. Flora, I am so sorry my wife. I never knew that life would treat me this way. I have been acting all along by faith yet this is where  I have found myself." I lamented inaudibly.
Tears dropped as I lifted my eyes to heaven with so many questions in my heart; "O lord, you know I have loved you. I have served you all my life. Please help me, Father. I don't know what to do anymore." This was how far my prayers could be most times I try praying due to the agonies of life I had seen. 
I lowered my eyes again to look at Flora, this time around she had turned to face me, her hand still searching. 
As she touched me on the lab, I could see marks on the mat placed on the iron bed. Watching this, I couldn't control the tears in my eyes, but I do wonder why in the midst of all these Flora never complained or mutter some words of dislike. Each night, she goes to bed only to wake up and find me sitting erect in deep thoughts.  She would then speak to me and for the sake of her care and love, I would return back to bed with her.
I tried against my will this time around to not allow her to catch me in the condition because we had agreed that we would wait upon the Lord.
While her hand found me and I was trying to wipe my uncontrollable tears away, her spirit quickened and she woke up looking at me in disapproval.
"Honey?" She called worriedly "You are at this again? What is the problem? Why are you not sleeping?" She asked me adjusting herself to a sitting position. 
"Dear, I, i..." I struggled to speak.
"Honey please speak to me. How long will you continue like this? I have told you that we are in a season of training and God is working out things for us. With time he will perfect his will for us and the minis..." 
"And when will that time be Flora? I wish I have your courage, I appreciate how much you are doing to be at peace despite our condition but I am in pain. How long do we continue like this? The children have been surviving on garri (cassava flakes) for the past three days. Before a member gave that blessing, we had been on mandatory fasting and praying because there was no food. Come to think of it, how can we be serving God and things are not working. Everything is at zero! I can't serve a God who..." 
"Ye, er, Honey, stop it there. What has come over you? I rebuke the devil that is speaking through you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! This is not you My king. Satan wants to have you but not while I remain your wife!" 
Jesus Christ, I could imagine the energy at which Flora cut in and was addressing me as she held me by the shoulder and was praying for me rebuking the devil. 
"What sort of a woman is this?" I questioned myself silently. "How can she be comfortable with the situation we are in and not even be bothered?" 
She left and brought the Bible, then opened to the book of Romans 8 and began to read to me  from verse 18 down to the end; 
"Honey, look at it. You know the scripture but right now I want it to enter into your heart. I want the light to shine and dispose of the darkness that is hovering over you." She said and began to read to me as I force my way to look at it. 
"But Flora, I am just tired of all the humiliation we are going through. Just look at me, I have given up everything in life to serve the Lord. Most of my mates are professors now, have built estates, riding cars and travel all over the world. Why is my situation different? Even those who are colleagues with me in ministry are doing excellently well. I am the only bad egg among them..." I lamented and Flora cut in; 
"My husband is not the bad egg and can never be! I believe what you told me a few years back, that the Lord had called you to reawaken revival over the nations. I have not forgotten all the visions and the revelations. I believe in them till now and I want you my love to do the same. God never fails!"
"Of your mates, I want you to understand that there are many of them who are in the grave right now. There are those who are out of purpose and the plans of God for their lives. Even though physically we may not look like it, we are still in God's agenda - that's the most important thing." 
The words of Flora penetrated me like a sword. I found strength although not totally. A part of me still held fast to desiring what I had proposed in my heart.
"Flora," I called out to her "You are a blessing to my life. I can't imagine marrying someone other than you and facing the same situation I am facing. It would be hell, truly hell for me. Sometimes I wonder the level of strength the Lord has given you seeing that you amaze me with your strength, courage and determination as we wait upon the promises of the Lord." 
Flora miles and fell onto my chest 
She loved me praising her strength. Whenever that happens, it usually ended in us making love as husband and wife because she would become so tender that it would weaken some energy on my own part. 
"Err, love, calm down first. I know where you are heading, but wait, how are we preparing for the meeting tomorrow?" She asked and we discussed it briefly. 
When we were done with our discussion, I went to the other room which was actually a store we turned to a children's bedroom. 
I checked on the children and saw that they were soundly asleep and breathing with calm. 
I stood by the wall thinking of what they were going to eat the following day for school. 
I travelled with my thoughts far and near searching for what to do in order to provide a meal for them, but I couldn't figure out a thing. 
As I walked out of the room, I found a notice paper on the rusty table we had placed by the kitchen door. It was from their school. I picked it up and read through it; "Dear esteemed parent/parents, please be reminded of your child's school fees. Failure to pay tomorrow would have the child/children sent home." 
I held my waist with my palms and stood still wondering yet again but now harder. 
I had three children; Eliana, Deborah and Paul. I had only struggled to pay the fee of Eliana who was in grade four. The rest were due for payment but I couldn't raise the money after many efforts. 
I dragged myself into the bedroom again and mate Flora reading the Bible. 
I dropped on the bed looking moody. She knew where I was coming from. It was my habit to check on the children each time I woke from my sleep because I loved them to the call. 
"What is it again Honey?" Flora asked confused
"The children brought home a notice from school?" I asked her faintly.
"Yes, honey. You returned from the church stressed and I didn't want to bother you which was why I didn't inform you." Flora said 
"That was thoughtful of you. Tomorrow I will be going to the site to see if I can get any labourer job to do in order to at least provide what they would eat and I will do that a couple of days to raise their school fees." I told Flora
"Ah, labourer job? no, no no!" She exclaimed. 
"My dear, allow me to do this for the sake of our children. After all, you have always thought me to stay strong and allow God to have his way. While we wait on the Lord, the children must not starve." I explained
"It's okay, I understand. Maybe we should go together tomorrow. The woman I'm doing laundry for travelled abroad and won't be back until after three days." She informed.
"Flora! I won't have you do a labourer job with me. It is enough allowing you; the wife of a minister of God do laundry for a woman who doesn't even go to church. That alone is enough embarrassment." I disapproved
I held hands together with her and after a brief prayer, I decided to at least shut my eyes and catch some sleep before the day breaks.  
But I never knew that Satan was wooing me and wanted to have me married to hell. 
If tears are white, mine turned to blood. I couldn't figure out why darkness wanted me, but if I had known, I would have remained rachet in the light than dwell in the glories of darkness.
[The story of Bishop Ayodele Douglas]

Episode 2 [perceiving Lucifer's approach]

[Nonetheless, what I saw in the revelation that day would continue to hunt me.] 
"Jesus! Jesus!!" I heard Flora jerking out of bed barely some minutes I had shut my eyes to catch some sleep before the day breaks. 
She was panting and jittering heavily.
"What is it, Flora? Please speak to me! What is it?" I yelled at her wondering what could be so tensed to have created such a trembling countenance on her. I couldn't figure it out. her clothes were covered in a pull of sweat and she was crying heavily. 
"Okay, Flora, calm down and speak to me. This is me. What is the problem? Did you have a nightmare?" I calmed down and asked her carefully searching into her eyeballs. 
Her screaming woke the children as well and they came knocking at the door. I came through and told them to retire back to their room and pray for their mother.
I came back and fell by Flora beckoning on her to tell me what was it. 
She held my hands in her palms and began to ask me questions; 
"Honey, have you done anything that God would not be happy with?" 
I looked at her finding her question strange; 
"Flora, what is it? I have not done anything that God won't be happy with, except if it is not yet brought to my notice." I said and paused, trying to search through to see if there was an error somewhere but I couldn't arrive at anything. Then she continued speaking; 
"Honey, please promise me, that we would wait upon the Lord. Promise me that we won't deviate from the path and go seeking the glory of Babylon?" She asked gazing into my face. 
I was a bit embarrassed by her statements and promised her that I was going to stay focused on the course no matter what we went through. 
"Okay, Flora, I will promise you, but can you tell me what is it?" 
"I had a nightmare and it was terrible," Flora said. 
"Nightmare? This must be the work of the devil." I said and she nodded her head. 
"Honey, I saw the devil chasing after you, asking you to give back to him the glories he had bestowed on you. You were running and losing out of strength until you fell in a bit. Your wailing brought tears to my eyes and I ran to pull you out, but I saw a lot of things weighing you deep into the pit. They were houses, cars, Money and crowds of people. I was asking you to let go of them but you held onto them and would not. Just then, you went below and were swallowed by a gross darkness. The demon chasing you faced me and was about cutting me with the machete before I woke up." She explained. 
I gulped a gland of saliva and buried my head to the ground as I pondered over what she had told me. 
I was getting a glimpse but not totally as the revelation was not strange and unusual. 
"My love," Flora called out "This comes just after we had discussed and gone to bed. please my love, in due time God will bless us, please don't go seeking for the glory of hell. This revelation is a warning for us to remain on course and wait upon the Lord." 
"Flora, are you saying that I will go seeking power and fame from the devil? Come on, why would you nurse such fears. It will never come to my thought to go seeking after the devil. I rather suffer and wait upon the Lord for my dawning." 
"I believe you honey but I'm just concerned," Flora said looking at me pleadfully.
"Don't worry my queen. Please let's have some sleep before the day breaks. You know I will be going to the site today." 
"Alright, but please let's pray briefly." She said holding my hands and we prayed for some minutes before going back to bed. 
The following day, I woke up and left early for the site wearing a facing cap to disguise myself a little. 
"Wait, ah ah, is that not Bishop Dele? A labourer spotted me. I threw an eye and saw him speaking with the site engineer as he pointed in my direction. The engineer asked him to call me and the labourer came to call my attention; 
"Ah, good morning man of God sir!" he greeted "Engineer is calling you." 
I greeted him and dragged myself to the engineer trying hard to swallow my pride. 
"Bishop good morning sir!" The engineer greeted bending
"Good morning Benjamin! I didn't know you are the one managing the site." I said and he smiled; 
"Ah, Bishop I'm the one o. we are using this one to provide daily bread," he told me. 
"But Bishop, it's like you come to bless us. Hey! Please, everyone, come over, Bishop is here to bless us!" He shouted beckoning everyone to gather.
Before I could protest and inform him that I had come to do a labourer job, the other labourers were already encompassing me with their working tools.
"Please Bishop, we are honoured for having you with us here. Please bless us sir!" he pleaded
Feeling defeated, I positioned myself orderly and began to pray for them. 
I prayed fervently and some of them fell under the anointing of God. Indeed they felt blessed and happy. 
Engineer Benjamin then called me by the side; 
"Ah, Bishop this is really powerful. Please if you don't mind, we would love you to be coming to do devotion with us every morning. We will be paying for your fare." 
He then slotted his hand into his pocket and handed me five thousand nairas. 
"Bishop, initially the owner of this site had asked me to look for a man of God that would be praying for the workers daily to ensure everything is safely done. We have been looking for someone who would do that and we are blessed the Lord brought you."
"Wow!" actually I came here to do labourer work to afford money to pay my children's school fees." 
"What! Bishop you mean you came here to labour with the boys? no no no! I won't have you do that. Please let me have the bills tomorrow upon your coming and the money will be paid. We will also support you with some cash so you can do some other things with it." 
Wow! I couldn't believe it. it seemed like a dream how it had happened.
I returned back home and I and my wife celebrated for such a drastic miracle. I felt like the happiest man in the whole world. 
The following day, I was up early. After devotion, I left for the site in a hurry only to arrive and meet glumly faces. 
Immediately I saw this, I knew something was wrong. I myself became instantly affected. 
I moved to one of the labourers and asked what was the problem.
"Hmm, we came this morning and were told the work won't continue for now till further notice." 
Just as he finished speaking, engineer Benjamin came along sadly; 
"Bishop we are sorry. The owner of the site was demanded by a court ruling yesterday to put a hauled to every one of his ongoing projects across the country. We are sorry, we have to wait until we receive the go-ahead" He said 
What he was saying was entering one ear and passing through the other. 
I thanked him and left the site with a heavy heart. I couldn't even walk. As I dragged my legs wishing I was not even born, I heard one of the labourers shout; 
"All these fake pastors. He prayed yesterday and today the project is terminated." 
Tears began to wail up in my heart; "o Lord, what have I done in this life that nothing works for me. How long must I Continue like this?" 
Soon I found myself in the house and fell face flat on the floor. Flora rushed out of the kitchen and held me. She knew what had happened needless told. 
"I am tired Flora. I have done everything in this life. God should just take my life." I cried...
"No no, honey, He won't take your life. You will wait to see his goodness. I know your day Is about to break which is the reason for all this." 
"Flora, please let me be, I am tired. I need to find a solution to the problems of my life. I can't continue serving a God that does not care about me. I have suffered for too long and I am tired. Mayne I'm not even called in the first place" 
Flora was weakened this time around. I could see that she lacked what to say or do at the moment. 
I felt for her, and the children but I couldn't take it anymore. 
I had a mango tree outside our little house. 
Out of anger, I took a sit and went to it and sat under it. 
Flora wanted to come but I told her I wanted to be alone, so she left. 
As I sat under the tree thinking deeply of what to do, I could hear the children playing jubilantly despite that they had only eaten once that day. This was enough for me to know that God was sustaining them but it seemed I was the only one in the family being impatient. I tried thinking that direction but removed my mind from it and start thinking of how I was going to get out of the mess I was in. 
I closed my eyes and soon dozed off. 
I found myself in an empty land filled with beautiful precious stones. I saw a being moving ahead of me. He wore upon himself a robe of gold and a silver plate at the chest region. The robe swept the floor as he moved. I could also see dark flames of fire floating over him. 
As he moved, I saw demons rising from the ground and adoring his feet with precious stones and beautiful articles of gold and silver. 
I then saw the ground upon which he was standing became the money of different currencies. 
As I watched, I couldn't control the fact that my soul was becoming more and more attached to him. I was being pulled by the glorious wealth that emitted from him. 
All of a sudden, I saw this being descending into a pit filled with gold yet with wailing sounds of agony from people underneath. 
The wealth of the entire earth began to pull and magnet to him, and then everything closed up. 
"Honey! honey! please wake up, you have a call." I heard Flora called out to me. 
She handed me the phone and I identify the caller as engineer Benjamin.
"Hello Daddy!" he came in "We are sorry for the uncertainties. I call to Inform you that work will continue on the site tomorrow morning, and I will also give you the money for the children's school fees." 
Upon hearing this, I felt immature, ashamed and embarrassed at my actions when I felt disappointed at all that happened earlier. 
Nonetheless, what I saw in the revelation that day would continue to hunt me. 
"The journey with Lucifer begins the moment we feel tired of our journey with God and begin to seek for a substitute," I muttered these words to myself as I walked into the house to eat what Flora had kept for me before I returned from a site that day.  

Episode 3 [synagogue of hell]

"All hell rise!!" A thunderous sound went forth from the dungeon of hell. 
A mighty rushing wind of darkness pushed itself into the place and hovered on a throne surrounded by the skulls of dead souls. 
A being proceeded to it and sat upon the throne. Then all the demons rose to their feet and paid allegiance, worshipping and adoring him. 
I watched and another demon stood up from the end of the long table. He had in his hand the skull of a dead soul and began to serve every other spirit present with blood. 
"Fellow demons and fallen angels, welcome to the synagogue of our lord,  Lucifer!" Another demon stood up wearing a robe and a cross on it. 
He had in his hand a big book with the name Bible written on it upside down; "elbib" Which also was the name of the demon that was the priest of the synagogue as appointed by the devil.
He had other millions of demons under him known as the elbibs. 
A few of the elbibs came in a burned incense before Lucifer while the rest of the beasts bowed and worshipped him.
As I watched, I saw all the artifacts changed into priceless gold and the beast of hell turned into royal Emirates dressed in powerful attires. 
It could be easily told that hell had glories of wealth, fame, beauty and prosperity. 
"My princess!" The voice of the devil thundered "Welcome to my synagogue, the place I manufacture doctrines and send among the sons and daughters of men. I await your accounts on the assignment I sent you all to carry out among mankind." 
As he spoke, I saw demons trembling and standing to their feet, they gave accounts one after the other on how they had carried out their missions among men.
Then it got to the last demon sitting at the edge of the long roll. He had the most beautiful countenance of them all. He was dressed from head to toe and covered in gold. Two horns appeared on his four heads and on his chest was a plate with the name; THE BEAST OF FAME - Mammon
"Mammon! Speak to the spirit of the darkness and inform us how you have carried out your mission among the sons of men. Today we are gathering just to focus on your mission and to ensure that we craft schemes to bring mankind, especially the preachers of the righteous one to doom." Lucifer said 
"Thank you, my lord!" Mammon bowed to the throne of Lucifer. 
Then as I watch, I saw demons appear in the synagogue with the incense of darkness to offer to the devil. 
As the incense burned, Lucifer stood from his throne and began to brag about his fame, riches and the glories of hell. His garment was made of pure darkness and his countenance depict the most outrageous evil. 
"Mammon, how have you carried out the assignment I have sent you to do among the sons of men?" 
"My lord, the sons and children of the righteous one, especially his ministers are not patient. It is carved in the book of the righteous one to train his soldiers in the perils of life but they are not patient for training.
My lord, I and the battalions of demons you have given onto me have used this to our advantage. 
We have used the riches and the glories of hell to entice the sons of the righteous one into your Kingdom and there are millions of them already trapped by the glories of hell. 
we have given them fame, made them prosperous, and established them in a covenant with our lord Lucifer. 
My lord, we have used their greed to take lives by the sacrifices they have made to your Kingdom with the blood of their loved ones. 
My lord, many of the sons of the righteous one are only serving him because of the glories of the earth. Once they are given the glories of hell for the glories of the earth, they would let go the glories of the heaven, where the righteous one dwells." 
"hahaha! How unwise are the sons of the righteous one. They do not have the understanding of the three glories; the glories of heaven which is eternal, the glories of the earth which is temporal and the glories of my Kingdom; hell which brings men into destruction." Lucifer mocked
"My lord, once the sons of the righteous one are given the glories of hell, they become nonchalant to the voice of their Lord. This is where will lure them into destruction and bring the cup of their blood to the throne of Lucifer." Mammon concluded with an impressive report to the devil. 
"My son!" The devil said "You have made your lord proud. Come forward for the increase of your ranks" 
The rest of the beasts rose to their feet and Mammon flew to where Lucifer was standing. 
Elbib Flew to where Mammon was and began to do some rituals over his head. An additional horn appeared on his head making it three. The horn turned into a snake and was vomiting wealth out of its mouth. 
"Go!!" The devil ordered "I have a mission for you my son! I attended the meeting among the sons of God in heaven and I overheard his intention for his minister; Bishop Ayodele Douglas. The Lord has great intentions for him and has ordained him to host the end-time revival. 
If we do not stop him, soon he would rise so mighty and strong to put to ruin all the works we have done over the centuries. 
"The righteous one has obligated his angels to take him through the tunnels of life so he would be moulded into the soldier which would be sent to war my Kingdom.
We must not allow him. Use the training he takes for suffering and introduce the glories of heaven to him. Entice him with my wealth, tempt him with materialism and lure him away from the righteous one. From there, we would destroy him.
"Bishop Ayodele Douglas is worth more than a thousand men. He holds the key to the end-time revival. Go after him and do not abandon others. Lure them all! entice them with the glories of hell and keep them in perpetual defence for their fall. Give them all the fame they want and destroy their destinies!" 
Lucifer concluded and disappeared in the smoke of darkness. 
The service in the synagogue of hell closed and every beast and demon went back to the territories they governed after feasting on the blood of lost souls
Mammon flew out and legions of demons followed after him, carrying riches in their hands as they headed down to earth. 
Hell was determined and the work had just begun, to bend the ministers of the righteous one, especially the prime target; Bishop Ayodele Douglas

Episode 4 [heading the devil's way] 

"Darling! Darling!!" 
"Yes!" I answered to Flora's call from where I sat under the mango tree making up my shoe to visit my friend in the ministry. Her call seemed prompt and I dropped the Polish to check in on her. 
I mate her and sat in the room with the children watching the small television we had, placed on the floor in our bedroom. 
"Darling come! come, please. chai!" she exclaimed
"What is it, Flora?" I asked in disdain. 
"Darling just watch all that is going on here. Hah, Lord Jesus! Please come quickly. Darling watch this please." Flora hurried on me.
I knew who the man of God was from hearing his voice and the activities ongoing. I had been watching him in the absence of Flora knowing very well that she was highly against such acts in the church. 
I threw my gaze pretending like I knew nothing. 
It was on the Prophet Hezekiah TV channel. He was being welcomed into the church with members removing clothes and laying for him to step on. Women were also pulling off their upper dresses and laying it on the floor leaving themselves unclad. Others were pouring flowers and lying on the floor just to receive a touch from him. 
A man was in the background with the microphone hailing him. He would call him "Prophet Hezekiah the lion" and the congregation would respond, "lord of Lords." 
A whole lot was going on. Some were dropping huge bundles of money on the floor and he was walking upon them. 
His security and aids were all about him and sending all who were looking unkempt from coming close. 
Those dropping money and expensive materials were those allowed to go to any extent. 
I watched quietly as Flora waited to see my reaction but I was indifferent. 
"Darling, can you imagine such abnormalities happening in the church?" she yelled 
"But I see nothing wrong with anything going on here," I told her
"Daddy! Do you mean you see nothing wrong with what is ongoing here? are you saying that all these unscriptural behaviours are normal?" She asked me
"Flora, all I see is an anointed man of God been Celebrated by the people he pastors. Is it not written that he who honours a prophet would receive a prophet's reward? Come on. 
This is why we have remained in abject poverty and isolation. We take things too seriously. The man of God is highly anointed with notable signs and wonders. He deserves to be Celebrated for the massive grace of God upon his life.
"Alright, darling. I'm sorry for disagreeing with you." Flora said 
I knew there was a lot on her heart which was not over. She had a habit; she never argued with me in the presence of my children or in the open until we have come into the closed door. 
"I'm going out," I said moodily and turned to walk away. 
"Darling are you not eating before going out?" 
"I'm I suppose to go into the kitchen and get food for myself? You stay here backbiting against the anointed Prophet of God when you were supposed to serve me food." I yelled 
"Ah darling, I wanted to serve you food but you told me to allow you round up with polishing your shoe first of all."  She clarified
"I am going to visit Apostle Chibundu Great. We have a meeting there. I will eat when I'm back." I told her and left. 
On my way as I trekked, I began to enumerate my actions and felt really bad. I was making it very obvious that this wasn't the me that have lived with Flora happily in our twelve years together as husband and wife. 
I knew she was having a lot of questions in her heart I was not answering. 
A motorcycle came horning by me as my thoughts went far away. 
"Bishop sir. I have been horning but you were absent-minded. Please let me take you to where you are going sir." 
Feeling blessed and happy at the same time, I climbed on thanking him and he rode me to the compound of Apostle Chibundu Great. 
When I arrived, I saw three cars parked in the compound. 
I was expecting only one to be on ground as Apostle James Terna was coming but meeting three cars scared me. 
I rushed in and mate Apostle Chibundu Great and James Terna already dining with exotic drinks and splashing money everywhere. 
Immediately they saw me, they shouted and came shaking hands with me. 
"Ah, man of God you are late, what kept you this long?" Apostle James Terna asked with Chibundu Great  nodding his head. 
"Ah, it was Flora that delayed me " I answered simply. 
"Ah, Flora will not kill you one day o." James came in
"You always talk bad. Please always know you are a man of God when speaking." I said not smiling. 
"err that reminds me. Who is the owner of the other two cars standing out there with some bouncers around it?" I asked curiously.
"That's Apostle's car na!" Chibundu said pointing at Apostle James Terna." 
"Ah, Terna you have added more cars?" I asked shocked.
"You people are talking of cars. What are cars. I have many of such presently across nations. The union of the brotherhood lacks nothing." He responded.
"Brotherhood? What is brotherhood. Don't tell me you have joined the occult."
"Ah ah, Bishop calm down. What are you talking about?" Chibundu protested
"Please men of God. no one is in cult here. Bishop, join the table let's eat and drink. It has been a while we have this reunion." James said and I joined them on the table. 
A little time into the get-together, Apostle Chibundu Great  began to complain of  the uncertainties that were happening to him and the decision he was taking to quit ministry; 
"I'm tired on a serious note. I came into ministry to build fame and make a name for myself. I would have rather remained in my shop selling spare parts. I don't really understand okay. Look at James, he started ministry just three months ago and he is already commanding affluence everywhere. He has properties such as houses, cars and people at his command." 
"Chibundu, I didn't come into ministry because of anything materialism, but the suffering is too much. I am tired. I and my family are barely surviving. I don't want to return home one day only to find out that my children have died of starvation. 
I have been serving God for a while now with nothing to show for it. 
Look at my life. I am looking like a preacher without hope. I thought God rewards faithfulness but how long will it be before the joy comes through. See, I am ready to do anything to get out of this mess I have found myself in. I can't continue this way, never!"
"Men of God, you people should calm down. The Lord never disappoints and he will do it. Keep waiting upon him. Eventually he will reward you people just as he has rewarded me." 
A call came through and after Terna was done answering, he took permission to leave for an important meeting. 
His leaving prompted  us to come close so we could hear ourselves better; 
"Man of God, there is something Terna is into that he doesn't want us to know of," Chibundu said 
"Was that not what I was trying to interrogate him of when he made comments about brotherhood and you quickly shaded him." 
"You have a strong point there. If what he is into is what he can introduce to us, as for me I am ready to do anything just to attain fame in this work of God. We can't remain here unknown in the name of ministry na. I don't know what is your decision but I will try to get closer to him in order to dig it out." 
"Apostle Chibundu, are you saying even if it is a negative venture you will dive into it?" I asked him 
"Bishop! we can't die like this. God is a merciful God. He knows that we have tried and have waited for his time. We would always run back to God, Bishop!" 
This is exactly what happens when the devil has taken over one mind. Apostle Chibundu, I can't believe you will say this." I told him.
"Bishop! Just go and do what you know how to do best. As for me, any opportunity that comes my way will be worth handling. I have suffered enough. I have to take some steps." 
Feeling uncomfortable with all that Apostle Chibundu Great was saying, I told him I needed to be home and departed.
I returned home late and mate Flora sat outside waiting for me. the children had already fallen asleep. 
We greeted and she brought out water for me to shower. 
After all was done, I went in to meet her lying on the bed partially dressed. 
Watching her made my body jingle and I fell onto her, touching some parts of her body waiting for her to serve me her meal but she lay still. 
"My love, what is the problem?" I asked her.
She swung to her sitting position and looked into my eyes; 
"Darling, things are happening these days that make me feel very strange, distant and left in confusion. You are acting so strange these days. Worse still is your support for Prophet Hezekiah. I couldn't believe you were the one speaking today in defence of such ungodly Christian lifestyles coming from one who calls himself a man of God. 
If not for anything, think of the damsels and married women who were removing their coverings for him and rendering themselves naked. I am confused. This is not you that I know. something is not right somewhere." 
I held my breath deeply and apologized to Flora for my attitude, especially regarding the way I spoke to her in the afternoon, yet my answers were not satisfying. I myself could tell that things were not in order with my relationship with God but how exactly I felt remained a mystery. 
We spoke for a little while and prayed then went to bed as husband and wife, this time around given the keys to the glories of Flora. 
MAMMON: "Elbibs! prepare the incense for the devil to smile over the souls of the ministers of the righteous one. Our mission is underway, a haha!!!!" 

 Episode 5 [launching into the camp of hell's glory]

When I switched on the light, my eyes landed on a tall, elegant and well-polished young girl standing in front of me half naked. 
"Hezekiah! Hezekiah!!" 
"Yes my lord Mammon." Prophet Hezekiah answered bowing down to the bodiless image that appeared on the altar of wealth. 
There were about a hundred more persons in the hall. The place was littered with different body parts of humans and denominations of money. 
The walls were dressed with red lining and had blood sprinkled on it. There were demons stationing themselves round the altar of wealth but only their forms could be seen. 
Prophet Hezekiah was called upon to stand apart as he was being addressed by Mammon; the demon of wealth who governed the treasures of the glories of hell. 
So far he had stolen many by virtue of his wealth and had made Lucifer (the devil) proud by his acts. 
"Hezekiah! The sceptre of the end time revival prepared by the righteous one has been placed into the hands of one of his ministers; Bishop Ayodele Douglas." He said pointing to the wall. And Bishop Dele's image appeared as he slept soundly. 
"Your mission is to receive him and treat him well. Entice him with the wealth I have given to you, until you have summoned him to this altar and I will bless him myself with the glories of hell. Go!! Go!!!" Mammon roared and Prophet Hezekiah found himself travelling back into his body from where he had left to attend the meeting.
On the morrow of the following day after service, Bishop Dale went to visit Apostle Chibundu Great to know about developments after his inquiry from Apostle James Terna and afterwards returned home with some engaging countenance. 
"Flora, I have the invitation to minister in Lagos," I informed  Flora handing her a flyer and a letter from the said mega Ministry doing the program. 
"Wow this is good darling, but you never told me of anything like this, neither do I know of this ministry. Do you know the set man, I mean the general overseer?" Flora asked me 
"urr, really I don't know much about the ministry but they contacted me through my friend Apostle Chibundu Great.  They have expressed how happy they would be to have me grace the occasion." I told her. 
"Well that's okay darling, but we need to pray about it and know if it is coming from God." 
"Flora! I can't wait to honour this meeting. I'm sure from there God would begin to change our story..."
"Darling, I'm talking of us praying. We need to pray first before you would know if it is designed by God for you to honour the invitation." She pleaded for my understanding.
"Flora, are you doubting that I hear from God? The Lord still speaks to me, and on this one, he has asked me to be there to bless his people and liberate them from the yoke of the devil." I told her feeling somewhat guilty of the lied I was Flaming up. 
It was becoming a great worry to me that I could now lie comfortably.
"Okay darling, I'm sorry. I am your wife, your helper and one you can reason things with prayerfully. I'm adding extra care just so that we don't go out of the track line of what God has mandated us for." Flora said and I felt touched, none the less I had begun my journey to proffering solutions and becoming a minister of affluence like others. It was too early to disclose things to Flora. 
"So are you going by land or air?" She asked defeated.
"Look baby, I trust the season has come for the Lord to bless us. I can sense it that after this meeting we won't remain the same again." 
"But darling, you speak as if you are honouring the invitation for the befits involved. How about the souls which should be the main concern? She asked me feeling frustrated by the man I was metamorphosing into. 
"Darling I don't understand you these days. Your utterances and passion no longer yield absolutely to the man I have known all this years. What is really happening? I have waited upon the Lord in your absence in praying for you, yet I can't tell what is the problem..." 
"Flora can you stop please! I am okay, I'm fine. Do you expect me to be going through all the hardship in ministry and remain the same? You should know that this is not the way they ought to and I have risen to seek the face of the Lord until he answers." I answered her and stood to leave the room but she held me by the hand preventing me from doing so.
"I am sorry my love. When are you leaving?" She asked. 
"I will be leaving in three days' time," I told her. 
For the next two days, I watch my wife arrange for my journey passionately.  On the appointed day, I departed the capital city for Lagos. 
 We arrived Lagos in late hours of the night and the taxi took I and Apostle Chibundu Great to a designated hotel where we mate with Apostle James Terna who was anxiously waiting to receive us. 
He took us to our hotel room where everything was already stationed waiting for us. 
I was wowed by all the things happening in my life. I quickly began to adapt to the life of wealth and feel the merriment of riches. 
Some moment later, Apostle James returned to inform us that Apostle Chibundu Great would be having his separate room in order to allow us privacy. 
This meant great for us. Chibundu quickly moved into his room and James waved us promising to be back the following day which we would be meeting with Prophet Hezekiah.
I looked to the walls around and saw banners and pictures of Prophet Hezekiah posted all around. I went to one of them, knelt down and prayed to God to make me like his servant Prophet Hezekiah. 
After the brief prayer, I went to the shower and had a vacuum warm shower, came out and faced the meal that was kept awaiting my attention. 
I channelled energy on the chicken and the heavily prepared fried rice and fruit juice among other things.
As I was eating, Flora's call came in asking me how the journey went. 
I expressed excitement over the phone and informed her of the new experience I was in, letting her know that it was the beginning of a turnaround for all of us. 
I was expecting her to feel the excitement I was feeling but she only expressed worry; 
"Darling I don't know why my spirit is restless. I will be praying for you this night. Please be conscious and stay safe." She said and after saying bye to each other, we hung the calls. 
After eating to my satisfaction, I fell on the highly exotic bed, rolled from end to end and kick like a little child. 
"What a life! This is how life should be. Not the suffering one is going through." I exclaimed and switched off the lights to catch some sleep in order to relieve myself of stress. 
As sleep was about to take hold of me, I heard my door slightly open and closed back. 
I jumped out of bed, gripped my phone and headed straight to the switch wondering what demon it was that entered my room. 
When I switched on the light, my eyes landed on a tall, elegant and well-polished young girl standing in front of me half naked. 
"Jesus Christ! Who are you?" I shouted remembering very well I locked the door before going to bed.
"Shhhh!!" The damsel tossed her lips to me demanding that I should be calm.
"Don't be afraid Bishop sir, I have only come to keep you company." She said moving her body like a snake and enticing me as she showed me the key to the room. Her action was already sending waves into my body.
"I am one of the daughters of Prophet Hezekiah. Apostle James Terna has sent me to keep you warm and relieved of stress.
I looked at her undies and was shocked to see the enclaved pictures of Prophet Hezekiah on them. 
Before I could try to resist, she took everything off and fell onto me. 
I never imagined that I would be committing such an atrocious act that night. 
The damsel explored me and left me in eternal regret. 
If that was the end, I won't have bothered much, but that singular encounter introduced me to what would become one of the means to access the glories of hell. 
The following day, Chibundu, came to my hotel room and both of us were weeping. The same had happened to him with another damsel. 
In our mourning state, Apostle James Terna came to move us out of the hotel. He rather found our actions childish and told us to man up, as it was just nothing but part of the fun a minister deserved. 
"Please we are going for shopping. You can't see Prophet looking this tattered and unkempt." James said
"Are you insulting us? it's high time you stop James. We are still your seniors in ministry." I said angrily
"Who does seniority in ministry help? if not I won't have been the one helping you out by showing you two the way. Nonetheless, the words of a great man often seem insulting to the poor. 

Episode 6 [Touring for Riches]

Apostle James Terna drove us downtown and we spent a good time shopping for whatever we wanted.
Each item had a price tag costing huge amount of money. Hundreds of thousands of naira were bent. The gate fee into the collection store cost a whopping some of a hundred thousand naira. 
I was shopping and at the same time weeping within my heart. such a huge amount of money spent was enough to settle my life and give me a good start with my family. 
Nonetheless, it was expedient that we behaved mannerly knowing fully well that the time had come for our own lives to gain a phase of glory.
After shopping, Apostle James took us to an eatery fashioned with all kinds of luxuries and glamour.
I cursed poverty in my life and began to pray in my heart. I couldn't imagine the rate at which things had turned for me and Apostle Chibundu Great.
We couldn't wait to pledge our allegiance to the great Prophet Hezekiah
After eating to our satisfaction, Apostle James made an order and what we would carry back to our hotel rooms to be used for dinner was served and we were driven back. 
Because of the excitement, Apostle Chibundu Great stayed in my room and we tried on all the stuff we had bought. 
It was all gorgeous and had our looks transformed altogether. 
"Alright men of God, please take this for your upkeeps. We shall see first thing tomorrow morning to see Prophet Hezekiah." Apostle James Terna said handing over to us twenty thousand naira bundles of money each.
We turned and looked at each other in awe. "After all the wealth lavished on us, we were still given twenty thousand nairas each just to have our pockets stuffed.
When Apostle James Terna left, we laughed hard and fell onto each other.
"Bishop Dele, so this is how God answers prayers. I can't believe our lives have changed already." He said demanding a handshake
As we were talking, Flora's call came in; 
I signalled Apostle Chibundu Great to hurry and get into his own room. When he was gone, I called back Flora and we began talking;
"... darling you did not even call to hear from us!" She spoke with concern in her voice.
"But dear you should know that I am the guest speaker and I have a lot at hand to do. I am just coming back from the evening session and it was all-powerful." I lied to her
"Wow! God be praised!!" She shouted over the phone.
I asked about the children and Flora told me they were doing fine. We then discussed other things and we called it a day. 
After spending a good time admiring my collections from the store, I went into the shower and did the needful, returned back to eat something from what we had brought from the eatery. 
After having all the achievements done so far, I did a little prayer and went to bed. 
A few minutes on the bed, I realized that I was not myself. I began to have a great appetite for sexual intimacy. 
I checked into my boxers and could witness my sexual organ standing elongated like a tuber of cassava.
I couldn't understand why so. It felt really strange and at the same time scary. 
I began to wish the damsel that visited me the previous night could come again. I was the one now begging for Lucifer to have me. 
I took my phone and quickly was reminded I had not collected her contact the previous day.
My head ached and I wondered what I was going to do.
Just then, I heard my door open, behold, the damsel came in all smiling, this time around looking more beautiful and adoring. 
"Ah, you are here, rightly on time." 
"Thank you, Apostle." She answered beckoning to my attention.
I sloped down the bed and went to her; 
"You look more adoring than yesterday," I said to her.
"That's true Bishop and that's because you attended well to me last night. For years, I have waited to have you in my arms; just you and none else. I am grateful you finally came. The more you attend to me, the more I glow and the more I glow, the more your glories." She said
Her words felt strange and each dropped on my body causing shivers. 
"What are you saying Clauneck?" I asked her 
She smiled; "You don't know my name till now Bishops." 
"But you told me yesterday that your name is Clauneck," I responded
"Hmm, mortals always sound imperfect and malnourished with knowledge." 
"You only know that I am Clauneck but you do not know my name - the demon of wealth." 
"Demon? come on! you sound so strange and weird today. I have been waiting for you to come so we could have a lot of fun. I have never felt the way you touched me yesterday." I said still overcome by my lust. 
"Don't worry Bishop!" I am all yours for life and you will never lose me. 
Before she could put a dot to her sentence, she fell onto me and that was it until hours later.
When Clauneck stood and walked to the door to leave, I watched her from where I lay and before she could open the door, she disappeared. 
I couldn't believe what I saw. Was it my eyes deceiving me? I couldn't fathom. I was mad that I had not collected her contact to call and ask her if she truly opened the door or disappeared.
Well, maybe it was my eyes deceiving me. But when she was gone, regret set in, I began to pick her words and join them together. 
I was naive and couldn't make meaning out of all she had said. I felt those were just some slang they used as prostitutes. 
At the same time, I felt scared, afraid and troubled.
The following day, I had realized that the same had happened to Apostle Chibundu Great. 
We both began questioning our fate 

 EPISODE 7 [Signing the covenant with hell]

"Bishop!" Apostle Chibundu Great called out to me with so much worries and fears written over his face 
"What is it, Apostle?" I asked staring into his eyes to make a discovery 
"Bishop I am not okay about this anymore. Can't you see, this isn't a place we should be? Everything happening all of a sudden seems weird and full of darkness." He lamented 
"But I think there is really nothing for us to worry about much. It could be the devil hindering us from the openings coming our way. Instead I think we should pray against every demonic oppression and manipulation. You know we are meeting with Prophet Hezekiah today. We will find out if there is anything to worry about." I told him
"And you sound as if you are not afraid yourself. you just complained of what happened yesterday night. 
Come on Bishop Douglas, let's not allow greed to lure us into what will be beyond us. 
The encounter I had with Nina last night is still fresh in my head, think of yours with Clauneck. Bishop, you are a man of God with great understanding. This events aren't ordinary. There are mysteries behind them and I feel we have been trapped." 
"Please stop complaining and let's focus on why we are here, " I told him 
Deep down in my spirit I knew what Apostle Chibundu was saying was what I wished to say and were my fears too but greed couldn't allow me.
It blocked all my senses of discernment and judgement. 
Apostle Chibundu left my room for his and just in a few minutes returned back with his bag stuffed. 
"Ah ah, I don't understand, what is happening Apostle? Why are you carrying your bag loaded? Are we called for by Apostle James Terna?" I asked confused.
"Bishop! I think God is doing something in me and he is not done yet.  We made the mistake of coming here. Please I advise, if you love your life, let's leave this place at once otherwise it is not safe."  He said heading to the door in a haste.
"And are you leaving me here?" I asked confused
Whether to begin packing my things or not, I couldn't really figure out what to do. Before I could open my eyes, Apostle Great was gone.
I fell back on the bed grabbing my head. 
Confusion set in and I became so stupid looking at myself. 
A few moments later, my door rang and when I opened it, it was Apostle James Terna.
"Where is  Apostle Great?" He asked 
"Ah, do you know he has left?" 
"Left to where? He better don't do so otherwise he would have himself to blame." He said angrily dialling Apostle Great's number.
"...Apostle, I am sorry to have left without informing you. I am sorry for my decision. I felt unsafe and needed to be home; to feel what home is like once again..."
"Apostle Chibundu Great! I advise you as a true friend to get back before it is too late. Please don't blame me when you would start harvesting the actions you are planting." Apostle James Terna, responded over the phone, nonetheless, Apostle Chibundu Great harkened to his own actions and was no more. 
I lay back on the wall confused and perplexed at the same time wondering what I was going to do.
Now that Apostle Great had backed off and left me standing, it would be detrimental considering if he decides to let people, most especially my wife know about what I was committing myself into. 
At the same time, I also felt very stupid considering that coming to Lagos to see Prophet Hezekiah was an idea brought forth and worked upon by Apostle Great. 
"How stupid humans can be listening to people lead them astray and at the end get to the right track leaving those whom they had misled." I ministered these words deep down my worried soul.
Without a second thought, I rushed to the bedside and began to get everything ready for my departure too. I would be the greediest and stupidest person alive if I do n…
[6:37 PM, 5/13/2023] JudithπŸ’–: LOST TO THE DEVIL πŸ‘ΏπŸ€¦‍♂️😈⚔️ - EPISODE 8 [Closed in the coffin]
Apostle James Terna turned a bad gaze to me and exchanged it with a mimicking smile then fell back into his position, from the erectile form when the cup kissed the floor from my hand. 
The next minute, I witnessed an entourage of young men and ladies dressed in white top and red wears walked in. 
They matched in for different assignments and took their positions. 
One left the specie and swiftly ran to pull out a red rug from an enclosure and  spread it from the door below to the the peak where there was neatly placed a golden throne. 
The throne had a beautiful basement of flowers and lights burning brightly and smoke tossing into the air. 
Another from the entourage had a bell which she rang thrice and everyone rose. 
Apostle James Terna gave me an eye and I rose not knowing what to expect.
Behold, the gorgeously and fiercely looking Prophet Hezekiah walked in accompanied with a silver jug dragged on wheels. 
"Prophet Hezekiah the lion!" 
"lord or lords! lord of lords!! lord of lords!!!" A voice called and the rest of the voices apart from me responded harmoniously. 
This went on three times and everyone including myself went on our knees. 
I would later learn that nobody had the gut to sit before him while he was addressed, most especially among those at his disposal. 
"My lord; Prophet Hezekiah, I'm sorry I was to summon before you two of your sons who want your adoption but one slipped out of my hand. I have therefore brought this soul to offer before thee, my lord." Apostle James Terna approached him.
I lifted my eyes and tightened my balls into my skull as I gaze at Apostle James Terna and all he had said. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing, and how much I was downgraded.
It was obvious and I needed not to be told that I was in the den of darkness as nothing which I had seen came close to anything God.
"You are welcome, my son." Prophet Hezekiah said looking at me and I was quickly compelled by Apostle James Terna to approach him. 
I crawled on my knees and stationed myself before him. 
I was weeping within me, how much I had reduced the calling of God upon my life and had downplayed his hand upon me to be kneeling before a mare man. 
My feet couldn't hold anymore and I was freezing in my position. 
"What do I have to gain after all this? my peace is gone. Ah Lord have mercy upon me, I'm lost!" my soul cried within." 
"My son, serve the wine of the covenant." Prophet Hezekiah said pointing to Apostle James. 
He stood up, addressed the wheels upon which the wine was conveyed and opened its cover. 
Glasses were shared with us and Apostle James Terna began to pour.
"Wine of covenant! Lord Jesus! what covenant?" Questions raced within my soul.
Later in my journey with Lucifer, I would learn that the silver jug was never filled. It was the content of the blood of all who were killed through the covenant. 
I struggled to avoid taking a sip from the cup counting on my first encounter but the Prophet's eyes fixed on me and discombobulated my confidence.
Immediately I brought it close to my mouth, and I started seeing the taxi driver crying out for blood. I wanted to be strong but I couldn't. I took some gulps and handed the cup over
"Bishop Douglas Ayodele my son, you are welcome to the family where serving God is a blessing and not a curse. You will enjoy all the wealth of the earth and its glories to the fullest without any interruption.
The key is for you to remain and stay in tune with the blood of his grace and covenant." Prophet Hezekiah concluded and stood to leave.
And that was the end of the meeting. This wasn't what I was expecting as other fathers of faith would do. 
I stood up not knowing whether I was to be angry or ashamed of myself.
Apostle James Terna drove me back to my hotel in silence but Immediately we dropped in the room, my anger wailed up; 
"So this is it Terna and you never told any one of us. I can now see that Great was wise to have departed to save himself from the claws of devils like you. Ah, Sh!" I exclaimed spinning in the center of the room. 
"Come on, come on! Congratulations Bishop Douglas great. Now you can begin to enjoy the wealth of the kingdom." Apostle James Terna said offering me a hand despite my disposition.
"We have made arrangements for your flight tomorrow. You shall be going back home tomorrow." Apostle James Terna said and shut the door behind me.
Crowded with so many uncertainties, I picked up my phone to call Flora so I could ask for her prayers but upon calling, her line was switched off.
Embattled with great stress, I decided I had to sleep early. 
Just after taking my bath, for the first time after a few days, I remembered to pray. I knelt down to pray but I could sense how much I had distanced myself from the Lord.
I prayed shallowly and fell on the bed to sleep. Just as I was closing my eyes, Clauneck walked into the room seductively dressed. 
Immediately I saw her, fear ran through my body and settled down my bones. 
"Douglas!" she called out! "I have come to seal the covenant we have made."
"What covenant are you talking about?" I asked her fearing for nothing. 
"I have been commissioned by Lucifer to give you wealth and make your name great among men. 
All that is required is for you to sleep with me after every three nights. 
Each that happens, your wealth, fame, power and popularity increase more." She said moving motionlessly to where I lay on the bed. 
I had fallen into the coffin made by Lucifer and I was closed in it.
Darkness shielded my path and I lost the way ... I was lost to the devil.

 EPISODE 9 [The mandate is taken]

"Darling, I can tell this is not you! You don't look happy and your journey closed every door against me knowing a thing. You denied my calls severally, nor did you return them. I kept having nightmares about you on a constant basis. Please speak to me dear, what is happening. I can tell vividly that everything is not alright." 
"Flora, what is it that you want me to tell you? I told you I had a program in Lagos and that's where exactly I'm coming from. My schedule was tight which is the reason for not keeping communication frequent. I think the nightmares you are having are just a distraction from the devil for the new phase I can sense God is ushering us into." I responded to Flora's Lamentations after my return from Lagos. 
I ensured her this was the distraction from the devil and held her hand as we prayed together believing that I had won her to my lies. 
Worries crept into my soul and filled my heart but my mind was bent on the glories of hell, so I encouraged myself to be strong; "With time, I would be over this."  I said and sealed my heart against worries.
Later in the evening, after Flora had served my meal, she came asking me so much about the program. I had to be intellectually smart in order to attend to all her questions.
Towards the evening of the same day, I was in the room thinking hard. Flora had gone to prepare the children for sleep and I was waiting for her to join me in. When I turned, I was shocked to see Clauneck standing next to me. 
"Clauneck! What is it?" I shouted and quickly shielded my mouth as I was audible enough for my wife to hear me. 
As thought, she quickly came to the room asking who I was speaking to.
"My dear I just had a revelation and I was speaking against it," I said shabbily and waved the matter away.
Clauneck stood there glaring in extreme beauty as I looked at her. 
"Bishop! You are given three days of concentration. You shall not touch your wife until the three days are over." she issued an instruction
I wanted to protest but didn't want Flora to overhear me so I kept silent and swallowed what she told me.  
"Oh, God! What have I gotten myself into?" I muttered words in my heart crying bitterly, yet trying hard to wear a joyful countenance in order not to pass any message to Flora and my children that something was fishy.
I turned to my bag and brought out fifty thousand naira and handed it over to her to go to the market and get some foodstuff.
"Darling?" She turned to me with a shocking surprise on her face.
Since our marriage, I had not for once gathered up to twenty thousand naira which made her wonder where such an amount was coming from.
I smiled and patted her on the shoulder, asking her not to worry as everything was under control. I crafted lies and convinced her it proceeded from my meeting in Lagos. 
On my way back from Lagos, I received several alerts of hundreds of thousands and a congratulatory message from Apostle James Terna for joining the hood. 
The amount accumulated to a sum of two million nairas.
This came aside from the hundred thousand nairas that he handed over to me in cash for my travel expenses. 
This of course became the seal to the covenant between I and hell. 
"Flora, it will surprise you that my host and the church honoured me with a sum of two million nairas and promise to support my work in the ministry." 
"What? They did that! Praise the Lord! Flora shouted in excitement.
It was obvious my deception was paying off and I was winning her into my conformity with the glories of hell.
"My love, first thing tomorrow morning, I will accompany you to the market for you to get food for the house and we will carefully and prayerfully deliberate on how to invest the money given to us," I informed her. 
After much discussion, I spent time with the children and we all went to bed to prepare for Sunday service the following day. 
As soon as we shut the door and I was alone with Flora, I was lying down trying to catch some sleep when she took off her clothes and held me to a sitting position needing my attention.
"Love I have missed you a whole week..." 
"Yes I know dear, but I'm very tired, can we rest till tomorrow?" I pleaded
She fell off my body but soon could not hold herself and came caressing me, making me to come of passion. 
I wanted to turn in to satisfy her but I remembered the warning of Clauneck and maintain calm.
"Flora, my journey was very stressful. Please understand! I want to catch some sleep, tomorrow is service." 
I said with all seriousness and pretended to be sleeping hard 
I felt terrible and miserable hurting Flora so badly with my attitude but my greatest fear was that things would continue to deteriorate terribly as no journey with Lucifer has a shallow ending. 
I had sacrificed my peace, love, family and joy for the materialism of hell. 
The journey had just started and I was beginning to regret terribly my actions. 
I thought about Apostle Chibundu Great and planned of seeing him the following day after service.
As the wind of sleep carried me beyond the corridors of the physical realm,
I had an encounter that would break my heart terribly for the rest of my life. 
I found myself in a revelation where I saw an angel leading thousands of others into the city I was living.
They were coming to my house with chariots of many blessings I could not count. When they arrived, I saw another angel standing with a box outside my house. He was gallant yet at the same time weeping with rivers of tears paving through his face. 
Angel: "Servants of the highest God, I have patiently waited to have your arrival and I bless the name of the Lord you are now here. But unfortunately, the set man for the time and fulfilment is no more on the track. He has left his station and has joined forces with the accursed one who has transformed him into a false prophet."
Angel 2: "But the prince of the host of heaven, we must not return back with what the Lord has already released. To whom shall we turn?" 
Angel: "Turn to the choicest servant of the lord, Apostle Chibundu Great. Although he started on a wrong foundation, he has found mercy in the sight of the Lord. In Blessings, the Lord will bless him."
As soon as the angel concluded, the rest turned away.
I began to strive in order to plead with the angels not to go away but I could feel a heavy force holding me to position until they were out of my sight. 
I lay there crying silently not to awaken Flora. 
If I had waited, my season would have mate me rightly but it came when I had already been married to Lucifer. 
I was now beginning to know that all roads in life had their struggles but that Satan had more pains and agonies.

 EPISODE 10 [Enjoying the Devil's glory]

"Demons of the region of the abyss, I summon you all to issue a warning to you. Do not touch Flora; the wife of Bishop Douglas. 
My monitoring spirits have been deployed to monitor her since the inception of her life on earth and we have gathered that her greatest strength comes from challenging moments. 
We want to lure Bishop Douglas Ayodele completely into hell but his wife still remains a strong barrier. 
The more she sees things going wrong in her life and family, the more she would be challenged to approach the righteous one for answers. 
Humans differ... Some become weak in the midst of challenges and some become stronger in the midst of challenges. 
We study this and come up with what way to attack each individual.
Do not attack her for whatever reason but rather pull her by deception to be closer in dining with the wealth we have given her husband Bishop Douglas." 
"Yes our lord! The spirit of revenge against the human race." The demons of the abyss replied Lucifer. 
"Darling, I can't believe that God could be so faithful in this manner. I had always told you to wait for his timing but I never imagined that things could turn all of a sudden in our favour." 
"Hmm, my dear, the Lord used the meeting in Lagos to open doors for us. For the past three months, we have seen the hand of God in our lives. Our God is indeed faithful." I replied her
For the past three months, it could only be by demonic schemes that I was able to manipulate things in order not to be exposed before Flora. 
I had indeed become wealthy; having many cars, houses and men of influence at my fingertip. 
On This faithful day, I was in the car with Flora heading to supervise the ongoing church project at the new site. 
We had acquired lands and a fifteen thousand capacity auditorium with offices and a monitoring tower architectural masterpiece was currently ongoing. 
Olivia, Deborah and Paul were now schooling in the best school in town.
Money and influence was no longer my problem. 
At the start of my initiation into the kingdom of darkness, I had battled the Lost of my position in God and connection to the devil whom I was called to serve.
I battled keeping things secret from Flora and was severely worried and lacked piece.
But along the line, everything felt normal and usual. I had no conscience again drinking the wine of covenant and seeing the people murdered crying out blood. 
I had simply become a dead man for the devil's use. 
Apostle James Terna was now my greatest confidant and one I was to directly submit to as he had been into the system before me. 
Everything was going well and to shorten the long story, I was enjoying Lucifer to the fullest. 
In my new house which was a mansion, I had a room I convinced my wife to what I called it my secret altar with God.
The room was times two of my matrimonial room with Flora. 
It had everything in it and was sound proof. This made it impossible for whatever I'm doing in it to be unheard. 
Flora believed me after much struggles. I convinced her that it was for me to spend time with God and nobody was permitted for any reason to go into it. 
Although one could enter the room and see absolutely nothing fetish. I had informed my engineer during the construction to make one side of the wall in such a way that I could remote control it to open and close with space to have things stored up in it. 
My difficult task and wish at the moment was one; to have Flora believe in the things I was doing and give me the absolute support. 
At the point, it was difficult been a wolf living with a sheep as my wife. This I hope that one day would happen. But now that she felt a bit relaxed and overlooked things, I owe a duty to spoil her some more with the wealth I had acquired from hell, and culture her heart so much until she would be completely lost such as I was. 
On the Sunday before we were to move to the new location, after a prosperous service which witnessed a gigantic crowd of people of different work classes, both low and high, I was confronted in my office by the presence of seven members of my church who actually were very dedicated until the turn up of events.
They were ushered into my office and the first began to speak; 
"Good day Bishop!" he greeted "We are here to make an observation which we have battled with for such a long time. Most of us joined this church despite how small it was because we discovered that the word of God was the focus and believed that being a part of the ministry would strengthen us.
But sir! We have noticed recently that you have deviated from the truth of God's way. This day we listen to you as our shepherd preaches and can't figure out what is being said. 
Your message now centres more on property and miracles without the direction of the sheep to the man Jesus. 
Sir, these things aren't bad but we are suffering spiritually. Many of the church members are growing materially but no more spiritually. 
Bishop! We come to you as your sheep which use to enjoy green pastures before. Now we are searching for that pasture. If we don't find it, we will go out and look for it somewhere else." He concluded.
When he was done, I looked at my wife's face and saw a tear drop from it.
I was also touched to the heart. When he started, I wanted to rant but no more, I was touched. I discharged them and told them I was going to seek the face of the Lord concerning their plea.
Flora had much on her heart to say but as a principled woman, she waited until we were home. 
At home, she brought out the matter and called me into the bedroom; 
"Daddy, I'm sorry I am bringing this up again, but I feel it was the Lord ministering to us in the office using our church members." 
"Flora! I don't want to hear much about this. I'm doing my best for the church of God and his work. Any member not comfortable can find another refuge." I said pretending to be angry just in order to wave the matter away. 
"Flora, please I need to have a secret time," I told her and stormed out of the bedroom for my secret room.
When I entered, I saw Clauneck already lying on the bed with her unclad body waiting for me. 
It was just then I remembered that it was the third day which I was supposed to have intimate knowledge with her. 
"Douglas, I had been waiting for you! do you forget my appointment with you?" She asked 
"No Princess! Today is the day I will be promoted." I responded to her. 
"That's good," She responded and smiled. 
I went to bed and had intimate knowledge of Clauneck.
At the climax of it all, the two of us disappeared and found ourselves in a hotel room with seven unclad ladies in it. These were demons who had transformed themselves into humans.
They were so good-looking that seeing them made my body yearn to taste of them. 
"Douglas!" She spoke up "You are spending the night here and would return to your aboard at exactly 4:00am. Take care of my lovelies and treat them well. Once you are done with the test, seven more manifold dimensions of wealth would be added to you." She finalized and disappeared leaving me behind with the maidens of hell.
They closed in on me and were merciless in exploring my sexuality until the time for me to return was due. 
If I was told that a step with the devil is a thousand miles with him, I would have doubted, but now I could see it for myself. 
A little bit of regret set in and I was baffled at how far I was going with the devil.