How to earn money in Coinimp

How to earn money in Coinimp

 How to earn money in Coinimp

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CoinImp is a cryptocurrency mining service similar to Coin hive and Crypto-Loot. This service essentially provides web developers with a JavaScript API that can be applied to any website. The CoinImp script is designed to use the visitor's computer to mine the Monero cryptocurrency.  The CoinImp service and the idea behind it are legit, however, some developers have no limits and abuse CoinImp to the detriment of users'  browsing experience.  Cryptocurrency mining is basically a process where a computer solves various mathematical "equations" and for each equation solved a reward (part of  Monero coins) is provided. Note that an identical "equation" is solved simultaneously by several different computers around the world. Thus, "mined" coins are distributed among them.  

 CoinImp is a good service that allows developers to monetize their website - the script uses the visitor's computer to mine. Even so, some web developers get greedy and start abusing the system. 

  CoinImp offers a feature that allows developers to limit the use of computer resources by visitors, however, criminals often do not use this feature because the more powerful the computer used, the greater the reward. Big. JavaScript is a very good choice when it comes to using your computer's CPU resources. Therefore, when all limits are removed, CPU usage reaches 100%.

The system becomes unusable (virtually unresponsive) and can also crash, resulting in permanent data loss. Also, under certain circumstances (e.g. poor cooling system, high ambient temperature), a fully loaded CPU may overheat. Thus, by abusing CoinImp, criminals have caused property damage. 

  Regular PCs are not optimized for cryptocurrency mining (revenue is lower than electricity costs). In addition, users only stay on sites for a limited number of minutes. Therefore, criminals try to generate as much traffic as possible. They do this in different ways. For example, they hack legitimate websites and surreptitiously inject them with Coinimp scripts. 

 They also developed dozens of malicious websites that also use the Coinimp script. In some cases, these sites prevent users from closing browser windows/tabs to keep them on the site for as long as possible. To promote these sites, the developers use intrusive advertisements (specifically, adware-type programs that deliver fake ads).  

 Potentially unwanted adware-type (PUP) programs that deliver various intrusive advertisements (e.g. banners, pop-ups [new browser window opening certain web pages], coupons, etc.). These ads can lead to cryptocurrency mining sites and sites with infectious content. Additionally, ads may run malware download/install scripts. 

 Therefore, clicking on it can cause many computer infections. Note that intrusive ads are often delivered using a variety of tools (e.g. "virtual layers") that allow placing third-party graphic content on any web page. These ads also have the ability to mask the underlying content of the website, which greatly reduces the browsing experience.  

 In addition, many potentially unwanted programs collect information related to browsing activity. IP addresses, website URLs visited, pages viewed, search queries, keystrokes, and other collected data may contain personal information that developers then sell to third parties. 

  These people abuse data to generate revenue. As a result, the presence of data-tracking apps can lead to serious privacy issues or even identity theft. We recommend that you remove them immediately.