SIN ON THE ALTAR Episode 6 and 10

SIN ON THE ALTAR Episode 6 and 10


 Episode 6 [hunt for restoration]


A day after my first encounter with Lucifer, I decided it was time to put an end to all the mess I had gone  into - I was going to seek the face of the Lord and nothing would stop me from doing so 

I had a peaceful night the previous day but never did I imagine that it would be my last for moments to come 

That evening, I shut my door and knelt down to pray 

I prayed for few minutes and began to feel dizzy

I could not understand. I was bittered!! Everything had been taken away from me

This is me who could pray for days stretch and make mockly of those who were lazy with their prayer lives 

If I had known that my downfall came as a result of my hidden pride, I would have repented and that would have been the end of my affliction but I was adamant

Never did it occur to me that in my years of uprightness, I was not totally upright

I had practiced self-righteousness and mocked those whom I was supposed to tender in humility and forbearance 

It took me years before I could realize where I had gone wrong

I tried praying again but I couldn't, I started seeing the naked picture of Betty appearing before me 

My appetite for sexual intimacy began to elongate terribly against my wish

I was praying and lusting at the same time 

I couldn't believe myself that this was happening to me

I was dying and going fast into the drain

At a point I felt God never loved me. If he does, why hasn't he come to my rescue? I began to doubt his existence but later realized Lucifer was the one drifting me away into more separation with my love (God)

"One day, I know I will be out of this mess totally and when I do, I will use it against darkness" I encouraged myself and began to struggle in prayer again 

I could not even fathom what I was saying until I fell into a deep sleep on my knees 

I saw myself going on a lonely but beautiful path 

The sight was glorious and I felt nothing close as beautiful to it until I heard a voice shout

"Intruder! intruder!! Intruder!!!" Foots of many soldiers with arms were matching towards me

I turned and saw an angel flew to me 

"Is it me that is been called intruder? I am the servant of the Lord; the righteousness of God, the apple of his eyes. I am not an intruder!" I yelled in anger 

"Anger, pride and lust has possessed your soul David" the angel said 

"I have the garment of the master on me. Allow me to enter into his paradise" I yelled again

"You have been blinded by darkness, David! Otherwise, you would have seen that you have stained his garment. The garment is stained. Therefore you can't go in until you are cleansed!" The angel cried out on me 

"I have laboured for the master all my life. Let me go in" I demanded 

"Your works lives on but the baton has been taken away from you and given to another. The Lord will not let his work suffer. Once any of his servants is unwilling, he raises up even the stones to build his kingdom. Depart!!!" 

The angel cried out and immediately I saw a dragon flew towards my direction and picked me from where I was standing

I was striped of the garment of my Lord and left naked 

From where I stood, demons began to crawl out in fierce anger towards me

They had the form of man and were all female and naked 

They took hold of me and began to drag me away into gross darkness

I was shouting while being dragged until I wailed so loudly that hell shook and I jerked out of sleep

My body trembled and without a second thought, I put on some shabby wears and ran out to my car 

I drove all the way to my spiritual father's office 

I knew it was against his ethic to have anyone visit him in the office at such a time which he usually had to meditate, but the situation was too urgent

I was dying internally

I arrived at the massive edifice and started running in, knowing fully well it was the only way for me to be helped

I threw the receptionist office opened and started heading into the room that nobody else was permitted to enter knowing he would be there

I was running crying for pardon 

I started hearing sounds as I approached the office but I didn't mind 

I pushed the door open and emotions threw me back and I landed on the floor 

My spiritual father was having an intimate affair with his secretary

I struggled, dragging myself on my back trying not to believe what I had seen 

"Ah, Lord!!! Save your people! Immorality has entered your church" I cried out loudly running back into my car 

"David! David!!!" He called out pursuing after me 

I rushed to my car trembling and I zoomed off 

Entering my house, a text entered my phone and it read; "my son, help me. Protect your father's nakedness. I am ashamed." 

You could guess who it was from 

"Sex outside marriage is a deadly game." I placed my head on the steering of my car and wept bitterly until there were no more tears left in me


episode 7 [Drop of joy in ocean of sorrow]

I was in the office on Saturday evening overseeing the workers as they prepared boisterously for "Eternal Revival meeting" a monthly program scheduled to hold the evening of the following day for the month

As i moved from unit to unit, tears occasionally slipped through my eyes 

My aids were quick to ask why I was crying but I only told them seeing the passion of every one committed into the work made me cry

This was partially true

I was weeping because of how much the Lord had blessed me in ministry yet I had fallen to fleshy pleasure 

The love the people had for me was immeasurable. This could be seen in their dedication towards the work of ministry commissioned into my hands 

I was afraid that soon, what I was seeing may become a desolation caused by my hands

I quickly ran into my office issuing a decree that I should be left alone. I fell on my knees crying bitterly

I wished to curse Betty in my heart but why should I lay on the shoulder of another the blame which I owe 

I vowed to take responsibility for any illicit act I may find myself in, and that's exactly what I was known for 

As I was in my office pondering over my fate and what I had encountered with my spiritual father, I heard a car drove in

Soon I heard a woman forcing herself against my aids demanding to see me 

"Apostle don't want to see anybody now! Can't you hear, Deaconess Felicia?" one of the aid pleaded

"Ah, Deaconess Felicia!" I muttered to myself. She was a close confidant and i was happy hearing she had come to see me

She was one of my ministry deacons - she had been a strong pillar of the ministry spiritually and financially

At least I was going to share somethings to her and see how she could join me in prayer 

I quickly placed a call to one of the aid and asked that Deaconess Felicia be granted access

A knock came through to my door soon and my personal assistant escorted her in with her daughter

Immediately I saw her with her daughter, I knew something was wrong somewhere 

My aid closed the door behind us and left while Deaconess Felicia sat leaving her daughter standing with a worrisome countenance

"Deaconess Felicia, is everything alright?" I asked with curiosity

"Apostle! see your daughter here. Ask her! This girl wants to finish me!" She turns to her daughter "won't you talk? Open your mouth and tell Apostle what you have done. Talk before I break your head into two" she yelled at her daughter who was now crying

I was confused! What could be the problem

"Abigail!" I called out on her daughter. "what is the problem? 

She only stared at me sobbing without saying a word

I turned to Deaconess Felicia to help me out 

"Apostle! Your daughter is pregnant!" 

"Pregnant?" My eyes turned to Abigail as I questioned 

"Yesterday I cought Abigail making out with one stupid boy in my own house. In my own house!" She repeated

"Jesus!!" I shouted out of shock

"I have warned this girl to stay away from that boy, only to catch them making out yesterday in my own house. If not that I came home from office, I won't have caught them red handed. I kept this to myself until today when I realized that Abigail is pregnant" 

"Jesus Christ!!" I shouted again

"This is beyond me my Apostle. His father seems not to bothered. Please help me. I don't know what to do." Deaconess Felicia cried wiping out tears with the edge of her wrapper

I could see the agony of a mother in her tears and feeling the pain of having your own child go against your teachings and moral up-bringing

I have known Deaconess Felicia too well as a woman who trains up her children in moral uprightness

The rest of her children were doing well except for Abigail

I lay back in my chair defeated totally

"Immorality, how do you find your way into the church?" I questioned in my heart rocking my chair and looking into the heavens in search of an answer

I cleared my throat not knowing what to say. My situation was worse to that of Abigail

She was only a sheep and I a shepherd who had fallen defeated to what was defeating her 

I was cold and broken in shame

"Deaconess Felicia, please excuse us." I pleaded 

She pulled the seat back and left the office

With determination in my spirit, body and soul, I didn't yell at Abigail

I asked her to sit down and brought her a glass of water

She was shocked with my expression

After taken the water, I spoke to her like a father and prayed a simple prayer with her

That was the transforming point of Abigail 

I could see the repentance in her while I prayed a simple prayer with her out of deep love and compassion

When I was done, I called Deaconess Felicia in and counseled her 

The two went home happily and she would testify of Abigail's transformation onward

I felt at peace and happy for the first time in many days 

I wished same could happen to me

If it were before, I would have handled the situation differently; yelling at her like her mother did and condemning her but this time around the approach was different because I was also a victim to what she was facing 

Was God using this to break and mold me into a better minister? 

It was a question I asked in my office that day as I watched through the window Deaconess Felicia and her daughter drove home


 EPISODE 8 [Narrow escape]

After all and done that evening in the office, I called everybody together, prayed for them and discharged them to their homes

A sister walked over to greet me and asked if I was okay, stating that she had observed my countenance and could tell that I was not myself

I told her everything was fine - I lied to her 

As I was about leaving for my car, the head of ushering department ran to me with much concern wearing on her face 

"Daddy, daddy please, sorry sir." She became restless as I stood waiting for her to approach

"Sister Rebecca, is everything alright?" I asked calmly

"Yes daddy! I am just bothered about something. I have fought hard not to disclose this to you but only to pray about it in the secret but I am being compelled to let you know about it" she said 

"Okay, okay, is it okay we talk about it here or we should see in the office?" I asked becoming a bit unsettled knowing the mess I was into already

"Daddy, office would be better." She answered humbly and I turned heading to the office

As I walked into my office, I began to think of how to respond to her should she brings up anything that has to do with what I was going through

We sat in the office and began to talk. She struggled for some seconds before words could come out of her mouth 

"Daddy I don't know how this would sound to you really but sincerely sir do forgive me if you take any offense in what I'm about to say" 

"Sister Rebecca, please speak up! I am listening to you" I became a little out of patience 

"Sorry sir, i, I am dying inwardly daddy." She broke out from no where 

"You are dying? What do you mean by you are dying sister Rebecca?" I became confused

"I can't let go my eyes on you for the past few days. You have become a strong sensation to me that I am dying keeping it to myself. Daddy, I am in love with you and I'm not myself" 

"Jesus Christ! Rebecca is this the reason why you bring me back into my office?" I asked staring into her face 

I stood up in anger and turn to the wall slightly thinking of how best to respond to her 

By the time I turned to face her, Rebecca was standing completely naked in front of me

She had slipped out every covering on her body

How fast she was able to do that only left an impression of awe on me 

"Rebecca!" I called out calmly and defeated

"Why are you doing this?" I asked 

"I don't know daddy, but I can tell that I love you and I want you. I know you have kept yourself for so long and you deserve all that I have for yourself as a reward for your services to us" she pleaded, switching the tune of her voice which was already tormenting me 

"How on Earth did I get here? What is really happening? Why all of a sudden I am surrounded with fornication?" Questions floated my head 

Rebecca pulled back the chair and began to walk towards me unclad 

This was an extremely beautiful lady from head to toe; the caliber of woman no man can resist besides God's help

As she approached me, my body was already intoxicated and my head began to ache to the point I was going to faint in her arms soon if I do not act fast 

What will I do now? I questioned myself

There was just one thing to do; rebuke the devil and he will flee 

But fear ceased me knowing fully well that I had messed up myself 

I stood there when all of a sudden I felt my body shook and I lifted my hand to Rebecca's head with a loud cry

"Satan I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jesus!" 

I watch her shook violently and stepped back quickly covering herself in shame 

I could see her flabbergasted, wondering about what she had done 

Immediately I noticed this, I left the office, ran to my car and drove off 

On my way, I called my personal assistant who was in the church auditorium and informed him to ensure my office was properly locked believing that Rebecca would find her way out 

I couldn't believe what took place in my office. It was beyond what I had seen in my few years of ministry 

I knew that it was not ordinary. The devil had taken hold of Rebecca which came as a result of my fall

"Once a shepherd is strikes, the sheep becomes vulnerable" I said within my spirit 

It took the grace of God that I didn't fall to the trap of the devil

How was I going to stand before the people of God in the revival meeting that was coming up the next day? 

As I drove home, a lot flocked through my heart

My spiritual father whom I had caught in fornication was the guest minister in the program and I the host 

It would be an abominable thing for two fornicators to stand on God's holy altar to minister righteousness to his people without them first repenting

I concluded that I was going to cancel the program and take out time to seek the face of the Lord and have myself healed from the wounds I had obtained in the fight with Immorality

The following days of my life would witness dramatic events of unforeseen battles as I sought for restoration


Episode 9 [Handing over the baton]

As I lay on my bed that night, I began to contemplate how I was going to have a successful cancellation of the revival meeting 

Already people were coming in from far and near to camp and lodge in preparation for the meeting 

I recounted all the previous meetings; the mighty moves of God, the awakening of hunger among the youth and diverse miracles 

How on Earth was I going to let the people miss all that they were supposed to receive that very day? 

"I can't do this!" I shouted to myself

"If I wasn't going to minister, God has people whom he was going to use. I vowed that I wasn't going to be a part of  those delaying the work of God as I remembered what the angel of God told me 

since I was not ready by virtue of the immorality I had fallen into, I was going to make room for another to take my place for the moment until I had found restoration

the next challenge was who would take over the officiating of the meeting

I browsed through and nobody came to mind but my prayer coordinator

I called him and asked that he meet me in my house 

His loyalty to me didn't delay. He arrived soon and we had time speaking briefly;

"pastor Donald, what I will be asking you to do is heavy but I know God will use you for it as there is none in my heart for the task other than you" 

"okay papa!" he responded curiously to know what it was 

"I won't be ministering in the meeting tommorow, neither will my spiritual father be coming. Things are out of hand at the moment and I need to seek the face of God in the secret....." 

"bu, but papa....." he stammered in protest not allowing me to conclude

I asked him to stay calm and Continued speaking

"Pastor Donald, you are one of the few people I can trust right now. for many years you have built capacity. At so many instances I have stopped you from going out for ministration. This hasn't been without a reason. The time is now for you to test the capacity which you have built in your days of silence. Take care of the meeting and I want to receive a positive report beyond what we have seen" I concluded placing my right hand on his shoulder

"Okay papa, I hide under your mantle and may the name of the Lord be glorified" He said and went on his knees demanding that I pray and lay hands on him 

I thought briefly if I was worthy of the request at the moment and prayed for him from the depths of my heart and he left 

Pastor Donald wanted knowing what could be the reason why I was not going to be available in such an important gathering but I was wise not to disclose the matter to him in order not to weaken his faith 

I made several calls that night to some of my key leaders in the ministry informing them of the development and my transfer of power upon the person of pastor Donald to act on my behalf 

Just when I was done, my spiritual father's call came in.

The first time I did not pick as I was wondering worriedly how I was going to put it to him that he was no longer going to minister in the meeting should he ask of it 

I know he was still my spiritual father and somewhat it was wrong I had made the decision to exclude him without first informing him

This, I did not because I wanted rebellion against him but because I had believed he would want same after the illicit act he had been caught in by me his son

The call came for the second time and I picked it soberly

"Good evening daddy!" I greeted

"David how are you doing?" he responded over the phone

"I am fine sir!"

We went on speaking for few minutes and he asked about the meeting that was upcoming 

I told him that I wasn't going to be ministering as there was issues I had to settle with the Lord

"Issue! what could be so demanding that would put you away from doing the work of God David?" he questioned aiming to counsel

"Daddy, I have fallen prey to the same yoke that I mate on your neck the day I went visiting unannounced." I said calmly

"You mean you have fallen into the sin of immorality?" he asked and I answered yes 

"Who have you fallen into this sin with my son?" he questioned trying to be careful as he himself was a victim

"I fell into the sin with my betrothed and presently I'm paying dearly for the satisfaction it offered me." I broke down in tears over the phone and began to weep

"David! I am sorry my son. I am sorry that I have not been the pillar you would look onto to pull strength from on this journey of faith. I can't tell what came over me to fall prey to darkness. I would have continued in the act if you hadn't caught me. It was God who sent you to me that day so that my sins could be exposed. I have been ashamed of myself since and felt terrible after the encounter but I have forgiven myself. David you must also forgive yourself and go to the Lord in humility and total repentance. Even though our sins are as red as Scarlett, the Lord will wash them to become as white as snow. You have done well in absenting yourself from the meeting tomorrow. I also would do same for now until the next, if the Lord permits us to continue. Find time to see me soon. David, I love you but Jesus loves you more" he concluded and hung the car 

Ah, I was weeping by the time I put away my phone. My spiritual Father's words touched me to the very depths of my soul and I was greatly revived 

With his genuine repentance and words, I knew that he had sinned against his will and there was a network of immorality launched against the church

"This is not ordinary. This is beyond the work of the flesh. Lucifer has seen the church weak in flesh and has decided to    launch his demon of IMMORALITY against her" I thought carefully and vowed that this demon was going to be arrested 

"Pop! pop!" A message dropped in my phone 

It was Betty texting; 

"Good day my love, I have made every arrangement to be with you in the meeting tomorrow and can't wait to be with you; love of my life. I have missed you deeply and can't wait for you to hold my body again. I promise to be wholely yours my sugar pie!" 

I trashed the phone back on bed as my face was covered in utter rage and fury 

"She is not ordinary, Betty is possessed and Lucifer is using her to ruin my life and calling."

How on earth will she be texting me romantic messages of such degree knowing very well that we were in a spiritual climate if she was the Christian sister I had known all my life 

"This is not the Betty I knew. Lucifer has taken hold of her." I thought carefully and lay back on bed frustrated


 Episode 10 [called back home]

"I heard His voice again. Those were the names the Lord use to call me before my fall. I had longed to hear Him call me those again. At the moment, my soul could not contain the joy that streamed within my it."

That night; the eve of my revival meeting, I decided to separate myself and retire to the mountain where I could seek the face of God for my restoration.

As for the revival meeting, I left everything in the hands of God to take care of his work. it was time for me to battle for my restoration.

"A broken bone can perform no function  until it is restored to stature.

I stood up from my bed and wore my mountain jacket, put on sandals and picked my Bible with me with a jotter and pen.

These items were enough for me to be alone with God. 

I came out of my apartment and shut the door and started heading out.

The mountain was a distance away. Taken a motorcycle was a decision I advocated against. I did so to help me reflect and meditate upon my predicaments while I moved on the way. 

I was a popular and well-known figure. It would be a great disaster if any finds me on the road by the hour when I was expected to be in an unknown location waiting upon the Lord. 

I shielded myself with the cover of my jacket and went on.

As i walked pass from one street and corner to the other, I saw many road users passing and talking about the revival meeting. huh

Tears dropped on my eyes hearing how passionate and hungry they couldn't wait to receive what was awaiting them from the meeting.

"I can't wait to sit under papa tomorrow. Kai, my love for him knows no bounds. I wish Eternal Revival meeting comes up every week instead of month." I overheard a sister speaking of the meeting and me to another as they jubilantly passed by me.

Sorrow gripped me and held me to my marrow. I felt more ashamed of myself for what I had launched myself into with Betty.

Soon I was on a bushy path and heading into the trees, shrubs and overgrown grasses that paved the way into the enormous mountain.

This was my most usual praying spot.

It was a discarded terrain with rare visitors which made it the reason I loved it most.

As I proceeded, I began to hear weird and mystical voices.

I knew that I was not alone. I felt demonic presence all-over me, none the less I was a dead man walking. There is nothing I have not seen. I climbed the mountain and started praying.

I prayed for as long as two hours. At first I struggled and kept struggling. Betty's unclad pictures kept appearing to me. I would occasionally envision us making love deeply to a point I would lost out on the direction of prayer I had raised.

"This is what happens when you have intimate affiliation with someone you are not married to. It's creates a bond into the soul that entergles the two. The enemy then takes advantage to oppress and torture the parties involved to a degree of molestation" I perceived this on my heart and felt really disarmed.

I fell back and wanted to give up but I went on my knees again and continued in the struggle.

For about the next two hours, I began to feel my body getting warm gradually until I started feeling heat all-over me.

As the heat grew, my sensitivity to the presence of God became strengthened.

After a long while, I could feel the presence of God again.

My joy knew no bounds. I was weeping and praying as a prophet who has been wounded.

The moon gave way and the clouds settled in. The place became darker and blanked out. The thunder roared and the firmament broke open their hymen giving birth to a downpour of mighty rain.

I knew the heavens were once again opened and I prayed on and on more fervently giving no break.

My hunger for God intensified! like a deer panting after the broke. Like a Lily blossoming at the noon day.

I could hear the voice of God again in every nature around me; the trees, the thunder and lightening, the rain and the sound of their falls, the fragrance of the mountain.

My spiritual alertness returned and the fire upon me intensified. It was a glorious sight to behold again.

As I prayed on, my hands began to burn in the rain with intensed heat until they caught flames.

O Jesus! I could not believe what I was seeing. I wanted to run but the flames where on me in the rain.

"My son David! The apple of my eyes! thou servant of the most high!" 

I heard His voice again. Those were the names the Lord use to call me before my fall. I had longed to hear Him call me those again. At the moment, my soul could not contain the joy that streamed within it.

I felt His hand touched my right shoulder and as I turned, there he was standing by me all smiling

"WelCome home David! WelCome home David! WelCome home David!" 

His voice fainted and the envisioning of his presence vanished into the steam that rose from the mountain after the rain had poured.

Everything became calm again. 

It was then I realized that all of nature had risen to Welcome and accompany the presence of the almighty back into my life.

I was exhausted and worn out by the encounter. I fell on the rocks enumerating on the encounter when all of a sudden my eyes shut and I saw a gathering of Lucifer with his demons in total outrage

"Pull out the woods!!!" I heard a demon cry out in their midst. The echo travelled with depths in my spirit until I opened my eyes 

I knew what this meant; the kingdom of darkness were intensifying efforts to come after me again

It was a battle I needed to prepare for in other to overcome

>>>> to be continued