Episode1[Lucifer's bargain]

"Hahaha hahaha haaaa! 
She dares to challenge me;  Lucifer the sun of the dark
That daughter of Zion; Deborah!
She has tormented my kingdom and has snatched my daughters away from me but the time! The time I have been waiting for is finally here and the daughters of ZION would soon be thrown naked on the streets of hell for my demons to devour'
This was the voice of Lucifer as he watched Deborah rounds up her three days of dry fasting
Deborah was a virtuous Christian sister who had devoted her life to serving Jesus and had vowed not to dishonour God with her body
She had by so doing won a lot of sisters to Christ and taught them sexual purity, most of whom had become on fire
Lucifer sat upon his throne watching as Deborah with her head tied prayed vehemently
"Devil I know all your tactics, how you sent Holax into my life to steal away my sexual virtues but you won't have me
I am not alone, Satan you won't have me as you did Delilah and Jezebel
I belong to Zion and so is my body.
Satan the Lord rebuke you and destroy your agenda to destroy lives by making them indulge in sexual disorderliness............likaribosharantabartoveriaa ( she spoke in tongues)"
The devil summoned his demons and with rage addressed them 
" I am Lucifer! The one that kills and drinks the blood of mankind
I want to destroy their records. I am sending you to the virgins 
I am sending you to those who were once into my camp and had squandered their sexual purity on me but were snatched from me by Deborah and now are pure
I luciferrrrrrrrrrrrr must destroy their records
I am sending you, not to kill with a weapon but to kill their sexual purity
Make sure the daughters of ZION become polluted with sexual immorality
Steal their virginity and spill their sexual blood.
Break their hymen and cause their blood to flow
Do you understand! " 
" Yes, lord Lucifer!!" 
Answered the host of the millions of demons with different forms 
"Go after the prayerful ones and destroy their prayer life
Go after the pure ones and destroy their purity
Take away their pride and bring them into Babylon. 
Have I spoken?"
"Yes, lord Lucifer!!!" 
Millions of the sexual perversion demons responded 
"Now go!!!!" 
Lucifer ordered and the demons started flying into the earth. Some out of the sea, mountains and sky
Deborah felt strange and knew a ream was provoked

 Episode 2

Chills went down Deborah's body. She shivers and looked around as she was engulfed in fear
A demon stood behind her breathing treacherously
It made an advance at her as though to cover her but she was surrounded with a wall of fire and a big Bible stood with rays of light flashing front and back
After all attempts, the demon walked out from the wall and others gathered behind her on air
The demon: " this daughter of Zion is all our target. We must weaken her and paralyse her spiritual defence.
You" he pointed at a demon. " I am assigning you to Elisa the choir coordinator that we have succeeded in destroying her sexual purity.
Asprah," he mentioned the name of a demon assigned to ruin Elisa's sexual purity. 
" Asprah was too weak to make her commit abortion so that she could end her life. Now you go and make sure she commits the abortion. 
Use the knife of abortion and as soon as it touches her blood, we will collect her soul
By killing her, Deborah would become weak and frustrated. Haa  ha haaaaa! He laughed with blood streaming down his jaws
He motioned, pointing at the demon and the demon became a doctor and flew away
Deborah was still on her knees still engulfed in fear..........
All of a sudden, an angel appeared in her room and the fear disappeared
" No!!!!!! Satan you are a lier, every evil presence, disappear in the name of Jesus........ribbababarotosh" she prayed in tongues charging in the spirit
A flame of fire descended, everywhere shaking and the demons struggled away to their abodes
Deborah continued and shortly, she fell asleep and saw herself travelling on a lonely part that was empty with nothing but darkness
Far ahead, she saw a lamb standing on an ant hill
Approaching the sight, she saw the ants coming out of the anthill, encompassing Elisa's body as they devoured every piece of her flesh
Her hand raised begging for help
As DEBORAH was running passionately to save her soul, she saw the ants turned into demons and were piercing her with knives
She advanced but shortly, another sight appeared and she saw Elisa in blood with a rope around her neck as she stood at the edge of a pit
Inside the pit were thousands of demons pulling her
She left the first sight and was advancing to help Elisa but reaching out her hand, Elisa descended
" Help me!!!!!" She cried out and silence fell.

 Episode 3

"Help me!!!!!" Elisa cried out from the bottomless pit and silence fell
Deborah started weeping and shouting Elisa's name as if calling to wake a dead man
She found herself travelling back against her will but heard Elisa cry out again. "Deborah! Help!"
As if a drop of hope restored, she turned back and was running to save Elisa and heard the voices of millions of demons crying from the pit
"Kquia hahaha, hihaha hiahaha, she is ours!!!" 
Deborah pushed forth to save Elisa but then she heard a sound like knocking "pkupkuku! Pkupkupku!" 
She jumped up and found out that it was a trance
Sweat streamed down her body and her breath panted for air.
Her chest beat hard and her head ached with the sounds of the demons and the cry of Elisa
The knock came again; this time at her door "Kpupkupku!" 
She went to answer the door and opening it, Ruth came in with shocks all-over her face
She held Deborah's arm as if to prevent her from falling because of exhaustion
" DEBORAH!" She called out searching through her face to find out what was wrong with her
"Deborah, what happens? I have been here knocking for the past thirty minutes"
"Thirty minutes? Does that mean I have been in this for thirty minutes?" Deborah asked wondering about the trance
" What are you talking about? Deborah? Do you receive any revelation? No wonder you couldn't answer the door when I was knocking. The revelation must be a serious one," she said dusting Deborah's wrecked hair and shoulders
Then like a flash, Elisa's image appeared in Deborah's head and the confusion cleared
" Quick Ruth," she told Ruth and began searching for her Bible
" Quick, quick, quick, the trance is about Elisa. She is in trouble. The devil and his agents are after her. You know I don't see visions anyhow unless God is telling me something" 
" Ruth,,,,,," she called out, then stood and stared at Ruth who all of a sudden became restless
"Wait, Ruth, is there something about Elisa that you and others in fellowship are not telling me?"
"No! No! Haha, nothing Deborah, why, do you suspect anything?" Ruth hastened
"Not really, just that you are acting weird and I feel strange" 
A demon lord sent by Lucifer from hell stood by watching and when Ruth lied, he laughed..
"Hahahaaaa!" Then his face burned with anger
"I have captured this one too, her lies have opened the door for me" and he flew away

 Episode 4

He rose from the throne and darkness flew after him
" Demon!" Lucifer called out the demon in charge of the host sent to hunt for the daughters of Zion
 "How many days before we drink the blood of Elisa" he continued
"Three more days my lord!" The demon responded
"I have put Limish, the demon in charge of seducing the daughters of Zion into abortion. She will accomplish her mission in three days" The demon ended
"Hahahaaa!!" Lucifer laughed and vanished into the darkness of hell
The demon summoned Limish and she crawled out of clouds of darkness looking fierce 
"Limish! go and ensure you seduce Elisa to commit abortion"
Before he could finish, Limish disappeared and landed in Elisa's room, she turned into a very beautiful female angel and began speaking to Elisa
"Elisa, have you not read that the blood of that man washes away your sins? He also promise in his book to forgive you" 
"Elisa, you must do the abortion to escape this shame. Remember you are the prayer coordinator. If others sees you with pregnancy, they will turn out of faith." 
"Go on Elisa! Do the abortion! You won't die! Protect the glory of God" 
Then Elisa heard the voice of Deborah....."No!!!!!!!!"
She jumped out of bed panting and searching for air as her chest went up and down with streams of sweat over her body. 
It was a dream
Then her memories returned
She is pregnant........what will she do? 
She touched her stomach and as if not enough, she opened her shirt to check if the pregnancy was true or the test was not just correct
But how can it not be correct after seven tests,,,,,, she wondered
"I am pregnant!" She shouted secretively in conclusion
What will she do? Her thought wondered
Then the dream she just heard came afresh. She wondered about it and lay back on the bed to recall every detail in order to discern if it is from God or not
After five minutes of strong exegesis, she concluded it must be from God
"Angel, spoke softly, quoted the Bible....." Her thoughts sorted for satisfaction of the dream
"But I heard the voice of Deborah in that dream shouting no! Is this from God? But I must do this abortion." She concluded
She picked up her phone to call Dabo, to Inform him that she had agreed to the abortion but Dabo had not answered her calls for three days now 
What will she do? 
Since she had declined the abortion idea, Dabo had moved out of her life
Crowded with confusion, Elisa cried

 Episode 5 [party in hell]

"What will I gain sitting here weeping," Elisa said as she reached for her phone and dialled Dabo's number
"Hurry up Ruth, you know today is fellowship vigil. We must be timely" Deborah said and Ruth nodded her head then they went in silence
Dabo was lying in bed dressed and waiting for a few minutes to storm out for the Friday party
Limish, the demon seducing the daughters of ZION into abortion stood at the door way breathing treacherously
She burned with anger and vanished into Dabo
Immediately, Dabo became sexually active and the thought of Elisa flocked his head
He heard his phone ring and reaching for it, he cleared the screen and it was Elisa
"This stupid girl! What does she want" Dabo quarried
Answering the call, he couldn't wait for Elisa to say a word before he told her to meet him at Latex junction
Elisa had no knowledge of the place but Dabo promised to direct
She rushed out of the room, shut the door wiping her tears amidst and boarded a bike to Latex
The place was far. When she had arrived, it was already 8:09
"Oh, vigil" she bothered and then phoned Dabo to come for her
Dabo stormed out and held her hand
"Oh look at you. You dress like a church girl" Dabo said
"And you forget that I'm one?" Elisa replied rudely
"Come on, Elisa! You are here for a party not a ..." 
"Party! You bring me to a party?" Elisa didn't allow Dabo to round up
Dabo quickly covered her mouth and dragged her by the corner
Limish (the demon) needed to help out
She vanished into the Hall and incited Dabo's friends who came to call him in
When Elisa saw them, she couldn't protest further and went in with them helplessly
"Oh look at me, a prayer leader in a revival fellowship" she whispered in her heart being ashamed of herself
Entering the hall, her eyes turned blurred and she was seeing blood instead of people
She looked at a corner and saw a demon having sex with a young lady  on the table and another demon dragging her with chains on her neck
Her spirit left her body and ran towards the scene rebuking and binding but the demon only laughed
She blinked her eyes and everything felt normal again
"What is happening?" Elisa asked herself
Deborah and Ruth arrived at her house but mate the place locked
They called but her number wasn't going.
"Let's wait for her in the vigil," Ruth said and they departed