Make Money With Blogger: 5 website Basic and Little-Known Ways to Make Money on BlogSpot

Make Money With Blogger: 5 website Basic and Little-Known Ways to Make Money on BlogSpot

Make Money With Blogger: 5 Websites to Earn Dollar Basic and Little-Known Ways to Make Money on Blogspot  

 1. adsterra 

2. popads

4. zerads

When you monetize Blogger, you are monetizing your website traffic or selling something on your blog. This guide will go over the fastest way to make money on Blogspot with minimal effort. But we will also list proven methods and tactics to monetize your blog. Finally, you will be ready to choose the best strategy. Let's start! 

How fast can you make money with Blogger? When answering the question "How to make money on Blogspot", you need to consider three important factors. Let's list them. 

  Traffic flow 

 You get paid for  1,000 ad views when you monetize a site with CPM-based ads. It just means that the more traffic you send, the higher your earnings. Usually, you start making money very quickly after placing an ad code on a website. We will give detailed instructions for creating such codes later. Now you just have to remember that this is really the easiest way to have passive income.  

 Traffic quality 

 Quality traffic can bring you a lot even if there are few visitors to your website. This is because when you show ads on your website, advertisers pay attention to clicks and conversions, not just views. If your website visitor clicks on the ad and then clicks on the ad link, you will get paid more. 

 Another important indicator of traffic quality is the average time that users spend on your site. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to interact with any ads or sponsored links you've placed. 

The country you are sending traffic from 

 Yes, you know that. Traffic from countries where people buy expensive things get paid more. And typically, advertisers set high CPM rates for ad impressions in the US,  UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia. That was the only reality not so long ago. 

 Today we see a lot of emerging countries. New markets bring new customers. India, Indonesia, South Africa and Brazil are among the most lucrative for publishers. 


 Proven Ways to Make Money with Blogger 

 In the next chapters, you will learn how to use the main methods to generate income from Blogspot sites. And one thing less obvious  


 1. Ad networks [with  real examples] 

 Ad networks offer you the easiest free way to generate passive income from the web content you write. See how it works, then practice with one of the highest-paying display ad networks! 


 You sign up for a CPM ad network. Then you add your Blogspot blog listing as a traffic source where you will place your ads later. In general, it is necessary to provide the URL of a blog and enter its category (eg Sports or Books). Then you choose the type of ads you want to place on your web pages and generate the Javascript code. Then you put this code on your Blogger page.  Advertisers or media buyers find your site while they're setting up targeting. They decide how much to pay for 1,000 ad impressions on your site, for a click or a conversion. Eventually, ads start appearing on your pages and you get paid.  Now see how easy it is to sign up with an ad network and place ads on your web pages. Most bloggers know AdSense as their main source of income. However, some AdSense alternatives welcome bloggers with any traffic and pay dearly for ad impressions, clicks and conversions. One of them is Adsterracash-adszeradspopads,  a user-friendly ad network where publishers make over $50 million a year.

Now let us Use Adsterra as an example

What ads can you place on Blogger/Blogspot site? Blogger is easy to set up and run, so placing the ad code is also a smooth process. On this platform you can grow your business using the following Adsterra ad formats: 


 Social Bars or In-Page Push Ads; 

 native banners; 

 Display banners; 


 Direct link. Adsterra Smart Direct Link is the easiest way to profit from advertising. All you need to do is generate an ad code on your Adsterra account and place it anywhere on the website as a regular link. The most used places are text, buttons, images, etc. Find some secret money-making strategies in this  Direct Affiliates Guide. 

 How to get the promo code 

 Generating Adsterra code is a  set of common actions that take less than five minutes. Let's say one by one. 

 1. first. Please login (or register) as a publisher on Adsterra


 2. From the left vertical menu, select the Websites tab. Click the ADD SITE button.


adding a website
3. A new window will open. Here you need to fill in the fields and choose an ad format.  
 Add your website URL. Select your site's category from the list (select Other if you don't see the appropriate categories). Select an ad unit (each ad code is unique). Find out what filters you can tick to get rid of unwanted ad types. Click the green ADD  button
  • .
How to add a website to Adsterra

4. You’ll see a notification that your website is waiting for approval (Pending status). Approved sites are green-coloured. Wait until the Pending status changes to Approved.

5. After your website status changes to Approved, click All codes – Get code. Here it is! A piece of code and a short instruction on where to put it.

Copy the code to the clipboard.

Websites approval statuses
Wait until the status changes to Approved
How to copy Adsterra ad code
Click ‘All codes’ – then “Get code’


Step-by-step instructions for putting ads on your Blogspot website

There are two ways of adding ads to monetize a Blogger-based website or blog. 

If you need an ad placement to appear on every page and be fixed to the page’s structure (e.g., a sidebar), you should put Adsterra codes inside the Blogspot theme.

** Please bear in mind that Popunder Ads are not attached to any UI element of the website, so you don’t have to look for a vacant place on the website.

The second way of showing adverts to your blog’s visitors is to place them on a blog post page. In this case, your audience will only meet ads when they open this page. It could be a homepage, for instance.

Let’s follow these simple steps right now.


Placing ads via Blogspot themes

When you need advertising units to appear on every page, you should use your website theme settings. After you log in, on your left-hand menu, find and hit the Layout tab. You see how the skeleton of your website looks like, all of its blocks like header, footer, sidebars, etc.


Click the Add a Gadget section and choose HTML/JavaScript from the list.

Paste the code you generated at Adsterra into the Content field and click Save.

After you add a gadget, you will see your new HTML/JavaScript element inside the website layout. Drag and drop your gadget if you want to place a native or display banner somewhere else, like the website header or sidebar.

** Check the instructions you got while generating the code. If they recommend putting the format before the closing ‘</body>’ tag, you can’t just drag and drop your Blogger gadget to the web page header.

Placing ads on a separate blog post page

Sometimes you need to put ads on specific web pages avoiding all the rest. This might be very helpful if you want to test a new format or leave some pages free of advertising (like those with privacy policies).

On Blogger, you can do it with just two steps:

1. Open the post where you want to show ads. Switch to HTML view by clicking the icon on the upper left corner.

HTML mode Blogger

2. Paste the code snippet that you copied from your Adsterra account. Make sure you place the code according to Adsterra's instructions. For instance, to add a popunder, you will need to find the tag on your HTML post and paste the core before this tag.

That’s it!

2. Affiliate Marketing 

 Affiliate marketing is another free way to monetize content on Blogger. Is that correct? You see brands willing to pay you to feature their services on your blog. Then you put a referrer (link) in the text. After a user clicks that link and buys something, you get a commission. 

Best Affiliate Marketing to Join

1. cpagrip

2. cpalead

3. Shop

4. Marketing

 It's hard to find someone willing to pay you for a promotion, isn't it? It is not if you sign up with an affiliate network. They have a lot of offers. 

 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing: 

 Roses can be very impressive 

 You don't need any initial investment  

 If you can create highly engaging content, you can be hugely successful 

 A variety of products to promote; you can choose the most suitable for your blog 

 The risks of affiliate marketing 

 You must generate a lot of high-quality reviews by observing the products 

 Your post needs to be unique and engaging for users to want to click on the affiliate link 

 Payment will only be released when a user purchases something from your advertiser. However, some affiliate networks also pay for clicks and leads 


 3. Secret: Make Extra Money From Your Social Traffic 

 And finally, let's break down the lesser-known but a surefire way to make money with Blogger. Call it an additional monetization method as it allows you to re-engage your social media traffic and earn more profits. 

 How to make more money from your Blogspot website and social traffic? Let's say you have a Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Takiuhive , Pinterest , Torum, Instagram or similar account to post content. Users come to watch your videos or read your news. 

 You can invite your social media followers to visit your Blogger-based website where you have shared unique or additional details that they won't find on a social media account. You drive additional traffic to your website with ads or referral links. And earn more! 


 What if you want to avoid driving social traffic to your blog? 

Nothing. Create a separate landing page or  Blogspot page and generate an additional promo code. You should try Direct Link. It's a simple URL to put anywhere. You can place a direct link to a piece of text or an image. 

Can I make money with Blogger? 

Of course! There are several lucrative ways to make money with Blogger or Blogspot. Placing an ad code on your website is the easiest way to generate income. You can find user-friendly and high-paying ads on the Adsterra platform, where publishers earn more than $50 million annually. 

 How many views do you need to get paid on Blogger?  It is assumed that you must have at least 10,000 views per month to start making money with Blogger. However, it mainly refers to making money with CPM-based ad networks, as they will pay you 1,000 ad impressions. Ad networks that consider views, clicks, and conversions can yield you profits with a smaller number of impressions. They usually deal with eCPM, which stands for "cost-effective per thousand impressions". 


 Is Google Blogger good for making money?  

Of course, it is a trusted platform with a positive reputation. Blogger-based websites (if properly optimized) rank high on Google and provide your readers with a user-friendly experience. Moreover, you can easily monetize Blogpost websites as the platform offers several options to place the ad code. Remember that no matter which platform you choose,  you are responsible for the profits. So there will be no magic button that will flood you with coins. With perseverance and enthusiasm, you will get there! 


 Who pays more, Blogger or WordPress? 

Let's stop and clarify this question. It is not a paid blogging platform. You win by posting quality content on WP or Blogspot. So you are free to choose a platform on which you will create articles, news, photo galleries, and more. At Adsterra, we recommend trying WordPress, which offers a variety of SEO tools and free themes. It's a bit friendlier when it comes to monetization.

Things to keep in mind when monetizing your Blogspot website 

 Please don't overload your web pages with ads. At first, this may seem like the fastest way to make a profit, but in the end, your stats can make a big difference. Avoid placing multiple popunder ad codes on the same page as they can conflict. After adding the new placement, open the preview page to make sure the ad doesn't overlap the content or navigation buttons. If so, try to find a better location. Bad UX can drastically affect your CPM.  When creating a new ad code, please read the short instructions. At Adsterra we recommend the exact location to place this ad.  Each promo code is unique. You can only use it for one location on a page. For example, to get two banners, you'll need to generate two promo codes. This is necessary to display your stats correctly. Some ad placements have advanced settings available upon request. For example, you can request to change your ad frequency settings (how often users will see ads within a given time frame).