LOST TO THE DEVIL EPISODE 11[The mark of the beast]

LOST TO THE DEVIL EPISODE 11[The mark of the beast]


EPISODE 11[The mark of the beast] 

I Bishop Douglas Ayodele was in my confraternity room as instructed by our earth lord Prophet Hezekiah whom I had come to fully know as the beast of the east region of hell sent to bring confusion among the ministers of the righteous one. 
All the Kingdoms of the earth and units of false prophets were to assemble in what I came to know as the synagogue of hell. 
This day was the day I and thousands of other converts would be fully conjoined into the union of the hood. 
Eleven o'clock was the hour of transition during which members would be summoned and translated into the abyss of the spirit. 
Up till the moment, I still could not commonly fathom why the kingdom of hell had not touched any member of my family or demanded anyone's head.
Flora's Spiritual zeal and commitment to the truth had trained me so much that I became worried myself.
It was only left for me to introduce her to the union. She had come to discover so much yet felt unbothered about them. 
I lay on the bed waiting for the appointed time and the hour during which I would be translated into the world beyond.
Once it was a minute to the time, Clauneck appeared looking terribly gorgeous, and I wished to sleep with her.
"Douglas!" she called out "The hour is now. Rise and let's go. You must not be a minute let otherwise you would be severely punished.
I rose to my feet to put on my dress and Clauneck laughed; "What is it you want to do?" She asked 
"Dressing up for the meeting," I replied
"Come to me! I have a dress code for you." She responded
Immediately I fell into her arms, I was transformed into a red garment. I had a chip on my forehead bearing the mark; "665"
"Jesus Christ!" I shouted in shock and fell to the ground as I watched Clauneck stand still burning in fierce anger.
"How many times must I warn you not to mention that name, Douglas?" She thundered
"I am sorry Princess." I pleaded because I could not stand her anger.
"The mistake you have made will cause you a soul in your church. He will be killed this night as a penalty for your misconduct after many pardons." Clauneck said pointing to the wall and the image of my personal assistant appeared; a very committed young man in the ministry who had been working with me yet without being saved. 
I still could tell between right and wrong and who was saved and who was not. 
"Please Clauneck, please, let it not be him. He is instrumental to the work of God in the church." I pleaded
"Hahahaha!" She laughed hard "Do you say the work of God? you are doing the work of your lord Lucifer. You have lied to them, deceived them and not told them the truth. This is what your master Lucifer requires of you. Make no mention of it again. He will sleep and not wake up the following day. Demons are already waiting for him to breathe his last so they could drag his soul to hell." 
As I watched, I saw blood-sucking demons stationed and waiting for his last hour so they could lead him away.
A tear dropped from my left eye as I watched helplessly. Deep down within me, I was already getting more than enough of the glories of hell and was searching for a way out. 
"Douglas! Your heart is still tender. The Lord of the righteous ones gave you a strong heart, the reason why it took years to bring you home into the kingdom of darkness where you belong." 
"But I don't belong here. I'm only here because..." 
"Quiet!" She shut me up and I trembled to a standstill. 
"Please tell me what this on my forehead means" I switched the topic as the sight of the mark was already making me shiver under the red garment. 
"You have eyes, Douglas. Take a look at your forehead." She instructed
Ordinary it was impossible to see my forehead without a mirror but I was now a spirit so I could perfectly see what was up there; "665" 
As I watched, I realized that there was actually more to this. 
I saw 665.985 and the ratio was reading too fast for me to capture exact digits.
"Douglas, that is the mark of the beast measured in line with the time given to man. As you can see, the abyss is left with just a short time and it would graduate to 666, a time during which the demons of hell would blow their trumpets and emerge from the dungeon of hell to harvest humanity in their masses," she answered
"Ah, but..." I wanted to make more findings but she cut me short.
"Douglas, the hour is up for us to make an appearance in the meeting." She said holding onto my hand and we were gone 
Our appearance was in an empty dark horror with weird sounds and a lineup of many different Prophets, pastors and Apostles among a host of business, political, and world leaders and men and women of class with long chains hanging on their necks. 
Up on the darkness that stood for the entrance was a boldly written inscription; "THE SYNAGOGUE OF HELL - PUBLISHING CENTER OF LUCIFER'S DOCTRINES.
Each one of them had a version of their Clauneck, the female demons attached to them. 
We were last in the queue but upon our arrival, we were ushered to the front line. This would air to me my importance in the kingdom of darkness.
Thrilled by the sight, I turned back and saw that all the clergymen had the bearing of the mark which was on my forehead and the reading was the same. 
This meant just one thing; all of us were doomed! 
We were ushered into the chamber and bowed before the empty throne that stood some yards away. 
Right beside the dark throne stood the same silver jug that I saw in Prophet Hezekia's presence in Lagos. 
I began to battle my thoughts.
A few minutes later, a powerful demon dressed in what seemed to be all the wealth of the nation appeared in glamour. I could literally see riches falling, melting off his body and growing back again in place. On his chest was boldly written; 'Mammon'
We all bowed and honoured his presence.
Everyone was sited awaiting the arrival of Lucifer, one whom I was both curious and afraid to meet. 
It wasn't long before my desire was mate. 
I watch some demons walking in with names on their chest; 'Elbib' They had a lord over them and carried incense which they burned before the throne of Lucifer.
Seconds later, darkness poured into the entire terrain and filled the space, then descended on the throne and a voice spoke from it. 
I was promoted to a new rank and given the assignment to bring Apostle Chibundu Great into the hood otherwise a member of my family would be taken. 
Now it came to my notice that Satan had no interest in me but was only doing business that would bring him and his kingdom profit. 
Before the close of the meeting, the wine of communion was served and we all drank.
As I was drinking, I saw the picture of my personal assistant in it crying out blood. 
His blood had mixed up with others in the cup I was drinking. I knew that he was already dead and cold 
The wine of communion was the blood of the souls killed.

 EPISODE 12 [Nightmares]

At exactly 4am, I appeared back in my fraternity room and went into the restroom and showed then came back and had a little sleep before joining Flora and the children at the hour of family devotion. 

In my sleep, I had a dreadful dream. In, I was sitting in the parlour with my family watching the television and having a nice time when all of a sudden the doorbell rang.
Before I could stand up to open the door, it opened on its accord and a powerful angel armed for battle walked in with fire blazing through his eyes. 
In his right hand was a sword held firmly. I fell back in place but was more shocked that the rest of my family were all smiling at his presence.
He began to take gentle steps towards me and the speed increased as he approached me.
I was almost melting when he stopped frantically and turned to face Deborah and walked into her body. 
Immediately, Deborah, my daughter's eyes turned red and blazing with fire. She stood up and started walking towards me.
I became even more afraid of her presence than that of the angel. 
Her footsteps drummed into my head almost breaking it apart.
Screaming to the top of my voice, I jerked out of sleep and realized it was a dream. 
I checked around the room, sweat gushing out of my body and the place where I lay soaked. 
"This is a warning from the Lord," I muttered to myself becoming so worried of the situation I had found myself in. 
I sloped down to the floor and began to think so hard. I wished I could kneel and talk to God but I had been severely warned by Clauneck never to say prayers alone except in the presence of others. 
feeling defeated, I stood up and left the room to join my family for devotion.
As I walked into the parlour, Deborah my second born started screaming and ran to where Flora knelt by the cushion. 
Fear wore all over her face and she trembled greatly. Inside her eyes, I could see the exact fire I saw in my dream.
"So this is real," I said in my heart
"Mummy monster! Mummy please monster!!" She shouted and screamed out for help in her childish voice.
"Stop it Deborah, where is the monster?"  Flora asked and she pointed to me, making Flora rebuke her Immediately. 
"Stop speaking of your dad that way. that's your father. when did this start?" She asked expecting no answer
She turned and looked at me, expecting me to act but I stood still thinking so fast about what and how I was going to react to the situation.
I quickly walked to Deborah trying to find out what was the problem but she shrugged into her mother and screamed more. 
"Mummy! That is not daddy! that is a monster. I can see him. Mummy he is dressed in red and has numbers on his forehead." Deborah exposed me, yet Flora could not believe a thing she was saying. 
"Deborah will you keep quiet. That's your dad and not a monster." Flora yelled
"Darling we need to pray for her. Oya children," she called on other siblings to Deborah and I joined them as we all began to pray. 
Some few minutes later after we had stopped the prayer, she came to herself and everything felt normal. 
With these two encounters, I became greatly troubled and later on lied to Flora I was leaving for the office. 
On our way, I told the driver to diverge and head to Apostle James Terna's house. 
He drove me there while I made a call informing him that I was coming to his house. 
At this moment, I had been promoted such that Terna was now by far my junior but not mind, he had been into the system before I made him superior in knowledge to me. 
I arrived at his mansion and we went in while I explained the latest development to him. 
He told me that this wasn't common to him and asked me why I had not summoned Clauneck so she could explain things to me. 
"Oh, I didn't think of that. I will do exactly that." I lied to him;
The reason why I had not summoned Clauneck was simple. I was trying to create some distance to enable me to find a way back to peace. 
I left Apostle James Terna's house, attended to some other things and returned back home in the evening with the news of my personal assistant's dead.
Later into the night when I was in bed with Flora, she brought forth the issue and I expressed shock while such was happening. 
As we were discussing, she started shouting again in her sleep. 
We both ran to their room and mate her shivering on the bed. 
I approached her and wanted to touch her but she screamed so hard refusing my touch. 
I felt so emotional and left the room sadly back into my room.
Things were fast getting out of my hand. If it would continue this way, then I would be in great danger. 
A few moments later, My wife walked into the room and wailed down with great worry. 
"Darling, Deborah mentions your name and that she saw you in her dream trying to stab her. I'm beginning to think this is not ordinary at all. Please, darling, tell me what is happening." 
"Tell you what is happening?" I yelled "What sort of question is that? Are you now trying to bring me into the picture that I am evil? Come on my Flora. This is just another strategy of Satan to distract us, but personally, I refuse to be distracted." I said with a burning face to attract pity from her.
 Flora turned from where she stood in fierce anger and paced about in great thoughts. 
I knew definitely in my heart that my game with Lucifer was about to face tough battles with light - I could clearly see so.
"There is a report everywhere of your personal assistant's dead. I receive calls since morning and have been waiting to see you in person so I could hear from you. 
With developments, Mr. Bishop Douglas (the first time Flora would address me by my name), I don't understand anymore. Last night I saw you chasing the same Personal assistant with a machete and today he is dead. I didn't tell you because I thought it was the devil manipulating me. Now my daughter's life is under threat." 
She then turned to me. Her countenance scared me to my bones, such that I wanted to flee. 
"Douglas, I could see before but since your return from Lagos, I became totally blind, but now my eyes are opening again. Tell me what is happening!!" She thundered to the top of her voice and made the building tremble.
Her voice sent waves into my body and caused it to shiver as I tossed my eyeballs from their place in great fear. 
The hour to regret my loss had come. The reward for finding the devil was just about to grant me the bitter part of the glories of hell.

EPISODE 13 [Tasting the bitterness of the glories of hell]

"Flora! I do not understand, are you accusing me of witchcraft?" 
"Whatever you choose to call it Douglas. I am not a fool anymore. It is high time I stop pretending and face reality. This is not the man I married years back. You have completely changed Douglas. You act weird, insane, isolated and distanced. 
It is nothing new to me, tell me that you have joined the occult and I would gladly pack out of the house with my children to leave you behind, because everything you do, say and act seems questionable.
You have tried hard and almost won me over with your fame and I have followed you as the sheep I am to you, but now you are heading me for the slaughter..."
I stood from where I sat and provoked a terrible slap on Flora's face, such that caused her to land on the ground.
My demon was manifesting fully but slapping her for the first time after many years of us together and enjoying a happy union forced me to fall to my knees.
I crawled to where she had fallen and began to plead with tears; 
"Flora I'm sorry. Please forgive me for doing this to you." 
"Forgive you for joining the occult you say?" She asked. 
"God forbid! I'm sorry for the slap on your face. I am ashamed of myself." I pleaded deceptively.
Not knowing what else to do, she fell back into the cushion and cried profusely. 
I lay back on the bed feeling drained and completely ruined.
The wealth, influence and popularity; the cars, houses and all the glories of the earth I had acquired were making no sense anymore. 
"The hunger, cravings and appetite of man are what bring him into destruction. I  thought what was on the other side of life was sweetness but now I was beginning to taste the bitterness of the glories of hell." I listened to my spirit minister to me. 
I stood up and left for my fraternity room. I needed to have answers from Clauneck regarding some things.
As I pushed the door open, I mate her already sitting on the bed looking fierce.
"Douglas! Your assignment lay undone and your time is limited," she said 
"What assignment are you talking about Clauneck? Can't you see that light is after me and everything is turning around to hunt me? Don't you have a conscience?" I queried tearfully.
"You call it conscience! You have served Lucifer for this while and you still don't know! We don't have emotions. We are not moved by tears except the joy we derive from the pains those tears inflict on our victims." 
"That means I'm a victim of hell?" I asked 
"You lack understanding Douglas, you have been given the glories of hell without paying a dime. That is enough for you to be faithful and thankful." 
For the distant time, we have pampered your wife so as to allow the both of you to enjoy what Lucifer has given to you, but now that light is here, it is time to strike!" Clauneck said 
"What do you mean Clauneck? What and who are you going to strike against?" I asked, my eyeballs becoming red in their place. 
"Douglas! The battle you now face is for your good. The light that is against you has only come for your deliverance but your deliverance is in the hands of Lucifer. Will you want to return back to shame and emptiness? 
It is time for you to pay your dues." 
"What dues are you talking about?" I asked 
"The kingdom of Lucifer requires you to offer the blood of one of your children in order to renew the covenant you made with him." 
"You must be joking. You and the entire Kingdom of your Lucifer! You dare not lay a hand on any of my children." I warned
"Douglas! Do not start a battle you won't finish." She said and vanished.
At her disappearance, I held my head together and wished I could tear it apart.
The following day, I beckoned on Apostle James for an explanation of all that was happening but he only told me to stay put to the outcome of things and commit to obedience to whatever was demanded of me by hell to do. 
On my way back home, I received a call from my spiritual father whom I had lavishly spent my wealth on as a son. 
He demanded to see me the next day following that Flora had gone to see him and his wife. I needed to come along with her for a discussion with them. 
I was angered in my spirit by the act and determined in my heart I would engage her in a fight. 
When I arrived home, I was humbled to meet her on her knees praying. 
"Flora! Flora!!" I shouted her name
"You reported me to Daddy (as I do call him) without informing me you were going to do so?" I asked waiting for her to respond so I could slap her in the face. 
"I am sorry. I had to do that to help me understand what is happening in my life, marriage and children." 
Her response touched my heart. I closed the door and left the room into the master bedroom. 
The following day, I would love to see the most saddened occasion and season of my life;
The rest of my children woke up from their sleep except for Deborah. 
I called, I pushed, I did everything and even asked God to show me mercy, but she lay cold, speechless and breathless, the most beautiful, most intelligent and most promising of my children were gone - Deborah was dead. 
Flora knelt waiting to strike. The moment I looked at her without hope, she pounced on me and shook my body violently; "Douglas you have killed my daughter!!!" She wept
I quickly called my family doctor, who came only to confirm to us that we were correct; "Deborah is dead!" 


The next two days after the death of my daughter, I was traumatized and broken to the marrow. 

Nothing seems to glamour anymore. I sat on the floor helpless and defenceless. 
I carefully thought over the words of Clauneck and realized my time had come. 
Everything she had said only meant that the kingdom of hell was satisfied with using me and it was time for me to be hunted down. 
Many had travelled that road and were gone. I didn't know why mine was favouring me till that point
My family doctor called for the ambulance on the morning she died. My daughter; Deborah was conveyed in it to the morgue. 
I couldn't behold the sight. It was just too painful. I shade tears in silence looking at Flora and the other children weep.
People were already gathering in the compound. My Spiritual parent had also come and was wondering what was happening around me. 
Just a day ago, I lost my personal assistant, the strange manifestation of Deborah that wrapped up in her dead without illness.
There was absolutely nothing to make Flora believe otherwise that I was using the blood of people to renew my altar. 
So far I had lost three persons to the devil as a result of my greed and appetite for the glories of hell. 
Later that second day, I left Flora in the sitting room and went into my fraternity full of thoughts. I wanted to have a lone time to meditate on how I could come to the end of my journey with Lucifer. 
I didn't know that the door wasn't shut behind me.
As I was enumerating, I heard the door slightly open and closed back.
"Who were you speaking to?" Flora asked calmly causing me to fear.
"Nobody!" I answered hastily
"Please don't lie to me again! I heard you conversing with someone, who is that? Is it a spirit? Are you telling them that your sacrifice has been offered?" She mocked
"I pulled myself close to her and held her by the shoulder; "Flora! Please stop saying all these. I was only enumerating on the death of our daughter." I lied, then brought her to the bed. 
Obviously, there was nothing fetish in the room that she could see, but I was wrong. The end to all my deception had a date with me. I didn't know the date was finally here. 
My wall remote control was left on the bed and I didn't have an idea. 
As Flora tried adjusting herself to sit, her hand mistakenly pressed on it and there it was. 
The wall opened. My Occultic contents began to roll out. Everything was there for Flora to see for herself including the wine of communion, among other things such as a black pot containing blood. 
Flora trembled and fell back on the floor. She couldn't open her mouth as fear gripped her.
All of a sudden, I saw Clauneck appear and took possession of me.
Without thinking, I became terribly afraid of my secret being exposed. I ran out shutting Flora in. 
I head to the kitchen and returned with a knife. drunk with the wine of darkness, I opened the door slightly and began approaching Flora. 
I was totally a beast at the moment, I looked at her and could see nothing but an already dead woman standing in front of me.
I couldn't remember the many years of our happy and fulfilling marriage together. I couldn't remember the times we loved each other, played, laughed and prayed together. 
She stood to her feet pleading with her hands for my demon to calm but I only fought within my soul to overcome. 
"Darling you want to kill me? No please don't do this. For the sake of our two children please don't do this. Douglas dons..." 
The knife tore through her and was already in her intestines before she could put a full stop to her sentence. 
Blood gushed out of her body as her intestines sort their way out from the lower region of her stomach. 
She kicked in my arms as I brought her to the floor, my eyes red.
Then I saw Clauneck walk out of my body and stood some yards away laughing. 
My vision was now clear. I could not imagine the evil I had done to my darling Flora. 
"Flora! please don't leave me. Flora, please don't leave me." I cried.
Sloping to my knees, I held my head with my two palms and roared into the air in anguish.
I turned to the knife on the floor, picked it and charged at Clauneck but she only laughed mockingly with a taste of satisfaction and vanished.  
I was not afraid of the penalty that await me. No torture and arrest would be worse than knowing how much pain I had inflicted on the life of Flora to the point of murdering our daughter and stabbing the woman I had loved. 
"Ah! Lord I know I'm corrupt but why do you allow this to happen to Flora?" I asked looking at the heavens.
My senses came back to restoration, I turned to Flora, she was breathless and without motion. Her blood streamed down and watered the room. 
I ran out and beckoned the security to come in and render some help while the ambulance was called to convey her body to the hospital.

EPISODE 15 [Called home]

Lucifer: "Mammon!"

Mammon: "Yes my lord!"
Lucifer: "Clauneck!" 
Clauneck: "Yes my lord Lucifer."
Lucifer: "You have all done an excellent job. The end has come and your assignments are done. It is now time for the spirit of destruction to be released to bring an end to the life of Bishop Douglas Ayodele." 
At the conclusion of his words, one of the elbibs stepped forward and began to burn incense before him.
As he did, the pavement before the throne of Lucifer began to be filled with dark smoke. Gradually, the smoke formed into a fierce demon with a sickle in its hand.
Lucifer: "Go!!! bring into the wine of communion, the blood of Bishop Douglas. Tonight, all hell shall party and Celebrate the long-awaited victory over the downfall of one of the righteous one's ministers. From here, we shall hunt for others and bring them into ruin. Go!!!" 
Lucifer ordered and the spirit of destruction disappeared into formless smoke and stop by on the highway leading to the police station.
In the hospital, Flora lay on the bed with the crowd of doctors battling to resuscitate her back to life but all efforts proved abortive. 
She saw her spirit come out of her body and every consciousness translated into it. 
she could no longer feel her flesh, she felt lighter and more intelligent at the moment. Having the ability to reason and see things beyond their boundaries.
"Flora!" A thick voice called out as she turned to know who it was.
When she turned to the wall, she saw a man standings with great brightness emanating from his face such that she could not see it form. 
"It is time to go home." The voice spoke again.
"Go home?" she asked "Who are you?" 
"You have served me your entire life. I am not a stranger to you. I am JESUS, your lord and personal saviour. It is time to be home."
"No! No!  Please Lord don't let me go yet! I failed you. I wasn't very watchful and prayerful. I didn't fulfil my assignment. I'm sorry Lord, please restore me to go back and correct my wrongs." Flora pleaded
"No, my daughter. You did well, although your strength fail at the end yet you didn't ask me for it. I would have supplied immeasurably. Your time on Earth is over! It is time to be home my dear child." 
"What about my children." She found herself in the reception where the children were crying.
"I will be their father and mother. I will take care of them. You have nothing to worry about." 
Saying this, the Lord offered her his hand. Looking back and struggling, she dragged her soul and held onto the Lord's hand and they were no more.
"Greetings nurses." 
"Yes, good afternoon officers. Please what can I do for you?" 
"Yes we received a report of a murder case by one Bishop Douglas Ayodele and we have come for his arrest."
"Alright officers. Please may you all be cited let me report to the director." 
The nurse left and soon returned with the senior doctor of Pinksky Hospital.
"Hello officers, I'm not aware of a murder case committed to any patient." 
"That is for sure doctor, one Bishop Douglas Ayodele had stabbed his wife in the stomach, hours before she was rescued and brought to the hospital." the officer responded." 
"Is that the situation, I was told she had a domestic accident with collision with a sharp objects. Within minutes of her induction into the hospital, we lost her." 
"So pathetic ... Yes doctor, that's Bishop Douglas trying to escape in his car." The officer sighted him smuggling out into his car through one of the exits.
"How on earth did he get there. please, officers, arrest him immediately." 
The officers rushed after him and apprehended him into their car and drove off. 
Right in the car as they drove heading to the station, Clauneck appeared speaking with Bishop Douglas Ayodele.
"What are you doing here you devil!" 
"Hahaha! Bishop Douglas Ayodele! I have come to tell you that I will be waiting for you home. It has been such a long time waiting to have my soul mate in hell. Finally, the hour has come. Please hurry up, I can't wait for our lord Lucifer to wed us." She said. 
"Hey! Mr Bishop who are you speaking with." One of the officers asked but he gave him no attention.
"What home are you talking about. You have destroyed my life. I will kill you!" 
He shouted and stood to fight Clauneck.  The whole place became violent and full of confusion.
Soon, the driver loosed control as the other officers fought to restore Bishop Douglas Ayodele to calm.
All efforts proved abortive. Coming in between four vehicles, one overtaking, two up front and a heavy-duty truck, the vehicle tangled in between them and somersaulted. 
All others survived except for Bishop Douglas Ayodele. He was instantly dead and cold. 
EPISODE 16 _[Lost forever]

I stood to my feet and ran towards Clauneck where she stood looking like a beast.
That was when I felt too light and empty as though there was no flesh and bones in my body. 
I paused and glanced over my body and realized this wasn't me I have known. I could see through myself and even vanish from place to place. 
I turned behind and saw an accident with the officers that had arrested me struggling back to their feet. 
I vanished to the scene and saw a copy of me on the floor rend in pieces. Then a horrible sight appeared; I saw demons in vulture form fly out of hell and surrounded my lifeless body. 
I was expecting them to begin to feed on my flesh but then they did not do so until I watched and was horrified when I saw Prophet Hezekiah appear with Apostle James Terna who bore in his hands the cup of the wine of communion. 
I tried approaching them but realized I couldn't. 
Apostle James held the cup firmly while Prophet Hezekiah collected my blood into it
As soon as they were done, I saw an opening which turned into a pit and they flew into it with the speed of light. 
Then the vultures began to feast on my body and blood. The more they fed, the more they grew and became mighty until they changed into the form of man and left to go and torment souls.
"It is time to go home Douglas" Clauneck said and immediately a force pulled me off the floor as we flew to a gate with an angel standing on it with two books opened before him. 
"Come! We have to cross the border before we proceed," Clauneck said to me 
"What border are you talking about?" I asked 
"Welcome! You are Charles Douglas! You are at the Juncture that determines your eternity. Before I check your records, the master has asked me to keep you until he has attended his meeting with you." The angel said
Then I looked up and saw the clouds roaring, the winds breathing heavily and the ground quaking. Calm and peacefully, the wind steadily ushered in the mighty appearance of light that emanates from a Kingdom beneath.
At that moment, I saw him. I saw the faithful one. I saw my Lord Jesus Christ. 
When I saw him, I turned, looked at Clauneck and turned back to Him thinking there was hope for me. 
As he approached closer to me, I could see rage and pain in his eyes.
"Douglas Douglas!!" His voice echoed my name and I fell flat upon my face. 
"Follow me, I have much to show to you. " He said to me and the two of us flew back to earth landing in my compound. 
I saw a crowd of people in my mansion mourning. My children were in the arms of my mother in the Lord mourning and asking where is mummy. 
I felt touched and regretful 
"Douglas, these are your houses" The Lord showed me some of the other houses I had "Here are your mansions, cars, fame, popularity and wealth. You had millions following after. Money wasn't a problem to you. 
You were not patient with me, you couldn't wait. You went to Lucifer to seek the glories of hell.
Take a look at your wonderful achievements. Many who are not aware of the evil you have done will call you favourable names and applaud you not knowing that you are lost to hell." 
Then he took me to a mountain where I saw Apostle Chibundu Great Praying fervently. 
"My Kingdom will not be without an army. Although he was Ignorant and came into my vineyard with selfish ambition, now he has repented. Your mandate has been collected and added to that which he has. I will use him and accomplish all that I intended to do with you."
Hearing this, my soul melted and formed back into shape. I fell at the Master's feet pleading and asking for a second chance. 
"Come with me, Douglas. It is appointed for a man to die once and after that comes his judgement. I gave you enough time and waited for you to repent and turn from your sins but your heart was hardened until you fell into the destruction of the evil one." 
I pleaded for mercy as I flew with the Lord. We stood above the expanse of the greatest and most beautiful city I will see. 
"Douglas!" He called out to me "Here is the kingdom I prepared for you and your brothers, look at it. The things of the world you seek after are nothing compared to what you are seeing here, but you have chosen where to spend your eternity." 
As the Lord dropped his last word, I found myself back at the border where the angel was. Clauneck was still stationed by the side waiting. 
Then I saw the Lord turn his back on me sadly and was transported by the wind and clouds out of my sight. 
I fell to the floor crying out my soul and gnashing my teeth out of regret. I was lost. I was lost! I could not fathom what to do as it was before me very clear that I was into destruction. I wished it could be a dream but it was real. 
"Charles Douglas! Your name is not found in the Book of Life. Depart!" The angel thundered
Immediately, Clauneck held my soul and the flames of hell swallowed the two of us. 
Nothing felt painful like the flames of hell. There are no words that could be used to describe its horror. 
I was lost to hell for the rest of my eternity and its agony weighs on me far beyond any. 
"If you ever get my message, it could be, the Lord has shown me mercy to reveal it to one of his servants - a wish I will be grateful it is granted to warn others.
Please do your best not to join me here.
Goodnight humanity" 

EPISODE 17 [Apostle Chibundu Great]

"This is Bishop Douglas Ayodele and his end. All the fame, the popularity, applauses of men and material acquisition ends here without me." The Lord said to Apostle Chibundu Great

The Lord appeared to him on the mountain and took him to a Cliff where He showed him many things including my torment in hell. 
"But Lord! What becomes of Apostle James and Prophet Hezekiah?" He asked 
"Prophet Hezekiah is a demonic spirit sent to raise false prophets among the nations. He is a messenger of Mammon. An end is coming to all who disobey and turn away from the truth. Just in time, their recompense will not delay
"My son," the Lord said again looking at him "I am sending you like a sheep among wolves. Do not be afraid, for I will be with you and not leave you. 
challenges and difficult moments are bound to come. These are the things referred to as turbulent wind. Remain steadfast. He who overcomes will be greatly rewarded on the day of reckoning." 
At this, the Lord disappeared and was seen no more. 
It was at that moment that Apostle Chibundu Great realized it was a trance he had been into all the while. 
For the next five years of his life and ministry, he suffered and went through difficult challenges. 
Most often starving in lack of what to eat. Persecution was a common thing to him due to the strange acts of God's power in his life. 
But after a period of five years, the Lord opened his ways into great blessings; his ministry became a wonder to the world, and richly wealthy in human resources, material prosperity and the move of God's power in his life and ministry. 
Apostle Chibundu Great continued serving the Lord in the season of his flourishing Blessings until he was taken home many years after. 

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