Fast way to make money in Uhive

Fast way to make money in Uhive

 Uhive Earnings 

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Discover many ways to earn tokens and

 get rich on Uhive. Our platform offers multiple

 ways to generate income, all in a user-friendly environment.

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For new members that use my invitation link 

1. You must use the app for 3 week

2. It must be the first time you are installing the Uhive App

3. Disposable and temporary emails are not allowed.

4. Android device simulators/emulators are not allowed.

5. Users must verify their emails.

6. register and follow 200 people on the platform and like some posts.


  • Not following the rules may cause the referral tokens not to be received, or to be available for withdrawal.
  •  Tokens withdrawal may take up to 15 days for verifications purposes.
  •  In case of misuse user account may get suspended.

    Invitation Status will be checked.

For Old members of Uhive

* follow my space Smartlink007 and Sharetoshare

* you must have 1000 followers or 1000 following
* go to Sharetoshare like and share 50 or more of my original video
* chat me up on Uhive @ Smartlink007 to receive Gift from me
* Just send a text ' sharetoshare Done' only ( you will receive a gift )
* If you we like us to share your video and post, send  a text ' share for me ' only ( you will not receive a gift from me )
* go to smartlink007 and my share to share, to check your post


Sharetoshare space is where Uhive members share our videos and get gifts or get their posts to be shared.

if you share our video in sharetoshare, text us ' sharetoshare Done' 

Tip on how to earn more money in Uhive

* First, go to ' Menu ' and click on Settings & Privacy

* scroll down and click on Video autoplay

* Select Option 'off ', this saves you MB.

* Post a good article and video, the more people like your article and video the more money you earn.

* Create an original video and earn double

* Create NFT

* Buy and Sall NFT

* Post more videos to earn fast

Engage in Quality Interactions

  • Our AI-powered system rewards genuine engagement with quality content
  • Earn more tokens by liking and commenting on valuable posts
  • Randomly liking or commenting won't earn you as much

Invite Friends and Earn Tokens

  • Earn tokens and bonuses for every new user you bring to Uhive
  • Keep track of your invitations and rewards

Create High-Quality Original Content

  • Posting quality original content can generate significant earnings
  • As your posts gain more views, likes, and comments, your revenue grows
  • Uhive's internal treasury and economy support content rewards

Gain Popularity with Non-Original Posts

  • Popular non-original posts can still earn tokens
  • Increased engagement leads to higher earnings

Token Back on Digital Asset Purchases

  • Get 2% token back when you buy digital assets (spaces, space names, rewards) and Tokens via ETH/BTC
  • The more you buy, the more cashback you receive

ChatGPT Partnership and the Evolution of Earnings:

  • Uhive has partnered with ChatGPT, the advanced AI model by OpenAI.
  • Our collaboration aims to continually evolve Uhive's internal economy.
  • This partnership ensures a vibrant, sustainable, and scalable social earning environment.
  • The growth of Uhive's user base boosts the platform's economy, leading to increased earnings for all members, similar to a real-life country's GDP.
  • This revolutionary concept co-designed by ChatGPT is paving the way for a new era of social earning.

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