Block ALL pop-ups, browser hijackers and viruses on your MAC

Block ALL pop-ups, browser hijackers and viruses on your MAC

Block ALL pop-ups, browser hijackers and viruses on your MAC 

Just a few years ago, MAC was considered quite safe and boasted almost no viruses that could threaten users. However, modern advances in standardization and the ubiquity of MAC devices have made the online environment very uncomfortable for MAC users. Let's talk about viruses and other cyber threats you may encounter and how to remove them from your beloved Apple device.

Identify problems on your MAC

First, you need to check if you are holding an infected device:- Ads are too annoying and appear often even when browse secure websites;

– You are constantly being redirected to a website that you do not want to visit;- While using your MAC, pop-ups sometimes appear asking you to download software. This is typical symptoms of infestation. So what are you doing?

Uninstall unwanted software from your MAC

There are several steps that you must make to remove unwanted apps.
1. First, move them to the bin.
2. Delete files that are related to the apps that you just removed.

3. Check the user library for leftover files.
4. Delete extensions related to the app.

Here's how to do it step by step:
1. All strange and unknown apps that appear recently without your permission will be located and moved to Trash.
2. Delete the application from your hard drive. Go to Finder and find the folders and files related to the app you just uninstalled. Look for them in folders called Preferences and Application Support.

3. Access the user's library on your MAC by accessing the COMPUTER submenu in Finder's GO menu.

4. Go to USERS/MAC/LIBRARY and find the remaining files and folders.

5. Now, to delete the app, you will need to open Finder once again and navigate your way to the COMPUTER/LIBRARY/EXTENSIONS. Look for extensions that are related to the app you moved to the bin before.

Removing undesired extensions that may corrupt your browser

1. Safari users must go to Preferences and go to Extensions. In the list, search for any unknown or recently appeared entries.
2. Google Chrome users should choose “More Tools” in the main menu and go to the Extensions tab. Remove unwanted entries by clicking the trash bin icon.

3. Firefox's users must open the menu and look for the icon that resembles a piece of a puzzle. Go to the add-ons page and uninstall unwanted apps.

Virus removal

You won't be able to manually remove malware that knows how to hide. Install an anti-virus program that can clean your MAC of unwanted applications. Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky, and Avira are all solid choices.

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